The Christmas Witness

zyuoh43-1005Azarudo feels like he’s already won the Blood Game of Earth now that Cubaru is gone. But Ginis reminds him that the winner is the one who amuses him most. And Cubaru’s rebellion was very amusing. At the treehouse, everyone is happy to see Misao out of the hospital. He also has a Christmas present for Uncle Mario, a whetstone to help sharpen his chisels. Tusk asks Yamato what Christmas is and he explains. Uncle Mario thinks it’s weird the Zyuman have no idea what Christmas is about. To keep Uncle Mario from asking more questions, Yamato suggests they have a party tonight to celebrate both Christmas and Micchan’s recovery. The Zyuman head out to buy a present for Uncle Mario as well. They decide on a sweater, but they don’t have enough money. Even worse, their tails go hard as Azarudo’s Gakkarize terrorizes the plaza.zyuoh43-1001Gakkarize paints drawings that become real like masks on people’s faces or a giant Buddha. While the Zyman fight off the drawings come to life, Uncle Mario and Yamato work on decorating the Christmas tree back home. Uncle Mario remembers he and Yamato haven’t celebrated Christmas at the treehouse since Yamato started getting into girls in elementary school. He also asks if the others will be going home for Christmas and New Year’s. Yamato says it’s complicated. Uncle Mario suggests they are like Yamato, but Yamato says while he chooses not to go home, the others can’t go home. Uncle Mario reminds Yamato that he can always talk to him. The Zyuman pass by a cake shop that’s been painted over by Gakkarize. They offer to help sell the cakes outside where people can actually see. When sales are slow, the Zyuman decide to go full-on Zyuman to drum up more interest. And it works as even the local news are reporting on them.zyuoh43-1002Micchan hurries to the treehouse to show Yamato what’s going on. Uncle Mario gets a call and he says he must now fly to Canada to buy wood that’s on sale so them kids should just have the party themselves. Micchan is a little sad, but he and Yamato must hurry out to get the others to stop messing around. Seeing the kids happy with the big animal people, Yamato realizes there’s a special connection between humans and Zyumans. The Zyuman sell all the cakes and the shop owner gives them their pay. They hurry back to the store to buy the sweater, but they forgot about tax so they don’t have enough. Yamato and Misao arrive and Yamato offers to pay the difference. They object, but Yamato says he also owes his uncle for many things and for far longer than them. Yamato tells them Uncle Mario is leaving the country for Christmas. They hurry as they want to give him his present before he leaves. But Gakkarize stops them. Yamato and Micchan say to leave Gakkarize to them while the Zyuman go find Uncle Mario. Azarudo stops them.zyuoh43-1004On the way to the airport, Uncle Mario sees the explosions and commotion. He finds Yamato and the others after they’ve just been forced to demorph. Seeing they’re in trouble, he tries to find a weapon to fight off the Deathgaliens. The Zyuman mock Gakkarize for his fake art, so Azarudo calls them out on their fake life forms living as humans. The Zyuman4 decide to show their true forms just as Uncle Mario comes back with a fire extinguisher. The Zyuohgers morph once again and do a roll call to complete Uncle Mario’s surprise. They Zyuohgers defeat Gakkarize and all the painting things disappear. Naria pops in to Continue Gakkarize who starts painting an army of Moebas who begin decimating the city. As Yamato goes Whale to fight Azarudo, the others hop into Wild Tousai King. The others are in trouble so Yamato summons Cube Whale to help. But when Cube Whale sees Azarudo, it attacks. Azarudo retreats. Cube Whale gets rid of all the Moebas allowing the Zyuohgers to go Wild Tousai Dodeka King to finish off Gakkarize for good. Back at the treehouse, the Zyuman are sad they couldn’t give Uncle Mario his present. But Misao says to just give it to him when he gets back. Not a big deal.zyuoh43-1007It was a pretty basic Christmas episode. At least they didn’t kill off a cool character or something like that. (Looking at you Ex-Aid.) The most important part of the episode was Uncle Mario finally finding out about the Zyumans and the Zyuohgers. On one hand, I’m sad Uncle Mario didn’t know the whole time. But at the same time, it’s refreshing to have that “It was them the whole time?!” moment. The other interesting thing from the episode was of course the mystery over Azarudo’s possible true nature. Overall, an okay Christmas episode worth a watch for any Sentai fan.





toq39-1001With Christmas approaching, the Shadow Line becomes less active due to the increasing amount of Imagination everywhere, giving the ToQgers a chance to rest and celebrate the holiday themselves. Meanwhile, General Schwarz appears before Akira and urges him to fulfill his part of the bargain they previously made and join his side to launch an attack on the weakened Castle Terminal. At the castle, Emperor Z is also feeling the symptoms of the lack of Darkness and Madame Noir intends to take the opportunity to rescue her daughter.1623531_10152610445334862_7554814040481020295_n

Wishing to have Akira celebrate Christmas with them, Right and the others pay a visit to the Build Ressha, but they find that he has left the Drill Ressha behind as well as instructions on how to detect Shadow Towns with it. Although they are worried by the sudden disappearance of their friend, the ToQgers are suddenly called to action when the Shadow Creeps they have previously defeated start appearing again, but far weaker than when they last fought them. They are unaware that they are just copies created by Boseki Shadow, who was imprisoned for his power of absorbing Darkness being dangerous to the Shadow Line.toq39-1005

Marchioness Mork asks Boseki Shadow how he has escaped and learns that he was released by Madame Noir, confirming that she intends to turn against the Emperor once again, as the ToQgers battle the copied Shadow Creeps. Boseki Shadow is then destroyed by the ToQgers’ Hyper 5 Connection Crash and enlarges itself, thus the team forms ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh to fight him. However, they are distracted by their worries about Akira, affecting the battle, until they decide to focus and form Cho-Cho-ToQ-Dai-Oh combined with the Police Ressha to bring Boseki Shadow down for good. Soon after, the ToQgers are informed that General Schwarz’s Kuliner is nearby and they decide to confront him, but much to their surprise, Akira appears before them, stating that he is now working under General Schwarz and transforms into ToQ 6gou to fight them. 00p


After transforming into ToQ 6gou, Akira fights the ToQgers when they refuse to leave without him. Though the ToQgers try to reason with him, Zaram assumes his true form as General Schwarz comes to him to carry out their plan. Zaram, after reminding Tokatti of their promise, accompanies Schwarz on his darkness reserve-powered Kurainer to raid Castle Terminal. With the Ressha giving chase, the ToQgers talk about Akira’s words while Right intends to get their friend back. At Castle Terminal, Barone Nero and Madame Noir are confounded to find Miss Glitta having took over Emperor Z’s body. Certain that it is the opportunity she has been waiting for, Noir knocks out Barone and attempts to free her daughter. But Glitta tells her mother she cannot leave Emperor Z’s body before he regains his body and blasts Noir out of the castle. By then, Schwarz’s Kurainer arrives as he and Zaram fight their way to throne room. It is then that Schwarz reveals he recruited Zaram to have him kill Emperor Z, weakened by the Darkness Decline, as ToQ 6gou. 1623531_10152610445334862_7554814040481020295_nBut Emperor Z uses much of his remaining power to defeat ToQ 6gou and abduct him on the Imperial Kurainer. Just as the ToQgers are about to enter the Shadow Line on the Drill Ressha, they see ToQ 6gou falling from the Imperial Kurainer with Schwarz’s Kurainer in pursuit. But once they bring ToQ 6gou to the Ressha as Schwarz enters the Imperial Kurainer, the ToQgers learn that Emperor Z stole the AppliChanger from Zaram to seek refuge in the Ressha. But as the ToQgers discuss the turn of events, they see Miss Glitta manifesting as she requests them to stop Schwarz from saving her as she feels her separation from Emperor Z would only result in a catastrophe for everyone. Meanwhile, returning to find Castle Terminal having tremors, Marchioness Mork learns about the situation as she tells Nero that they must find Emperor Z. The ToQgers find Schwarz and Zaram, but are unable to give the former Glitta’s message as they and the rouge Shadow Line members fight Nero and the Close as Hyper ToQ 1gou battle Marchioness Mork’s Kurainer in Hyper Reshha Tei-Oh. Schwarz and Zaram eventually escape in the chaos, finding a wounded Noir as she pleas their help with Glitta. But as Marchioness Mork’s Kurainer Robo is defeated, the unsettled Castle Terminal manifest with the ToQgers realizing it has been situated where their hometown Subarugahama used to be upon recognizing the tree where they used to play as kids next to the fortress.




Subarugahama is discovered to be the foundation of Castle Terminal and the ToQgers are saved from the erupting darkness by the Ressha. They form a plan to reach the Shadow Line’s terminal in order to free their hometown. However, they are stopped by General Schwarz’s Cryner as they emerge to attempt to reason with him and Zaram to stop for Miss Glitta’s sake. General Schwarz refuses to listen and a fight ensues with Barone Nero and Marchioness Mork using the opportunity to go after Miss Glitta and extinguish her to restore Castle Terminal and enable Emperor Z to use his full potential. Unfortunately, Emperor Z regains control of his body and overpowers his servants before overpowering Zaram as ToQ 6gou. However, he and Hyper ToQ 1gou cancel their transformations with Right taking the AppliChanger back. From there, General Schwarz holds off Emperor Z long enough for Madame Noir to make her move to free Miss Glitta. Unfortunately, as Miss Glitta feared would happen while watching her mother die by his hand, an enraged Emperor Z explodes into a vast darkness that consolidates into his true form: Z-Shin. After General Schwarz sends Miss Glitta away on his Cryner, he is killed by Z-Shin while proclaiming that he found his light in his final words. After mercilessly attacking Marchioness Mork and Barone Nero, Z-Shin unleashes another torrent of darkness that drags Castle Terminal back into the Shadow Line while Zaram attempts to stop him. After the ToQgers awake, they find Akira alive but upset that he could not save their town. The ToQgers hug him, surprising him, and tell him how much he means to them. Suddenly, a fleet of Cryners appear and attack, and Akira agrees to remain with the ToQgers to help them get their town back, as they use the various Ressha combinations to destroy the enemy Cryners. Later, as the ToQgers welcome Akira into their Christmas party, Miss Glitta visits General Schwarz’s gravesite, built by Akira, and Emperor Z notes how Castle Terminal has gotten darker.7o7899789

Ressha Sentai ToQger is a series that rarely broke the mould for Super Sentai, but did everything you’d expect a children’s show about colorful superheroes powered by trains and imagination to do and more. Despite its flaws ToQger is a show that fully embraces its motifs, gimmicks and absurdity in every way possible – through the aesthetic, the story and perhaps most importantly the characters. The look and how it often comes dangerously close to being too silly for it’s own good may deter some, but give the show the chance it deserves and you’ll no doubt find it a rewarding watch. These Christmas episodes highlight some o the best episodes and are worth watching over the holiday season.





4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375On Christmas Eve, Daigo helps Nobuharu and an excited Utsusemimaru with decorating a shopping center. He later meets up with Souji as he trains with Torin, who tells them that Earth has a melody of its own while noticing a light shining from the land near by. Before Torin can explain about the land’s light, the Kyoryugers see Deboth appearing and are barely able to destroy him with Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin this time around. The Kyoryugers later learn that the Deboth they fought is actually a clone created by lame toys that respond to angry children. At the Frozen Castle, after showing concern for Chaos’s health, Dogold tells Chaos that he and his creation Debo Yantasanta will begin the next phase of their plan. As Christmas Eve begins in Japan, more Clone Deboth appear in Tokyo, Beijing, London, New York, and Hawaii.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375The Kyoryugers sortie out: Kyoryu Red takes Spinodai-Oh to Tokyo; Kyoryu Gold, Kyoryu Black, and Kyoryu Green head to Beijing in Pteraiden-Oh Western; Kyoryu Blue and Kyoryu Pink head to London in Kyoryuzin; Kyoryu Violet, assisted by Kyoryu Cyan and Kyoryu Gray, takes Plezu-Oh to New York; and Kyoryu Silver heads on his own in Gigant Bragi-Oh to Hawaii. Once Spinodai-Oh destroys the Clone Deboth attacking Tokyo, Kyoryu Red sees Debo Yantasanta and chases after him. Debo Yantasanta admits that he stole letters from Santa Claus and reveals that he is one of five other Debo Yanasanta as he and his brother, the Debo Yantasanta from London combine to overpower Kyoryu Red. In China, while Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Black continue to pilot Pteraiden-Oh Western, Kyoryu Gold sees Dogold absorbing some the emotional energy from the Clone Deboth, who reveals the attack to be a divide and conquer scheme to get Kyoryu Red on his own. Noticing something off with Dogold, Utusemimaru follows after him and fakes his rage to free Daigo while telling his nemesis that he is no longer himself. Once they transform, Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold exchange their personal Zyudenchi to defeat Yantasanta ×12. With Daigo barely able to stand, Dogold attempts to kill him when Dantestu intervenes as he and the Kyoryugers get to safety. After recognizing Dantetsu, Dogold decides to take over the human’s body and tells Luckyuro to summon the other Debo Yantasantas back to Japan.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375


As the other Kyoryugers deal with the Clone Deboth with aid from Ankydon, Bunpachy, and Tobaspino, Utsusemimaru tends to Daigo’s wounds with Dantetsu. However, the three are ambushed by the surviving Debo Yanasanta brothers as they merge into Debo Yanasanta ×345 while going after Dantetsu. Covering Daigo and Dantetsu’s escape, Utsusemimaru finds his Gaburi Changer frozen by Yanasanta just as Dogold arrives, sending Aigallon to support Debo Yanasanta before the other Kyoryugers arrive to save the others. Elsewhere, Dogold finds himself unable to possess Dantestu. Torin arrives and reveals that Dantetsu was bathed in the light of the land and became able to hear the planet’s melody as King of Humanity. After transforming into Kyoryu Red Carnival, Daigo battles Dogold while Dantetsu tells Torin that he is able to enact the final part of his mission.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375With Debo Yantasanta knocked into him, Dogold sees the ten Kyoryugers assembled as his Debo Monster suddenly puts him in the way of the Ten Zyudenryu Maximum Victory Finish. With the other knight arriving, Dogold’s body explodes, with Endolf emerging from within him, picking up Dogold’s face mask and telling him that he manipulated Dogold’s plan from the start. He attempts to crush him before Canderrilla and Aigallon convince him to let their ally go. Though Debo Yanasanta is enlarged, he is destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin, Pteraiden-Oh Ankydon, and Plezu-Oh Bunpachy using the All Gigant Full Blaster. At the Frozen Castle, Chaos reveals that he knew of Dogold’s treachery and that the anger quota required for the resurrection of Deboss has been met. The deposed Raging Knight takes over a Cambrima while venting his rage over lacking a body. At the Spirit Base, the Kyoryugers are upset that they have not managed to fix the Deboth Army’s plans, when Daigo gets an idea. He and the other Kyoryugers don Christmas attire to give presents to the children all over the world, as Dantestu watches from afar.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375There’s a lot of enjoyment you can get out of this by the sheer number of heroes and unique combinations of finishers or mecha that they pump out almost every episode to keep things fresh and cool. It definitely deserves to be the bravest. These Christmas episodes are excellent and worth watching around the holiday season.




4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375When their search for Megazord Zeta bears no fruit, the Go-Busters help in the Energy Management Center’s yearly Christmas preparation at an orphanage in the Dainan district with Hiromu showing more pep than usual. But the next day, as the Go-Busters and their Buddyloids arrive to the orphanage, Enter finds two active Messiah Cards and combines the developing Metaloids with the Go-Busters alerted to it attacking the Tōya district. Joined by Beet Buster and Stag Buster, the Go-Busters find the two-in-one Messiah Metaloid Kentateloid as they find their data being extracted by the fused opponent. When Beet Buster reveals that Kentateloid is going after their anger, Enter arrives with Escape as he provokes the Go-Busters with the memory of the events of thirteen years ago. Escape holds Beet Buster and Stag Buster back so Kentateloid can deal with the Go-Busters with the latter fight ending in a stalemate as Messiah begins to manifest in the fused Metaloid.


Though Escape told Enter that should merge the Cards in their possession to recreate Messiah, Enter tells her that the evolution of a new Messiah is more interesting and that Escape should reconsider her dependence on the Messiah she knew. Alerted that of the Megazords’ arrival within 3 minutes at the Dainan district, Kuroki approves of Hiromu’s intent to deal with Kentateloid and has the command center outfitted for Christmas as the Go-Busters get ready for Kentateloid’s Megazord counterparts. As Go-Buster Beet leads the charge on the Kenzord and the Tatezord, Red Buster confronts Kentateloid yet does not fight back with Enter perplexed. However, Kuroki reveals that Hiromu is holding back his anger with the music box’s jingle bell melody. After telling Enter that anger is not a means to get stronger and that he picked a poor day to pick a fight, with Cheeda Nick deciding to sing Jingle Bells, Red Buster reveals that he purposely took Kentateloid’s attacks to counter their fighting style. As Buster Hercules and Tategami Lioh take out the Kenzord and the Tatezord, Red Buster destroys Kentateloid. However, Enter Unite obtains the two Messiah Cards with the intend to use them. But they are taken by Escape to enhance Megazord Zeta. Grabbing Enter and telling him that she will restore Messiah to his former glory, Escape has Megazord Zeta crush him in its hands before turning her attention to the Go-Busters.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375


Having killed Enter and intending to do the same with the Go-Busters, Escape battles the Go-Buster Megazords in the enhanced Megazord Zeta as Messiah’s conscious surfaces and defeats Go-Buster Ace. After others save a gravely injured Hiromu, leaving despite he intent to continue, Megazord Zeta proceeds to summon ten Megazord models. As the others are better informed over the three waves of Megazords and as Go-Buster Ace is being repaired, a wounded Hiromu attempts to fight his way out of the infirmary before Nick snaps him out of it while telling him that he understands but he must also live. Once repairs are done, the Go-Busters head out to face the first wave of Vaglass Megazord with Nick piloting Go-Buster Ace to give Hiromu time to heal. After the first batch, two Alphas and two Betas, are destroyed as Megazord Zeta joins the fray as Gamma and Delta types arrive. Learning the Zeta-Type is attempting to assimilate the summoned Valgass Megazords, Go-Buster Oh and Buster Hercules destroy the second wave before the final wave, composing of each Megazord of the four main archetype, arrives. Even with the FS-O0 providing aid, Megazord Zeta absorbs the remaining Alpha, Beta, and Gamma types to evolve into the titanic Messiah Reboot.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Reabsorbing Escape’s data as he has no more need for her, Messiah Reboot overpowers the Go-Buster Megazords and attempt to assimilate the GT-02 and the RH-03 until Red Buster arrives in Tategami Lioh to turn the tides. Even after forming Go-Buster King, with Nick joining Red Buster in the cockpit, the Go-Busters still find themselves at a disadvantage. However, Go-Buster King separates with Go-Buster Lioh impaling Messiah Reboot with the Go-Busters’ antivirus which surges through the wound as Messiah is utterly destroyed with the three Go-Busters emerging from the raging inferno. The Go-Busters then celebrate Christmas at Daian orphanage, with Rika arriving and Ryuji learning the teacher was once a resident of the orphanage, Hiromu states that they have reason to fight and live for a better tomorrow. However, elsewhere, Enter manifests and wishes the Go-Busters a Merry Christmas while he is now closer to his evolution into a new MessiahI know that in Japan this season was not as wel lreceived as Gokaiger was, But I liked it.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375I know that in Japan this season was not as wel lreceived as Gokaiger was, But I liked it. These Christmas Episodes are excellent and very heartwarming for the festive season.





After Jii notices that the places that Akumaro attacked prior all form a straight line, Takeru becomes concerned as he and the others go through the Shiba archives for any clues. On the Rokumon Junk, Akumaro gives the Ayakashi Tsubotoguro the means to create the final marker. By then, Shitari realizes Akumaro’s goal and attempts to reason with him as it would destroy them all. However, Akumaro shows no fear as he reveals that Juzo is an important tool in his plan. Unable to help out, Genta decides to make some sushi for the others as he finds DaiGoyou a tree for Christmas. When contacted by a Gedoushu attack, Genta arrives first to watch Tsubotoguro making people suffer with his pain insects and fights him until the others arrive and fight off the Nanashi. Akumaro arrives as Super Shinken Red charges at him.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375After being found out and sending Tsubotoguro to continue the plan, Akumaro fights the male Shinkengers as Super Shinken Red pursues Tsubotoguro with the female Shinkengers. As Super Shinken Red slays Tsubotoguro, an annoyed Juzo arrives to demand his Uramasa from Akumaro. As the enlarged Tsubotoguro’s platoon are vanquished by Shinkenoh’s armaments and the Ayakashi himself is destroyed by Daikai-Shinkenoh with the Ikatenku Buster, Akumaro reveals his plan to open the Gates of Hell by invoking the ancient Urami Gandōgaeshi spell that only a person like Juzo, a Gedounin, can complete. Though Juzo is relucant at first, Akumaro reveals that Uramasa is made from the souls of the Fuwa clan and that only when the sword serves its purpose will their souls be freed. By then, a massive explosion of energy from the ceremony destroys the block that separates Earth and Hell, wounding the Shinkengers and Juzo with Dayu barely escaping as Akumaro makes his way to the slit that opens.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375


Coming to after the six shockwaves, Genta ponders killing Juzo to stop Akumaro and to ensure Takeru’s safety. However, he changes his mind upon learning of the souls of Juzo’s family sealed within Uramasa’s blade. At the Shiba House, after Takeru suggests that slaying Juzo is the only way to keep the Hell Gate from opening, Genta reveals his actions to them before he takes his leave. The next day, the Shinkengers learn that Genta went out to track down Juzo, and Ryunosuke and Chiaki going after him as the others face Akumaro. Confronting Juzo yet not intending to fight him, Genta pleads with him not to take back Uramasa. However, as Juzo tries to kill him, Ryunosuke and Chiaki come to his aid. Chasing after Juzo as he regains Uramasa from Akumaro, the regrouped Shinkengers are unable to stop him with Akumaro in their way. But at the last second, Juzo strikes down Akumaro instead of the final marker.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Akumaro is shocked as Juzo reveals that he knew the sword’s true nature the entire time, and he thanks Akumaro for repairing it. Realizing his plans are ruined now that Juzo was now a true Gedoshu, Akumaro takes his rage on the Shinkengers as they slay him with the Rekka Daizantou and the Mougyu Bazooka. Akumaro enlarges and battles MouGyuDaiOh and DaiGoyou while ShinkenOh and DaiKaiOh destroy the Kirigami Akumaro summoned. The Shinkengers then form Samurai HaOh to finish off Akumaro, only for the Mojikara Great Shot Circle to have no effect against him. On Shinken Gold’s suggestion, Super Shinken Red summons the Kyoryu Origami, with Samurai HaOh using the Kyoryuto to formed true final combination Super Samurai HaOh and destroy Akumaro with the Twelve Origami Great Samurai Slash. After the battle, Genta now knows the true nature of the Gedoushu. When they all return to the Shiba House to find Jii and the Kuroko in the middle of decorating for Christmas, they help with the finishing touches4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Shinkenger is  an excellent series that any fans of the genre should check out.These two festive episodes are an example of how brilliant the show was and must see for the holidays.



8-simple-rules-4e5048c93b87eOn the Gigant Horse, Ackdos Gill decides to hold the invasion back until the problem with the pirates is solved, as Dyrandoh decides to bring Action Commander Bibaboo to Earth. After Damaras’ demise, Doc’s bounty is increased and Navi also gets a small bounty on his head as well, but the rest of the team is still wondering about the true intentions of Basco who was put back on the wanted list for helping them against the Zangyack. Then, Gai chimes in with a tiny Christmas tree to remind them that Christmas is coming and he takes Luka to help him with the preparations. untitledGai and Luka stumble on a Santa Claus, accompanied by a panda. Luka gets excited at the thought of getting a present and approaches Santa. However he refuses, saying that he only gives presents to good kids, which angers Luka. Later, as Gai tries to calm her down, they find sister and brother Sayo and Seiji Kinoshita who are decorating a Christmas tree in the park with for group of children. Luka and Gai help out until Dyrandoh and Bibaboo appear. Bibaboo uses his magic wand to turn their targets into dolls. During the fight, both Seiji and Gai are turned into dolls, just as the other Gokaigers appear to fight Bibaboo. While as the Kakurangers, they attempt to take Bibaboo’s wand and use a spell to turn everyone back to normal, but Dyrandoh joining the fray foils their plans. Later, as Sayo is worried about her little brother and feeling guilty because they have been bickering a lot, Luka comforts her and promises that she will save him as she comes up with her own plan.battle_santaShe goes after Bibaboo on her own, but her attempt appears to fail when Bibaboo turns her into a doll. However, this is revealed to only be a distraction to allow Sayo to use Luka’s Mobilate and Ranger Key to transform into Gokai Yellow, retrieve the wand (which is later broken by Gai) and turn everyone back to normal. With the team gathered, and Luka given her Mobilate back, the Gokaigers transform into an all Yellow team, consisting of TigerRanger, KirinRanger, GaoYellow, HurricaneYellow, Bouken Yellow, and Gosei Yellow to fight Dyrandoh and Bibaboo’s Dogormin before the main team transforms into the Battle Fever J team, and Gokai Silver manages to combine Gokai Red and Gokai Green’s Ranger Keys to transform into Gokai Christmas, to take on Dyrandoh and Bibaboo, ultimately destroying Bibaboo and leading to Dyrandoh’s retreat. Insarn makes Bibaboo and the two Dogormin grow to giant size, leading the Gokaigers to form GokaiOh and GoZyuRex to fight them. After using MagiDragon, GaoLion, and Fūraimaru against Bibaboo, the group forms Kanzen GokaiOh to defeat Bibaboo once and for all.1324767000298Later, the Gokai Galleon crew joins in the park’s Christmas celebration with Luka using the powers of MagiMother to make it snow. Unbeknownst to them, the Santa Claus from earlier was actually the former Battle Kenya, Shiro Akebono, and he states that the Gokaigers have been ‘good kids’ so they deserve a present. When the Gokaigers return to the Gokai Galleon after the Christmas party, Navi tells them that the Treanger Box suddenly started glowing. Opening it, they find that the Battle Fever keys are shining, having been granted their Greater Power. The Gokaigers are confused as they are unsure of how and when they earned it, when Luka guesses it was a present from Santa. Marvelous then states that Santa is ‘awesome’, when Gai notices that it has started snowing in the city and the other Gokaigers rush to look through the window, ready to enjoy Christmas.


One of the greatest Super Sentai shows ever, and this Christmas Episode shows just how good Japan is at doing seasonal specials, this episode has become one of my must watched specials this time year.



A year after defeating Yogoshimacritein, the Go-ongers head to the wild western realm of Gunman World (ガンマンワールド Ganman Wārudo?) to defeat Gaiark’s Pollution President Batcheed (害統領バッチード Gaitōryō Batchīdo?) in a final confrontation. However, after defeating Engine-oh G9, Batcheed opens up a dimensional rift that sucks the Go-ongers and Engines to other Braneworlds. Soon after, while finding themselves fighting Ugatz, the Shinkengers encounter Go-on Red as he helps takes out the Ugatz on his own, much to the Shinkengers’ shock. Soon after, the Shinkengers bring Sōsuke and Bomper to the Shiba House, but Takeru and Sōsuke are unable to work together due to their conflicting personalities.sinken279Elsewhere, Batcheed arrives onto the Rokumon Junk to make the Gedoushu an offer to hand him their waters to bring to the mortal realm in order to power his Batchrium Plant. With the Ayakashi Homurakogi supporting him, Batcheed then asks for Yogostein, Kitaneidas, and Kegalesia to support him. However, the trio raid the Gold Zushi cart before they tell the president they want nothing to do with his plan. They then ditch Shinken Gold as they retreat into the Sanzu River while he fights the Ugatz before Go-on Red and the other Shinkengers arrive to support him. The battle ends with the vassals getting sucked into a dimensional rift to save Shinken Red and Go-on Red from Batcheed’s attack. While Genta and Mako meet the Sutō Siblings in Christmas World, Kotoha and Chiaki are jailed with Renn and Gunpei by DaiGoyou in Samurai World, and Ryunosuke ends up in Junk World alone until he is found by Saki and Hant as they cheer him up.
Back in the Human World, as Takeru and Sōsuke manage to resolve their differences, the two learn that Hikoma Kusakabe and Bomper have been kidnapped and are being held at Mount Aguruma where an entire army of Nanshi and Ugatz under Batcheed await them. However, when Takeru disregards the safety of the hostages for the sake of the world, Go-on Red is forced to fight Shinken Red. As Batcheed watches on that his enemies are fighting each other, he soon discovers that the fight is only a diversion to allow the Sisi Origami to help Jii and Bomper escape as the Engines arrive with the other Go-ongers and Shinkengers.7x12-symphony-of-illumination-how-i-met-your-mother-27462287-500-281Together, the two Super Sentai teams defeat the grunts while Shinken Red and Go-on Red take to the road to battle Homurakogi. Though Akumaro attempts to get involved in the fight alongside Juzo and Dayu, the three are driven off by the Goseigers. Giving Go-on Red the Kyoryu Disk so he can become Hyper Go-on Red as Shinken Red becomes Super Shinken Red, the two are joined by the others as they slay Homurakogi. Enlarging with his revived aide, Batcheed escapes to the Moon where the Batchrium Plant is, using Homurakogi as a shield to escape the Engine/Origami team attack as they form Samuraihaoh and Engine-Oh G12 while he hooks himself up to his Batchrium Plant to achieve his full power. The two teams are powerless until the combinations reconfigure themselves into Samurai Formation 23 to destroy Batcheed before performing a victory clap. Soon after, the Go-ongers head off to the other Braneworlds to find any more surviving Gaiark officers, wishing the Shinkengers luck in keeping their world safe.[3] In the ending theme, we get to see the Shinkenger’s origami in “soul form” and Shinkenger’s dance number in Samurai World.untitledI do think the concept of pros vs amateurs worked perfectly here. The Shinkengers were trained and raised throughout their whole lives, save for Genta, to be tough and serious samurai. The Go-Ongers on the otherhand, especially Sousuke, were wacky characters with no prior experience, and were chosen at the spur of the moment. I think the concept worked great with this team-up and it even spoofed it a bit, while also showing that each side can learn from each other. So I think that aspect as well as the insanely ridiculous fight and tactic between Sousuke and Takeru made this team-up really enjoyable