Hugh Jackman (Real Steel)
Tao Okamoto (Hannibal)
Rila Fukushima (Arrow)
Hiroyuki Sanada (Sunshine)
Svetlana Khodchenkova (Metro)
Brian Tee (Jurassic world)
Hal Yamanouchi (Push)
Will Yun Lee (Elektra)
Famke Janssen (The Faculty)
Patrick Stewart (American Dad)
Iam McKellen (Lord of The Rings)
In 1945, Logan is held in a Japanese POW camp near Nagasaki. During the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Logan rescues an officer named Ichirō Yashida and shields him from the blast.

In the present day, Logan lives as a hermit in Yukon, tormented by hallucinations of Jean Grey, whom he was forced to kill to save the world (X-Men: The Last Stand). He is located by Yukio, a mutant with the ability to foresee people’s deaths, on behalf of Ichirō, now the CEO of a technology zaibatsu. Ichirō, who is dying of cancer, wants Logan to accompany Yukio to Japan so that he may repay his life debt. In Tokyo, Logan meets Ichirō’s son, Shingen, and granddaughter, Mariko. There, Ichirō offers to transfer Logan’s healing abilities into his own body, thus saving Ichirō’s life and alleviating Logan of his near-immortality, which Logan views as a curse. Logan refuses and prepares to leave the following day. That night, Ichirō’s physician Dr. Green (also known as Viper) introduces something into Logan’s body, but Logan dismisses it as a dream.The next morning, Logan is informed that Ichirō has died. At the funeral, Yakuza gangsters attempt to kidnap Mariko, but Logan and Mariko escape together into the urban sprawl of Tokyo. Logan is shot and his wounds do not heal as quickly as they should. After fighting off more Yakuza on a bullet train, Logan and Mariko hide in a local love hotel. Meanwhile, Ichirō’s bodyguard Harada meets with Dr. Green who, after demonstrating her mutant powers on him, demands he find Logan and Mariko. Logan and Mariko travel to Ichirō’s house in Nagasaki, and the two slowly fall in love. Meanwhile, Yukio has a vision of Logan dying, and goes to warn him. Before Yukio arrives, Mariko is captured by the Yakuza. After interrogating one of the kidnappers, Logan and Yukio confront Mariko’s fiancé, corrupt Minister of Justice Noburo Mori. Mori confesses that he conspired with Shingen to have Mariko killed because Ichirō left control of the company to Mariko, and not Shingen.Mariko is brought before Shingen at Ichirō’s estate when ninjas led by Harada attack and whisk her away. Logan and Yukio arrive later and, using Ichirō’s X-ray machine, discover a robotic parasite attached to Logan’s heart, suppressing his healing ability. Logan cuts himself open and extracts the device. During the operation, Shingen attacks but Yukio holds Shingen off long enough for Logan to recover and kill Shingen. Logan follows Mariko’s trail to the village of Ichirō’s birth, where he is captured by Harada’s ninjas. Logan is placed in a machine by Dr. Green, who reveals her plans to extract his healing factor and introduces him to the Silver Samurai, an electromechanical suit of Japanese armour with energized swords made of adamantium. Mariko escapes from Harada, who believes he is acting in Mariko’s interests, and frees Logan from the machine. Harada sees the error of his ways and is killed by the Silver Samurai while helping Logan escape.Meanwhile, Yukio arrives and kills Dr. Green as Logan fights the Silver Samurai. The Silver Samurai severs Logan’s adamantium claws and begins to extract Logan’s healing abilities, revealing himself to be Ichirō, who had faked his death. Ichirō regains his youth, but Mariko intervenes and stabs Ichirō with Logan’s severed claws. Logan regenerates his bone claws and kills Ichirō. Logan collapses and has one final hallucination of Jean, in which he decides to finally let go of her. Mariko becomes CEO of Yashida Industries and bids farewell to Logan as he prepares to leave Japan. Yukio vows to stay by Logan’s side as his bodyguard, and they depart to places unknown. In a mid-credits scene, Logan returns to the United States two years later and is approached at the airport by Erik Lehnsherr, who warns him of a grave new threat to the mutant race; and Charles Xavier, whom Logan thought was dead.

The  Wolverine was a step up from X-men origins: Wolverine with a more well rounded story, The action is amazing, and the nice little tag at the end of the film links it up with Days of Future Past.



Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes)
Vic Mignogna (Pokemon)
Kate Higgins (Everstar)
Fred Tatasciore (9)
JB Blanc (Tristan + Isolde)
Steve Blum (Wolverine and The X-Men)
Gwendoline Yeo (The Batman)
This is the Wolverine from the comics. I read the comic this anime was based on; the subtle points of the story line were taken out in favour of more action scenes. Even that is ok, with me because that fits in with Wolverine’s character completely. The animation is great and fits the mood and theme of the series. The only things (I am being really nit-picky here), I did not like was the way Wolverine was drawn he look too lean and tall. I can understand why this was done probably to make him look more like Huge Jackman. Whereas in the comics he is more stocky even short and muscular. The other thing is Wolverine voice (in the English dub) makes him sound too young, and does not seem to go with his more gruff language. This can still be explained because of his healing factor he vocal cords stay the same as his appearance.

The story 10 years ago Wolverine and his girlfriend (Mariko Yashida) are attacked on a boat. Wolverine put up a good fight despite being shot by hundreds of rounds of machine gun fire. By the end of the fight most of the attackers are dead, but Mariko is missing. 10 year later a Japanese officer and (friend of Logan), come to America to tell Wolverine Mariko has been found. Also she is the daughter of Japanese Kingpin Shingen Yashida. Shingen is forcing her to marry the criminal king of the lawless, pirate island of Madripoor. This is so Shingen can expand his criminal empire. Wolverine attacks Shingen in his fortress/home slashes his way through Shingen’s men till he reaches Shingen himself. Pretty short for a series huh, wrong Shingen is a master swordsman. He hand Wolverine probably the worst beating I have ever seen. Every one of his blows is a killing stroke the perfect representation of the of his art no unnecessary movement. The trouble is he cannot kill Logan. With his healing factor Logan simply has to take the pain and out last him till he can get a killing shot. The duel is settled with outside interference from Mariko’s fiancé who hits Logan with a drugged dart. The series is Wolverine chasing Mariko to get her back. With many road block in the way some henchmen some super powered, and in some cases a whole island against him. He picks up some allies along the way like Yuriko. Yuriko want revenge against Shingen for killing her parents. Yuriko must shop in the same place as the Black Widow. Same jumpsuit with the zipper stuck half way down. No compaints from me.

Differences from the comic, after losing to Shingen Wolverine does not go through any more training except killing a whole load of human road blocks. Yuriko acts a lot older then her comic counterpart. She is not the adrenaline junky and prefers tactics over Wolverine’s bull in a china shop approach. Mariko is the ultimate damsel in distress she does not even put up a fight or say anything in her private moments she seems have a recurring theme of “oh Logan. What have I done to you”? However the plentiful action scenes make up for all this. They also add nicely add in one of Wolverines forgotten powers. His strength obviously he is not in the same league are the Thing or even Spider-man (even though everyone seem to forget Spider-man how strong Spider-man is he could lift 10 tonnes people 15 after the other) but he is a touch above Captain America. There are any examples of this in the series, it though it was well used.

This is a great DVD and you get Wolverine doing what he does best, and surviving everything that is thrown at him.