Rorrie D. Travis (The Coroner)
Jasmeet Baduwalia (Werewolf World)
Jacqueline Scislowski (Man of Steel)
Abraham Rodriguez (The Auction)

Jacqueline Scislowski, Rorrie D. Travis, Abraham Rodriguez, and Jasmeet Baduwalia in Believe It or Not (2020)

Recurring / Notable Guest Cast

Colby Strong (Andi Mack)
Liana Ramirez (Be Somebody)
Cosme Flores (Pledge)
Kristina Ho (The Unhallowed)
Teuila Blakely (Funny Girls)
Kevin Copeland (Gabriel)
Reid McGowan (AFK)
Kelson Henderson (Ash Vs Evil Dead)
Sia Trokenheim (Step Dave)
Beth Allen (Shortland Street)
Miriama Smith (Filthy Rich NZ)
Derek Judge (Power RangerS SPD)
Molly Leishman (The Cul De Sac)
Lori Dungey (Xena: WP)
Joel Tobeck (Young Hercules)
John Leigh (800 Words)
Madeleine Adams (Black Christmas 2019)
Mark Wright (Kiri and Lou)
Peter Daube (The Warrior’s Way)
Olivia Tennet (Boogeyman)
Jack Buchanan (Bright Summer Night)
James Davies (Soomeone to Carry Me)
Adam Gardiner (The Strip)
Brennan Mejia (Kaboom)
Davi Santos (47 Meters Down: Uncaged)
Yoshi Sudarso (Buffalo Boys)
Austin St. John (A Walk With Grace)

853full-the-initiation-of-sarah----------------------------------(2006)-screenshot (1)Hasbro’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers, was a huge success when Season 1 aired, the moment the trailer for season aired fans were even more excited….. and Season 2 has not dissapointed.initiation-sarah6The storyline for Season 2 kicks off right after the Season 1 Cliffhanger, with the mayor taken over by Evox. Thou The rangers don;t know the audience does, and it creates a sense of tension and excitement among fans waiting for for the rangers to find out.Power-Rangers-Beast-Morphers-Season-2-Extended-Trailer-820x410The return of The Roxy and Blaze is awesome having them be able to get destroyed and rebooted is a genius way to them maintain a threat to the rangers whilst still having the human versions around, which gives us a chance to get to know the characters.power-rangers-beast-morphers-season-2-sneak-peek-1205851-1280x0The New Power upgrades/Zords are great as everyone knows its the mecha that people love and the new Beast X King Zord is a great addition seeing Devon’s  Zord ride it like a horse was a great scene.  image-assetThe series goes from strength to strength having Evox be a physical entity for the rangers to fight is alot better than the computer virus entity in the first season. This Season also has the big team up and the return of Austin St. John from MMPR, which is a welcome return. this team-up will air later in 2020 but it will be worth the wait along with the Return of Doctor K from RPM. This is season just goes from strength to strength and it looks like Hasbro has a winning formula.