Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)

Season 20 does what South Park does best, and they pretty much perfected it. Take actual social issues (Sexual Misconduct, crooked presidential candidates and many more), mix them with pop culture references and create a unique narrative that ridicules and mocks the behavior of certain groups or people.  The episodes this season are:

White People Renovating Houses

Randy and Sharon start a home renovation show that is threatened. Cartman’s relationship with Heidi becomes strained and he grows attached to his Amazon Alexa.

Put It Down

Tweek and Craig’s relationship is strained. Cartman begs Heidi to take him back but claims suicidal thoughts. Everyone else is busy mourning people killed by distracted drivers.

Holiday Special

A relationship is formed when Randy kisses a Native American man.

Franchise Prequel

The Coon and Friends members struggle to start a superhero franchise while fake news gets spread about them through Facebook.

Hummels & Heroin

Opiates cause a problem in South Park and Stan is believed to be responsible.

Sons A Witches

When a witch causes problems for South Park’s Halloween, Cartman looks for a way to take advantage.

Doubling Down

Kyle is fed up with Cartman’s abuse towards Heidi and gets involved. President Garrison’s advisers worry about some of his recent actions.

Moss Piglets

Timmy and Jimmy’s science project catches the attention of some very important people. Heidi begins to resemble Cartman earning the disapproval of her peers and Cartman.

Super Hard PCness

PC Principal falls in love with the new vice-principal. Kyle realizes how wrong Terrance and Philip are.

Splatty Tomato

Mr. Garrison continues to cause problems for the children of South Park.

Season 21 was a hilarious and thought-provoking season, just as the best South Park stuff you’ve ever seen.







Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)

1It’s been a long time since South Park has done a proper holiday episode (unless you count the Columbus Day-themed “Holiday Special” from a few weeks back). That’s just one more benefit of the return to a less serialized format. Now the series has a solid, entertaining Halloween special that manages to tell a fairly timeless story about Randy and friends acting like idiots while still delivering another dose of topical humor. When it comes to Randy’s antics, “Sons a Witches” doesn’t necessarily rival the show’s best. It’s pretty hard to top episodes like “The Losing Edge” and “More Crap” in that regard. Still, there’s a definite appeal in watching Randy and the gang dressing in stupid costumes and getting high on “Jack and Crack.” Even if you completely ignore the satirical angle of the witch storyline, those witchy antics made for a pretty amusing storyline. The whole thing was worth it just for that awkward musical routine at the school assembly.south-park-sons-a-witches-photo001-1508869712023_1280wThis episode also gave us the first major appearance from President Garrison this season. It’s interesting timing given how articles like this one have started taking South Park to task for ignoring Donald Trump this season rather than directing the full weight of its comedic arsenal against him. Parker and Stone have made it clear by now why they’d just as soon ignore Trump and his antics. Whether you agree with them or not, the fact is that Garrison’s presence has been sorely missed this year. Part of me wishes he wasn’t hamstring by his role as a Trump surrogate and could simply return to doing what he does best. But that was sort of the point of his appearance here. He misses the good old days as a member of the witch club, and this episode offered him a brief chance to relive old glories.south-park-season-21-episode-6-sons-a-witchesThis also proved to be another big episode for Cartman and Heidi. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying their ongoing storyline this season given how obnoxious I found it last year. Cartman’s frustration with Heidi seems to make all the difference. On one hand, you can’t help but sympathize with his plight as a guy who just wants to go out without having to spend two hours waiting for his girlfriend to finish getting ready. On the other hand, he really is the architect of his own misery. He can’t simply do the mature thing and break things off with Heidi once and for all. He deserves to suffer. Ultimately, Season 20’s Cartman was a weak link because his dark side was so deeply buried. That dark side has returned this year and was on full display as Cartman played the witch situation to his advantage. You have to love his choice of costumes during that forest sequence (especially with Cartman’s lollipop being a visual homage to King Lollipop from the “Imaginationland” trilogy). And that fueled what was by far the best scene of the episode, as Cartman dealt with becoming of victim blaming at the police station. south-park-s21e06-sons-a-witches_16x9South Park continues to establish a winning formula this season, focusing on more standalone storylines that still pull from current headlines in clever ways. “Sons a Witches” works as both a commentary on the Harvey Weinstein scandal and its fallout and fun, simple tale of Randy and his friends being stupid. The escalating Cartyman/Heidi storyline and the surprise return of President Garrison didn’t hurt.







Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)



1313_cartmanAsWendyGordon Stoltski, a third grader who reads the South Park Elementary morning announcements, is shot to death by a jealous husband mistaking him for a 40-year-old truck driver with a similar name (Gordon Saltski) who had an affair with his wife, which the entire school hears due to it being heard over the intercom. During a memorial service at the gymnasium, guidance counselor Mr. Mackey announces the school will seek a replacement. Cartman gets the job after sabotaging the efforts of a talented student named Casey Miller. However, during his first announcement, Cartman is very critical of the school and makes politically charged accusations against student body president Wendy Testaburger. Principal Victoria asks Cartman to stick to the script during announcements, but he accuses her of trying to silence him, and brings in the American Civil Liberties Union to ensure his freedom of speech. Cartman’s announcements are soon broadcast as the politically themed “EC” show on televisions placed in each classroom. On his set’s chalkboard he uses the first letters of keywords that he writes to spell out Wendy’s intent to “kill Smurfs” which concerns Butters and some other students. When they confront Wendy, she simply refuses to acknowledge CartmanEric_Cartman_Meets_The_SmurfsCartman starts selling copies of his book, What Happened to My School?, outside the cafeteria where Stan confronts him. Angry because of Cartman’s outrageous sexual lies about Wendy in his book, Stan tries to convince Cartman to stop selling the books to no avail. Principal Victoria and Mr. Mackey again confront Cartman, and force him to stop selling his books on school grounds. This upsets Cartman, who accuses them of turning the school into a “socialist horrorland”, and insists he is leaving the school. The next day, however, he appears on his show and spins a portrayal of himself in blue face-paint and suspenders, having somehow found Smurfland, becoming part of Smurf culture and eventually falling in love with Smurfette. Cartman then claims that Wendy bulldozed Smurfland and slaughtered the Smurfs to get their valuable Smurfberries, the complete story of which he has chronicled in his DVD, “Dances with Smurfs”. Despite the fact that it is extremely obvious that the footage of “Wendy” was Cartman in disguise, Butters and a furious mob of students go to Wendy’s house to confront her. Butters pees on her front door and demands that she go on Cartman’s morning announcements show to answer his questions.south-park-season-13-13-dances-with-smurfsOn the “EC” set the next morning a reluctant Wendy joins a gray side-burned Cartman who promises he will stick to school-related questions and go easy on her. However, as soon as filming begins, he immediately asks about her rumoured promiscuity and involvement in the Smurf genocide. To Cartman’s surprise, Wendy claims she indeed bulldozed Smurfland to get the valuable Smurfberries, but alludes that Cartman was involved with the plot, and that the Smurfs would have left Smurfland if Cartman had not integrated himself with them. She steps down as student body president, turning the title over to Cartman, and announces her own new book Going Rogue on the Smurfs. Cartman is angry that she has turned the tables on him and stolen his Smurf idea, particularly when she announces she sold the movie rights to director James Cameron, who turned the book into his new film, Avatar. With being the student body president, Cartman can’t do the morning announcements anymore because a student can’t hold both positions at the same time. Cartman, much to his anger, also learns that being the student body president is a meaningless position with no real power. The episode ends with Casey Miller reading the announcements, which include a student’s explicit letter of disgust for Cartman’s performance as president, causing him to run out the room crying, “I’m doing the best I can!”south-park-s13e13c08-living-with-the-smurfs-16x9The real accomplishment of this episode is how it totally roasted a semi-political figure, without being political at all



Trey Parker (Orgazmo)
Matt Stone (Terror Firmer)
Dian Bachar (Two Guys and a Girl)
Yasmine Bleeth (Game Over)
Jenny McCarthy (Santa Baby)
Ernest Borgnine (From Here To Eternity)
Robert Vaughn (Superman III)
Victoria Silvstedt (Boat Trip)
Greg Grunberg (Heroes)
Kevin Michael Richardson (The Clevleand Show)
Stephen McHattie (300)
Courtney Ford (True Blood)

Somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century, sports like football, baseball, hockey and basketball have fallen in decline as competitive play was replaced by an ever-growing corporative play, to the point where teams could change cities, stars were easily traded like ‘hired guns of the Old West’, stadiums became huge outdoors and even prison inmates were chosen to integrate sports teams. All of this, combined with unchecked violence and no genuine game, alienated true loving sports fans whom abandoned sport loving, which yearned for a hope at revival that would soon come in the most unexpected way possible.tumblr_n4vhtiyjB11qfj07wo3_1280Coop (Trey Parker) and Remer (Matt Stone) are 23 and unemployed. They arrive uninvited at a party hosted by a former high school classmate. After finding that their classmates have matured, Coop and Remer find themselves outside drinking beer and shooting hoops. Two former classmates challenge them to a game. The two see that their opponents are very good at basketball, so they say they will only play a new game they picked up while secretly inventing the rules (based on basketball as well as baseball) as they go along and winning the new game, which also includes psyche-outs – ways to disrupt the game without being considered cheating. While the game isn’t taken seriously, it slowly grows in popularity while Coop and Remer adopt Kenny ‘Squeak’ Scolari (Dian Bachar), a former gas company employee whom isn’t taken as seriously as the other two.Screenshot_image1-BASEketball-1998-720p-free-movie-downloadSix months later, Businessman Ted Denslow (Ernest Borgnine), enticed by the game itself, shows up to propose the creation of the National BASEketball League (NBL), with numerous rules in place to prevent this sport from deteriorating as the other sports had done: teams cannot switch cities, players cannot be traded, and individuals cannot make money via corporate sponsorship deals. It’s also completely open to all publics, with Denslow stating ‘anyone can be a sports’ hero’. Coop hesitates, but comes to accept, realizing the opportunity in hand. Five years after creation of the league, the NBL is in full swing with stadiums, teams, fans, cheerleaders (most half-naked) and a major championship, the Denslow Cup. They even have a major network television contract (though it is never made clear which network it is) with Al Michaels and Bob Costas as the announcers. During the 1997 championship, Denslow, who is the owner of the Milwaukee Beers (in reference to real-life baseball team, Milwaukee Brewers[3]) for whom Coop and Remer both play, dies choking on his hot dog, which causes Coop to miss his shot and the Beers to lose the finals. Denslow’s will grants Coop ownership of the Beers for one year – if they do not win the next Denslow Cup, ownership reverts to Denslow’s widow Yvette (Jenny McCarthy). Meanwhile, Coop and Remer meet (and eventually fight over) Jenna Reed (Yasmine Bleeth), who is head of the children’s Dream Come True Foundation. They also get an opportunity to approach her through one of her children, Joey (Trevor Einhorn), who’s an avid fan of BASEketball.big_1473912748_imageThe greedy owner of the Dallas Felons, Baxter Cain (Robert Vaughn), wants to change the rules to allow corporate dealing, teams to move cities and players to switch teams, but could not accomplish this while Denslow was alive. Yvette, shown to be easily swayable, would’ve complied had she been given ownership of the team, but Coop refuses to accept any changes. Cain and Yvette work to make sure the Beers will lose the next Denslow Cup and Yvette will win ownership of the team. Cain starts with slowly convincing Remer to make a deal, which has the rest of the team start alienating from Coop, thinking his traditionalist management is denying the Beers their opportunities.maxresdefaultAfterwards, Cain, realising Coop’s relationship with Jenna, cuts the funds to her foundation, forcing Coop and Remer to ask Cain for help. Cain suggests creating a clothing line but Coop is entirely against it, but Remer, as part team owner, immediately agrees, and becomes so obsessed with his newfound fame that he alienates Coop. After they win the league semifinals, Cain informs Coop and Remer through photos that their clothing line has been produced through child labor in Calcutta. If the public finds out the team and Jenna’s foundation will be ruined. Cain threatens to release the photos unless Coop and Remer lose or forfeit the Denslow Cup game, effectively losing the Beers ownership. Jenna learns about the child labor scandal and breaks it off with Coop. Coop blames Remer for the mess, while Remer blames Coop for saying no to Cain’s proposals in the first place. They fall out, and Coop goes to Calcutta to resolve the situation.baseketball4-620x349Coop replaces all the child workers in the factory with adults and makes it back just as the fifth annual Denslow Cup begins. The Beers start with an abysmal performance, failing to make one hit in six innings. At the seventh-inning stretch, the Beers are down 16-0, and Coop and Remer continue to blame each other and fight. Having had enough, especially after a ceremonial play, Squeak gives both a pep talk, reminding them of where they came from, what they did that changed their and everyone else’s lives and what they were risking losing. Squeak’s speech is so moving that Coop and Remer reconcile their differences and Yvette breaks off her alliance with Cain. Coop, Remer, and Squeak finally get back into the game and start scoring. In the bottom of the ninth, Remer is on second, Squeak is on third, and Coop is up when his custom-made BASEketball (La-Z-Boy) pops. Joey brings Coop a new custom-made BASEketball made from a Barcalounger. Coop misses, but successfully completes the conversion, which is considered a home run for the win and the Denslow Cup. Coop and Jenna reunite while Remer hooks up with Yvette, as the team happily carries Squeak on the Denslow Cup.tumblr_inline_o3kzbgWoSW1t1d8nx_1280After the credits have rolled, Al Michaels and Bob Costas repeat the Coop and Remer “Dude” argument from earlier in the film and the movie ends as they draw the curtain and are seemingly about to kiss.BaseketballFeatI just got to say that this is one of  the best comedies i have seen in a long time! this film is so funny, as the game that they play is a cross between baseball and basketball. they have all the rules of the two games and a few of there own like, you can put off your opponent with any means possible!and the things they do are so funny, I really recommend this to any one that love humour!



Will Keenan (Tromeo & Juliet)
Alyce LaTourelle (All The Wrong Places)
Lloyd Kaufman (Sharknado 4)
Trent Haaga (Killjoy 3)
Sheri Wenden (Dark Arc)
Debbie Rochon (Dollface)
Joe Fleishaker (Citizen Toxie)
Ron Jeremy (Orgazmo)
Kerri Kenney (Role Models)
Holly Spencer (The Skin Horse)
Trey Parker (South Park)
Matt Stone (South Park)
Eli Roth (Inglourious Basterds)

terrorfirmer7This is the story of a New York low-budget film crew, led by their insane and egotistical blind film director, Larry Benjamin, who is trying to create a work of art. In addition to the typical trials and travails of a Troma set, the crew is preyed upon by a sexually conflicted, bomb-toting serial killer. Among the large poorly paid film crew, the movie centers mostly on production assistant Jennifer, who struggles to do her job while deciding between the two men in her life; the straight-laced boom operator Casey, and the rebellious special effects operator Jerry. The love triangle intensifies as the dead bodies mount with increasingly brutality. At the climax, the entire film crew bands together (both physically and sexually) against the mortal threat in their midst.screen-shot-2014-10-21-at-15-19-44This is the mother of all B-Movies. It combines the fun and arts of film making with that of complete heresy of what should be seen by the human eye. The film has lovable characters and a message behind the love of twisted b-movies. It is for anyone who thinks outside the standard of what good movie making is and for anyone who appreciates the ridiculousness that can fit into one film all in the name of fun. I haven’t seen a movie that satisfied my love for gore and shock value all while making me laugh.





Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)

Kyle Broflovski laments how his younger brother Ike’s generation’s preoccupation with trending topics and Let’s Play videos has led him to be seen as an out-of-touch “grandpa” by younger kids. Kyle sends out a Twitter message to help families come together. In response, Bill Cosby appears at Kyle’s home to invite him to participate in a television special to be watched by families together. Kyle agrees, but after Cosby leaves, he is revealed to be a hologram.
Randy and Sharon Marsh go to the police to report about the hologram of Randy created by his ex-manager to replace his stage persona Lorde, but the police are skeptical. Meanwhile, a patrolman brings in the rogue Michael Jackson hologram, but despite the fact that the patrolman says he shot the hologram and used a chokehold on him, the hologram’s light skin and features present a problem for the police, as they can only use such harsh tactics on black people.
The television special will feature various celebrities, holograms of deceased celebrities, and LP commentary by Cartman. The special is the brainchild of Randy’s ex-producer and Cartman. The producer’s staff, however, feel he has given too much power to Cartman, whose growing popularity results in his commentary window appearing not only on computers and other devices, but in thin air throughout the episode. Upon seeing a TV commercial for the special, Kyle is angered that his idea has been turned into a social media project, while his best friend, Stan Marsh, is upset because he thinks his father, Randy, is performing again as Lorde. Randy and the Jackson hologram learn about the television special and its intent, and agree to work together to stop it. When the Tupac Shakur hologram sent to capture the Jackson hologram appears at the police station, Randy and the Jackson hologram flee to the Marsh home. Randy then learns that Stan and Kyle have been taken hostage by his ex-producer, and is confronted by the Shakur hologram in his home.
When Kyle asks the producer why he is doing this, the producer explains that when he became a grandfather, one day he asked his grandson who his favorite celebrity was, and his grandson said it was PewDiePie. Bewildered that his grandson worshiped an insignificant Internet personality, and was unimpressed with anyone to whom he tried to introduce him, the producer says that with the television special, he will assimilate the younger generation’s culture into his own. Stan is astonished that the producer is “such a grandpa”.  The Shakur hologram and the Jackson hologram decide to team up against the producer. When Cartman’s window appears before the producer, he tries to have him shut down, but Cartman is trending so much and has grown so powerful that he has reached “trend-scendence”, “like Johnny Depp, but cool”. As Cartman continues to appear on screens all around the world, he states that he is now “trends-gender” and therefore must be given his own bathroom, which was his motivation for being involved in this plan. The Shakur and Jackson holograms appear at the restaurant where the producer is hiding with the hostages. As Jackson fatally shoots the producer, Kyle, realizing that everyone on the planet can see everyone else on their computers, speaks out to his brother, Ike, apologizing for being a “grandpa”. He accepts that Ike will develop his own generational interests, and admits that he was merely sore that Ike was a fan of Cartman in particular. He says that he just wants to be a family again. Ike and his friends resolve to get the public to “believe” again, and create a new trend which Kyle, breaking the fourth wall, urges the home audience to spread. In response, PewDiePie’s window appears, and his commentary is so powerful that Cartman’s window is eliminated.
In an epilogue, Kyle says he managed to get their family to use the living room again for one hour each night, though Stan is still confused over the events that have just concluded. Kyle suggests that perhaps they are not going to understand it, and further says that at least YouTube celebrities are authentic, and have not been marketed to the public by corporations. PewDiePie’s window then appears, and he thanks South Park for being on his show.hqdefault

A Great festive epiosde, hopefully there will be more christmas episodes to come. A great watch along with the other festive epsiodes for the christmas season.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)


The security management at South Park Mall briefs its guards on the upcoming Black Friday shopping day. The security Captain, a grizzled veteran with a large scar running down his face, tells the guards that this year, the mall is offering an 80% discount to the first 30 people in the mall, which is certain to again incite violence among shoppers. Among the guards is Randy Marsh, who has taken the temporary job not to earn extra holiday money as he says, but to acquire the discounts ahead of the crowds that will camp outside the mall.
Meanwhile, the boys of South Park are dressed in medieval garb while engaging in role playing inspired by Game of Thrones, and are themselves anticipating Black Friday. Cartman informs his classmates of the 80% discount, and says if they work together, they can all purchase one of the new gaming systems so that they can play online games together. The children, however, become split over whether to purchase Xbox Ones or PlayStation 4s. Kyle and Stan find themselves on opposite sides of the schism, with Kyle allied with Cartman’s Xbox One faction, and Stan on the PS4 side. The two factions then begin recruiting other children to increase their ranks. Cartman, strolling through the “Garden of Andros” with Kenny, whose character is “Lady McCormick”, tells him that they are only recruiting Xbox One loyalists to help them get inside the mall so them two can get cheap Xbox Ones. He wants Kenny to use his influence to “take care” of Kyle, should his loyalty to their faction falter. The garden is then revealed to be the elaborately landscaped back yard of an elderly South Park resident, who orders the children to stop trespassing on his property. This gag recurs throughout the three-part storyline, with Cartman playing different participants in the conflict against each other, only for the old man to inform them of this from his window, much to Cartman’s irritation.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375The mall’s security is further daunted by the news that a new Tickle Me Elmo called “Stop Touching Me Elmo” is being released in time for Black Friday, which leads to shoppers camping outside even earlier than anticipated. The head of Sony has also announced a special bundle to help entice customers to side with PS4. To address increasing crowds, the mall’s security tries to hand out wristbands so shoppers can hold places in line, but this leads to a brawl in which the Captain is fatally stabbed. Cradling his dying superior, Randy reveals his true motives for having taken the job. The Captain notes that Randy now knows how serious Black Friday is, and peels off the scar over his left eye, revealing it to be a prosthetic appliance. Before dying, he places it on Randy’s face, telling Randy that regardless of his early motives, he is the Captain now, and must now protect the town. Inspired by the new responsibility, Randy tells his fellow guards that they now have work to do. At the same time, Stan rallies his assembled army, telling them that Lady McCormick has joined them to make sure that the winner of the console war is the PS4.



In continuation from the previous episode, the children of South Park are split into two factions over whether to purchase bargain-priced Xbox Ones or PlayStation 4s at an upcoming Black Friday sale at the South Park Mall. Kenny, role-playing as Lady McCormick, is revealed to have joined Stan’s pro-PlayStation 4 faction because Cartman, who leads the pro-Xbox One faction, would not make him a princess. Meanwhile, as pre-Black Friday violence increases, the South Park Mall, where Randy Marsh has been made the Captain of security, announces a 10% increase to the discount given to the first people in the mall, leading to more shoppers gathering in front of the mall ahead of the sale.
Cartman becomes increasingly agitated with the Xbox people’s training following Kenny’s betrayal, and informs a worried Kyle that he has a plan. Seeking an advantage to counter the PS4 faction’s increasing ranks, Cartman contacts Microsoft, but CEO Steve Ballmer dismisses the importance of the children’s conflict and the commercialization of the console wars. When Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates learns of this, he has Ballmer murdered in order to personally see to it that Xbox wins the console wars. Gates allies himself with Channel 9’s Morning News correspondent Niles Lawson, promising that the Black Friday violence will ensure high ratings. Lawson, playing both sides of the conflict, then informs Sony’s CEO of this during a post-coital discussion, and in response, the CEO gives Kenny a brooch that turns him into a Japanese princess. Cartman also sends Butters and Scott Malkinson to the New Mexico home of A Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin for information on upcoming storylines, but Martin does nothing but regale the two children with plot points that emphasize male characters’ penises. As Butters and Malkinson are about to leave, Martin tells them that he has connections with which he may be able to help their cause.
Lawson then reports that the mall, on Martin’s suggestion, has moved the Black Friday sale one week from November 29 to December 6, and is now offering 96% off purchases to the first 100 people inside the mall, an announcement that leads to a brawl outside the mall.


In the conclusion of a three-part storyline, the children of South Park are split into two factions over whether to purchase bargain-priced Microsoft Xbox Ones or Sony PlayStation 4s at an upcoming Black Friday sale at the South Park Mall, a schism that sees best friends Stan Marsh (PS4) and Kyle Broflovski (Xbox) on opposite sides. As the PS4 faction turn their attention to the Red Robin restaurant, which serves as a side entrance into the mall, the Xbox One faction arrives to announce they wish to join the PS4 ranks. Though Stan does not trust them, Cartman and Kyle say they have a way to monopolize the Red Robin: by renting it out for a wedding party.
4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Cartman and Stan, who are having a private talk in the “Garden of Andros”, are interrupted by the elderly owner, who informs Stan of the true intentions of the Xbox faction: they have merely feigned surrender in order to lock the PS4 faction in the Red Robin while they retrieve their consoles. Stan is further angered to be told that this was Kyle’s idea. To prevent Stan from informing his allies of this, Cartman defecates in the old man’s yard and frames Stan for it, resulting in Stan being grounded. When Kyle learns of this, he tries to explain his actions to Stan but he is promptly sent away. As Randy Marsh’s mall security guards deal with the increasing shopper violence, George R. R. Martin arrives at the mall to cut the ribbon that will open the mall for the Black Friday sale. However, he stalls by regaling the agitated crowd with musings on his penis. An impatient shopper charges forward, slices off Martin’s penis, and cuts the ribbon, allowing the crowd into the mall, leading to mass deaths.
screen-shot-2013-12-04-at-9-52-04-pm-575x317In the Red Robin, Kyle, Kenny and their allies turn on Cartman and his faction, revealing that they are no longer Xbox supporters. The standoff is then interrupted by Bill Gates and the head of Sony. The Sony executive is brutally killed by Gates, who announces that Xbox is victorious. The children journey through the blood-and-corpse-covered mall to purchase their Xbox Ones. While playing with his new console, Cartman realizes that he wishes to play outside, saying that their improvised Game of Thrones role-playing over the past few weeks has been filled with so much the drama, action and romance that they do not need Microsoft or Sony to have fun.


A greatrilogy. I found myself laughing throughout the entire episodes I was also pleasantly surprised to notice growth in some of the characters, especially Randy as he takes up the responsibility of Black Friday. Anyone who is a die hard fan or even somebody that only chuckles once per season should definitely watch this festive trilogy..