Majo no takkyûbin (2014)A young witch, on her mandatory year of independent life, finds fitting into a new community difficult while she supports herself by running an air courier service.Fûka Koshiba in Majo no takkyûbin (2014)The original, animated version of Kiki’s Delivery Service is so pitch-perfect that it doesn’t seem possible that they’d dare come out with a live-action version. Fûka Koshiba in Majo no takkyûbin (2014)Only rarely does a live-action version of an anime equal the original. With live-action, it’s almost like trying to translate from one language to another; some of the actors are good (and others ordinary), and the story conveys only some of the wide- eyed wonder of the original. Fuka Koshiba has a petulant optimism (and a little brattiness) the fills out the title character; JiJi, the talking black cat could have played a bigger part of the movie. Fans of Japanese film will notice a few interesting casting choices – like Asano Tadanobu and Rie Miyazawa. Ultimately, changing this to a live-action film makes it seem more suited for children (as opposed to the anime version, which is ageless).  That said, I enjoyed much of the film. It’s a minor miracle that it’s as good as it is.