Nicki Aycox (Jeepers Creepers II)
Nick Zano (Mom)
Laura Jordan (Pure)
Kyle Schmid (Arrow)
Mark Gibbon (Robin Hood Beyond Sherwood)
Mackenzie Gray (Man of Steel)

72dc5-joy-ride-2-nicki-aycox-kyle-schmid-nick-zano-laura-HThe film begins at a truck stop in an unspecified rural location. It is night time in the midst of a heavy rainstorm, and a hooker gets into a large, black Peterbilt and offers her “services” to the trucker inside. The trucker is revealed to be Rusty Nail (Mark Gibbon) when he recites his phrase “I like the rain. Keeps everybody inside and washes everything clean.” He asks the hooker to go out into the rain to get wet. When she is unnerved by this strange behavior and states she is leaving, Rusty Nail locks the doors and tells her to leave through the open window. He then shuts the window halfway as she is clambering out, trapping her with half her body hanging outside the truck. Rusty Nail then drives off, decapitating the hooker as he drives alongside a trailer attached to a truck. Meanwhile, Melissa and her fiancé Bobby (Nicki Aycox and Nick Zano), a young engaged couple in their early twenties, are on a cross country road trip in a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon. They are heading across the Southwestern United States to Las Vegas, where they plan on getting married. Joining them for the ride is Melissa’s sister Kayla (Laura Jordan), who along the way picks up her online boyfriend Nik (Kyle Schmid), a punk. When their car breaks down in the desert, the four find a seemingly abandoned house along a side road. In the barn, they find a silver 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle in working order with a full tank of gas. Melissa and Bobby are initially reluctant to take the car, as it amounts to thieving, but due to Kayla and Nik’s persistence, they relent. However, Melissa leaves a note in the house with her contact details for whomever may own the house and/or car.The next day, Melissa receives a phone call from the person who owned the car they stole. He then calls Melissa “Goldilocks” (she is blonde), revealing that he can see her. He also tells her, “I believe you have something of mine, ’cause I now have something of yours,” soon after Bobby disappears from a diner restroom. The others find a CB radio in their car, with which Rusty Nail talks to them. He orders them to destroy their cellphones and follow his orders if Bobby is to survive, and he has some quite nasty psychological mind games that create a bridge for gory, life-and-death situations. The group continues to follow Rusty Nail, who promises them that they will be all reunited soon, after Rusty requests for Kayla’s middle finger, a reference to when Kayla flipped off the driver of a truck who turned out to be Rusty. The group cuts a finger from a corpse and reach the wrong trucker because Rusty already knew that they had broken the rules. Rusty cuts one finger off Bobby and puts it in the glove compartment of the vehicle, which is eventually discovered by the group.Rusty later instructs Melissa to “strip down to her underwear” in front of his truck; it turns out not to be him, but some other trucker named Kenny Chesney whom Rusty Nail had instructed to be there. Rusty Nail soon pulls up at a bar in Utah, and Bobby tries to escape. He gains the attention of the barman, who has gone outside to smoke, but Rusty Nail catches him and uses a chainsaw-chain to cut off the barman’s jaw. He then commands Nik to walk through a party dressed as a female and to buy crystal meth. Nik refuses to do this, and Melissa takes a knife to his throat, whereupon Nik cries, confessing that he is scared and his tattoos are fake. Nik walks up to the party in the clothes that were seen on the hooker earlier, only for Rusty to kidnap Nik and drive off. Melissa and Kayla chase them, and in the ensuing car chase, Rusty manages to ram their car several times, overturning it. Kayla’s leg is pinned, and she is killed when Rusty rams again, causing the car to explode.Rusty takes Bobby and Nik back to his home and has them play a sadistic game of “Craps” with dice. In this game, whatever one person rolls makes the other person suffer. Bobby’s kneecap is struck by a hammer and his nipple branded by the letter R. Once Bobby rolls a double one snake eyes, Rusty kills Nik by stabbing him with a steel bar through the top of his head. Melissa breaks into a police station and steals a motor bike, racing off to find Bobby. Rusty Nail hangs Bobby by his neck in the back of his truck. Melissa parks the police motorcycle by the side of the truck, distracting Rusty and allowing her to overpower the killer with a few well-placed hits to the back with a shovel. She drives away in his truck, accidentally disconnecting the cabin from the rest of the truck and leaving Bobby behind, but Rusty manages to grab on to the side of the truck and climb on the roof. Melissa drives until the sun comes up and ends up plowing into a gas tank, causing the truck to catch fire. Melissa jumps from the truck as Rusty takes control, but it’s too late, and he drives off the side of a cliff, the truck exploding on impact. Bobby escapes from the trailer and meets back up with Melissa, their ordeal finally over.Later, in the middle of nowhere, a girl is stuck on the side of the road because her car has broken down. A big red Peterbilt truck with a trailer attached drives past her, only to stop and back up after she makes a nasty comment. She explains what’s happened and asks for a ride. As the truck door opens, it is revealed that the driver has a badly burnt right arm. The girl climbs in and a familiar voice says “You’ll catch your death out there,” revealing that the driver is Rusty Nail, who survived the explosion. He drives away with the girl.
MV5BMTg1ODc2NTUxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDk5MTk4NA@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1400,1000_AL_The movie had a strong plot, and a good ending, especially if you’re a fan of Duel. At the end of the day. A great sequel to a good horror.





Halle Berry (Catwoman)
Bruce Willis (Red)
Giovanni Ribisi (Ted)
Richard Portnow (Hitchcock)
Gary Dourdan (CSI)
Florencia Lozano (One Life To Live)
Nicki Aycox (Jeepers Creepers II)
Gerry Becker (Spider-Man)

Under the pen name David Shane, reporter Rowena Price (Halle Berry) and researcher Miles Haley (Giovanni Ribisi) are investigating conservative Republican senator Stephen Sachs, who has been having secret sexual encounters with his male interns, despite his publicly antigay agenda. The story is shut down, however, when the source clams up and Rowena’s editor, a supporter of the senator, puts a stop to the story. The editor also insists she take a vacation and will not take no for an answer. While walking home, Rowena meets her childhood friend, Grace Clayton (Nicki Aycox), who seeks her help in taking down Harrison Hill (Willis), a wealthy advertising executive. Grace gives Rowena her e-mails as proof of their extramarital affair, which Hill recently ended.A few days later, Grace is found dead, drowned and poisoned with belladonna, leading Rowena to suspect Harrison. Grace was revealed to be in her first trimester of pregnancy. With Miles’ help, Rowena goes undercover, under the alias of Katherine Pogue, as a temporary worker at his company, H2A at 7 World Trade Center. While setting up gift bags for a Victoria’s Secret collection launch, she meets fellow worker Gina. Gina gives her information about the questionable lifestyles of the senior management of H2A. Hill is revealed to be rich because of his wife, Mia Reinhart-Hill. If she divorced him, he would be penniless, revealing the reason why he keeps his affairs with female workers secret. Rowena flirts with Hill both online and in real life (not realizing the online Hill is actually Miles), but is warned to stay away by Hill’s lesbian PA, Josie. When Hill catches her snooping, believing her to be a corporate spy, he fires her.At Miles’s apartment, Rowena discovers a shrine to her and explicit pictures of Miles and Grace. Miles arrives home and Rowena confronts him; he defends himself by providing evidence that Hill had access to belladonna for poisoning. She goes to the police, who arrest Harrison for the murder of Grace. After Hill’s conviction, Miles visits Rowena. He then tells her that he knows she is the real killer and has been using this investigation to frame Hill. Rowena flashes back to a memory of her father attempting to molest her, and her mother subsequently bludgeoning him to death with a fireplace poker. A younger Grace watches from her window as they bury his body. Grace has been blackmailing Rowena with this knowledge. Miles describes in detail how she had plotted the murder to end Grace’s blackmail and pinned the murder on Hill. Miles asks how she intends to keep him quiet, implying she might sleep with him, since he has long lusted after her. However, Rowena stabs him to death and ransacks the kitchen. She then calls the police, claiming to have been attacked by Miles and that he might have been the real murderer. The film ends with a man looking out of a neighboring window, presumably having witnessed what really happened.Perfect Stranger has a good story, with a surprising twist; the lead cast has the names of Halle Berry, Bruce Willis and Giovanni Ribisi; unfortunately, the screenplay does not work well since it does not create an empathy of the viewer with the characters, which have dirty secrets. In the end, this film is a good and forgettable entertainment.



Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly)
Jane McGregor (American Venus)
Trent Ford (Shark bait)
Alexandra Adi (Jawbreaker)
Nicki Aycox (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Jesse James (Blow)
Julie White (Transformers)
Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls)
Haley Ramm (Red State)

High school student Starla Grady is the popular head cheerleader and pageant queen of the small town of Splendora, Texas. She hosts a French foreign exchange student, an orphan named Genevieve Le Plouff. After winning the affections of Starla’s parents, friends, and boyfriend, Genevieve soon begins to take over Starla’s life. When Starla is forced to quit the cheerleading squad after getting some bad grades in French, Genevieve moves in to take her place, and then the roles are reversed. Soon, Genevieve is the popular head cheerleader, and Starla is the unpopular student. Soon Genevieve takes Starla’s place in the News Anchor Competition, and, framed by Genevieve, Starla is arrested for possessing a knife and getting high on mushrooms. But then Starla learns that Genevieve was, in fact, a former elementary school classmate, whom Starla had embarrassed so much that she felt compelled to move to France and has come back in disguise to get revenge on Starla.With her charade exposed, Genevieve leaves town in disgrace and Starla reclaims her status in school and town although she never achieved her ambition of becoming a reporter nor getting a college scholarship, she now feels that she’s a changed woman. However, the final scene shows Genevieve, now demonstrating her true Texan origins, stealing Starla’s ID card/drivers license and returning to France and she is welcomed to her new adoptive French family upon her arrival in Paris, play acting as Starla… and strongly implying that she’ll start the process of building a new life for herself by trickery, deception, and manipulation all over again.There are some terrific comedy sequences, like the “porno” cheerleading and the catfight at the Barn Dance, but what really works for this film is the side-splitting one-liners.




Scott Bairstow (The Postman)
Eion Bailey (Ray Donovan)
Michael Weatherly (Dark Angel)
Jennifer Garner (Alias)
Elizabeth Mitchell (V)



Gigi Rice (The Man)
Jennifer Salvidge (Evolution)
Channon Roe (Boogie Nights)
Kenneth Kimmins (Lois & Clark)
Nicki Aycox (Jeepers Creepers 2)
John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise)

significant-others-jennifer-garner-elizabeth-mitchell-scott-bairstow-eion-bailey-michael-weatherly-dvdbash-wordpress03I originally watched this series when it debuted in ’98 because I adored Scott Bairstow. Only 3 episodes were aired I had forgotten all about it until it was released on dvd.

significant-others-jennifer-garner-elizabeth-mitchell-scott-bairstow-eion-bailey-michael-weatherly-dvdbash-wordpress01When I initially watched the show I found the way that the three lead characters (played by Scott Bairstow, Jennifer Garner & Eion Bailey) interacting in a love triangle, to be sweet & adorable. I was a teenager at that time. Now, rewatching it has more resonance, because it’s also about the characters’ journey to find themselves. Campbell Chasin (Eion Bailey) is still looking to carve out a name for himself in a family where everyone else is expected to go into the family business, just like his brother Ben Chasin (Dark Angel’s Michael Weatherly) has. family-guy-christmas-santa-choke-peter-s15e09-how-the-griffin-stole-christmas-simpsons-son-of-zornBen is also applauded by his parents, because he is getting married. He seems to have it all together, until we see him with regret at a missed female fling opportunity right after his wedding. Campbell decides that he can make a killing selling children’s videos & tries to get either of his friends to go in on it with him. He’s also upset, because he discovers that Nell Glennon (Jennifer Garner), one of his best friend’s & ex, is now hooking up with his other best friend, Henry Calloway (Scott Bairstow). Nell is an excellent worker who is so afraid of getting stuck in one track for the rest of her life that she actually quits her job after getting promoted. Her major issue is committing to anything. Henry fancies himself a serious writer. However, he has to pay the bills & does so by writing soft core porn. His boss is the slightly older Charlotte (Gigi Rice) whom he lusts after. The first 3 episodes had me intrigued. This set includes all 6 episodes (the other 3 of which were unaired) It’s a short and sweet series but it does introduce us to Jennifer Garner who a few years later would go onto do Alias.


Gina Philips (The Anarchist Cookbook)
Justin Long (New Girl)
Jonathan Breck (Dreamland)
Patricia Belcher (Bones)
Eileen Brennan (Miss Congeniality 2)
Trish Jenner and her brother Darry are traveling home from college for spring break. As they drive through the Florida countryside, an old, rusty truck tries to run them off the road. The vehicle eventually passes them, and they later see the same truck parked next to an abandoned church with a man sliding what appears to be a body wrapped in bloodstained sheets into a large pipe sticking out of the ground. The man notices Trish and Darry watching him and attempts to run them off the road a second time. After barely escaping, Darry convinces Trish to go back to the church and investigate. At the church, Darry hears noises coming from within the pipe and crawls inside with Trish holding on to his feet, but ends up falling in after being startled by a swarm of rats. At the bottom, he finds a dying man with stitches running down his stomach, and hundreds of other bodies sewn to the walls and ceiling. After Darry escapes, the two flee the scene and attempt to contact the police from a diner. They are phoned by a strange woman who warns them that they are in terrible danger. Confused and frightened, they ignore her warning. Trish and Darry leave, with two police officers providing a security escort. As they travel, the police learn that the old church has caught fire; and any evidence of bodies has been destroyed. The police are then attacked and killed by the mysterious driver, who loads their bodies into his truck.
Fleeing once again, Trish and Darry stop at a reclusive old woman’s house, begging her to call the police. The woman complies until she notices the driver hiding in her yard, disguised as a scarecrow. She attempts to kill him with a shotgun, but the driver kills her and reveals his inhuman face to Trish and Darry, before pursuing them once again. Trish hits the mysterious driver with her car and runs him over several times, seemingly killing him. However, they are horrified to see a giant wing tear through his trench coat and flap frantically in the air. They drive to the local police station, where they are approached by psychic Jezelle Gay Hartman. She reveals herself as the woman who called them at the diner and tells them the true nature of their pursuer: it is an ancient creature, known as “The Creeper”, which hunts every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days to feast on human body parts and organs, which then become a part of its own body. She also tells them that it seeks out its victims through fear, and, by smelling the fear from Trish and Darry, it has found something it likes, but she does not know what.
The wounded Creeper arrives and attacks the police station, cutting off the power and gaining entrance to the cells. After feasting on prisoners to heal, the Creeper is swarmed by police but kills a number of them and evades capture. Jezelle, Trish, and Darry attempt to escape but find themselves trapped. Jezelle warns them that one of them will die a horrible death. Darry demands to know who, and Jezelle looks at Trish. The Creeper finds them, and they are separated. The Creeper sniffs Jezelle intently, but since she doesn’t have anything it wants, it lets her go and heads off to find Trish and Darry. The monster corners them in an upstairs interrogation room. After sniffing and tasting them, the Creeper throws Trish aside and chooses Darry. The police burst in and take aim, and Trish offers her life for her brother’s, but the Creeper escapes out of the window and flies away with Darry. The next day, Trish is picked up by her parents, and Jezelle returns home in regret. The final scene shows the Creeper in its new hideout, an abandoned factory, where it is revealed that the Creeper has removed the back of Darry’s head and taken his eyes.
It’s got a slight sense of dark humour but also has a few shocking and scary moments! Well worth a watch!
Nicki Aycox (Roadkill 2)
Justin Long (Waiting)
Jonathan Breck (Dreamland)
Garikayi Mutambirwa (Clockstoppers)
Ray Wise (Robocop)
Diane Delano (The Wicker Man)
Bob Papenbrook (Power Rangers)
Three days after the events of the first film, a young boy named Billy Taggart assists his father in erecting scarecrows throughout a corn field, when one of the scarecrows suddenly comes to life and attacks him. As his father, Jack Taggart Sr., and his older brother, Jack Jr., rush to his aid, the scarecrow drags Billy through the field before sprouting wings and flying off, leaving the Taggart family horrified.
The following day (Day 23), a school bus carrying a high school basketball team and cheerleaders suffers a blowout. The chaperones inspect the tire, which they discover has been torn apart by a hand-crafted shuriken made of bone fragments. Back on the Taggart farm, Jack Jr. finds a dagger left by the Creeper. When his father inspects it, it inexplicably flies out of his hand on its own accord.
With the bus back on the road, Minxie has a vision of Darry Jenner, the Creeper’s victim from the first film, and Billy Taggart, who attempt to warn her about the Creeper. She then witnesses the Creeper blow out another tire with another shuriken, leaving them stranded on the road. They flag down a passing car, whose occupants promise to notify the authorities. After The Creeper kills the chaperones, Scott argues with Deaundre Davis about whether or not they should leave the bus. After the Creeper returns and jams the doors, Minxie has another vision in which Darry explains that every 23rd spring for 23 days the Creeper eats people before going back into hibernation. Minxie informs the others that its last visit was purely to pick out who it wanted.
After hearing police reports, the Taggarts investigate. On the way, they find the car from the passers-by, which has crashed, and the occupants missing. Taggart Sr. radios the students, who are ecstatic about imminent rescue. Shortly after, the Creeper punches through the roof of the bus and grabs Andy “Bucky” Buck by the head. Rhonda impales the Creeper through the eye with a metal pipe, and it lands on the roof of the bus after attempting to fly away. The teens assume it is dead, but it decapitates Dante with its wing and replaces his head with Dante’s. Scotty pries open the bus’ doors and another argument ensues when he suggests surrendering the Creeper’s targets. The students leave the bus, and the Creeper chases them across a field, striking Jake in the head with a shuriken, and pinning Scotty to a tree with a dagger. Double D, Rhonda, and Izzy attempt to help Scotty, but the Creeper grabs him and flies off.
Bucky, Chelsea, and Johnny return to the bus, where the Creeper grabs Bucky again. Taggart, Jack Jr., and Minxie arrive, and Taggart attacks the Creeper with a homemade harpoon-like weapon he equipped his truck with. The Creeper rips out the harpoon and throws it back, nearly impaling Jack Jr. Taggart tries again, but the Creeper destroys the bus and Taggart’s truck. Double D, Rhonda, and Izzy find an empty vehicle, which they use to flee. As the Creeper pursues them, Double D attempts to shoot it with a flare gun. As a last resort, Izzy intentionally crashes the truck after throwing out Rhonda, wounding the Creeper and Double D. Before the Creeper can attack Double D, Taggart, his son, and the other students arrive and shoot it in the head with the harpoon. Taggart repeatedly stabs it, and the Creeper stares up at him in anger as its face closes. Minxie explains that it is not dead, it has only gone into hibernation for another twenty-three years.
Twenty-three years later, a group of teenagers drive to Taggart’s farm, where the Creeper is a sideshow attraction. When they notice the elderly Taggart, watching the crucified corpse with a harpoon gun at his side, they ask him if he is waiting for something. Taggart looks up at the Creeper and says, “About three more days, give or take a day or two.”
After the success of the first Jeepers Creepers film it was inevitable that a sequel would follow. This sequel captures the strengths that made the first film a refreshing horror and lives up to the first.