Zach McGowan (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Peter Mensah (Spartacus)
Pearl Thusi (Tremors 5)
Mayling Ng (Wonder Woman)
Katy Louise Saunders (Follow Your Dreams)
Howard Charles (Alex Rider)
Brandon Auret (Chappie)
Nathan Jones (Boar)
Peter Jessop (Justice League vs. the Fatal Five)
Rizelle Januk (Wide Eyed)

Zach McGowan in The Scorpion King: Book of Souls (2018)The narrator explains in ancient Egypt, before the time of the Pharaohs, King Memtep made a covenant with Anubis, lord of the underworld, to create a cursed sword so powerful that whosoever possessed it, could rule the world. The sword was fueled by taking souls of its enemies, the sword itself was forged in the fires of hell by Anubis, the names of those killed by the sword were forever written in the Book of Souls.The action opens with Nebserek plundering the Mespotamian tomb of King Memtep and stealing the Fang of Anubis sword. Khensa captures the blacksmith Mathayus and she kills the boy Abel. The Warrior of Nubia, Princess Tala, frees the blacksmith and heals him with the stings of scorpions. She tells him that her dead father, Balthazar, King of Nubia, told her to find the legendary Scorpion King to help bring peace to Egypt. She demands he join in a quest to end the evil empire of Nebserek and his jackal army. Priestess Mennofer warns Nebserek that his sword can be defeated by the Book of Souls. Her hawk delivers messages as needed.the-scorpion-king-book-of-souls-2018-posterOn the way to the Valley of the 13th Moon, Mathayus and Princess Tala are captured by Uruk, leader of the Black Arrows, for trespassing. Mathayus makes Uruk a challenge for their freedom. After defeating five warriors and sparing the life of Uruk, the two continue on their quest to the gateway of the Temple of Scrolls. The princess opens the sacred gate on the moonrise that is protected by a golem called Enkidu. A woman called Amina appears and explains that Enkidu was formed from clay and brought to life by magic. He is her protector. She tells them that she is the Book of Souls and that for every man killed by the Fang of Anubis she sees and feels. They trick Enkidu with fire and take the Book of Souls with them on their quest to her father’s tomb in Amonesh.TheScorpionKing2The three are attacked on a beach by Harhar and jackal soldiers. They kill them all with the help of Enkidu. They are attacked again by Khensa in the city. As they escape by boat, Amina sees and feels the death of King Tarqa by Nebserek. He was the brother of Tala and she is now queen. She wants to continue the quest. They find the tomb and inside the Sphinx, the guardian of knowledge and messenger of truth, they find the way to end the curse of the sword. They are all captured by Khensa.Scorpion-King-Book-of-Souls-screenshot-2-600x349Mathayus is chained up and Nebserek mocks him. Tala and Enkidu are jailed together. Nebserek talks to Amina, and jeers at her saying; “So you were going to take my sword, power and kingdom”. He orders the priestess to burn her. Scorpions sting the Scorpion King and he breaks free of his chains. Tala and Enkidu break out of the jail. Uruk and the Black Arrows attack and an arrow kills Mennofer. Nebserek and Mathayus fight one another and Tala and Khensa have their own separate battle. Enkidu is stabbed with the Fang of Anubis and falls into the bond fire. The Scorpion King kills Khensa with the jackal knife and throws Nebaerek into the fire. He takes the sword from the fire and now holds all of its power. Amina says he knows what he has to do to end the evil and free the souls. She as the Book of Souls walks onto the sword. She and the sword disappear into the air. The narrator declares that it is now the time of the Scorpion King.scorpion-king-book-of-soulsThe Scorpion King movies are my guilty pleasure. I enjoyed the first one immensely and somewhat the last couple of movies, I did not have much expectation from this one but, boy was I wrong, I was in for a surprise. This was awesome, the best Scorpiom King movie after the first one. A well thought out and smart movie which embraces the Scorpion King legacy and tries to follow the continutity laid out in Mummy 2 and the first Scorpion King movie. The sets and locations are pretty good, the costumes well done, the acting is above average, special shout out to Zach McGowan as the Scorpion King and Pearl Thusi as Tala.  The graphics are not very good but given the budget they did their best and it does not distract that much. The action is plenty and fastpaced.  The story has some ties from the first Scorpion king movie and more than once it reminded me of that movie. I missed The Rock in this one, I was imagining him in many of the scenes, but that does not mean the lead actor is bad, he is quite good, but he does not have the screen presence of Dwayne Johnson. If you are a Scorpion king fan or a fan of the Sword and sorcery genre, do check this out. 4 out of five stars.




Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious)
Chris Pine (Star Trek)
Robin Wright (Blade Runner 2049)
Danny Huston (30 Days of Night)
David Thewlis (The Theory of Everything)
Connie Nielsen (Basic)
Elena Anaya (Point Blank)
Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting)
Saïd Taghmaoui (Conan The Barbarian)
Samantha Jo (Mortal Kombat: Legacy)
Lucy Davis (Shaun of The Dead)
Ann Ogbomo (World War Z)
Lisa Loven Kongsli (Occupied)
James Cosmo (Game of Thrones)
Rachel Pickup (Basil)
Florence Kasumba (Black Panther)
Mayling Ng (The Scorpion King 5)

In present-day Paris, Diana Prince, curator for the Louvre’s Department of Antiquities,[8] receives a World War I-era photographic plate couriered by the Wayne Enterprises and recalls her past.Diana was born and raised on the hidden island of Themyscira, home to the Amazon race of warrior women created by the gods of Mount Olympus to protect humankind. In the distant past, Ares, the god of war, slew all his fellow gods, but his father, Zeus, struck him down. Before perishing from his injuries, Zeus left the Amazons a weapon capable of killing his renegade son: the “Godkiller”, which Diana believes to be a ceremonial sword. Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, believes that Ares will never return and forbids Diana from training as a warrior, but Diana and her aunt, General Antiope, defy the queen and begin training in secret. When the two are discovered by Hippolyta, Antiope convinces her sister to allow Diana’s training to continue.As a young woman, Diana rescues Captain Steve Trevor, a pilot with the American Expeditionary Forces,[9] after his plane crashes off the coast of Themyscira. The island is soon invaded by the landing party of a German cruiser pursuing Steve. The Amazons engage and kill all the German sailors, but Antiope dies intercepting a bullet meant for Diana. Interrogated with the Lasso of Truth, Steve reveals that World War I is raging in the outside world, and that he is an Allied spy. He stole a notebook with valuable information from chief chemist Isabel Maru, who is attempting to engineer a deadlier form of mustard gas under the orders of General Erich Ludendorff. Believing Ares is responsible for the war, Diana arms herself with the ceremonial sword and leaves Themyscira with Steve to find and destroy Ares.When the two arrive in London, they deliver Maru’s notebook to the Supreme War Council, including Sir Patrick Morgan, who is trying to negotiate an armistice with Germany. Diana translates Maru’s notes and reveals that the Germans plan to release the deadly gas at the warfront. Although forbidden by his commanders to act, Steve, with secret funding from Sir Patrick, recruits spy Sameer, marksman Charlie, and smuggler Chief to help prevent the gas from being released. When the team reaches the Western Front in Belgium, they are halted by the enemy line, but Diana pushes alone through No man’s land and rallies the Allied forces behind her to liberate the village of Veld. The team briefly celebrates and takes the group photograph from the beginning of the film. Later that night, Diana and Steve bond and share a kiss.The team learns that a gala will be held at the nearby German High Command. Steve infiltrates the party, intending to locate the mustard gas and destroy it. Diana, however, believes Ludendorff is Ares and that killing him will end the war. Steve stops her to avoid jeopardizing the mission. Ludendorff unleashes the gas on Veld, killing its inhabitants. Diana blames Steve for the deaths and pursues Ludendorff to a base where the gas is being loaded into a Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI bound for London. Diana fights and kills Ludendorff, but is confused when his death does not stop the war.Sir Patrick appears and reveals that he is Ares. He tells Diana that although he has subtly given humans ideas and inspirations, it is ultimately their decision to cause violence as they are inherently corrupt. After destroying the ceremonial sword, Ares reveals that Diana is the true “Godkiller”, as she is the daughter of Zeus. Ares attempts to convince Diana that she should help him destroy humankind to restore paradise on Earth. While the two battle and the rest of Steve’s team destroy Dr. Maru’s laboratory, Steve pilots the bomber carrying the gas to a safe altitude and detonates it, sacrificing himself in the process. Ares tries to harness Diana’s rage and grief by telling her to kill Dr. Maru, but Diana’s memories of Steve inspire her to decide that humans have good within them, and she spares Maru before destroying Ares. Back in London, the nation celebrates the end of the war.In the present day, Diana sends an e-mail to Bruce Wayne thanking him for the photographic plate of her and Steve and reaffirms her mission to protect the world as Wonder Woman.The film is well rounded, the plot never leaves you bored, the humor is fresh and relatable, and the actors are so good! The costumes are realistic and the fight choreography is some of the best I’ve seen in a while!  It’s an awesome entry for the DC film universe.