Graham Kosakoski (Grizzly Rage)
Brett Viberg (Darkest Hour)
Sebastian Gacki (My New Best Friend)
April Telek (Supernatural)
Chad Rock (The Flash)
Brody Harms (Adam & Evil)

Brotherhood-IV-3Horror auteur David DeCoteau directs another classic installment of his Brotherhood franchise and this is a most welcome addition. A DeCoteau film has a look that is instantly recognisable for the beauty of the camera work and the dreamlike editing. He is also known for the beauty of the casts that he assembles to act out his eerie fantasies and he has really outdone himself with this group.untitledThe storyline returns to the original formula established in the first two films. The third episode may have lost the way a bit but we are back in traditional Brotherhood territory with this one.  This film also features some of the best production design of any DeCoteau film to date, although I can’t say that it quite lives up to the “frat party” playboy club type design of the original film. Nevertheless, the budget seems to have been beefed up a little for this effort and the visual effects are more elaborate and abundant.  All fans of David DeCoteau or the Brotherhood series will be knocked out by this one.







Kristopher Turner (Instant Star)
Paul Andrich (Vampire Season)
Julie Pedersen (Teen Alien)
Andrew Hrankowski (Jackhammer)

2ut0rk7The Brotherhood III: Young Demons has less plot, sympathetic characters, and skin display than its predecessors.Lex (played engagingly by Kristopher Turner) leads an unauthorized role-playing game at school after it closes Friday nights. The participants dress up in costumes with weapons to seek a prize planted beforehand. The one finding the prize is the winner. Participants may pretend-kill each other. Lex hides away throughout with a microphone and broadcasts taunts and clues to the players. The game is meant to be fun.1280x720-VoTThis Friday’s game is different. On Thursday night, two of Lex’s henchmen plant the prize (a Necklace of Anubis) and various scary props and booby traps. A masked, robed, Darth Vader-like figure stalks the two oblivious henchmen. At school on Friday, Lex’s archaeologist brother, Ramsey (played by Paul Andrich), gives Lex a find, a codex on magic, written by the Magi using excellently printed Egyptian hieroglyphics. Fascinated, Lex later leafs through the book, which subjects him to undefined forces, giving him the knowledge that his two henchmen will not be participants in tonight’s game. Offsetting this, one of the female players has invited a football jock date to play. Lex will manage four men and two women in tonight’s game. This time, it will be “for keeps”.dqdqwdThe bulk of the movie seems taken up with players walking slowly through school corridors filled with fog. Stalking the players are the masked figure and the figure’s assistants. (Since the filming was in a snowy Manitoba, I’m not sure where the audience thinks the fog comes from.) No matter how scared or motivated the characters are, few move faster than a brisk walk. There are lots of slo-mo, loud heart beat sounds and ernest prowling. No one seemed very directed to find the prize or even to know much about what the prize was. Sound effects substitute for suspense. Plotting is thin. It also has no connection to the first two.





Forrest Cochran (Final Scream)
Sean Faris (The King of Fighters)
Stacey Scowley (Dollhouse)
Jennifer Capo (Trancers 6)
Justin Allen (Term Life)
C.J. Thomason (Husk)
Greg Lyczlowski (Leeches)
Noah Frank (Add A Friend)
JUlie Briggs (Girl Play)
Ari Welkom (Raven)
Holly Sampson (Gia)

gegergerA teenage sorcerer at an exclusive private school takes three social misfits under his wing, and encourages them to use black magic to strike back at the bullies who have made their lives a misery. However, they do not realise he is only using them to summon a powerful demon into the world. untitledIf you want a film that is off the edge a bit, has no great depth of thought, but rather a simple storyline  then I think it is worth investigating!




Sam Page (Shark)
Josh Hammond (Jeepers Creepers II)
Bradley Stryker (Izombie)
Elizabeth Bruderman (The Frightening)
Forrest Cochran (Final Scream)
Michael Lutz (Legend of The Mummy 2)


Chris Chandler, a student at Drake University, gets a new roommate, Dan, and becomes friends with him. Meanwhile, the fraternities are pledging and a student said to have been interested in Doma Tau Omega is found dead on the campus. Chris, who has no high opinion of fraternities, gets to know a student of psychology, Megan, who invites him and Dan to a party of Doma Tau Omega, saying that she does not want to go there alone. However, when they arrive at the party, Chris seems to be interested only in the leader of DTO, Devon Eisley, and approaches him. After waiting for Chris a long time, Megan and Dan leave the party. Chris, meanwhile, is made drunk by Devon, who then makes him a member of DTO by drinking a bit of his blood while, in turn, Chris has to drink a bit of Devon’s.


Shortly after that, Chris is introduced to parties in the DTO house, where he and Devon drink blood from a girl called Sandy in a way reminiscent of sexual intercourse. Dan is unsettled by the change in Chris since joining the fraternity, and breaks into the DTO house. Investigating the book of DTO, Dan is shocked to find photos of Devon throughout the decades of the fraternity’s history, completely unchanged. He persuades Megan to go with him to Chris´ room, which they find totally ravaged. They decide to look for Chris at the fraternity house. At the DTO house, Devon tells Chris that he lives eternally as long as he transforms his soul into a new body every century, and that this time, Chris would be the one whose body is used. The student found dead on campus was made to commit suicide, as he was afraid to participate in the ceremony and threatened to go public. Chris tries to flee but is knocked out by the other DTO members, Barry and Jordan. Dan and Megan try to enter the fraternity house, but their way is blocked by DTO member Mikhail who threatens them with an axe. Dan grabs the needle used by the fraternity members to get blood from their victims and thrusts in into Mikhail’s neck, killing him.untitledIn the house, Dan and Megan meet Berry, Jordan, Devon and Chris, who are already beginning the ceremony. Megan reveals herself as a decoy who has worked for Devon over the last 70 years and was tasked with luring Chris. She threatens Dan with the axe, saying that she will kill him if Chris tries to resist the ritual. Chris stops fighting and kneels down in front of Devon. While everyone is concentrating on Chris, Dan suddenly breaks free of Megan. He takes the axe, and attacks Devon with it. Devon, the other fraternity members and Megan all die, leaving Chris and Dan standing amongst the carnage. Dan asks why Chris did not die, and Chris answers, “I told you I would never join a fraternity.” The two leave the house.thebrotherhood_4

Actually, not a bad movie at all and although it brings nothing new to the “Scream” style teen flick, It does bring some fresh vampire ideas with it. An all unknown cast and crew but worth watching once or twice.