Jessica Szohr (Piranha 3D)
Ed Speleers (A Lonely Place To Die)
Timothy Spall (Rock Star)
Luke Pasqualino (Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome)
Kierston Wareing (The Holding)
Imogen Toner (The Inheritance)
Robert Pugh (Robin Hood)
Paul Birchard (Batman)

ed-speelers-and-jessica-szohr-BLOVE-BITEThe film takes the typical teen sex romp and turns it on its head by adding a werewolf to the storyline. In the film, a werewolf comes to town and has a particular affinity for virgin flesh, so the kids in the story have to have sex in order to save themselves. The filmmakers use a particularly amusing tag line for the film, “Everyone is dying…to get laid!”.Love-Bite-image

Jamie (Ed Speleers) and his friends live in the dead-end UK seaside town of Rainmouth. They’re heading into the first summer after finishing high school and most of the group are content with working in the local pie factory, except for Jamie, who wants to travel but is stuck working in his mom’s B&B. One night at a party, Jamie meets a beautiful American girl, Juliana (Jessica Szohr) and instantly falls for her. But soon after Juliana comes to town, teens begin to go missing.02178fe5b45533b85a203a965b075335Another mysterious stranger (Timothy Spall) arrives in town and befriends Jamie, warning him a werewolf is responsible for the sudden disappearances. He also warns the werewolf is after virgin flesh, so anyone who has never had sex is at risk of attack. Jamie and all his friends, for all their male bravado have never actually been with a girl before and therefore are on the werewolf’s menu. So it’s a mad dash for the boys to have sex before it’s too late.Love-Bite-image

Love Bite was released in Britain and European territories in 2012 but has never been released in North America as of yet, which is really too bad because more people need to see this film. It’s a wonderful movie and needs to find a wider audience. I really didn’t expect to like this film as much as I did. It does a wonderful job of tapping into the oversexed male psyche of today who is on the brink of adulthood and infuses it with a supernatural horror of being stalked by a werewolf who has a taste for virgin flesh. It has all the comedic elements of a classic sex comedy only with a horror twist.



Om Puri (The Parole Officer)
Linda Bassett (The Reader)
Aqib Khan (Going To Mexico)
Lesley Nicol (Free Birds)
Jimi Mistry (The Guru)
Ila Arun (Manto)
Emil Marwa (Doghouse)
Vijay Raaz (Setters)
Robert Pugh (Game of Thrones)

Aqib Khan in West Is West (2010)In 1976, five years after the original film East Is East, little is known about most of the Khan children, except that they seldom communicate with their parents. Tariq is now a hippie (looking like George Harrison) who runs a new age store with older brother Nazir, and his English girlfriend is unaware of his true ethnicity. Maneer lives with his extended family in Pakistan where he is searching for a suitable wife without any success. Sajid, the youngest Khan child, no longer wears a parka, and is a truant constantly bullied due to his Pakistani background, although the headmaster—a former British soldier who served in the Punjab—is sympathetic, encouraging him to embrace his heritage. After Sajid is caught shoplifting, his father George, who has retained his bullying nature, attacks him at home. When Sajid retaliates, calling him a “dirty Paki bastard”, and a devastated George states all his other children in England have become British and he cannot lose Sajid as well. He takes him to Pakistan to meet their extended family and show him life in their native land is better, though Ella openly disapproves.Jimi Mistry in West Is West (2010)On arriving in Pakistan, George and Sajid are greeted by relatives including Tavnir, a lazy man who often tries to swindle George—and is his son-in-law through his marriage to one of George’s daughters with his first wife Basheera. On the family farm, George is reunited with Basheera and their daughters whom he had abandoned thirty years before, and hands out gifts to all, telling them he is staying for a month to find Maneer a wife, but soon discovers no family will give their their daughter away as they fear Maneer will leave his wife for an English woman as his father George did when he left Basheera for Ella. Furious, George blames his family in England, but Maneer reminds him he himself is at fault. Basheera is also angry with George for abandoning her when she needed him.Aqib Khan in West Is West (2010)When Tavnir explains to Sajid he will not tolerate any trouble, he is abruptly told to “fuck off”. Sajid is taken to the local school for enrolment where he meets spiritual teacher Pir Naseem and local boy Zaid who Sajid loathes at first, and refuses to enrol. Zaid, who can speak basic English, advises him, and the two become firm friends. Zaid teaches him Pakistani culture, and Pir Naseem promises George he will discipline his son when he misbehaves. Sajid gradually appreciates his culture and new surroundings which pleases George, except he is slightly jealous of the bond that develops between his son and Pir Naseem. Eventually Sajid discovers Rochdale-born Pakistani woman Neelam, who bears a striking resemblance to Maneer’s favourite singer Nana Mouskouri; like Maneer she is also looking for a spouse in Pakistan, and with her approval Sajid plans a meeting between the pair.Om Puri and Aqib Khan in West Is West (2010)Meanwhile, Ella discovers George has withdrawn the family savings, and travels to Pakistan with her best friend Annie in tow. She is furious to discover her husband is building a house for his family there, and plans to take Sajid back to England with her, but he refuses to leave. During her stay, Ella fights with Basheera and her daughters, and refuses to give them access to the new house, but upon realising how alike they are the two women put their differences aside. Maneer and Neelam soon marry, and George for the first time in years begins to appreciate Ella as a wife who stood by him during hard times. The film ends with George and his England-based family returning home and Sajid finally proud of his Asian background, whilst George’s chippy now serves Pakistani-style kebabs.West Is West (2010)In 1999, “East Is East” was a pleasurable and incisive look at the clash of different cultures in an Anglo-Pakistani family in a Salford set in 1971. Over a decade later comes a sequel of sorts, this film located mainly in the Punjab part of Pakistan a few years on. Although the director is different (Andy DeEmmony this time), the writer is the same (Ayub Khan-Din) as are some of the lead actors, notably Om Puri (actually from the Indian part of the Punjab), again outstanding as the patriarch struggling to give his youngest son an appreciation of his Pakistani culture, and Linda Bassett as his long-suffering English wife. It is an uneven work, with some of the characters merely caricatures and some of the humour simply slapstick, but there are plenty of moving scenes – above all one between the English and Pakistani wives when neither can understand the other’s language but both manage to convey deep understanding – and the locations and soundtrack are excellent


Peter Dinklage (Death at a Funeral)
Lena Headey (Dredd)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Black Hawk Down)
Michelle Fairley (Chatroom)
Emilia Clarke (Terminator Genysis)
Aidan Gillen (The Dark Knight Rises)
Iain Glen (Tomb Raider)
Kit Harington (Seventh Son)
Charles Dance (Underworld 3)
Liam Cunningham (Dog Soldiers)
Isaac Hempstead-Wright (The Boxtrolls)
Richard Madden (Cinderella)
Sophie Turner (X-Men: Apocalypse)
Maisie Williams (Cyberbully)
Alfie Allen (The Other Boleyn Girl)
John Bradley (Borgia)
Jack Gleeson (Batman Begins)
Rory McCann (Solomon Kane)
Natalie Dormer (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay)
Stephen Dillane (The Hours)
Carice Van Houten (Black Book)
James Cosmo (Highlander)
Jerome Flynn (Ripper Street)
Conleth Hill (Suits)
Sibel Kekilli (Tatort)
Tom Wlaschiha (Resistance)
Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis)
Rose Leslie (Honeymoon)
Hannah Murray (Dark Shadows)
Mark Stanley (Star Wars – Episode VII)
Ben Crompton (Ideal)
Julian Glover (Indiana Jones 3)
Roy Dotrice (Beauty and the Beast 1989)
Eugene Simon (House of Anubis)
Esme Bianco (the Scorpion King 4)
Donald Sumpter (K-19)
Ron Donachie (Titanic)
Natalia Tena (Harry Potter)
Kristian Nairn (Ripper Street)
Art Parkinson (Dracula Untold)
Ian Beattie (Vikings)
Daniel Portman  (River City)
Gemma Whelan (The Wolfman)
Patrick Malahide (Fortress 2)
Nonso Anozie (Dracula)
Roxanne McKee (Wrong Turn 5)
Amrita Acharia (I Am Yours)
Elyes Gabel (World War Z)
Oona Chaplin (What If…)
Finn Jones (Wrong Turn  5)
Michael McElhatton (Blow Dry)
Gethin Anthony (Aquarius)
Gwendoline Christie (Doctor Parnassus)
Ian Whyte (Alien Vs Predator)
Joe Dempsie (Monsters 2)
Robert Pugh (Love Bite)
Ben Crompton (Hit & Miss)
Eugene Simon (Ben-Hur
Art Parkinson (Dracula Untold)
Having won three victories, Robb Stark offers the Lannisters peace in exchange for the North’s independence, sending Theon Greyjoy to gain Balon Greyjoy’s support and Catelyn Stark to seek Renly Baratheon’s. Cersei Lannister rejects Robb’s terms. Meanwhile, Tyrion Lannister exiles Janos Slynt, head of the Gold Cloaks, to the Wall, promoting Bronn to commander of the watch.
Catelyn arrives at King Renly’s camp to negotiate an alliance, and Brienne of Tarth wins the right to join Renly’s guard. Catelyn and Brienne witness Renly’s murder at the hands of dark magic sent by the ‘Red Lady’ Melisandre, an emissary of Renly’s brother and rival claimant to the Iron Throne Stannis Baratheon. Catelyn and Brienne flee Renly’s camp and rejoin Robb’s army as Renly’s supporters switch their allegiance to Stannis. Meanwhile, Theon betrays the Starks by siding with his father and seizing Winterfell by force. Robb receives news of Theon’s plans and sends men to retake Winterfell, while inside the city the Starks’ allies form plans to sneak Bran and Rickon Stark out.
Robb learns that his mother Catelyn has secretly freed Jaime Lannister, now escorted by Brienne of Tarth, in order to ransom her daughters Sansa and Arya; he also enters into a romantic relationship with Volantene healer Talisa Maegyr. Yara Greyjoy arrives at Winterfell to bring Theon back to the Iron Islands, after his botched attempt to recapture the Stark boys.
Tywin Lannister leaves Harrenhal, which allows Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie to make an escape with the help of the enigmatic Jaqen H’ghar. In King’s Landing, Cersei attempts to blackmail Tyrion by abducting the prostitute, Ros, whom Cersei believes to be his secret lover. Leading the defense against Stannis’ attack on King’s Landing, Tyrion destroys many of the attacking craft with an exploding ship full of wildfire, and is forced to lead a counterattack as King Joffrey Baratheon and his bodyguard Sandor Clegane each desert the battlefield. Stannis’s forces make it inside the castle, but Tyrion leads his men behind the Baratheon forces via underground tunnels and attacks. Baratheon is defeated when Tywin’s forces arrive at King’s Landing shortly after.
Following Khal Drogo’s death, Daenerys and the remnants of her khalasar find refuge in the city of Qarth, where they are taken in by the merchant Xaro Xhoan Daxos. However, Xaro conspires with the warlock Pyat Pree to kill most of Daenerys’ servants, kidnap her dragons and assume control of Qarth. Daenerys is lured into a showdown with Pyat Pree at the House of the Undying, where her dragons kill Pyat Pree. Daenerys seals Xaro in his own vault as punishment for his treachery and leaves Qarth with Jorah and her remaining servants.Whilst on a ranging beyond the Wall, Jon Snow captures a Wildling, Ygritte, who soon leads him into a trap where he himself is captured by Ygritte’s fellow wildlings. Amongst the wildlings’ prisoners is fellow ranger Qhorin Halfhand, who convinces Jon to kill him in order to gain the wildlings’ trust so he can get close to their leader, King-beyond-the-Wall Mance Rayder. The rest of the rangers set up camp at an ancient fortification, the Fist of the First Men, where they come under attack from an ancient enemy, the White Walkers. Season 2 is superior to Season 1. This show is quite extraordinary and just gets better and better as it progresses. Although the climax of each episode means the end, it’s not without some amazing cliffhanger which makes you crave for more.