James Bond III (School Daze)
Kadeem Hardison (White men Can’t Jump)
Bill Nunn (Spider-Man)
Samuel L. Jackson (Iron Man)
Cynthia Bond (Higher Education)
Minnie Gentry (Bad Lieutenant)


The story is set in New York: the main storyline revolves around two friends who move in together. One of them meets a seemingly perfect woman (Cynthia Bond) who, in secret, kills all the men who she sleeps with. She is a succubus type demon who seeks blood and vengeance against men foolish enough to be tempted by her.

The audience is first given a taste of the vampire’s powers when she kills a local in the public house, where the main story is played. After questions are asked, the main character, known as Joel (James Bond III) falls for her and is, despite his insightful religious friend’s advice, killed by her. However, the religious friend eventually kills the woman through brandishing his cross and stabbing her in the heart. At first Dougy (Bill Nunn) and K (Kadeem Hardison) go to visit Madam Sonia (Melba Moore), a woman who gives them advice and tells them exactly what they are dealing with but then ends up getting possessed by the temptress which then scares both Dougy and K, forcing them to run out of the building.defbytemptationLater on, Dougy and K go to the bar and ask the bar tender who is outside of the bar emptying the rubbish in the trash bins to put holy water into the temptress’s drink since she was the only one in the bar and then get out of there. After the temptress drinks the holy water she begins to cough violently and collapses on the ground, making Dougy And K take the moment and try to kill the temptress using a blade, but end up failing since the temptress uses her magic to make the blade go the other way round. Then, one by one, Dougy and K die. Later on, when Joel goes to the Temptress’s apartment, not knowing what evil he was dealing with, she kisses him but then Joel faints and wakes up in his own bed. He knows that something is very wrong when his deceased father (Samuel L. Jackson) strangles him but in reality it’s the temptress. Then suddenly Joel’s grandmother comes and tries to hit the temptress, distracting her long enough for Joel to get up and use his cross and kill the temptress.


However, the twist at the end reveals that one of the main characters, another pub local, has survived the woman’s wrath and is now a vampire, instead a male version. This transformation is made clear to the audience through his saying “You should use a cigarette lighter next time. The flame lasts longer” — the saying the female vampire used to say. Exceptionally well made considering it’s minuscule budget thanks to cinematographer Ernest Dickerson’s amazing, imaginative camera-work. The acting is off at times, providing some awkward moments, but the direction is potent enough to hold interest.  James Bond III is weak in the lead, but has enough charismatic supporters around him to sell the picture.