Dean O’Gorman (The Hobbit)
Simon Prast (Xena)
Rena Owen (A.I.)
Nancy Brunning (Shortland Street)
Jon Brazier (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
Grant Triplow (Jubilee)
Meighan Desmond  (Young Hercules)


Stephen (Simon Prast) is a New Zealand gay man pushing 30 (from the wrong side) who has loved and lost in his life. He apparently has some modest financial success but not a lot of fulfillment. Katie (Rena Owen) is a singer who had several number one songs in the 70’s but who is now past her peak. She has accepted a large advance for a new TV pilot (thanks to the efforts of her married lover) but has no inspiration, no ideas and no energy to go on.

Katie and Stephen have been best friends for decades. Together they are both world weary but still hopeful and exhibit the kind of camaraderie that a decades long friendship allows. When Katie returns from L.A. at the movie’s beginning, Stephen has his own problems. He has fallen in love with Mark, (Dean O’Gorman) a former rent boy, who is unable to return his affection. Mark is totally unconvinced of any self worth and can’t believe or accept that Stephen is in love with him.

Mark’s also involved with Fig and Sally,( Nancy Brunning and Sophia Hawthorne) two girls in a band for which he writes the lyrics. While Fig has eyes only for Sally, Sally enjoys sleeping with men, including Mark. Whether or not Mark has problems with his gayness I’ll leave to your judgment, to me his problems seemed more basic than that.

Getting to know these characters as they get to know themselves and as they work through their immediate problems is what makes this a great indie film.  This is a small but significant film with honest characters who have personalities.