Lisa Barbuscia (Highlander: Endgame)
Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lucy)
Tara Summers (Mercy Street)
Flora Montgomery (Basic Instinct 2)
Emma Buckley (Venus)
Sienna Guillory (Eragon)
Stefanie Powers (Hart To Hart)

A superb comedy! How refreshing to see a movie that’s original , inventive on every level and one that builds on the subtleties of cinematic humour – particularly when it comes to dealing with the delicate subject of sex toys. There were many moments of side-splitting hilarity that, because they’re delivered with such comedic tenacity, leave you wanting more.

The writer hits the nail on the head. The fact that it’s his first movie and was independently made on a tight budget can only give us faith. Again, how refreshing for the British movie industry.

The acting throws up some wonderful performances – from the new faces to a collection of cameo appearances. Of the cameos, I don’t spoil it by saying Germaine Greer, Tom Conti, Stefanie Powers and Sir Richard Branson inject a superb originality into proceedings that makes you sit up and wonder if you’re actually watching a real-life documentary. Branson’s role is particularly convincing. Of the new faces, my particular favourites were Sharon Gavin as the girlfriend of the Chelsea FC fanatic and the foppish Julian Rhind-Tutt as Rupert.  Every performance delivers though and the fact that you are watching a truly eclectic cast makes the experience yet more memorable.