Jeff Anderson (Clerks)
Jeremy Sisto (Thirteen)
Todd Babcock (Gods and Monsters)
Earl Boen (The Terminator)
Paget Brewster (Another Period)
Anthony Denison (wiseguy)
Debbe Dunning (Leprechaun 4)
Trevor Fehrman (Clerks II)
Heather Dubrow (That’s Life)
Rashida Jones (The Muppets)
Will Rothhaar (Battle: Los Angeles)
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (Jersey Girl)
Kevin Smith (Teen Titans: TJC)
Louis Herthum (Westworld)


On the eve of his bachelor party, Jeremy (Jeremy Sisto) learns that his fiancée, Kerri (Rashida Jones), wants to call off their wedding without providing a reason. He tries to determine what caused this sudden decision. The unmarried couple return to New Jersey to sort out their relationship. When Jeremy gets home, he hangs out with Gil and Biscuit, his old friends, who have made a hobby out of breaking into other people’s homes and rearranging the objects to freak out the homeowners. Their activities have begun to unnerve one unfortunate homeowner in particular, Mr. Victim (Stuart Pankin). Jeremy, Gil and Biscuit go to their local bar for a few drinks and talk about women and Jeremy’s aborted wedding. Meanwhile, Kerri and her best friend Marty go to a lesbian bar, when Marty tells her she is pregnant.nyk3The next morning Jeremy’s friend from Vegas, Shane, comes to visit as Biscuit and Gil throw him another bachelor party. The bachelor party goes awry when the stripper Biscuit hired arrives, and is revealed to be a transvestite, who tells Jeremy that she saw Kerri at the lesbian bar the night before, and everyone thinks she is in a lesbian relationship with Marty. Gil and Biscuit take Jeremy and Shane to go mess with the house again, but Mr. Victim has become paranoid and shoots wildly at them, grazing Jeremy’s ear. Faced with his own mortality, Jeremy, and the others drive to Kerri’s so he can talk to her. She tells him that he took her for granted. Jeremy tells her that he would do anything to have her back, just as Gil walks in, telling them that Marty is beating up Biscuit on the front lawn. Biscuit, thinking Marty and Kerri were gay, asked Marty if he could be their manager. During the fight, the men learn that Marty is pregnant, and that Gil is the father. Kerri and Jeremy give Gil and Marty their plane tickets that were for their honeymoon in Florida so the new couple can have some alone time, while Kerri and Jeremy hold hands, hinting toward a possible reconciliation.nyk2Jeff Anderson’s debut feature is very much a grown up romantic comedy. Admittedly I was expecting a Randal Graves style of humor that wasn’t delivered but that didn’t stop my enjoyment of the flick. I was pleasantly surprised at the sincerity of the characters and the believability of the dialogue. I’m certain that a lot of the more serious scenes would have been crude and sentimental in lesser hands. The Gil and Biscuit scenes give it just enough humor to counter the central storyline. There are of course certain issues with both Andersons direction and his own limited acting abilities, but in their own way they’re sort of charming. In short, the film is very enjoyable and Jeff shows a lot of potential as a Writer-Director.



John Cena (Trainwreck)
Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones)
Ashley Scott (Birds of Prey)
Brian J. White (The Cabin In The Woods)
Taylor Cole (The Originals)
Steve Harris  (Takers)
Billy Slaughter (Bad Moms)
Louis Herthum (Westworld)
Jeff Fischer (American Dad)
Joel Swetow (Kidding)

A sting operation to capture arms dealer Miles Jackson goes awry when the FBI’s inside man double crosses them. Miles rendezvouses with his girlfriend Erica Kessen, who has a getaway car. Officers Danny Fisher and Hank Carver are dispatched to help the FBI. They look at Jackson’s record and see a surveillance video of him dancing with Kessen. An encounter with them at a traffic light leads to her death and Miles being taken away. Miles swears vengeance on Fisher.One year later Fisher, now promoted to Detective due to his actions with Jackson, gets a phone call from Jackson, who has escaped from prison. Fisher runs outside the house looking for Jackson, and Fisher’s car and house explode, throwing him to the ground. After Fisher recovers, Jackson says he is launching a game of revenge called “12 Rounds.” The house, the car, and Phil, the plumber who came to fix a pipe were “Round 1.” Molly Porter, Fisher’s girlfriend is kidnapped by Jackson for “Round 2.” For “Round 3,” Fisher and Carver must follow a series of clues to locate the cell phone that Jackson calls, and for “Round 4” Fisher has to get to New Orleans Savings and Loan where a fire has broken out and extract two security deposit boxes within 20 minutes. Carver has a lead on the man who helped kidnap Molly Porter and volunteers to look into that while Fisher continues with the game. FBI Special Agents George Aiken and Ray Santiago work with them to get Porter back.For “Round 5” one of the security boxes is a bomb and the other contains a clue to the next round. Fisher discovers and disposes of the bomb.The other box contains a hotel room key. The room is raided and found empty. For “Round 6,” Fisher follows a series of clues to a bus where he finds Porter on board, wearing a bomb underneath her jacket. He is handcuffed to a bar and is given an envelope with a phone number as the clue to the next round. The Feds try to get Jackson but he escapes with Porter. When Fisher is freed, he tells the Feds about the bomb. Carver shows up and tells Fisher he has located Jackson’s henchman, Anthony Deluso. In “Round 7” Fisher has to find the correct cell phone number that disarms bombs placed in different locations. Jackson answers and tells him that his call disabled Streetcar 907’s brakes. Fisher and Santiago slam their car into the transformer, shutting off electricity for the whole neighborhood. They run along the streetcar, clearing people out of the way until it can slow to a halt.1235616_fullA mine planted by Jackson kills Carver and Deluso. Jackson says that Porter’s bomb can only be disarmed by Fisher’s fingerprint. He tells Fisher to pay a visit to Erica Kessen, so Fisher, Santiago, and Aiken start for the cemetery. Another detective, Chuck Jansen calls Fisher to tell him that the numbers in the envelope were rigged to the streetcar. Jackson had cameras monitoring the elevator shaft and set off the bomb five seconds early. Fisher realizes that Willie’s death in the elevator episode was orchestrated by Jackson. Santiago does a check on Willie and finds he had a second job as a Homewood Security guard. They figure out that Jackson was leading them to take out the power because Homewood Security comes in to move the federally unprotected cash from the United States Mint in New Orleans. Jackson’s grudge against Fisher was only a cover for in his scheme to steal this money.hero_TheRunner-2015-1Aiken tells Santiago to lock down the Mint, while he and Fisher go after Porter. Fisher realizes that “Round 12” is a wild-goose chase, since Jackson needs Porter, a nurse, to help him escape. Jackson, dressed as a security guard, steals the cash. He uses Porter’s ID card to get to a Medevac chopper on a hospital roof, transporting the money inside a body bag. Fisher and Aiken race to the hospital roof, where Aiken is wounded. Fisher activates the touch phone-bomb and throws the switch away. Porter and Fisher jump into a pool, while Jackson is left in the exploding helicopter.The-Runner-LB-112 Rounds is not a movie that should be taken overly serious. It aims for an audience who expects cool explosions, a fast talking villain, and a ton of action. In that respect, this movie is alright.



Ashley Bell (Chasing Shakespeare)
Julia Garner (Sin City 2)
Spencer Treat Clark (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)
David Jenson (Queen Sugar)
Tarra Riggs (The Help)
Louis Herthum (Longmire)
Muse Watson (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)A couple, Jared (Judd Lormand) and Lily (Boyana Balta), finds a demonic-looking Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) squatting next to their refrigerator. She soon is taken to a hospital, where she appears to be catatonic. After spending a few months at the insightful and caring therapist Frank’s (Muse Watson) home for girls in New Orleans and settling in as a chambermaid at a hotel under the supervision of her boss Beverly (Diva Tyler), Nell’s condition seems to have improved and she no longer has “bad dreams”. Nell and her group of friends Gwen (Julia Garner), Daphne (Erica Michelle), and Monique (Sharice Angelle Williams) attend a Mardi Gras parade; Nell witnesses many strange happenings there, including masked men watching her. Her personality changes as things get darker. She begins to get hints that the demon Abalam is back.Ashley Bell, Julia Garner, Erica Michelle, and Sharice A. Williams in The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)When Stephanie (Raeden Greer), one of the girls at the house, dies of an unnatural seizure, Cecile (Tarra Riggs), Nell’s former nurse, informs her of the Order of the Right Hand, a secret society which has been monitoring Nell. Nell’s friends Gwen, Daphne, Monique, and Michelle (Ashlynn Ross) discover a video on YouTube which depicts the events from the previous film revealing that the lost footage has been discovered; this frightens and angers Nell as she becomes a reluctant internet celebrity because of the video. Chris (Spencer Treat Clark), another worker at the hotel who likes Nell, slits his own throat after viewing a clip from the same footage which depicts Nell lying about how she got pregnant. Cecile seeks help from the Order of the Right Hand, and Nell is introduced to Calder (David Jensen) and Jeffrey (E. Roger Mitchell). They attempt to rid the demon which is “in love” with Nell by transferring it into the body of a sacrificed chicken. The supernatural force in Nell proves to be too powerful, and Calder is forced to kill her by injecting her with a lethal dose of morphine.Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)The demon appears in front of Nell, taking her appearance as a doppelganger, her father, and Chris, and begs her to accept its hand. Nell’s pulse stops temporarily and leads Calder, Jeffrey, and Cecile, to believe that she has died. She finally gives in and grabs the demon’s hand; the house is left to burn with the three secret society members being killed. Nell murders Frank and burns the home for girls, leaving her friends to die. Nell gets inside a car and the prophecy of the end of times is proven to be correct as she sets multiple buildings and vehicles aflame whilst driving past them.Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)In terms of acting, Ashley Bell did a terrific job as a terrorized girl with no one to trust and no where to turn. A decent followup to a great horror.



Patrick Fabian (Veronica Mars)
Ashley Bell (Chasing Shakespeare)
Iris Bahr (9 Full Moons)
Louis Herthum (Longmire)
Caleb Landry Jones (X-Men: First Class)

Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism (2010)Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife and son. Marcus, who lost his faith after the birth of his ill son, is accustomed to performing fake exorcisms on “possessed” individuals. He chooses an exorcism request sent by farmer Louis Sweetzer (Louis Herthum), who claims his livestock are being slaughtered by his daughter Nell (Ashley Bell), who is possessed.Patrick Fabian in The Last Exorcism (2010)Marcus claims Nell is possessed by a powerful demon named Abalam. He bamboozles the family into believing he is driving out a demon and leaves, believing he and his crew have cured her of a mental state that was misdiagnosed as possession. That night, Nell appears in Marcus’ motel room, apparently unwell. Marcus takes Nell to the hospital for tests, which conclude that she is in perfect physical condition. Marcus goes to see Louis’ former pastor, Joseph Manley (Tony Bently). Manley informs Marcus that he has not seen Nell for two years. In the morning, Louis takes Nell home, but chains her to the bed after she slices her brother Caleb’s (Caleb Landry Jones) face with a knife.Patrick Fabian in The Last Exorcism (2010)Nell steals their camera and goes into her father’s barn, where she brutally smashes a cat to death. The crew, Iris and Daniel, discover her morbid paintings. They depict Marcus standing before a large flame with a crucifix, Iris cut into pieces, and Daniel decapitated. When everyone learns Nell is pregnant, Marcus accuses Louis of incest. Louis insists that Nell is a virgin and has been defiled by the demon. The crew wants to leave; Nell attacks Marcus, and Louis threatens to kill her with his shotgun. Nell begs him to kill her but to keep Louis from doing so, Marcus offers to attempt a second exorcism.Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism (2010)Marcus confronts the entity, Abalam, who agrees to release Nell only if Marcus can remain silent for ten seconds. Abalam begins breaking Nell’s fingers one by one. After breaking three of her fingers, Marcus yells for Abalam to stop. Abalam asks Marcus if he wants a “blowing job.” Marcus realizes that a demon would know the actual name of the sex act and concludes that Nell is not a demon, but a very disturbed girl. Nell anguishes over losing her virginity to a boy named Logan. Marcus and the crew meet Logan, who explains that the only contact he had with Nell was a brief conversation 6 months ago. Logan also admits he is gay. Marcus realizes that Pastor Manley was lying about having not seen Nell for two years. He returns to the Sweetzer farmhouse, where they find numerous occult and countercultural symbols on the walls, and Nell and Louis missing.Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism (2010)Marcus and the crew wander into the woods, where they see a large fire and a congregation of hooded cultists, led by Pastor Manley. Louis is tied up, gagged and blindfolded while hooded figures pray around an altar, atop which Nell is bound. She gives birth to an inhuman child. Manley throws the child into the fire, which causes the fire to grow rapidly as demonic roars emanate. At that moment, Marcus’ faith is restored, and he grabs his cross and rushes towards the fire to combat the evil. Iris is tackled by a member of the congregation and killed with an axe. Caleb decapitates Daniel and the camera falls.Ashley Bell, Patrick Fabian, Louis Herthum, and Caleb Landry Jones in The Last Exorcism (2010)If you arte a fan of exorcism movies and movies like the Blair Witch Project or even horror movies in general, The Last Exorcism is a good watch to satisfy your boredom and keep you entertained for an hour and a half, especially if you understand and like the construct of “sluggish build up” and if you have a few extra bucks that you’re looking to spend.If your looking for a horror movie that will revive the horror genre for our time, this isn’t it. But the film isn’t trying to be the next big name in horror, so my rating is based off of the intentions of the film itself. Overall, the movie did it’s job in being mildly original, having great acting (considering that this is in fact a lower-budget horror movie), in staying true to the genre, and in delivering an engaging story.




Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow)
Edmund Entin (Whore)
Gary Entin (Rest Stop)
Samantha Droke (Truce)
Louis Herthum (Murder, She Wrote)

Jonah (Edmund Entin) and Seth (Gary Entin) are as twins-y as twins can be. They go everywhere together during the day and when night comes, they go to bed wearing matching jammies after having brushed their teeth and hair in unison. Heck, they even sleep facing each other so that their prone bodies mirror each other. They also have plenty of common hobbies. For instance, they enjoy making movies with their tiny handheld camera.. Their films feature people dying in gruesome ways as they operate under mental delusions that have been telepathically implanted by the brothers. The twins’ carefully protected world of two gets a visitor when the new girl at school, Eve (Samantha Droke), takes an interest in Jonah. She thinks he’s kind of weird and interesting and wants to know what makes him tick. Another person after the same thing is Detective Lampkin (Orlando Jones) who is investigating the brothers and their role in an involuntary game of Russian roulette that claimed the lives of four boys. He believes they are hiding something and suspects they may possess some sort of evil twin powers. He doesn’t know the half of it. You see, when the boys hold hands and put their minds to it, they can make people hallucinate and perform irrational and gruesome acts.Director Antonio Negret has created a moody and visually striking psychological thriller that serves double-duty as a dark coming of age tale. It is a film of unusual intelligence that will surely surprise at least a few horror fans out there. Working from a well balanced script by George Richards, Negret shows us how creatures in a sealed environment react to unexpected stressors. Eve and Det. Lampkin are the stressors to Jonah and Seth’s creatures. Creatures may seem like a strong word but Edmund and Gary Entin play the twins as cold and reptilian things roaming the world in pale skin suits. I assure you, I mean that as a compliment. By establishing just how different they are from everyone around them, it becomes all the more critical when Eve is able to penetrate Jonah’s shell. She gives him a taste of what it means to be an individual. Jonah’s every step towards Eve is a step away from his dominating older (by 93 seconds) brother.If Eve is the cause of the first cracks in Jonah and Seth’s bond, then Lampkin is the persistent jackhammer that won’t quit until the brothers have broken down and revealed their secret. Orlando Jones plays the cop with a mixture of humor and weariness. He is the closest thing we have to a hero in the movie and even he seems defeated right from the start. Even though Lampkin’s character is saddled with a tragic backstory, Jones doesn’t allow that to be the defining characteristic of the dogged detective.While Jones and Droke acquit themselves admirably, the stars of the show are definitely the Entin brothers. Among all the assorted horrors of the film, the sneakiest fear is that of betrayal. Watching the symbiotic relationship of two brothers devolve into a grudge match with lethal consequences is utterly believable thanks to the work of Edmund and Gary Entin. They may not get equally expansive character arcs since Jonah shows more growth, but both actors attack their roles with similar passion and gusto. Their work here with Negret ultimately elevates the film to a level of originality that is atypical for the horror genre. That is something they can all be proud of.


Renée Zellweger, Jane Levy, and Blake Jenner in What/If (2019)


Main Cast

Renée Zellweger (Appaloosa)
Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe)
Blake Jenner (Cousin Sarah)
Daniella Pineda (The Originals)Renée Zellweger in What/If (2019)


Dave Annable (666 Park Avenue)
Louis Herthum (Westworld)
Allie MacDonald (Cardinal)
David Barrera (Generation Kill)
Juan Castano (Sharknado 2)
Samantha Marie Ware (Glee)
Keith Powers (Famous In Love)
Gabriel Mann (Revenge)
Julian Sands (Smallville)
Kristen Hager (Wanted)
Brenda Bakke (Under Siege 2)

Renée Zellweger and Gabriel Mann in What/If (2019)It’s tricky to explain Renée Zellweger’s new Netflix show What/If to somebody who hasn’t seen it, because it’s an exercise in diametrically opposed contradictions. It’s a sexy thriller, even though it’s about as sexy as slow-transit constipation. Its unique selling point is that it follows the consequences of actions, even though that also describes every single story ever told by anyone in the entire history of humankind. It’s a television series, even though its title is punctuated like a sub-tier early noughties boyband.Jane Levy and Juan Castano in What/If (2019)What I can say with confidence is that What/If is trash. The pilot episode was directed by the man who directed Sharon Stone’s 1993 boobathon Sliver, who appears to have been preserved in amber ever since the moment that film wrapped. The characters, the dialogue, the sets and costumes and music are all firmly in mid-90s, low-budget erotic thriller territory, and there’s barely a concession to modernity to be found anywhere. It’s confusing, too; the second scene takes place a year after the first scene, but the third scene takes place three days before the second scene. What’s more, almost all of the episode’s establishing shots take place during a thunderstorm for some genuinely unfathomable reason.Renée Zellweger in What/If (2019)One of the lead characters runs a struggling molecular sequencing company, despite being so aggressively stupid that it’s a wonder she ever figured out cutlery. The profession is an afterthought – clearly, nobody from the writer down cares a jot about the nuts and bolts of molecular sequencing – but it adds a vaguely futuristic sheen to the series, giving it shades of a Hallmark Channel Black Mirror reboot.Renée Zellweger in What/If (2019)Taken on the surface, What/If looks like a grand error; like another Cloverfield Paradox sold off to Netflix in a fire sale because its studio couldn’t believe what a clunker it was. But that’s the weird thing about What/If. I think – and I might be wrong, because this is pure conjecture – that its trashiness might actually be sort of deliberate.The best case for this argument lies with Zellweger’s character, a sexually voracious billionaire puppetmaster taken to wandering around her sprawling apartment late at night pontificating about the nature of destiny versus free will into a 2010-model dictaphone. Read that sentence back. That has to be deliberate, right? No sensible person, with the possible exception of EL James, would ever create a character this preposterous on purpose, surely. And I haven’t even mentioned her primary hobby yet. It’s doing archery in her kitchen. Of course it is.And Zellweger relishes every second of it. It’s a huge, camp, scenery-licking wink of a performance that channels every broad rich bitch trope you care to imagine. She’s the sort of person who writes “AT ANY COST” in block capitals on a piece of paper before we smash-cut to a day when her new book At Any Cost has become an epoch-defining bestseller. She’s the sort of person who keeps her keys in an enormous plexiglass cube in the middle of the room. She’s the sort of person who, when her butler sniffs that one of kitchen arrows has hit the target “left of centre”, smirks: “Three words no one has ever used to describe me”.
In What/If, Zellweger’s character meets a barman and invites him home. He declines, and so she escalates her offer. For one night with him, she offers to pay his wife (the molecular sequencer) $80m to rescue her ailing molecular sequencing business. It’s a plot, as the sequencer states in a rare moment of self-awareness, that’s been “ripped out of a bad 90s movie”. But it doesn’t end there, because it starts to look as if Zellweger chose the barman deliberately in order to ignite a bizarre Rube Goldberg sequence of events. Which is silly, right? The whole plot is so gaudy that it has to be tongue in cheek. But the thing is, Zellweger is the exception here. The rest of the characters, and all the subplots, are tedious and witless and played absolutely straight. Had What/If been The Renée Zellweger Show, it would have been fantastic. As it stands, she’s the only thing saving the series from terminal mediocrity.whatif_102_unit_00954rcSo, yes, What/If is tricky to explain. It isn’t the best show you’ll ever see. It isn’t even the worst best show. It might be the best worst show, but then again it also might be the worst worst show. Honestly, I’m stumped.






Brad Pitt (World War Z)
Cate Blanchett (The Hobbit)
Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange)
Taraji P. Henson (Date Night)
Julia Ormond (Resistance)
Jason Flemyng (Rob Roy)
Mahershala Ali (Luke Cage)
Phyllis Somerville (Little Children)
Jared Harris (Lincoln)
Elias Koteas (Crash)
Tom Everett (Die Hard 2)
Elle Fanning (Maleficent)
Josh Stewart (No Ordinary Family)
Ilia Volok (Power Rangers Wild Force)
Richmond Arquette (Zodiac)
Louis Herthum (Westworld)
Edith Ivey (Robocop 3)

In 2005, elderly Daisy Fuller is on her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital as Hurricane Katrina approaches; she asks her daughter, Caroline, to read aloud from the diary of Benjamin Button.

From the reading, it is revealed that on the evening of November 11, 1918, a boy was born with the appearance and physical maladies of an elderly man. The baby’s mother died after giving birth, and the father, Thomas Button, abandons the infant on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie and Mr. “Tizzy” Weathers, workers at the nursing home, find the baby, and Queenie decides to care for him as her own.

Benjamin learns to walk in 1925; he declares it a miracle, after which he uses crutches in place of a wheelchair. On Thanksgiving 1930, Benjamin meets seven-year-old Daisy, whose grandmother lives in the nursing home. He and Daisy become good friends. Later, he accepts work on a tugboat captained by Mike Clark. Benjamin also meets Thomas Button, who does not reveal that he is Benjamin’s father. In Autumn 1936, Benjamin leaves New Orleans for a long-term work engagement with the tugboat crew; Daisy later is accepted into a dance company in New York City under choreographer George Balanchine. In 1941, Benjamin is in Murmansk, where he begins having an affair with Elizabeth Abbott, wife of the British Trade Minister. That December, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, thrusting the United States into World War II. Mike volunteers the boat for the U.S. Navy; the crew is assigned to salvage duties. During a patrol, the tugboat finds a sunken U.S. transport and the bodies of many American troops. A German submarine surfaces; Mike steers the tugboat full speed towards it while a German gunner fires on the tugboat, killing most of the crew, including Mike. The tugboat rams the submarine, causing it to explode, sinking both vessels. Benjamin and another crewman are rescued by U.S. Navy ships the next day.

In May 1945, Benjamin returns to New Orleans and reunites with Queenie. A few weeks later, he reunites with Daisy; they go out for dinner. Upon failing to seduce him afterward, she departs. Benjamin later reunites with Thomas Button, who, terminally ill, reveals he is Benjamin’s father and wills Benjamin his button company and his estate. In 1947, Benjamin visits Daisy in New York unannounced but departs upon seeing that she has fallen in love with someone else. In 1954, Daisy’s dancing career ends when her leg is crushed in an automobile accident in Paris. When Benjamin visits her, Daisy is amazed by his youthful appearance, but, frustrated by her injuries, she tells him to stay out of her life.

In spring 1962, Daisy returns to New Orleans and reunites with Benjamin. Now of comparable physical age, they fall in love and go sailing together. They return to learn that Queenie has died, then move in together. In 1967, Daisy, who has opened a ballet studio, tells Benjamin that she is pregnant; she gives birth to a girl, Caroline, in the spring of 1968. Believing he can not be a proper father to his daughter due to his reverse aging, Benjamin departs after selling his belongings, leaving a bank account book holding the proceeds behind for Daisy and Caroline; he travels alone during the 1970s. Benjamin returns to Daisy in 1980. Now married, Daisy introduces him, as a family friend, to her husband and daughter. Daisy admits that he was right to leave; she could not have coped otherwise. She later visits Benjamin at his hotel, where they again share their passion for each other, then part once more.

In 1990, widowed Daisy is contacted by social workers who have found Benjamin—now physically a pre-teen. When she arrives, they explain that he was living in a condemned building and was taken to the hospital in poor physical condition, and that they found her name in his diary. The bewildered social workers also say he is displaying early signs of dementia. Daisy moves into the nursing home in 1997 and cares for Benjamin for the rest of his life. In the spring of 2003, Benjamin dies in Daisy’s arms, physically an infant but chronologically 84 years of age. Having finally revealed the story of Caroline’s father to her, Daisy dies as Hurricane Katrina approaches.
It is an extremely graceful depiction of life, love, and the things we lose. After so much anticipation I was certainly not disappointed. This movie is probably not for everyone though. It’s not your average drama that spoon feeds it’s audience their emotions. It is something of awe and astonishment, an absolute gem. What makes our lives memorable are the moments we never seem to grasp long enough before letting go. Life in itself is indeed very, very curious and Benjamin Button is no less of a wonder.