Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers0
Bryan Brown (Cocktail)
Daniel Baldwin (Cold Case)
Rochelle Swanson (Phoenix II)

Jake Barnes is a security guard in a Texas border town bank. His boss asks him to spy on his sexy wife, that Jake is having an affair with. When he meets Danish girl Kristen, he gets caught up in a plot to steal millions of dollars of laundry money. Jake is caught between two women who want to become his partner in the theft. When the time comes for the robbery, a furious gun battle ensues that follows cross after double-cross.5d5344b59114This film starts out with all the moody promise of a great contemporary noir Western – after the ill-conceived opening flashback sequence anyway. The scenery is beautifully desolate, the characters achingly isolated. While some of the acting is less than believable, the plot ultimately delivers enough tension and twists to make this movie worth a look.



Gingaman_vs_megaranger_posterWell this is another of my favorite crossovers which unlike Megaranger vs. Carranger, creates a huge what if at both series’ ends. The crossover’s what if events supposedly happen after the end of BOTH Gingaman and Megaranger. The Gingamen have won as the movie seems to fit so well with Gingaman’s ending and the Megarangers are seen to have been in College already. Considering Arakawa wrote the Megaranger finale, I don’t find Megaranger’s alternate reality fates to be any different than what could have happened in Megaranger proper.Gingaman_vs_megaranger_posterThe plot of Gingaman vs. Megaranger is where Captain Zahab’s non-canon brother Captain Gregory returns and revives the Balban. At the same time, Shibolena’s duplicate known as Hizumina exists with the wish to revive Dr. Hinelar. It also shows a what-if scenario in Megaranger. While all the other Megarangers have gone abroad, both Chisato and Kenta stay in Japan. Early on in the movie, it felt like Chisato is dating Kenta even if in Megaranger, neither of them were attracted to each other but only a couple of shipteases. Meawhile, Miku remains as the hopeless romantic to Shun.Gingaman_Vs_Megaranger_part_22What was nice about this crossover was how it made a what if for both series not trying to fit in-between then poof, add something non-canon but to how it really tried to see both shows beyond their canonical endings.



Simon Cotton (Godless)
Kevin Leslie (Rise of The Foot Soldiers 3)
Josh Myers (Romans)
James Hepburn (The Brother)
Dan Parr (The Musketeers)
George Webster (Versailles)
Alexa Morden (Skins)
Adrian Bouchet (The Last Kingdom)
Martin Ross (Killing Lionel)
Anita Dobson (Eastenders)

MV5BZTYwNzAwNTktZGEwZS00ZmY0LThkMGMtNDhiZWUzNjhhNmZhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzU1NzE3NTg@._V1_CR0,45,480,270_AL_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_Simon Cotton as Ronnie Kray and Kevin Leslie as Reggie Kray, picks up the story of the infamous Firm as the sanity of the two brothers bring uncertainties to their business plans . now with their empire in place, the brothers must now fight to keep hold of both as the obsession of one police officer becomes undeceived by the dangerous state of mind for Reggie and Ronnie respectively.indexTHE FALL OF THE KRAYS is the sequel to THE RISE OF THE KRAYS and another low rent slice of British crime. These two films are B-movie retellings of the famous Kray story, released to cash in on the renewed popularity of the storyline following in the wake of the Tom Hardy film LEGEND. These B-movies are huge disappointments. The script is below par and offers some really embarrassing trite dialogue along the way. For my money, the Martin/Gary Kemp version of the story is still the definitive version to go for.



Larry The Cable Guy (Jingle All The Way 2)
Keith Ferguson (Robot Chicken)
Stacy Keach (Two and a Half Men)
Jonathan Adams (Bones)
Lir Alan (Family Guy)

maxresdefaultOutside Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, Guido is spinning around with his forks spread out because Mater is teaching him how to fly. A skeptical Lightning McQueen asks Mater what he knows about flying, and Mater replies, “Everything.” Mater then proceeds to tell the story. Mater tows a car to Propwash Junction, a town inhabited by friendly planes who greet him. As he drops off the car at a repair station, Mater watches a group of jets, the Falcon Hawks, in amazement. He is asked by one of the Falcon Hawks if he’s going to the air show tomorrow, and he accepts. Then, he sees Skipper’s Flight School and reads the sign, “We can teach anyone how to fly guaranteed!”EXR 1920x1080, 4 channel image (A B G R)Mater, interested in learning how to fly, enters and meets Skipper, the flight instructor. Skipper points out that Mater just a tow truck. Mater then says to him that he can teach anyone guaranteed, just as the sign says. Skipper reluctantly gets his mechanic Sparky to install a pair of wings, a rudder, and a rear propeller on Mater. After quickly learning the essentials of flying in the air, Mater has a bit of trouble getting up at first, but he succeeds. Soon, his inability to control his flying gets his hook caught on some telephone wires, causing Mater to get flung back and fly backwards, giving Skipper the impression that he really can teach anyone. Meanwhile, the Falcon Hawks prepare for tomorrow’s air show, but Black Hawk, one of the members, sprains one of his wings, and now they need a fourth flyer to take his place. They see the airborne Mater flying backwards and are impressed. Mater manages to land back on the strip, but he tumbles and ends up going upside-down. Nevertheless, the Falcon Hawks invite him to perform with them in the air show, and Mater agrees to join them. The next day, the Falcon Hawk leader, Red Hawk, Green Hawk, and Mater (as Mater Hawk) put on an amazing show together, with Mater providing the majority of the entertainment. For the grand finale, the Falcon Hawks hold out a long piece of rope and Mater uses his hook to grab the rope and fly backwards with greater speed, breaking the sound barrier. Suddenly, Mater’s wings break off and Mater starts falling down.Skipper_Air_MaterMcQueen, listening to the story, asks Mater, “What did you do?” Mater replies, “Oh, you remember, Lightning McQueen Hawk!” Back in the story, Lightning McQueen Hawk flies in and grabs Mater by the hook, saving him. He helps Mater with the finale by throwing him up into the air with the Falcon Hawks. He catches Mater and safely takes him back to the ground, where Mater presses a button and sets off a spectacular fireworks display. McQueen insists that the whole thing never happened, and Mater says, “It did, too.” At that moment, Mater gets a call from the Falcon Hawk leader and is told that he is needed to take place for one of the Falcon Hawks. He throws his hook up and is caught by the rope being held by the Falcon Hawks. After the short ends, (Cars 2 DVD and Blu-ray only) Mater meets up with Sparky in front of the Propwash Junction sign and says “Hey, they ought to make a whole movie about planes.” Sparky says it’s a good idea and the two look at the audience in anticipation, breaking the fourth wall.maxresdefaultAlthough on the Shorts Blu-ray it’s part of The Cars Mini Series of Shorts, still a nice adition if you like those moives.


A young alien, Stu, is inside a spacecraft taking an examination test in alien abduction. He must snatch a sleeping farmer named Ernie under the watchful eye of his impassive examiner, a gelatinous blob named Mr. B. Working from memory, Stu is expected to use an array of thousands of identical unlabeled toggle switches for this purpose; Mr. B’s stoic expression gives no hints of which ones to use.Lifted (2006)Stu’s hesitant flicks of the switches turn out to be wrong, causing Ernie to bump into the walls and ceiling, albeit without waking him up. As Stu grows increasingly frustrated, Stu yells and swipes randomly at the array. Ernie bounces randomly around the room like a pinball, knocking over the furniture in the process but remaining asleep. Eventually, after checking his notes, Stu does succeed in maneuvering Ernie out the window and up into the ship, but he shuts off the tractor beam without closing the cargo hatch. As Ernie plummets toward the ground, Mr. B takes over and catches him, he then pushes Stu far away from him and starts working the switches with incredible speed to put him back in his bed and clean up the mess that was created by Stu.Lifted (2006)Dejected over his failure, Stu struggles to hold back tears. With a sigh, the sympathetic Mr. B allows him to launch the spaceship for the trip home. Stu cheerfully grabs the steering yoke and begins to maneuver; a moment later the ship slams to the ground, crushing Ernie’s house. When it lifts off, its underside is covered with dirt and debris, and nothing is left of the house except a tall pillar of dirt in the center of a crater, cut out by the open cargo hatch. Atop this, Ernie is still sound asleep in bed. As the end credits run, the sound of Ernie’s alarm clock is heard, followed by his yawn, a scream and a thud – indicating that he has fallen into the crater.Lifted (2006)It is one of the funniest Pixar shorts yet. The use of no dialog, interesting characters and special effects is all made possible by Pixar. Along with the ever popular films, their shorts are very highly acclaim.


During the Italian Renaissance, Bass, a skilled and proud street performer, plays a routine tune in a deserted Italian village square in the afternoon, waiting for a pedestrian to tip him in his rusty iron cup. Soon, he spots Tippy, a humble and peasant girl clutching a big gold coin, with the intention of dropping it in the piazza fountain to make a wish. Bass, seizing the opportunity, immediately plays an impromptu piece, capturing the young girl’s attention.knick-knack-1989Just when Tippy is about to drop the coin into Bass’s cup, a newcomer steps onto the scene. Treble, a suave and flamboyant street performer, plays a more attractive song, effectively stealing Tippy’s attention, much to the anger of Bass. Not to be outdone, Bass ups his ante, with Treble daring to take it even further. As the two rivals unleash their arsenal of musical weapons, trying to vie for the attention (or rather, the tip) of Tippy, the girl cowers in their wild musical cacophony, and in the process, accidentally drops her sole gold coin, which falls down a drain and gets lost in the sewers of the village. Heartbroken, Tippy sniffles, but then angrily demands from Treble and Bass a replacement coin for the one they made her lose. When both musicians come up empty handed, Tippy insists she take one of Treble’s violins and Bass’s iron cup in an attempt to get her money back by playing solo. She then tunes the violin and begins to play it like a true virtuoso, prompting a passing pedestrian to drop a large bag of gold coins onto her cup.Image result for one man band film reviewElated, Tippy hugs the bag and approaches the fountain, but not before she pulls two coins out of her bag and tempts Treble and Bass. But as they eagerly reach out to grab them, she tosses the coins into the top of the fountain, out of reach, much to their dismay. A post-credits scene shows that it is now nighttime, with Treble standing on Bass, trying to reach for the coins in vain. As the two start to fall backwards, the film ends.knick-knack-1989One Man Band has some troubles including the lack of soundtrack at times and the girl in the end is too mean, but it is still a very funny and very dramatic film that perfectly sets the mood of the story with its charming plot and exquisite animation.



Christopher Stapleton (The Bucket List)
Michael Otis (Retaliation)
David Jean Thomas (Fight Club)
Christopher Heltai (Tabloid Vivant)
Markus Botnick (American Pie)

29825-001In the 22nd century, seven explorers set out on a mission to earth’s nearest sister planet, AURORA. Their mission – to survey and explore for future colonization. When their ship suddenly malfunctions, the crew is forced to crash land on the planet’s surface, where crippling heat, poisonous water, and fierce storms threaten their lives at every turn. With a handful of supplies and little hope of rescue, their only option is a grueling four hundred mile trek to their ship’s lost supply bunkers. To survive, the men will have to push their endurance to the limit and entrust their lives to a leader who will risk everything to succeed, no matter what the consequences. hqdefaultFundamentally a boring film. The idea could have made a good film, but this isn’t it. It seems cheaply made, with little characterisation or acting abilities. To simulate an aline landscap they use a filter to give everything a strange colour. Very unimpressive. They walk for practically the entire film, and that is as exciting as it gets