Taking Care of Business (2019)

Rorrie D. Travis (The Coroner)
Jasmeet Baduwalia (Werewolf World)
Jacqueline Scislowski (Man of Steel)
Abraham Rodriguez (The Auction)
Recurring / Notable Guest Cast
Colby Strong (Andi Mack)
Liana Ramirez (Be Somebody)
Cosme Flores (Pledge)
Kristina Ho (The Unhallowed)
Teuila Blakely (Funny Girls)
Kevin Copeland (Gabriel)
Sia Trokenheim (Step Dave)
J.J. Fong (Friday Night Bites)
Kelson Henderson (Ash Vs Evil Dead)
John Leigh (800 Words)
Reid McGowan (AFK)

.The first Power Rangers episode of the Hasbro era kicked off today with Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and to say it set a high bar for the rest of the series would be an understatement.power-rangers-beast-morphersThere are several differences between this and the last outing at Saban, Super Ninja Steel, but one of the biggest involves attention to detail. In the first episode of the season, we already have references to the greater Power Rangers universe, with Mayor Daniels (Kevin Copeland) referring to previous villains, Power Ranger teams, and other dimensions. That’s a big deal, especially so early on in the series, and what’s more impressive is it was done with a relatively small amount of time and felt organic to the character and the plot, as opposed to some ham-fisted reference just to appease fans.x720One thing Beast Morphers shares in common with Ninja Steel is a supremely likable cast. By the end of the episode, you have a firm grasp on not only their personalities but also their motivations, giving them clear jumping off points to further develop their characters. It’s refreshing to see that, as previous series struggled to give the cast meaningful narratives consistently. Hopefully, this keeps up throughout the series, but so far we can’t help but love Devon (Rorrie D. Travis), Zoey (Jacqueline Scislowski), and Ravi (Jasmeet Baduwalia). Also shoutout to Ben (Cosme Flores) and Betty (Kristina Ho), who made me laugh every time they were on screen. Their immediate charm helped balance out the slapstick, and it was a welcome mix.Power-Rangers-Beast-MorpheBeast Morphers excels from a style perspective as well. From the fights to all the slick looking tech lying around the lab, the aesthetic of the series is top notch. It retains that Power Rangers vibe but gives it a modern flair, and those Grid Battleforce jackets are swaggy…okay, not sure I can pull that word off…well, they’re cool alright! Overall this was a wonderful introduction to the Hasbro era of Power Rangers, and I personally can’t wait to enjoy the season-long ride that’s in store. So far 8 episodes have aired and it shows that Hasbro has breathed new life in this awesome franchise