Nicolas Cage (Mandy)
Sarah Lind (True Justice)
Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint)
Jakob Davies (If I Stay)
Vicellous Shannon (24)
Kurt Max Runte (Elektra)

Nicolas Cage in The Humanity Bureau (2017)In the future, war, climate and political agendas have robbed America of its resources. An agency called “the Humanity Bureau” ensures citizens are efficient. Inefficient citizens are deported to a city called New Eden. Noah Kross is an agent of the Humanity Bureau who manages the deportation of Chester Hill, a former governor of Colorado, who now lives in misery. When asked why he wishes to stay in squalor rather than be relocated to New Eden, he says he knows “the truth”. Kross kills him in self-defense.Hugh Dillon and Vicellous Shannon in The Humanity Bureau (2017)Kross evaluates a single mother, Rachel Weller, and her son, Lucas. Though apparently struggling, they wish to stay rather than go to New Eden. He delays sending in his report so the boy can perform at a musical recital the following day; Kross fondly remembers fishing in Canada as a boy and wants Lucas to have a positive memory of his recital. This act of minor insubordination upsets the Bureau and catches the attention of Kross’s supervisor Adam, who places him under investigation. Rachel’s resistance to relocation and the “truth” purported by Chester motivate Kross to investigate New Eden. A defense contractor working for the bureau gives Kross a memory card.Nicolas Cage in The Humanity Bureau (2017)The next day, Kross attends Lucas’ recital and spends the night with them. When he wakes up the next morning, he sees the Bureau coming and rushes inside to get Rachel and Lucas. Rachel is being held hostage by Adam. Lucas shoots Adam in the eye with a BB gun and they escape. They drive to a gas station, where the owner assists in their flight by crashing his truck into the Bureau vehicles pursuing Kross. When asked by the owner if Kross is a family man, he says he is “trying to be”.Hugh Dillon and Sarah Lind in The Humanity Bureau (2017)Back at the Bureau, Adam is admonished for failing to stop Kross. The Bureau’s director opens a package of what looks like dust in front of him and shows Adam a child’s tooth, warning him that if he fails again, he will end up in New Eden, revealed to be an extermination camp where unproductive citizens are incinerated. Kross has learned the truth and seeks to save Lucas and Rachel.Nicolas Cage in The Humanity Bureau (2017)During their flight, Kross trades his Bureau vehicle for an unmarked station wagon and learns of a man who may know a way north. When they find the man, they learn that the way north to Canada is highly irradiated and that no one who ever goes returns. When he insists, the man gives Kross a Geiger counter, a device which measures radiation, and iodine tablets which absorb radiation. Kross gives Lucas a rabbit’s foot for good luck during the trip. Along the road, they spot a drone searching for Kross. After becoming tired and frustrated waiting for it to pass, Kross and Rachel get into an argument where Kross reveals that he knows the real Rachel Weller, and this woman is not her. Years ago on a Bureau investigation, Kross and the real Rachel conceived a child, who is Lucas. When the famine struck, Rachel tried to sell Lucas as food to her neighbor, Amanda, who fought and killed her and took Lucas as her own.Nicolas Cage, Hugh Dillon, Sarah Lind, and Jakob Davies in The Humanity Bureau (2017)The three continue to evade the Bureau and eventually make it to a nuclear power plant, which the man warned them was highly irradiated. Their Geiger counter reveals that there is not any radiation; it was a scare tactic to try to keep people from fleeing north. Finally at the border the Bureau catches up with Kross, and they demand his memory card. When Adam reads the card and finds it blank, he kills Kross and Rachel and tells Lucas to run off on his own. Canadian troopers shoot the Bureau members and take in Lucas. They find that the real memory card was in the rabbit’s foot and disseminate the footage revealing New Eden as a death camp, sparking a revolution against the Bureau. Lucas finally gets to visit the lake Kross used to fish in.I wouldn’t say it was the worse movie I’ve ever seen. I actually enjoyed it somewhat. Yes, acting could be better but it is a B movie. Most of this is really due to poor directing or poor producing. Nick is still a good actor, I like Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint) also. So, the movie was entertaining for something to watch. I would not tell people not to watch it, I think it is worth seeing. It is not a high production, but good for a B movie.




Tom Welling (Lucifer)
Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and The Beast)
Michael Rosenbaum (Impastor)
Allison Mack (Wilfred)
Erica Durance (The Butterfly Effect 2)
Annette O’Toole (The Punisher)
John Schneider (The Haves and the Have Nots)
John Glover (Shazam)

Tom Welling in Smallville (2001)

Recurring / Notable Guest Cast

James Marsters (Runaways)
Terence Stamp (Superman II)
Alana De La Garza (Law & Order)
Leonard Roberts (Mom)
Kenny Johnson (Bates Motel)
Camille Mitchell (Izombie)
Johnny Lewis (Aliens vs Predator: Requiem)
Nathaniel DeVeaux (The Core)
Rekha Sharma (Dark Angel)
Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Carrie Fisher (Star Wars)
Brooke Nevin (The Comebacks)
Erica Cerra (Power Rangers)
Angelika Libera (Stealing Sinatra)
Luciana Carro (Two For The Money)
Tom Wopat (Django Unchained)
Jill Teed (Charlie St. Cloud)
Woody Jeffreys (Pathfinder)
Noah Danby (Bitten)
Alisen Down (12 Monkeys)
Adrian Holmes (Arrow)
Jerry Wasserman (I Robot)
Chelah Horsdal (Hell on Wheels)
Annie Burgstede (The Young and The Restless)
David Richmond-Peck (V)
Sarah Lind (Severed)
Denise Quiñones (Incognita)
Douglas O’Keeffe (Sanctuary)
Leela Savasta (Stargate Atlantis)
Lee Thompson Young (The Hills Have Eyes II)
Christie Laing (Arrow)
Mackenzie Gray (Man of Steel)
Nichole Hiltz (Bones)
G. Patrick Currie (Stargate SG.1)
Emily Hirst (Blade: The Series)
Callum Keith Rennie (Jessica Jones)
Anne Marie DeLuise (Love Happens)
Ian Tracey (Sanctuary)
Alex Scarlis (Ameircan Heiress)
Jody Thompson (The 400)
Panou (Flash Gordon)

Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville (2001)In the fifth season of Smallville, one chapter ends as another new and exciting chapter begins as Smallville is taken to new heights as the DC Universe is finally blown open as new characters make their appearances felt.Erica Durance and Alan Ritchson in Smallville (2001)In season five, Clark’s relationship with Lana is at its peak, his friendship with Chloe has never been stronger, and he is finally coming to terms with the discovery of his Kyptonian heritage. But things in Smallville are about to change with the arrival of the mysterious Milton Fine (James Marsters) along with 2 Kryptonians bearing the symbol of ZOD. Whilst his relationship with his friends has never been stronger, Clark finds himself in direct confrontation with Lex Luthor as he is now forced to question whether he and the younger Luthor were ever friends.Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville (2001)Alongside the great continuity drama with the regular leads, this season also sees the arrival of 2 familiar faces from the DC Universe in form of Aquaman and Cyborg who cameo in this season alongside DC villain Brainiac. James Marsters is a very welcome addition to the cast and plays Fine with confidence and arrogance while Michael Rosenbaum continues to steal the show.John Schneider in Smallville (2001)The pinnacle moment of the season also sees the very sad departure of a long staning term cast member in what still rates as Smallville’s saddest moment and greatest tear-jerker.



Ellen Muth (Hannibal)
Mandy Patinkin (The Princess Bride)
Callum Blue (Smallville)
Jasmine Guy (The Vampire Diaries)
Rebecca Gayheart (Urban Legend)
Laura Harris (Severance)
Greg Kean (Black Xmas)
Britt McKillip (Trick ‘r Treat)
Christine Willes (Red Riding Hood)
Cynthia Stevenson (Tiger Eyes)
Ellen Muth in Dead Like Me (2003)

Jodelle Ferland (The Cabin In The Woods)
Blu Mankuma (Robocop: The Series)
Jackie Burroughs (The Dead Zone)
Gary Jones (Stargate – SG.1)
Erica Cerra (Blade: Trinity)
Lorena Gale (Smallville)
Tygh Runyan (Snakes on a Plane)
A.J. Cook (Final Destination 2)
Kevin Durand (Dark Angel)
Susan Saullivan (Castle)
Fulvio Cecere (Valentine)
Ben Bass (Bride of Chucky)
Sarah Lind (Blade: The Series)
Harold Perrineau (Constantine TV)
Ali Liebert (Legends of Tomorrow)
Sonya Salomaa (Andromeda)

Ellen Muth in Dead Like Me (2003)What if life really begins only after you die? Georgia Lass never really lived in her 18 years before being killed by the toilet seat from the de-orbiting space station MIR. Sullen, bored, and apathetic, it is in death that she finds meaning and purpose in her life as she becomes a grim reaper, responsible for the transition of souls from death to their particular afterlife. In this series, death gives people like Georgia who never really lived their life to have a do-over and serve as a grim reaper. Of course they still are visible by the living, have to get jobs to support themselves, and can be stuck as reaper from decades, but this adds to the poetry of the premise. Overall the show is sarcastic,dark and subversive, but makes for highly entertaining television and included any number of laugh out loud moments.

Created by Brian Fuller, the genius behind Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me stars a wonderful cast headed by the note perfect Ellen Muth as Georgia and Mandy Patinken as Rube, the head of a small crew of Grim Reapers working the Seattle area. The supporting cast is solid, including Callum Blue as Mason, Laura Harris as Daisy A’dair, and Jasmine Guy as Roxy. Rebecca Gayheart appeared for a few episodes in the season. So being dead and stuck in a job that she didn’t choose and doesn’t particularly want, Georgia has to find meaning in an existence that is quite different from the one she had. She learns that she has to learn to let go of her family and little sister. She learns that friendship and family can be found in strange places, even the temp agency she works in, and that ultimately death has a purpose and a poetry for everyone, even her. What that purpose is, I don’t quite know yet, but I think it is to learn how to live and do-over the years she was alive. The backstory of reapers and death is explained slowly over the first season, but begins to connect the pieces by season’s end.

Rebecca Gayheart is written out of the show early on, this was because she accidentally hit and killed someone with her in real life, The network did not think it would be a good idea having someone portray a Grim Reaper who killed someone in real life.This is a highly entertaining show that will appeal to fans of shows like Wonderfalls, Hannibal and others that were way too smart to be on TV. This was a cable produced show so there are no restrictions on the language, but that in a way is refreshing. Highly recommended