Adam sandler (Jack & Jill)
Paz Vega (Kill The Messenger)
Téa Leoni (Jurassic Park III)
Cloris Leachman (Bad Santa)
Aimee Garcia (D.E..B.S.)
Sarah Steele (Speech & Debate)
Thomas Haden Church (Sideways)
Nichole Hiltz (Smallville)
Spencer Locke (Monster House)

Cristina Moreno (Shelbie Bruce – Aimee Garcia as narrator) is applying to Princeton University. For her application essay, she tells the story of her childhood and narrates throughout the movie.
Flor Moreno (Paz Vega) is a poor Mexican single mother who moved to America to have a better life for her and her daughter, Cristina (Shelbie Bruce). When she could not maintain her two jobs due to the safety of her daughter, Flor’s cousin takes her to a job interview as a nanny for the Claskys, consisting of John (Adam Sandler) and Deborah Clasky (Téa Leoni), their children Bernice (Sarah Steele) and Georgie (Ian Hayland), and Deborah’s mother Evelyn Wright (Cloris Leachman). John is a man who cares about cooking good food and raising his kids. Deborah is a former businesswoman turned stay-at-home mother, and Evelyn is a raging alcoholic. Deborah is uptight and her neurotic behavior often upsets the family: she mentally abuses her daughter to exercise by buying her smaller-sized clothes and putting her down for certain behaviors, and she mentally abuses her husband by telling him to co-parent with her on their son, but she really wants him to be submissive to her parenting instead. John is more laid back and supports the mental well-being of his children, but he feels he cannot stand up to Deborah on her parenting and often leaves it as it is.
Summer comes and Flor is needed 24/7 at the Claskys’ summer home. Unable to communicate well in English, Deborah finds a neighbor to interpret. Flor admits she is unable to maintain these hours because she has a daughter; out of desperation to keep Flor as their nanny, Deborah invites Cristina to come stay with them, acting as interpreter for her mother. Deborah immediately becomes attached to Cristina when she first arrived due to her beauty and begins to treat her more like a daughter than Bernice, taking Cristina shopping, buying her gifts, and getting her hair done. To make Cristina feel more comfortable, John gives the children a small glass-collecting project in which they receive money and includes Cristina. She was given $640 for her glass collection, which Flor finds out. The two argue with Cristina as the interpreter, and Flor wants to leave because of the awkwardness it will create afterwards, but John coaxed her into staying. She begins to learn English so she can communicate better with the Claskys.
In the meantime, John opens a new restaurant, but falls into a temporary depression because of the stress of the business, and Deborah is having an affair, dressing provocatively and leaving only at nighttime. She enrolls Cristina into a private school with Bernice, upsetting Flor, who wants Cristina to keep in touch with her Mexican roots and working-class values. She feels Deborah is overstepping her bounds and voices her objection to John, who tells her he is just as stressed because Bernice has no support system from her own mother.
Summer is over and it is Cristina’s and Bernice’s first day of school; that afternoon, Cristina was allowed to bring friends back to the Clasky’s home from school, but not Bernice. Deborah tries to cover for Cristina to keep her there, but an angry Flor marches to her place. The now-sober Evelyn realizes that her daughter is having an affair and that her marriage is in trouble. She pleads with Deborah to end the affair, telling her she will never get another man as good as John. Deborah confesses to John that she cheated on him and begs him to stay so the two could talk everything over; however, a dejected John walks out and bumps into Flor, who was trying to tell him that she is quitting. He offers to give Flor a ride in his car, but he wanted to “hang out” when they arrived at her bus stop, and they ended up going to his restaurant, where he cooks for Flor. They become extremely close to the point of falling in love, but Flor is afraid of the consequences of having an affair while they both have kids. While the two enjoyed the “conversation of their lives”, Flor tells John she loves him, but leaves him before he could kiss her. Deborah, though, becomes desperate and seeks to call John, but Evelyn prevents her from doing so. She blames Evelyn’s mistakes as a mother that led Deborah to cheating on her husband; the two become closer as mother and daughter.
Flor quits and takes her daughter home, upsetting Cristina, who got along well with the Claskys. As they are about to leave, John tries to talk to Flor and confesses to her that he envies whoever will get to have her in the future before parting ways forever. On their way home, she tells Cristina that she cannot go to the private school anymore, upsetting Cristina even more; she screams in the middle of the street, accusing Flor of ruining her life. Flor loses patience with Cristina after she asks her mother for space, similar to the Claskys asking for space when they cannot solve a problem. Flor explains to her daughter that she must answer the most important question of her life, at a very young age: “Is what you want for yourself to become someone very different than me?” Cristina considers this on their bus ride home, and they make up and embrace. Cristina, on her paper in applying to Princeton University, acknowledges that her life rests firmly and happily on the simple fact that she is her mother’s daughter.Not Adam Sandler’s usual type of film. There is No slapstick or knock about comedy. It is funny, but in a more sarcastic, educated, witty way. The whole team of actors work well together and they are all included in the story, everyone has a part to play. Definitely a film for all of the family.




Sam Neill (The Piano)
William H.Macy (The Cooler)
Téa Leoni (Ghost Town)
Alessandro Nivola (The Eye)
Trevor Morgan (The Glass House)
Michael Jeter (The Fisher King)
John Diehl (Nixon)
Laura Dern (Everything Must Go)
Mark Harelik (The Big Bang Theory)
Linda Park (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Ben Hildebrand and 12-year-old Eric Kirby go parasailing around the waters of Isla Sorna. An unknown creature attacks and kills the boat crew, forcing Ben to detach the line; he and Eric drift towards the island. On the mainland, Dr. Alan Grant has become famous after his involvement at Jurassic Park, while Ellie Sattler is married and has two children. Grant discusses with Sattler how raptors are far more intelligent than they had previously believed. At a dig site, Grant’s assistant, Billy Brennan, demonstrates how he can use a 3D printer to replicate a Velociraptor larynx.

Paul and Amanda Kirby, a seemingly wealthy couple, offer Grant funding for his research if he will give them an aerial tour of Isla Sorna. Desperate for research support, Grant reluctantly agrees. He flies there along with Paul, Amanda, Billy, and the Kirbys’ mercenary associates, Udesky, Cooper, and their pilot Nash. On the plane, Grant learns that the Kirbys actually plan to land on the island. When Grant opposes, he is knocked out by Cooper and wakes to the sound of Amanda using a megaphone. This attracts a Spinosaurus, which devours Cooper and Nash, and causes the plane to crash into the forest. Fleeing, the survivors briefly lose the Spinosaurus, only to encounter a Tyrannosaurus rex. The Spinosaurus returns, but the group escapes while the two carnivores fight each other. The Spinosaurus overpowers the T. rex and kills it.

Grant learns the Kirbys are actually a middle-class divorced couple, who are looking for their son Eric, and Amanda’s boyfriend Ben, who have been missing on the island for eight weeks. Later, the group finds the parasail with Ben’s corpse attached. The group takes the parasail, and then encounter raptor nests. They find an abandoned InGen compound, where Amanda is ambushed by a raptor. The group manages to trap it, but it escapes and contacts the rest of its pack. The group flees into a herd of Corythosaurus and Parasaurolophus, causing a stampede, separating Grant and Udesky from the others. Grant retrieves Billy’s satchel, while Udesky is killed by the raptors.

Grant suspects the raptors are searching for something, while observing two of them communicating. He is then ambushed and cornered by the raptors, but is rescued by Eric, who managed to survive in an overturned water truck. The next day, Grant and Eric hear Paul’s satellite phone ringing and are reunited with the Kirbys and Billy. Paul explains that he gave the phone to Nash before he was devoured, before the group is attacked by the Spinosaurus. After the group escapes, Grant discovers Billy took two raptor eggs to use for funding, which provoked the raptor attacks. He decides to keep the eggs to ensure the group’s survival. The group unknowingly enters a large aviary used to house Pteranodons, which attack the group and fly away with Eric. Billy rescues Eric by using Ben’s parasail, but is then attacked and seemingly killed by the Pteranodons. The rest of the group escapes the aviary, unintentionally leaving the door unlocked. They make their way downriver using a boat.

That night, the group hears the phone ringing buried in the faeces of the Spinosaurus and retrieves it. As rain falls, Grant tries to contact Sattler, but the Spinosaurus attacks the boat. Grant and Paul scare it off by setting the boat’s fuel on fire. The next day, the group makes their way towards the shoreline, but are surrounded by the raptors once again. The eggs are surrendered to the raptors, while Grant uses the replicated raptor larynx to confuse the pack, who run off with the eggs. The group flees to the coast and find that Sattler had called in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy to rescue them. They discover that Billy, while seriously injured, is still alive. As they leave the island, they see the Pteranodons flying free, and Grant muses they are looking for new nesting grounds.Overall though, “Jurassic Park 3” is well-acted, generally passably written (by “Election”‘s Alexander Payne and two other writers) and offers up just what it says it will – 90 minutes of solid thrills, well-staged and consistently exciting. It certainly won’t go down as one of best films films, but I definitely thought it was  most entertaining.