Dolph Lundgren (Universal Soldier)
Louis Gosset Jr. (Enemy Mine)
Jeroen Krabbe (The Fugitive)
Kim Miyori (The Grudge 2)
Bryan Marshall (Embassy)
Nancy Everhard (Deepstar Six)
Barry Otto (Strictly Ballroom)
Brian Rooney (Spellbinder)
Lani John Tupu (Farscape)


Frank Castle (Dolph Lundgren) has taken to living in the sewers following the murder of his family at the hands of the city’s criminal underworld. Now, he acts as an angel of vengeance – waging war on the mob bosses, punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent. Nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ Frank lives a solitary existence only surfacing to mow down bad guys in various acts of machine gun spewing violence. Between bouts of blowing people away, Frank is hunted by his ex-partner Jake Berkowitz (Louis Gossett, Jr) and between the two of them, they team up once more to take down the Japanese mob – led by Jeroen Krabbé and Kim Miyori as the very entertaining Lady Tanaka.

Celebrated action editor Mark Goldblatt (Commando, The Terminator) calls the shots and he keeps the movie brisk, allowing the action to take centre stage and not allowing such things as character development or emotion slow things down! Kudos also to cinematographer Ian Baker who embues the movie with a cold steel look that accentuates the isolation and clearly the mindset of the title character. The supporting cast do a great job but its Dolph’s show all the way as he combines macho with a distinct dislocation from the real world, giving you the impression that he’s clearly not all the ticket.