William Shewfelt (The Final Days of Elliot Morrison)
Nico Greetham (From Within)
Zoe Robins (The Killian Curse)
Peter Adrian Sudarso (Exchange)
Chrysti Ane (A Housekeeper’s Revenge)
Caleb Bendit (Game of Silence)
Chris Sean Reid (Matador)
Kelson Henderson (Ash vs Evil Dead)
Jordi Webber (Be Faithful)



John SUmner (King Kong)

PRNSCSS092417-1Sarah gave presents to the Ranger in the school. The Rangers don’t have a present for Sarah. A female cat monster Cleocatra arrives, the cousin of Cat O’Clock. They review what happened with him. She froze the Rangers but Sarah escapes and is saved by Santa. Santa and her travel through time to where she made clones to get Power Stars. She uses a device to enter the lab and talks to her past self. She gets the Pink Ninja Star. Sarah thinks back to when they first met Levi. Brody had attitude of not being a Levi fan and saving him from a villain. Sarah goes back in time. Levi offers a bodyguard job to Brody and Sarah speaks to Levi. She asks to borrow her Power Star.PRNSCSS092417-10He gets the Power Star from his manager. Sarah returns to Santa and talks to him about the Ribbon Tree. They protected the tree from men who wanted to bring down the tree. She wants to get the stars from Calvin and Hayley from the tree. She gets the stars easily. She thinks about to when Hayley and Calvin were running for class president. She finds Preston on his own when the rest of the school were having a food fight incited by Victor and Monty. Santa asks for a snack, Sarah says its serious business. She quickly nabs the star and says she needs the Red Power Star. Red Ranger was at the mercy of a magnet of Galavanax who had already taken 5 Power Stars.maxresdefaultSarah thinks she can’t get it from Brody since he had to keep the stars to save everyone else. Santa says she has to try. Brody tells Mick he can’t give up. Sarah arrives and confuses them. She asks for the star. He says he can’t. Sarah says she is in the same boat as Brody. She says knows it sounds crazy but he has to trust her. He says of course he trusts her. He asks how he saves the future. She says when the time comes, he will know what to do. She returns to the present and unfreezes everyone. They morph and Cleocatra returns. She runs away from them. They catch up with her and beat her up. Red puts on the Lion Armor. He uses the time device and glows and becomes big. She becomes big too and they fight it out. Robo Red helps too and the two fight against her. He destroys her. Sarah returns the Power Stars to where they go and destroys the controller. She apologizes for getting upset and thinks they are the best present. They surprise her with Santa offering a ride around the world. She loves it and says it is the best gift.PRNSCSS092417-9Santa is the same actor from the Dino Charge specials. It’s another fun PR Christmas and set after the season finale makes even more fun. Sarah is one of best Pink Rangers we have had in the history of PR and it’s nice t osee take the focus of the Christmas episode.



Image result for power rangers dino supercharge logo


Brennan Mejia (Kaboom)
Camille Hyde (Killer Kids)
Yoshua Sudarso (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Someone to Carry Me)
Claire Blackwelder (101 Ways To Get Rejected)
Davi Santos (Don’t Trust The B— In Apartment 23)

Eve Gordon (The Almighty Johnsons)
Jarred Blakiston (The Hobbit)
Estevez Gillespie (Power Rangers Megaforce)
Reuben Turner (Rush)
Andrew laing (Shortland Street)
John Sumner (District 9) episode surprised me when it takes place after the finale, I thought it would take place before it. Chase, Riley and Shelby get early Christmas presents and open them. They get hypnotized and leave. Tyler arrives and gets two presents, one for him and one for Kendall. He goes to the base and before he and Kendall can open it, Keeper arrives with Koda and Ivan from a portal. Tyler opens the present and becomes an evil elf, Koda reminds him of his real self with memories. returns to normal. Santa contacts them telling them someone stole his coal. They then find Viviks and a left over monster Heximas are making presents. Heximas escaped Sledge’s ship and making his own Viviks to apply his spell on Santa’s coal. They see Riley, Chase and Shelby as elves and manage to get Chase and Riley. Ivan reminds Chase who he is saying he was on a quest for love. He is brought back to normal. Kendall tries to remind Riley who is by telling him he has grown up. The Rangers morph and fight Heximas. Tyler manage to get Shelby and reminds her who she is. Heximas becomes big and is defeated by the zords. The Rangers later celebrate Christmas together. They get pies in their faces, some things don’t ever change.Image result for here comes heximas This is a great Christmas epiosde and the fact that it is set after the finale of Dino Supercharge is brillaint as that is a first for Power Rangers. With these holiday specials becoming a yearly tradition I always look forward to the next one.


Brennan Mejia (American Horror Story)
Camille Hyde (Killer Kids)
Yoshua Sudarso (Easy A)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Someone to Carry Me)
Claire Blackwelder (101 Ways to get Rejected)
Davi Santos (Dont Trust The B__ in Apartment 23)
Adam Gardiner (Spartacus)
Estevez Gillespie (Shortland Street)
Jackie Clarke (Showcase)
Eve Gordon (King Kong)
John Sumner (District 9)
Santa is visited by children in an outside gazebo until Poisandra and Curio make them run away. Poisandra wants presents, Santa looks at footage of her attacking the Rangers so calls her naughty in his computer. He calls her naughty and she steals the computer. Santa bemoans this. The Rangers reminisce over the year at a Christmas dinner. Chase comes in late, he is off to the Airport to go back to New Zealand and gives them all presents. Santa calls them on their Dino Coms. He tells them of his dilemma. Back with the baddies, Wrench sees how naughty he was with a bomb in the computer. He wants to destroy it but Poisandra stops him, she wants to find the base so they start with the Green Ranger. They see footage of him fighting Fury and Puzzler.
The computer calls Riley nice for saving his fiends. They then check Pink Ranger, she found Tyler’s bracelet and gives it back and fighting Bones. Then footage of her helping a friend with sketches getting famous. The computer calls her nice. We see Chase’s mom and sister find out news about Santa. Chloe says Chase returning matters to her more than presents. The baddies watch Koda save his brother and a little boy, he is labeled nice. Chase is next, he saved a baby. Also Chase mastering the Dino Armor X to save the others. The baddies are mad they still don’t know their base location. The Rangers track down Curio. The Rangers morph and fight Viviks.
 They then see SIr Ivan fight Fury in the past and helping the Rangers fight Bones. Then Kendall asking Ivan about his wish and he helping a girl falling off step ladder. The Rangers continue fighting. Poisandra asks about the Red Ranger, we see footage of Tyler and Shelby meeting Riley and Tyler fighting Fury. Poisandra tries tracking down where the base is with the computer. The Rangers run in the warehouse. They see footage of them entering the dinosaur head.
 The Rangers run in and the others run off, so they don’t see the footage. Tyler spots himself in the footage in the computer. Shelby figures out their plan. They run off and fight the bad guys and a Blue Head. It grows big and they call Dino Charge Megazord with Ankylozord. Pterazord helps. Koda calls Stegazord and it forms while PteraCharge Megazord takes the Ankylozord. They do hammer punch on the foe. Chase says its too late for him to go home. Later we see Chase’s mom telling Chloe that Chase missed his flight. Chloe is upset. Back at the base, Kendall shows them news that Santa has been spotted sending presents. Chase comes in sad, saying he is the worst brother. Keeper says he is the best brother in the world. Santa comes in the base and thanks them and offers to take Chase home. Everyone says Merry Christmas. Chase’s gift is a puzzle with their pictures. Chase and Chloe hug at home.
Although yet again it’s a clipshow, this Christmas special is brilliant, the story had a decent meaning to it, plus its nice to the see villains given more todo.


Andrew M. Gray (1313: Wicked Stepbrother)
Ciara Hanna (Anger Management)
John Mark Loudermilk (The Best Friends Club)
Christina Masterson (Monster-In-Law)
Azim Rizk (Walking in Circles)
Shailesh Prajapti (The Dark Horse)
It was night in the city and Robo Knight was curious on what the people were doing with lights and cut pine trees. Meanwhile, the rangers were doing Christmas shopping, Ernie made Emma and Gia special deserts but accidentally spills them. As Noah took the napkins out to the trash, he finds Robo Knight and he asks why people are using “energy wasting lights”, and cut up pine trees. Noah says it’s not a bad thing, he says that the people are celebrating Christmas and he says it’s the time when everyone tries to do the right thing, try to be a little nicer, and give each other gifts.
He also states that some people get toys and Robo Knight wanted to learn more. Noah says he’ll have to remain still for 24 hours as a giant toy. Back inside, Noah shows the others on Robo Knight absorbing Christmas but what they didn’t know is that Robo Knight was standing in a toy donation. A few days later the donation company crated everything for a shipment to Africa. A delivery truck full of gifts and Robo Knight in a crate is driving on the rode. After Robo Knight awoke he was curious on what to do next.
The delivery truck stops in a little village and the delivery man gives the kids gifts. As the delivery man opened the crate, Robo Knight walks out and introduces himself and asks where he is. At nightfall, the children ask him what is the true meaning of Christmas. Robo Knight tells them he doesn’t know much, but tells them that it’s about being nicer, doing the right thing, and give each other gifts. The children ask him to tell a Christmas story but Robo Knight tells the story about the power rangers. He tells them that they fight to protect the earth, and to protect people from evil. The children ask how he joined them. As Robo Knight was making soup, he tells them he was hibernating for thousands of years and at first he worked alone but over time he started to learn some things about the humans and their emotions.
He also tells them on how he went to the library, read lots of books on human emotion, and how he made a new friend. When the soup was done, the children were all asleep. Robo Knight moves their Christmas tree and uses his morpher to recharge the lights. After he flew back home to the rooftop, he finds a present for him and finds a snow globe of him and the rangers. As he shakes it, it began to snow in the city and Robo Knight says, “Merry Christmas to all humans on Earth, and to all a good night!”
Another clipshow, having Robo Knight front and centre was brilliant is a heart warming  with a decent meaning behind it.


Alex Heartman (Police Guys)
Erika Fong (Transformers 4)
Hector David Jr. (Lockwood)
Najee De-Tiege (Kickin’ It)
Brittany Anne Pirtle (Bring it On 5)
Rene Naufahu (Shortland Street)
Felix Ryan (Nip/Tuck)
Paul Schrier (Masked Rider)
Jii sets up the Christmas Tree, the Rangers fight Gred in a quarry. Mike fights it off and then they destroy it and fight it with the Battlewing Megazord. Once the monster is destroyed, they are stuck in the Megazord and must find a way out. So the flashbacks start. Kevin recalls Antonio programing the Clawzord. Jayden reminds Kevin that Kevin was able to help them with his plans.  At the Shiba House, Mentor Ji opens the door to find Bulk (dressed as Santa) and Spike (dressed as an elf). Spike wants to deliver a present meant for Mia. Jayden remembers the time when Kevin and Mike were stuck together. Mia asks Emily what they should wear for Christmas. Mia remembers the time they went on a shopping spree in the “Strange Case of the Munchies” episode. Bulk asks if ‘drill sergeant’ is at the dojo. We see a flashback of Emily training Bulk and Spike.
Bulk and Spike help Mentor with the tree. Jayden calls Jii about what is going on. Mia and Emily cheer up Mike with a flashback of Antonio’s concert and when Mike took a pic of Kevin in a ballerina outfit. Spike attempts to put the angel on top of the tree. Bulk and Spike remember the day they saved the cat. Jii tells them they are heroes and gives them cookies. Bulk tells Mentor that they have helped the Rangers. We see a clip of Bulk and Spike running from Moogers. Mentor replies that they are all lucky that the Rangers protect everyone.
 Clips of several battles where the Rangers defeat the Nighloks are shown. The Rangers say they owe a lot to Mentor. Mia thinks he is lonely all alone. Spike tells Mentor how he met Mia and she told him to never give up.  Bulk says Mia introduced them to a young fisherman named Antonio. Jii didn’t realize it was so late. Kevin continues on the Megazord repairs. Almost everyone is sleeping.
 He fixes the problem with red and green wires, saying it is a Christmas miracle. Emily screams “Merry Christmas.” Jayden calls Mentor that they are on the way. Mentor asks for a quick favor on their way home. Bulk and Spike wake up and want to sneak out before ‘the drill sergeant’ returns. Mentor Ji stops Bulk and Spike and tells them that he has a surprise for them. The Power Rangers (morphed) walk inside the Shiba House, shocking the two, and thank the two for their help. The duo leave happily. The Rangers close the door. We see Santa fly across the moon and then we see Bulk and Spike fly in a motorcycle and they say “Merry Christmas to all.”
Another clipshow episode, but still enjoyable, the highlight was the Bulk, Spike and Jii Story.


Alex Heartman (Police Guys)
Erika Fong (Transformers 4)
Hector David Jr. (Lockwood)
Najee De-Tiege (Kickin’ It)
Brittany Anne Pirtle (Bring it On 5)
Rene Naufahu (Shortland Street)
Felix Ryan (Nip/Tuck)
Paul Schrier (Masked Rider)

In the city, Bulk and Spike admire a bike but can’t afford it. Bulk decides to buy some hot chocolate. At the Shiba House, Ji delivers the Christmas tree. Mia wants to decorate it with pink stuff. Mike tells her that they need to set up the tree first. Mike calls Emily to help out. Emily wants to write her sister a Christmas letter. She starts the email about their memories of the Origins episode. Emily continues with her times with Mike and then writes about Mike’s journey as a Samurai. Emily turns her attention to Mia, who has always been a great role model. She writes about her memories of Mia, including their wedding mission.
Back at the Garage, Bulk prepares to rebuild his old bike for Spike. Back at the Shiba House, the Rangers continue to set up the tree. Mia enters the room and remembers her moments with Jayden. She continues with Kevin’s dedication to the Samurai life. Kevin asks Mia for the tape. They remember Mia’s bad cooking skills. The guys finish the Christmas tree and prepare for egg nog. Emily writes about Antonio and the Gold Ranger in her email. She follows up how they worked as a team and learned to never give up. Back at the Garage, Spike and Bulk talk about their good and bad memories. Emily saves her favorite memory for life: the first time that they morphed. Emily concludes her email and gives her snow globe a final shake. In the morning, the Shiba House is surrounded with snow. Mike wakes his friends up to a swarm of gifts under the tree. Bulk and Skull wake up to a snowy Christmas. Mentor Ji hands out the gifts. The Rangers love their gifts. Mike doesn’t have a smile on his face. Ji reveals Mike’s gift: a motorcycle. Bulk and Spike prepare to head outside. Back at the Shiba house, Mike returns with no bike. He gives up his bike to people that truly need it.
A Nice Christmas episode, that although it is a clipshow it is still fun.


Johnny Yong Bosch (Marvel Anime: Blade)
Karan Ashley (Sawed)
Steve Cardenas (Turbo: APM)
Jason David Frank (The One Warrior)
Catherine Sutherland (The Cell)
Nakia Burrise (Bones)
Paul Schrier (Wicked)
Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
Robert Axelrod (Deep Freeze)
Richard Genelle (The Death Merchant)
Barbara Goodson (The Legend of Korra)
Alex Borstein (Family Guy)
Gregg Bullock (Evil Acts)
David Senstrom (Masked Rider)

The episode starts with an old man telling his grandson a story about the Rangers during the holidays. He sadly did not tell of the time the Rangers actually met Santa. The Rangers and Raymond (a recurring character during Zeo) are throwing a party at the Juice Bar promoting different holiday traditions. They are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and probably others. Power Rangers once again does a good job of showing off all the holidays. The Machine Empire led by King Mondo are the big bads this season. Of course they don’t understand Christmas since they are robots and stuff. Mondo sends Prince Sprocket to mess with the Rangers’ minds. Sprocket makes them not respect other religions leading them to argue. It’s a bit comical listening to Tommy tell Raymond to go pick a Christmas tree instead of worrying about his Jewish stuff. Tanya is pretty hilarious too being really angry that nobody is respecting Kwanzaa. Mondo also makes all their holiday items disappear making everyone want to cancel the party. Mondo’s plan is working until a little girl convinces the Rangers through a bad song that diversity and having friends is good. Mondo’s plan is foiled.I liked the different holidays aspect. It’s good to see Power Rangers go above and beyond just focusing on Christmas. I liked that old school holiday special feel of an old man telling his grandson the story. It’s sweet. We find out in the end that Tommy is the old man and that he’s married to Kat. They make a cute old couple.