Don Wilson (Scorpion King 4)
Stacie Foster(Anoter World)
Tony Burton (Rocky)
Anthony De Longis (Masters of The Universe)
John Kassir (Tales from The Crypt)
Steve Burton (Taken)
Athena Massey (Virtual Combat)

movies-cyber-tracker-2-1995Cyber Tracker 2, directed by PM Entertainment co-founder Richard Pepin (he also directed the first Cyber Tracker), stars Don “The Dragon” Wilson as federal agent Eric Phillips, a badass undercover operative looking to take down a major criminal when the movie begins. Of course, as major criminal takedowns tend to go at the beginning of any sort of action flick, the takedown quickly goes south and Phillips is forced to defend himself against an onslaught of heavily armed bad guys. The bad guy onslaught, despite multiple exploding cars, is no match for Phillips’ backup led by old friend and fellow badass Swain (the now late but always great Tony Burton), a SWAT team armed with exploding laser shotguns, and a Cyber Tracker android cyborg  with a gatling gun arm. 554a10b4add6e52579b96e37a4Once the bad guys are eliminated, Phillips goes home to talk with his home computer Aggie (Peggy McIntaggart) and bang his hot wife Connie (Stacie Foster). As you may recall from the  first Cyber Tracker, Connie was a TV news reporter who moonlighted as the head of an underground organization known as the Union for Human Rights. She was considered a terrorist until the UHR was able to show the world that using cyborgs to kill criminals without a trial was a bad idea. She then apparently went back to being a TV news reporter and married Phillips, who joined her cause when he was the target of an assassination attempt. Phillips and Connie now live a sort of normal, boring life. They’re a couple, they’re busy with their individual jobs, but they somehow find the time to hang out with one another and, on occasion, have sex in the dark. It may not be the greatest, most exciting life in the world, but it works for both of them.2254979,eK3IQ4ATzOTddAC6ttDnp_Y6CBcdg7cTon0G6HHFwWiUKqa3ojuuW9XLRGCbVh6L0826fU64K9flKo9BfiVfOw==So, of course, Phillips’s and Connie’s lives go to hell when it appears that Connie, while covering a press conference featuring the governor of California, kills the governor in cold blood. How the hell did that happen? And why would it happen? Why would Connie want to kill the governor? Phillips immediately tries to figure out what the hell is going on, along with his brother-in-law and fellow UHR hoodlum Jared (Steve Burton). Little do Phillips and Jared know that an underground criminal organization is using the remnants of the cyborg technology seen in the first Cyber Tracker to create a series of undetectable cyborg assassins. Led by professional scumbag Paris Morgan (Anthony De Longis), the governor’s assassination was initiated by the lieutenant governor Damien Rhodes a man who just wants more power for himself.  The authorities put out an arrest warrant for Connie and send assassination Trackers after her, hoping to either kill her or get her to give up. Connie doesn’t give up, though, and stands behind Phillips, who can’t believe that he has to kill goddamn cyborgs again. Cyborgs are supposed to be his friends now. 554a10b4add6e52579b96e37a4So after destroying a Tracker assassin and deciding that they’ll have to go back to fighting cyborgs, Phillips and Connie find Tripwire (John Kassir), one of the last full time UHR activists, and ask for his help. Tripwire is a little too eccentric than anyone is used to, but their options are limited Who else is going to jump back into the cyborg war, which apparently ended worldwide in the very early 2000’s as a public/private partnership. Cyborgs are still around, like the gatling gun cyborg known as Tracker #9 that helps Phillips kill bad guys, but the cyborgs, by and large, are owned and operated by the federal government. It seems like a better fit. So what the hell is going on? Connie didn’t kill the governor, but the assassin sure did look like Connie.  Apparently, Morgan has a scientist on his payroll named Ruben ) who has managed to master the art of making a cyborg assassin look like anyone, and Ruben created a cyborg that looks like Connie. It’s a brilliant scheme as everyone suddenly believes that Connie killed the governor. If Morgan and his henchmen can find the real Connie and kill her, Morgan will be in the clear and have a major business on his hands. And with the Super Tracker (Peter H. Kent), man, no one will be able to stop Morgan’s assassination business.554a10b4add6e52579b96e37a4So while all of that is going on, Swain is trying to figure out what the heck is going on with the Cyber Tracker program. Something is up, but what? Phillips contacts him to find out what he knows, and Swain agrees to meet with Phillips in person and exchange information. It’s at this point that we, along with Phillips and Swain, that Morgan’s criminal scheme has created a cyborg assassin that looks exactly like Phillips, and that Morgan intends to get the public to turn on Phillips, too. So the Phillips assassin kills a bunch of cops and then goes directly after the real Phillips and Swain.554a10b4add6e52579b96e37a4Cyber Tracker 2 is a bit of a disappointment story wise, but it makes up for a confusing story with plenty of spectacular action.  In the end, it’s a great flick.



Don Wilson (Scorpion King 4)
Richard Norton (Road House 2)
Stacie Foster(Another World)
Joseph Ruskin (Star TreK: Insurrection)
John Aprea (The Godfather – Part II)
Abby Dalton (Falcon Crest)
Steve Burton (Taken)
Dana Sparks (Passions)

movies-cyber-tracker-1994_origIn the future (around 2015]), Eric Anthony Phillips is the head of the Secret Service detachment assigned to protect Senator Robert “Bob” Dilly (John Aprea). Sen. Dilly is a champion of the recently implemented Computerized Judicial System (Computerized Justice for short), a product of Cybercore Industry, that uses data as evidence to determine the guilt of accused criminals, then carries out the sentence using cyborg executioners called “Trackers” .2254979,eK3IQ4ATzOTddAC6ttDnp_Y6CBcdg7cTon0G6HHFwWiUKqa3ojuuW9XLRGCbVh6L0826fU64K9flKo9BfiVfOw==However, the more Phillips learns about Dilly and the Cybercore’s ruthless plans, the more uncomfortable he becomes and he refuses to go along with the murder of a corporate spy. This leads Dilly and Cybercore to frame Phillips with the murder as they activate a Tracker to execute him. Phillips defeats the Tracker but is taken by a group of underground rebels called the Union for Human Rights (UHR). The group is secretly led by popular news journalist Connie Griffith (Foster). While being tracked by another Tracker and Dilly’s head bodyguard (Norton), Phillips and Connie are able to break into Cybercore and steal secret files revealing that Sen. Dilly is in fact a cyborg. Phillips defeats the bodyguard and yet a third Tracker and then infiltrates a press conference to shoot Dilly, publicly revealing his mechanical nature. This, along with everything else UHR has discovered, causes the Computerized Judicial System to be shut down and Cybercore to collapse.ct07Instead of one killing machine, there’s a couple of them. You’d think this would be a really awful and routine rip-off of “The Terminator”, and, while it is routine, it isn’t that bad. Don “The Dragon” Wilson is better than you’d expect, and I really liked the ending. Best recommended for action/sci-fi fans, since it mostly appeals to them.



George Segal (2012)
Robert De Niro (Machete)
Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses)
Paula Prentiss (Catch-22)
Héctor Elizondo (Last Man Standing)

The film follows Jay Jay (Segal), a former hair dresser who has become a drug addict. He lives his new life by doing deals for Vivian (Elizondo) from time to time. One day he meets Parm (Black), a free spirited girl. The two fall in love. Jay Jay’s drug habit grows, and he soon resorts to robbery. On the threat of arrest, he works alongside two dirty policemen by becoming a narc, and reports on his former fellow junkies. Yet, as the movie continues, Jay Jay sinks deeper into turmoil with feelings of self-hatred.228ef8fbe7b518dcfdaaa2da3ff6f5f9This isn’t a great film and it isn’t superbly directed. It’s a bit hard to watch at times due to a grainy transfer and bad audio. But it’s reminiscent of Al Pacino’s “Panic in Needle Park” so far as it presents a realistic, gritty, depressing vision of junkies operating on the streets, and how miserable your life can become by resorting to drugs (mainly heroin). A good, rewarding picture




Ted Levine (The Silence of The Lambs)
Katia Winter (Sleepy Hollow0
Michael McMillian (The Hills Have Eyes 2)

The movie begins with stock footage of President Clinton and other people announcing the existence of the government experiment Project MKUltra. The scene then cuts away to camera footage of James Hirsch (Michael McMillian), a young man investigating Project MKUltra. With a friend filming him, James takes the drug used in the experiments, dimethyltryptamine-19 (DMT-19). Soon, bizarre music and voices begin to broadcast from a nearby radio and James becomes extremely anxious, announcing that something is coming towards the house and that it wants to “wear them”. A large, shadowy figure rushes by the window and the camera’s footage cuts in and out, ultimately ending with a shot of James with all-black eyes and a disfigured face.The movie then shifts to Anne (Katia Winter) a reporter who attended college with James. She is concerned over his disappearance, as James’s friend also mysteriously disappeared a few days after he was questioned by the police. Anne investigates James’s house and discovers a VHS cassette that contains footage of the MKUltra experiments as well as a book of notes about the project. Curious about some of the things found in the house — particularly some information about radio waves — Anne goes to a local expert and discovers that the bizarre radio broadcast heard by James is a phantom radio station, which can only be tuned into in the desert, at a certain time of night. Anne drives out into the desert after dark and is able to pick up the broadcast, but flees when a monstrous form appears from the darkness.Anne discovers that a mention of “Friends in Colorado” in James’s notes is related to the counter-culture writer Thomas Blackburn (Ted Levine), a Hunter S. Thompson-esque figure known for his drug use and unpredictable behavior. She tries to contact him by phone and is angrily rebuffed when she mentions Project MKUltra. Anne travels to Blackburn’s home and lies to gain his confidence, only to discover that Thomas has seen through her ruse and tricked her into taking DMT-19 that his friend Callie (Jenny Gabrielle), has made. The night quickly sours as Anne is angry at the deception, and Callie begins exhibiting the same behaviors that James did earlier in the film. Anne hears some of the bizarre music played by the phantom station and goes to investigate, only to be attacked by a strange entity.Callie suddenly exhibits the same black eyes and disfigurement as James did, and vomits blood onto the floor. An indeterminate time later, Anne and Thomas awaken to find Callie missing. They decide to go to Callie’s house to find out more information about the DMT-19. Anne is nearly captured by Callie, who is now controlled by the entity. She and Thomas begin to realize that DMT-19 works as a “radio antenna” of sorts that allows otherworldly entities to broadcast signals to the people on the drug as well as take over their bodies. They also realize that the government never came up with DMT-19 but instead received instructions from the otherworldly entities and made the drug without realizing the full implication of their actions. In addition to the base chemical compound, scientists were also adding harvested material from the pineal gland of a female corpse, dubbed the “Primary Source”, who returned to life during an experiment and attacked one of the doctors.At this point Anne realizes that the signal is likely coming from the laboratory that performed the Project MKUltra experiments, which is in the same desert that the radio broadcast was coming from. Shortly after this revelation, Thomas reveals that he had lied about giving her DMT-19. Realizing that the entity will pursue her regardless, Anne resolves to put an end to the broadcast once and for all. She and Thomas travel out into the desert and discover the laboratory in an abandoned fallout shelter, taking a can of gasoline so that they may burn whatever they find. Inside, they discover a room full of radio equipment and a large tank. Upon inspecting a small porthole built into the side, Anne discovers that a pale figure with black eyes resides within (implied to be the “Primary Source”). At this point, the radio equipment comes to life and begins broadcasting the numbers station.Realizing that they must burn the creature and the equipment, Anne hunts for the gasoline can, avoiding a grotesque figure who chases her. Thomas begins to bleed from the eyes and convulse violently. Apologizing to Anne, he shoots himself in the head. In a frenzy, Anne smashes open the porthole in the tank, pours the gasoline inside, and throws a lighter scavenged from Thomas’ corpse. The resulting explosion knocks Anne unconscious. When she comes to, she finds the clothing worn by her friend James before his disappearance lying outside in the hallway, implying that the creature chasing her had been “wearing” James the whole time.Anne is taken into police custody and one of her co-workers travels down to ensure that she is okay. She and Anne discuss the events that have happened so far, including the tape that Anne had discovered earlier in the movie. Part of the tape had been erased, but had been retrieved by a video forensics company. Anne then muses that she can’t understand why James’s friend disappeared, as he had never taken the drug. She begins to hear the phantom broadcast issuing from the room’s intercom and realizes that the effects of the drug can be passed along by human touch, as she still saw the creatures despite never having taken the drug. She turns to discover that her co-worker (whose hand she held moments before) has been taken over by the entities. The film then cuts to the recovered footage on the tape, which reveals that a college-age Thomas Blackburn was one of the people who had taken part in Project MKUltra as a test subject.In conclusion Banshee Chapter is a decent creepy movie with a good story concept and some good jump scares, it’s really interesting in the first part but lose some of his appeal in the second part.



Colin Galyean (Quantum Apocalypse)
Ramona Mallory (The Lost Girls)
Josh Hammond (Jeepers Creepers II)
John Wells (Overtime)
Frederic Doss (Transformers)
Kevin Sorbo (Andromeda)

thelegobatman_trailer4Great white sharks bio-engineered to be the size of piranhas with the purpose of living in rich people’s exotic aquariums terrorize New York City when they get into the water supply and do what great white sharks do best. the_lego_batman_movie_4k-wideGot this cheap and knew it was going to be one of those SyFy films with cheap nasty effects & loads of clichés & bad script etc. I wasn’t surprised as it had cheap CGI effects, over used clichés & a very short run time of 73 minutes. But weirdly enough I liked it. Somehow the story-line was a bit far fetched, I mean come on, they were going to nuke the entire city over Piranhas? And what’s more we saw no other attacks aside from the people involved in the film? And alcohol killing them a weakness? It was all very stupid indeed & the film did feel rushed.AZS2_d-1024x684But Still it was a ok film with alot of flaws but somehow was still fun. It’s fantasy mixed with horror Overall, this film was bearable & watchable for a quick flick!81T-0YZ9mJL__SL1500_



Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible)
Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight Rises)
Olga Kurylenko (Hitman)
Andrea Riseborough (Welcome To The Punch)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones)
Melissa Leo (Red State)
Zoë Bell (Bitch Slap)

In 2077, sixty years after a war with extraterrestrials that devastated Earth in 2017, humanity has relocated to Saturn’s moon Titan via a giant space station called the Tet. Gigantic offshore fusion energy generators drain Earth’s oceans to power the colonies on Titan. Led by mission controller Sally and guided by his housemate and communications partner Victoria “Vika” Olsen, “Tech-49” Jack Harper regularly leaves his tower post to repair downed combat drones that guard the regions and generators against the alien scavengers or “scavs.” Although his memory has been wiped, he has had recurring dreams and visions of being on the observation deck of the Empire State Building with a dark-haired woman. He also collects the occasional artifact he finds from humanity’s past. Vika is concerned about Jack’s curiosity, questioning whether they are still “an effective team,” and encouraging him to do his job so they can join the others on Titan soon.After scavs destroy a generator, Jack discovers the scavs have been using the Empire State Building’s antenna to transmit coordinates to outer space. While taking a break at his secret lake house retreat, he watches a crash-landing module of a pre-war spacecraft called the Odyssey. Thinking the ship contains aliens, he investigates, only to find humans in stasis chambers. One of the humans is the woman from his dreams. Jack protects her chamber from a drone that destroys the others, and later revives the woman, Julia Rusakova, who makes Vika instinctively jealous. Jack and Julia return to recover her flight recorder but are captured by the scavs, who are revealed to be human survivors.Their leader, Malcolm Beech, wants Jack to reprogram their captured drone to carry nuclear fuel cells to blow up the Tet; he has sensed Jack is different because the latter’s hobby of collecting relics. Although Jack refuses, Beech releases them to seek the truth beyond the boundaries of the forbidden radiation zone. When they reach the Empire State Building, Julia reveals that she is his wife. Jack then remembers that he proposed to her there. Julia recalls she was on a mission to Titan when they were diverted to investigate an alien presence.When the two return to Jack’s tower, Vika refuses them entry and reports her findings to Sally, saying they are “no longer an effective team.” Sally acknowledges this, but activates a drone that kills Vika before Julia shoots it down. Jack and Julia escape in his ship, but are shot down by other pursuing drones. The two eject into the radiation zone, which turns out to not be radioactive. Jack discovers another ship with a technician trying to fix a downed drone, and is shocked to see that the tech is a clone of himself who goes by “Tech-52”. The clone also is shocked to see Julia. Jack fights and incapacitates his clone, but Julia is accidentally shot. After flying to Tech-52’s tower, and discovering an inquisitive Vika clone, he returns to treat Julia at the lake house.At the scav base, Beech reveals to Jack and Julia that the Tet was an alien artificial intelligence that destroyed the Moon, causing massive devastation to the planet, and invaded Earth with thousands of Jack clones and drones to wipe out the human race, extracting all of the planet’s natural resources before moving on. As Jack repairs the captured drone, the base is attacked by other drones, gravely injuring Beech and ruining the captured drone except for its fuel cells. Jack agrees to deliver Julia to Sally through the stasis chamber. On the way to the Tet, Jack listens to the Odyssey’s flight recorder, and learns that he was the mission commander, Vika was his co-pilot, and Sally was their mission controller from Earth. When the Tet started to draw in their ship, Jack jettisoned the pod of stasis chambers containing the crew members (including Julia) leaving himself and Vika to be captured.Back in the present, Jack enters a large room full of capsules of Jack and Vika clones. He shows Tet the stasis chamber, but it carries Beech and the fuel cells, which they then detonate. On Earth, Julia awakens at the lake house. Three years later, she and her daughter meet the resistance members and “Tech-52” Jack, who has also recovered his memories.I would definitely recommend seeing  this movie. The visual appeal alone is reason enough, but combined with a clever (if not entirely original) script, a thumping soundtrack and some exciting action, you should be entertained





Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator)
María Conchita Alonso (Predator 2)
Richard Dawson (King Rat)
Yaphet Kotto (Alien)
Marvin J. McIntyre (Projext X)
Mick Fleetwood (Zero Tolerance)
Professor Tanaka (Last Action Hero)
Jesse Ventura (Predator)
Jim Brown (100 Rifles)
Erland Van Lidth De Jeude (Alone In The Dark)
Kurt Fuller (Supernatural)
Rodger Bumpass (Escapee From New York)
Sven-Ole Thorsen (Conan The Barbarian)
Lin Shaye (Ouija)

In 2017, after a worldwide economic collapse, the U.S. has become a totalitarian police state, censoring all cultural activity. The U.S. government pacifies the populace by broadcasting game shows where convicted criminals fight for their lives, including the gladiator-style The Running Man, hosted by the ruthless Damon Killian, where “runners” attempt to evade “stalkers”, armed mercenaries, around a large arena, and near-certain death for a chance to be pardoned by the stateBy 2019, Ben Richards, a police helicopter pilot wrongly convicted of a massacre during a food riot in Bakersfield, California, escapes from a labor camp with two resistance fighters, Weiss and Laughlin, and finds refuge at a resistance camp headed by their leader, Mic. Instead of joining the resistance, Richards seeks shelter at his brother’s apartment. He finds it is now occupied by Amber Mendez, a composer for ICS, the network that broadcasts The Running Man. Richards asks Mendez about the whereabouts of his brother, and she says that he was taken for “re-education.”Taking Amber hostage, Richards attempts to flee to Hawaii, but she alerts airport security and Richards is captured and taken to ICS. There, Killian coerces him into participating in The Running Man in exchange for Laughlin and Weiss not participating, but learns that Killian had enrolled them as runners anyway. He swears revenge. As the game begins, Richards and his friends are attacked by the first stalker, “Subzero,” but they fight back, with Richards killing Subzero – the first time a stalker has ever died on the show. Then Laughlin and Weiss search for the network’s uplink facilities, which they realize are in the game zone. Amber sees a falsified news report on Richards’ capture and, suspicious of the media’s veracity, does some investigating. She learns the truth about the massacre, but is captured by her own ICS colleagues and sent into the game zone.The runners split up, each pair pursued by a different stalker. “Buzzsaw” critically wounds Laughlin, but is killed by Richards. Weiss and Amber locate the uplink and learn the access codes, but “Dynamo” finds them and electrocutes Weiss. Amber’s screams lead Richards to her, and, as the two evade Dynamo, the stalker’s buggy flips, trapping him inside. Refusing to kill a helpless opponent, Richards leaves Dynamo alive. He and Amber then return to Laughlin, who, before dying, says that the resistance has a hideout within the game zone. Back at ICS, Killian sees Richards’ popularity growing, with viewers betting on him instead of the stalkers. Off-camera, Killian tries to offer Richards a job as a stalker, but, when Richards refuses, Killian sends the next stalker, “Fireball.” Fireball chases them into an abandoned factory, where Amber discovers the decomposing corpses of the previous seasons’ “winners” – realizing that they were killed by Fireball and their victory was faked. Fireball goes after Amber, but Richards rescues her and kills him using his own weaponry.Frustrated and running out of options, Killian seeks “Captain Freedom,” a retired stalker, to kill them. However, when Freedom refuses, the network creates digital body doubles of Freedom, Richards and Amber, which are then used to fake Richards´ and Amber´s deaths on screen. In the game zone, Richards and Amber are found by Mic and taken to the resistance’s hideout, where they learn of their “deaths.” Using the access codes, the rebels get into ICS’ control room, broadcasting footage that exonerates Richards and reveals the truth about the game’s previous “winners”. As Richards heads to the main studio floor, shocking the audience who had watched him supposedly die, Amber fights and kills Dynamo, the last remaining stalker.Richards confronts Killian after having dealt with security, who tried to kill him and the audience to cover up everything, not knowing it was being broadcast. Killian begs for his life, saying he created the show to appease the U.S. love of reality television and televised violence. In response, Richards decides to give the audience what they want right now – sending Killian to the game zone in a rocket sled. The sled hits a Cadre Cola billboard featuring Killian himself and explodes, killing Killian to the delight of the audience. Richards and Amber then romantically walk out of the studio.This movie is one of the most Underrated movie of its time. When watching this movie , your filled with action, and when somethings not really happing , the humour is un matched. Brilliant writing for a movie that was made to give us a bloody mix , of a game show where criminals are the contestants, and a near future where the general public all have a thirst for blood. Also Arnold Doesn’t let us down with some of his best one liners. Hope you enjoy this gem as much as i did.