Colin Woodell (The Originals)
Betty Gabriel (The Purge: Election Year)
Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project)
Andrew Lees (Legends of Tomorrow)
Connor Del Rio (Little Savages)
Stephanie Nogueras (Switched at Birth)
Savira Windyani (Ink & Rain)
Chelsea Alden (13 Reasons why)
Alexa Mansour (Seal Team)
Douglas Tait (Grimm)

Connor Del Rio and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Matias O’Brien is working on a new laptop he has acquired, originally belonging to someone named Norah C. IV. He begins working on Papaya, an app he is making for his deaf girlfriend Amaya: the app listens to the user’s voice and posts their words on the screen. However, Amaya is upset because the app only makes it convenient for her to understand him, but not for him to understand her.Betty Gabriel, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Matias keeps getting messages for Norah from someone named Erica. He gets on a Skype video call with his friends – tech wiz Damon, conspiracy theorist and YouTube-personality AJ, DJ Lexx, and couple Serena and Nari – and becomes frustrated with the computer constantly restarting. Serena and Nari reveal that they just got engaged. Serena wishes she told her mom sooner because her mom is on life support due to brain cancer.Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Matias discovers that Erica is actually Norah. As he had taken the laptop from a lost and found bin at a cyber cafe, he prepares to return it. He sees a message for Norah about payment they received for a video. Curious, he converses with this mystery person. The user, Charon68, talks to Matias through a message board called The River. All his friends are watching Matias’s actions through a shared screen, and AJ recognizes this as the dark web. The user mentions a video, as well as trephination. Matias looks up trephination, and they all learn it means drilling a hole in a person’s skull. He stops talking to Charon68, disturbed.Douglas Tait and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Damon realizes that “Norah C.” is just Charon spelled backwards. The group finds hidden videos, most of which are of girls being tortured. Matias looks up the address on one of the videos and sees that a girl went missing from there: it’s Erica Dunne, the person whose account Charon was using. Matias receives a video call from Amaya. However, she is in the shower. Instead, he sees a hooded figure knock out her roommate Kelly; the figure turns out to be Norah C/Charon. He demands the laptop back or he will kill Amaya.Andrew Lees and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Matias notices Nari trying to call the police. He stalls and says it was all a game he’s making since it’s game night. His friends are relieved but upset. Matias tries to convince Amaya to come over. She is still upset, thinking that he’s not making an effort to learn ASL for her. Matias admits that he got scared when the instructor said how difficult dating a deaf person could be, but he truly wants it to work for them. Amaya decides to meet with Matias, with Charon following her.Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)To ensure Charon complies, Matias transfers all the crypto-currency in Charon’s account into his own. Charon angrily chides Matias for this but Matias says he’ll get the money and laptop back on the promise that Amaya is safe and Erica is returned. He then receives messages from The Circle, a group of hackers all using variations of Charon as their handles. They seem to know about Matias taking the money, and Charon reveals his face.Douglas Tait, Chelsea Alden, and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Multiple accounts with the name Charon join the video chat. They post a video of someone pushing Lexx off her building’s roof, where she was taking a call. The Circle reveals they’ve edited videos of AJ to make it sound like he will shoot up a shopping mall and played it for a 911 operator. The cops enter his house and the Circle hacks his computer to play a sound effect of a shotgun being loaded. This results in the cops believing he is armed and shooting him. The Circle then shows camera footage of Nari at the subway and Serena’s mother on life support. They force Serena to choose between the two but she can’t. When the countdown ends, the Circle pulls her mom off life support, pushes Nari in front of a train, and kills Serena in her house.Stephanie Nogueras and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Matias leaves to get Amaya on his bike, leaving the laptop open so Damon can copy its files. Charon I takes control of the laptop and Damon talks to the Circle, saying he’s been recording everything for the police to find. A Charon brings Erica into Matias’s closet. Damon explains that the Circle had planned all along for Matias to find the bait laptop so it looks like he and his friends committed the crimes, so the Circle can further avoid detection from the law. Moments later, a Charon hangs Damon by his closet door. Another Charon writes a fake confession and suicide note, implying everyone killed themselves out of guilt.Andrew Lees, Betty Gabriel, Connor Del Rio, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)Matias gets a call from Amaya asking where he is. He realizes the Circle had hacked his messages to make Amaya go somewhere else. He watches the camera feed helplessly as Amaya gets attacked by a Charon, presumably to torture or kill her for another video. Broken, he asks the Circle why they did all of this, and they repeat a clip of him earlier saying “After all, it is game night”, revealing that this is simply entertainment for them.Colin Woodell in Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)The Circle members launch a poll to decide Matias’s fate, as they vote he laughs, no longer caring about his own safety. Erica wakes up in Matias’s apartment and goes to the computer, begging for help, but the video cuts off. In the street, the poll reaches up to 23257 tallied votes, with less than a quarter voting for him to remain alive, Matias is run over by a Charon in a large van. Their job done and their crimes pinned on Matias and his friends, the members of the Circle appear in front of the cameras and express their joy of completion, as it is revealed that the audience’s point of view was actually from Charon I’s computer.This movie although having a bit of a slow start, get INTENSE and doesn’t let up throughout. Very suspenseful flick my friend and I were turning heads with our jaw dropped throughout. DARK movie and my expectations were shattered in a good way. Highly recommend.