Bill Bixby (My Favorite Martian)
Lou Ferrigno (I Love You, Man)
Jack Colvin (Child’s Play)

Bill Bixby and Mariette Hartley in The Incredible Hulk (1978)


Mariette Hartley (Encino Man)
Brian Cutler (Emergency!)
Rosalind Chao (Star Trek: DS9)
William Lucking (Red Dragon)
Lance LeGault (Stripes)
Myron Healey (Shadow on The Land)
Gerald McRaney (Focus)
Mickey Jones (V: The Final Battle)
Ned Romero (Star Trek)
Sally Kirkland (JFK)
Mako (Conan The Barbarian)
Donna Wilkes (Jaws 2)
Marc Alaimo (Star Trek: TNG)
Brion James (Blade Runner)
Pat Morita (The Karate Kid)
Shelley Fabares (Coach)
Kerrigan Mahan (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Christine Belford (wonder Woman)
Billy Green Bush (Jason Goes To Hell)
Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters)
Austin Stoker (Battle For TPOTA)
Carol Baxter (The Curse of Dracula)
Barbara Tarbuck (S. Darko)
Aline Towne (Highway 301)
John Fujioka (Mortal Kombat)
Fred Ward (Tremors)
Sherman Hemsley (The Jefferson)
Robert F. Lyons (Roswell)
Morgan Woodward (Cool Hand Luke)

Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk (1978)The second season of the Hulk starts out with David heading to Hawaii and getting married to a woman named Carolyn. Of course, being cursed as he is, things naturally don’t end well for the doctor. In the end though, this “Married” episode was interesting because it was more or less two parts and presented itself as a much larger story than we had become accustomed to.Bill Bixby in The Incredible Hulk (1978)The thing with The Incredible Hulk is that most every episode followed a strict formula and you could basically expect the same structure over and over again. Due to that fact it is always a nice thing when the mold is broken, which did happen from time to time with the series.That “mold” is broken again later in this season with a two-part episode entitled “Mystery Man”. This storyline features the very definition of a close call when David is involved in a car accident that renders him with amnesia. It is bad enough he doesn’t remember what happens when he’s the Hulk, but now he just plain doesn’t know what’s going on. Because of the accident his face is bandaged and he winds up spending a lot of time with McGee when they are involved in a plane crash together.You’re left wondering throughout the episode whether or not the reporter will actually put two and two together.Aside from these two breaks from the standard set by the first season, the rest of this year’s batch of Hulk episodes are formulaic. It works for many episodes, but there are others which just aren’t quite as sharp. “The Antowuk Horror”, “Alice in Disco Land”, “Killer Instinct”, and “Stop the Presses” all stand out as prime examples of the show at its best, while “Wild Fire”, “Vendetta Road”, and “The Disciple” are a few of the lower points.Lou Ferrigno and Mickey Jones in The Incredible Hulk (1978)All in all, the second season of The Incredible Hulk was much better than the first, but then again in the opening year the show was just finding its footing. We still see a little bit of that here though it’s safe to say that the show handles this material better than most science fiction programs of the era. Many of these episodes and plots are cliché beyond reason, but the series handles them seriously and with a hefty flare for the dramatic. This was definitely one of the feathers in the Hulk’s cap and because of that the series retains much of its entertainment value some thirty years later.



Main Cast

Will Friedle (Batman Ninja)
Kevin Conroy (Batman: TAS)
Cree Summer (Bambi II)
Frank Welker (Transformers)


Recurring / Notable Guest Cast

Ian Buchanan (panic Room)
Ice-T (Tank Girl)
Stockard Channing (Grease)
Paul Winfield (The Terminator)
Teri Garr (After Hours)
Lauren Tom (Bad Santa)
Ryan O’Donohue (Toy Story)
Lindsay Sloane (Sabrina: TTW)
Dan Lauria (The Spirit)
Stephen Collins (Star Trek: TMP)
Wendie Malick (American Housewife)
Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show)
Ethan Embry (Empire Records)
Stacy Keach (THe Bourne Legacy)
Corey Burton (Critters)
Townsend Coleman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Rider Strong (Cabin Fever)
Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville)
Carl Lumbly (Alias)
Sam McMurray (Raising Arizona)
Olivia d’Abo (Conan The Destroyer)
Daphne Zuniga (Spaceballs)
Miguel Sandoval (Mediam)
Jon Cypher (Masters of The Universe)
Jason Marsden (Young Justice)
Henry Rollins (Feast)
Clyde Kusatsu (Midway)
Victor Rivers (Hulk)
Kate Jackson (Charlie’s Angels)
Melissa Disney (Superman vs The Elite)
Seth Green (Family Guy)
Chris Mulkey (Cloverfield)
Jeff Bennett (Enchanted)
Brian George (The Big Bang Theory)
Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons)
Shiri Appleby (Roswell)
Gregg Berger (Transformers)
Tim Curry (IT)
John Ritter (Bad Santa)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Antitrust)
Adam Wylie (Child’s Play 2)
Vernee Watson (The Kid)
Dorian Harewood (Terminator: TSCC)
Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap)
Kathleen Freeman (Innerspace)
Andy Dick (Road Trip)
Mark Rolston (Aliens)
Gary Cole (Fam)
Kerrigan Mahan (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory)
Chris Demetral (Lois & Clark)
Patton Oswalt (Caprica)
Mitch Pileggi (Stargate: Atlantis)
Bill Fagerbakke (How I MEt Your Mother)
Curtis Armstrong (American Dad)
Bumper Robinson (Sabrina: TTW)
Eli Marienthal (American Pie)
Bill Smitrovich (Ted)
George Lazenby (Gettysburg)
Sarah Douglas (Superman I & II)

MV5BMTQxNTk2MTgwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDk5OTQ1MjE@._V1_Batman Beyond—Season Two would be ambitious and further expand the adventures of Terry McGinnis, the new Dark Knight of the Gotham City’s future, but it would also be quite different from the first season in several ways. For one thing, the creators had killed off Terry arch nemesis Derek Powers (a.k.a. Blight) at the end of season and despite having a cliffhanger ending, the character never returned for season two, or season three for that matter.MV5BODgxNjYyMzM1OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjg5OTQ1MjE@._V1_In fact, the fundamental change between the two seasons was that the network requested more episodes be written around Terry and the kids he interacted with in his high school, instead of focusing on a corporate espionage subplot like in the previous season. The producers did not argue with this as it was more or less the direction they were interested in going too. The network also wanted the show to introduce a stronger female character that could assist Terry in his mission as Batman.MV5BMTQzNzI1MzY4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzEwMDU1MjE@._V1_That not led to the creation of new supporting character Maxine “Max” Gibson, a beautiful and intelligent girl at Terry’s high school who would discover his secret in her first episode and would become one of his allies for the rest of the series. She was always intended to be her own character and not a placeholder for Robin, Batgirl, Alfred or anyone from the classic Batman supporting cast. Most of Terry’s teenage peers like Dana Tan, Chelsea Cunningham, Blade Summer and Nelson Nash came back in this season and is some cases got slightly more prominent roles. But there was also at least one more friend of Terry’s introduced named Howard Groote, a nerdy comic relief who design was, amusingly, inspired by producer/writer Paul Dini.MV5BMTQ1MTU2MTkyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjQ5OTQ1MjE@._V1_As for villains this season, many characters like the Jokerz gang, Ten of the Royal Flush Gang, Spellbinder, Willie Watt, Shriek and Curare return for further episodes. But there were also several new villains introduced, though unfortunately many of them were only one-time threats and did not become members of terry’s recurring rogues gallery. The three major recurring villains introduced this season were the Stalker, a cybernetically-enhanced big-game hunter who sees Batman as his ultimate prey, the insanely liberal bomber Mad Stan, and the terrorist snake cult known as Kobra). Memorable one-shot villains include gene splicer Dr. Able Cuvier, the A.I. ‘ghost’ of a former corporate mogul who takes control of the Batsuit, a rat boy named Patrick that kidnaps Dana, the father of one of Terry’s friends who becomes a supervillain named Armory, a burly woman named Mom Mayhem and her two sons, a snobby gossip reporter using invisibility technology, and a vigilante named Payback who takes his revenge against tormentors of troubled teenagers too far.MV5BMTc2NDEzNDU5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE5OTQ1MjE@._V1_Overall, Batman Beyond—Season Two is twice and big as the first season, and just as strong.


Beau Weaver (Transformers)
Lori Alan (Family Guy)
Chuck McCann (Ducktales)
Brian Austin Green (Anger Management)
Quinton Flynn (Digimon)
Neil Ross (Being John Malkovich)
Tony Jay (Lois & Clark)
Stan Lee (Avengers Assemble)
Ron Perlman (Hellboy)
Robin Sachs (Buffy)
John Rhys-Davies (Lord of The Rings)
Mark Hamill (Star Wars)
Michael Dorn (Ted 2)
Jane Carr (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Edward Albert (Power Rangers Time Force)
John Vernon (Batman: TAS)
Simon Templeman (The Neighbours)
Brad Garrett (The Crazy Ones)
Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street)
Clyde Kusatsu (Bird on a Wire)
Kerrigan Mahan (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Alan Oppenheimer (He-Man)
Gary Owens (That 70s Shows)
Bill Smitrovich (Ted)
Launched in 1994 as part of Marvel’s Action Hour in the USA (alongside Iron Man), this then new cartoon attempted to bring Marvel’s First Family  to the attention of a new generation. The main US comic book of the time included a free ‘animation cel’ with #394 to promote the series and later a spin off comic book of the cartoon was launched. In its first season, the show is disappointing. Reduced to a crude sitcom, the show is creaky, toe curling and cheesy beyond belief.  Worst of all, Sue Richards is reduced to mere ‘damsel in distress’ for the entirety of the season, functioning only as a simpering wife and mother to the men on the team. Compared to the superior Batman: The Animated Series of the time and even Marvel’s other cartoons of the period Spider-man, X-Men and Iron Man, its not hard to feel disappointed with the translation of the Fantastic Four to the small screen.

Thankfully, the approach of Season One , with its comedy landlord and irksome stereotypes don’t seemed to have found favour with audiences either and the show was given a serious overhaul for Season Two. The improvement in storytelling is immense and does a much better job of servicing the characters and situations they find thermselves in. The theme tune and accompanying score are still pretty naff though, all synthesized fanfares and flat sounding parps.
The Inhumans three parter is my favourite, giving all its key characters a chance to shine and the romance between Johnny Storm and Crystal is nicely done, There’s also some neat guest appearances for The Avengers, Black Panther and even Ego – The Living Planet. As with all of Clear Vision’s Marvel releases, the set is attractively packaged with some nice artwork by Simon Williams and the picture is pin sharp and vibrant. The sound is superb as well, being dolby 5.1 stereo. There’s nothing in the way of any extras though, just the usual language and episode selections.



Catherine Sutherland (The Cell)
Nakia Burrise (Bones)
Steve Cardeanas (A Brother’s Badge)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Marvel Anime: BLade)
Jason David Frank (The One Warrior)
David Yost (Degenerat)
Paul Schrier (Wicked Games)
Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
Gregg Bullock (Evil Acts)
Richard Genelle (The Death Merchant)
Austin St. John (Footsteps)

Carla Perez (VR Troopers)
Richard Steven Horvitz (The Angry Beavers)
Robert Axelrod (The Blob)
Kerrigan Mahan (Dr. Dolittle)
David Senstrom (Masked Rider)
Alex Borstein (Family Guy)
Traci Belushi (Big Bad Beetleborgs)
Bob Papenbrook (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Karim Prince (Buffy)
Barbara Goodson (Akira)
Sarah Brown (VR Troopers)
Brad Hawkins (VR Troopers)
Rajia Baroudi (Starship: Rising)
Royce Herron (Rocky Road)
David Bacon (Hidden Passion)

Power Rangers: Zeo is possibly Power Rangers at it’s best (or Power Rangers in Space). Although the original costumes, command center, zords, and villains have become the main icons for Power Rangers, I personally love the costumes, zords, the power chamber (wow, it looks so cool), and the new villains. The Machine Empire are very entertaining villains, but we get the feeling that they’re also very evil. During the first portion of the show, before we get much storyline, the episodes are absolutely fantastic. It’s great. We then start to move away from individual episodes to having more storyline in the overall show when Tommy goes on a personal journey, and we find out about his brother. We then get a bunch of episodes about the mysterious gold ranger, and as soon as we find out who he is, Jason returns and gets the powers. We then see the Machine Empire changing leaders around, until the final couple of episodes. Power Rangers: Zeo also includes my favorite Power Rangers Christmas/Holiday special, one that celebrates the many different holiday.


Catherine Sutherland (The Cell)
Nakia Burrise (Bones)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Marvel Anime: BLade)
Jason David Frank (The One Warrior)
Blake Foster (Kid’s World)
Paul Schrier (Wicked Games)
Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
Gregg Bullock (Evil Acts)
Tracy Lynn Cruz (Eastside)
Roger Velasco (Castle Rock)
Patricia Ja Lee (Hollywood Kills)
Selwyn Ward (A Simple Promise)
Hilary Shepard (Full House)


Richard Steven Horvitz (The Angry Beavers)
Steven Cardenas (A Brother’s Badge)
Lesley Pedersen (Hot Air)
Royce Herron (Rocky Road)
Carol Hoyt (Sasori In USA)
Bob Papenbrook (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Kristina Anapau (Cursed)
Ali Afshar (Masked Rider)
Ken Merckz (Orgazmo)
Barret Swatek (2 Broke Girls)

Power Rangers: Turbo is considered by many fans to be one of the worst. However, I think it had some fantastic episodes, and even though it wasn’t always as epic as previous seasons, it was still very enjoyable. With Turbo, they’re up against a whiny woman with her clumsy henchmen, and they have new car-themed powers. Although the new villain, Divatox, is nowhere near as menacing as the Machine Empire (or even Rita and Zedd), she and her henchmen always entertain the audience. Their car-themed powers might seem to be a step down from the previous season, but their equipment proves itself to be very useful for these newer situations. Also, a lot of fans might have complained about the newest member of the team being a twelve-year-old boy, but he actually proves himself to be extremely competent. I also think it had a great movie to start it out, which isn’t included in this boxed set, but you should buy it. We have some pretty good episodes at the beginning, and then there is a switchover of rangers. Except for Justin, the kid, all the previous rangers are replaced. The new team is TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley, and, as already mentioned, Justin. We don’t get major introductions to them before they become rangers although Carlos and Ashley appear in a couple of episodes beforehand. However, we get to know them well when they become rangers, and there are some pretty good episodes here. The story-arcs are not my personal favorites, but the individual episodes are mostly great, especially around the end. Although Turbo is not a favorite amongst fans, I find it to be very enjoyable, and a great set-up to the next season. It ends with a two-parter called Chase Into Space, where all of the rangers, except for Justin, leave Earth.


Christopher Khayman Lee (That 70s Show)
Tracy Lynn Cruz (Eastside)
Roger Velasco (Castle Rock)
Patricia Ja Lee (Hollywood Kills)
Selwyn Ward (A Simple Promise)
Paul Schrier (Wicked Games)
Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
Melody Perkins (Coyote Ugly)
Hilary Shepard (Full House)
Justin Nimmo (Dude, Where’s My Car?)

Johnny Yong Bosch (Marvel Anime: Blade)
Blake Foster (Kid’s World)
Carla Perez (VR Troopers)
Richard Steven Horvitz (The Angry Beavers)
Robert Axelrod (The Blob)
Barbara Goodson (Akira)
David Senstrom (Masked Rider)
Aloma Wright (Scrubs)
Jack Banning (Top Dog)
Ali Afshar (Masked Rider)
Ken Merckz (Orgazmo)
Jack Donner (Stigmata)

Power Rangers in Space is possibly my favorite, and a favorite for many other fans as well. Zeo is definitely a close second for me, but Power Rangers in Space takes things to a whole new level. The four rangers that replaced the previous rangers in Turbo join up with a ranger from outer space, named Andros. They have high-tech (mostly computer-based) powers, and they regularly travel space. The storyline is large. Power Rangers: Turbo ends where Zordon (who gave them their powers at the beginning) is captured by the monarch of all evil. Power Rangers in Space begins where the villains for all of the previous shows are together at a feast. We are introduced to the new villain, Astronema. Although she is joined by Elgar, the most clumsy henchman, from the previous season, we get the addition of Ecliptor, possibly one of the most impressive henchmen that we’ve seen so far. He’s show to be stronger than any of the other henchmen they’ve been up against, and his relationship with Astronema is much more complex than what we have had so far in Power Rangers.

We are also introduced to Darkonda, possibly the most evil of the villains we’ve had. He and Ecliptor also are rivals with each other, and we get something much more complex than heroes vs. villains. It gets even more complex when we find out that Astronema is Andros’ long lost sister, Karone, and Ecliptor even helps her help the rangers. However, the two of them are brainwashed, and we then get evil power rangers. There is a fantastic story-arc here about the psycho rangers. In previous seasons, we’ve seen evil power rangers, but those rangers were fairly easy to defeat. The psycho rangers, however, are difficult to defeat. Another major part of the storyline is their search for Zordon throughout space. This season ends with a resolution to all of the previous seasons of Power Rangers resolved. Usually for closing seasons (which this was partially meant to be), they regularly bring back people from all the previous seasons to reflect on the show. However, I’m, in many ways, glad that they didn’t do that. There was a little bit of that, but mostly not. This was an amazing season, and it ended the continuous storyline.

Image result for power rangers lost galaxy dvd


Danny Slavin (Boy Next Door)
Archie Kao (CSI)
Reggie Rolle (Buds for Life)
Valerie Vernon (Power Rangers Time Force)
Cerina Vincent (7 Mummies)
Paul Schrier (Wicked Games)
Jack Banning (Top Dog)
Amy Miller (Rock Star)
Melody Perkins (Coyote Ugly)
Russell Lawrence (The Young and The Restless)


Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
Tom Whyte (Touched By An Angel)
Bob Papenbrook (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Kerrigan Mahan (Dr. Dolittle)
Ken Merckx (Orgazmo)
Tracy Lynn Cruz (Eastside)
Roger Velasco (Castle Rock)
Patricia Ja Lee (Hollywood Kills)
Selwyn Ward (A Simple Promise)
Carol Hoyt (Sasori In USA)
Rajia Baroudi (Starship: Rising)

Lost Galaxy really has a lot of good upside to it, despite some of its flaws and occasional spotty writing. This season was one of the darkest, with more casualties in this season than any other season, with notable casualties including Kendrix and the Magna Defender (first two rangers to be killed in battle), and the Magna Defender’s son, Zika. Lost Galaxy has a strong cast with some very likable characters such as Leo, Kai, Kendrix, Karone, Maya, and the Magna Defender. While I typically don’t like seeing copy and paste story arcs from the Sentai counterpart, I felt the story surrounding the Magna Defender, Mike, and Leo which was coppied from Gingaman, was well done and fit in really well with the Lost Galaxy story, especially considering Leo’s character, how he cared for his brother, and snuck onto Terra Venture initially. Also adding to the story was the excellent team-up with In Space, the story surrounding Kendrix’s death (unfortunate due to her actress Valarie Varone having leukimia), and Karone’s story as her replacement. Many of the villains are awesome and sympathetic, such as Trakeena, Villamax, and Deviot. The final battle was pretty good as well. Fight scenes were awesome and even the American footage was good during this season. This season’s theme song was also really cool.quasar-sabers-lights-of-orion-lost-galaxy



Austin St. John (Footsteps)
Amy Jo Johnson (Flashpoint)
Walter Jones (Garden of Evil)
Thuy Trang (Spy Hard)
David Yost (Degenerate)
Paul Schrier (Wicked Game)
Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
David Fielding (Super Task Force One)
Jason David Frank (The One Warrior)
Steve Cardenas (A Brother’s Badge)
Karen Ashley (Sawed)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Marvel Anime: Blade)
Catherine Sutherland (The Cell)


Richard Genelle (The Death Merchant)
Barbara Goodson (The CHosen)
Robert Axelrod (The Blob)
Wemndee Lee (VR Troopers)
Kerrigan Mahan (Supernova)
Richard Steven Horvitz (Crazy, Stupid, Love)
Bryan Cranston (Godzilla)
Richard Lee Jackson (Bring it On Again)
Renee Griggs (Walker Texas Ranger)
Richard Rabago (VR Troopers)
Royce Herron (Rocky Road)
Carla Perez (VR Troopers)
Alex Borstein (Family Guy)
Sabrina Lu (Idle Hands)
Alissa Ann Smego (Star Kid)
Ted Jan Roberts (Masked Rider)
Traci Belushi (Big Bad Beetleborgs)
Ken Merckz (Orgazmo)
Peter Shinkoda (Daredevil TV)
Winston Story (That 70s Show)
Jennifer Tung (What Lies Beneath)
Ralph Votrian (Masked Rider)
Bob Papenbrook (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Gregg Bullock (Evil Acts)
Tracy Lynn Cruz (Power Rangers In Space)
Karim Prince (How To Make a Monster)
Alan Palmer (Lovers and Liars)
Jim Gray (Diamonds in The Rough)
Rajia Baroudi (Starship: Rising)
David Bacon (True Friends)
Nakia Burrise (Hart of Dixie)

In 1993. It was an intriguing time in the United States as we saw elements of Japanese pop culture starting to make its way to television. From Japanese animation being shown on television, so was a sentai series known as “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”.mmpr-4

Based on the 16th installment of the Super Sentai franchise and known as “Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger” in Japan, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” became an amazing hit as it aired on Fox Kids and made Saban Entertainment a household name for people growing up at that time. Instead of releasing the Japanese version of the series and providing an English dub, Saban Entertainment wrote new episodes and just used the footage featuring the action sequences including the rangers and their mecha vehicles incorporated to the new footage. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” was a simple story focusing on five teenagers in the fictional city of Angel Grove, California. The five teenagers, who are good friends, included the fitness jock Jason Lee Scott (as portrayed by Austin St. John), the dancer Zack Taylor (as portrayed by Walter Jones), the gymnast Kimberly Hart (As portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson), the intelligent Billy Cranston (as portrayed by David Yost) and the always happy Trini Kwan (as portrayed by Thuy Trang).the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbbo
While the teens put hang out at a teen Youth Center owned by Ernie (As portrayed by Richard Genelle) and are often upset at the local wannabe bullies Bulk (as portrayed by Paul Schrier) and Skull (as portrayed by Jason Narvy), everyone likes to have fun at the center.y4cA0YbWhile in space, two astronauts discover an extraterrestrial container and when they open it, they inadvertently release the evil alien sorceress named Rita Repulsa who was confined in the container for over 10,000 years. And now Rita has her sights of conquering the planet Earth with her evil space aliens and monsters.The wise sage known as Zordon, who was responsible for capturing Rita and confining her, now needs to make sure Earth is protected. So, Zodon has his robotic assistant named Alpha 5, find five teenagers who can help defend the Earth from Rita’s attacks. And the five teenagers are brought to headquarters to meet Zordon and Alpha 5 and find out that they have been selected to defend the Planet Earth from Rita Repulsa’s attacks. They will be given the power of the Power Rangers, dino-powered warriors of goodness. Jason becomes Red Ranger, Zack becomes Black Ranger, Billy becomes Blu Ranger, Trini becomes Yellow Ranger and Kimberly becomes Pink Ranger. The five are given weapons and a vehicle to control. And when their opponent becomes too strong for all five to challenge, the five can use their vehicles to become one huge robot known as the Megazord. As the five teens use their new powers to defend the planet from Rita Repulsa’s monsters, a new teenager with martial arts skills shows up in Angel Grove. His name is Tommy Oliver (portrayed by Jason David Frank), who has the power of the Green Ranger, but is he friend or foe? As the first season focused on Rita trying to use the Tommy/green power ranger against the Power Rangers and then trying to regain the power, the second season would introduce new antagonists.

In season two, Rita Repulsa’s superior, Lord Zedd has arrived and upset with her performance, he throws her into the space dumpster and focuses on his own personal campaign to conquer Earth. But because of the new threat, Zordon and Alpha upgrade the Dinozords into the Thunderzords, with the exception of Tommy who must continue to use the Dragonzord.

Meanwhile, as Zedd ties to focus on eliminating Tommy, Zed creates a special green crystal in order to take away the powers of the Green Ranger and also power up Zedd’s Dark Rangers. Meanwhile, Jason, Zack and Trini are chosen to attend the World Peace Conference in Switzerland and that means that the Power Rangers will need new members. And the three’s powers are transferred over to new members Rocky DeSantos (portrayed by Steve Cardenas), the new red ranger; Adam Park (portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch), the new black ranger and Aisha Campbell (portrayed by Karan Ashley); the new yellow ranger. This will eventually lead to a new storyline featuring a transformation of Tommy into the White Ranger with a Tigerzord and become the new leader of the group. As for Rita Repulsa, she makes her re-appearances, albeit with a special makeover to have a younger and prettier face. Thus creating two power-house antagonists that the Rangers must contend with.In season three, a new antagonist known as Rito Revolto (Rita’s skeletal brother) has now arrived on Earth and showing his might, destroys the Power Rangers Thunderzords and even the Tiger Zord. Needing new zords, the Power Rangers seek the creator of the Power Coins, Ninjor and the result is the creation of powerful Ninjazords and the Falconzord and later to the Shogunzords.the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbbo
The third season introduces us to Katherine Hillard (portrayed by Catherine Sutherland) who arrives from Australia to Angel Grove and becomes the new replacement for Kimberly who chooses to pursue her dreams of competing in the Pan Global Games and becomes the new Pink Ranger. The third season also, introduces us to Rita’s father, Master vile and turns the Power Rangers into children and leads to the ten-episode mini-series (a.k.a. Season 3.5), Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (which is included in the season three DVD release).

With Master Vile using the Orb of Doom to turn the Power Rangers into children, Zordon recruits the Alien Rangers of Aquitar for their help. Meanwhile, Billy tries to find a way to restore everyone back to their normal ages and that is to find the fragments of the Zeo Crystal.the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbbo


“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Complete Series” comes with the following special features:

Morphin Time! – (32:44) A look back ad the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” phenomenon with new interviews with the cast and creative team.
A Morphenomenal Cast: A Look at Becoming a Power Ranger – (35:06) Casting director Katy Wallin and the stars of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ” talk about being cast for the show and the camaraderie of teh cast members.
Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads – (25:03) A video montage of the various monsters featured in the series.
Alpha’s Magical Christmas – (23:14) The original Power Rangers Christmas special episode featuring Alpha celebrating Christmas with the children.
The Good, The Bad and the Stupid! The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull – (52:13) A special episode featuring Bulk and Skull as Civil Defenders and recalling their past adventures.
The Fans Power Up! A Peek Inside the Power Rangers Fandom – (13:46) Fans of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” talk about what they remember of the series when it first aired on television and the cast talk about how the fans are phenomenal and loyal.
Rare Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club Video – (29:48) The original video created for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club featuring the original season one cast. And a chance for fans to learn more about the cast behind the Power Rangers.
MMPR Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata – (51:17) The karate club videos that were originally included in the VHS tapes featuring Jason David Frank teaching how to do martial arts.
Power Rangers Live: The World Tour – (1:11:59) Featuring the Power Rangers live stage show.the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbboPlus a 40-page booklet with information on the series, character bios, episode summary and more. The set comes with a big slipcase to hold all the DVD’s. It’s brilliant to be able to relive the entire series from the beginning a must purchase for fans old and new.


VR Troopers: Season 1, Vol.1


Brad Hawkins (Power Rangers Zeo
Michael Bacon
Sarah Brown (Birds of Prey)
Gardner Baldwin (Masked Rider)
Julian Combs (Jellyscream!)
Richard Rabago ( Magic Kid 2)
Aron Pruner (The Divine Tragedies)
Kerrigan Mahan (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Michael Sorich (Bad Reception)


Farrand Thompson (Twin Sitters)
Randy Swerdlick (Poweer Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Brandon Gaines (Superfights)
Davild Milburn (The Unsaid)
Sonja Ecker (Scarecrow)
Don Yanan (The Muppets)
Wendee Lee (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Ashton McArn (Masked Rider)
Glen McDougal (Water for Elephants)
T.J. Storm (Punisher: Warzone)
Kristin Norton (Monkeybone)
Tyffany Hayes (Sweet Valley High)
Carla Perez (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

As a child, I always looked forward to catching VR Troopers after school. I was always excited to see how Ryan, Kaitlin, and JB would foil Grimlord’s latest evil scheme. This was a show that I loved so much, and for many years I have been praying for a DVD release. Thanks to Shout Factory, that dream has finally come true, and for VR Trooper fans such as myself, the long wait was definitely worth it.

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The show is still as wonderful as I remember it, with its action-packed battles providing a lot of excitement and story lines regarding friendship, teamwork, etc. that still hold up well today. Ryan was and still is my favorite Trooper, though Kaitlin and JB are also pretty cool. Grimlord, and his human alter-ego Karl Ziktor, are effectively creepy, and his many mutant minions are equally menacing. Jeb, the talking dog, provides the best comic relief on the show. Many of the other characters such as Tao and Professor Hart are also as appealing now as they were all those years ago. The only regular character I could never stand was Percy, who I felt was quite an annoyance, but just about all the other characters are awesome to some extent.

The episodes on this set (26 in all) provide plenty of entertainment. The two-part story The Battle Begins sets up the story quite nicely, as it shows how the Troopers became the defenders of our reality, their first Skug battle, how Jeb gained the ability to speak, and the beginning of the ongoing plot point of Ryan’s search for his long-lost father. Other episodes on this set have the Troopers rescuing Jeb from Grimlord’s minions (The Dognapping), trying to help Ryan when he’s suffering from amnesia (Lost Memories), dealing with a magician who steals Kaitlin and JB’s virtualizers (A Dirty Trick), investigating some earthquakes that hit Crossworld City (Digging for Fire), and much more. Fans who grew up with the series, as well as people who never saw the show before, are sure to find at least a few great episode on the set that are worth checking out.

A mere three months after Shout Factory released the first 26 episodes of VR Troopers comes this DVD set covering the second half of Season 0ne (or at least most of the second half…more on that in a bit). The saga of Ryan, Kaitlin, and JB continues as they deal with more of Grimlord’s menacing mutants. Many of the episodes on the set are a joy to see, but the standout ones are the four episodes that comprise the Defending Darkheart story arc. This saga, in which Ryan finally learns the fate of his long-lost father, is dramatic and emotional, and is a must see for every VR Trooper fans. Other episodes feature the Troopers being turned into children, encountering the Ghost Biker, and fighting Grimlord’s own VR Trooper. There’s even an episode in which Ryan and his talking dog, Jeb, switch bodies! As you can probably guess, hilarity ensues.

This set also contains a pretty cool five-minute clip that was made to introduce the series. Originally included on various Power Ranger tapes released in the 1990s, the promo includes a few differences from the final show, such as having Professor Hart look more like Albert Einstein and different voices for Grimlord and Jeb. It’s fascinating to watch, and I hope that Shout will include the Cybertron promo (the original concept for what would become VR Trooper, with Jason David Frank A.K.A. the Green Ranger as the main character) in a future set, as well.

Season Two is where the major changes happened, Ryan got a new suit, Grimlord decimated most of his villains. Kaitlin gets a double.

One of the best things about this volume is Ryan finally finds his father and the new look Grimlord is amazing.  most of the major events happen in the second volume.

VR Troopers fans like myself were undoubtedly disappointed when this fourth, and final, DVD set, which was meant to be released in September 2013, was canceled by Shout Factory due to low sales for the other sets. However, these fans may now rejoice as the set has been uncanceled and is available now, but only on Shout’s website as part of their Shout Select series. At any rate, this set is another must have for VR Troopers fans, though those hoping to see a proper conclusion to the series will likely be disappointed.

The second half of Season Two continues the saga of Ryan. Kaitlin, and JB, a.k.a the VR Troopers; and their never ending fight against Grimlord and his army of mutants. In the twenty episodes contained on this disc, our heroes deal with a computer that can duplicate anything (including Grimlord’s mutants), a pet that eats everything until it becomes a deadly monster, a new recurring villain called Knighttime who possesses the power to send the Troopers back in time and have time come to a complete halt, and much more. Some of my favorite episodes on this set includes Santa’s Little Trooper, a Christmas episode with some cute and touching moments, and Get Me to the Lab on Time, in which some love potion causes Kaitlin and the obnoxious Percy to fall in love with each other, leading to much hilarity!hqdefaultThere’s plenty to love about this set, and VR Troopers is as awesome now as it was when it debuted nearly twenty years ago, but one little disappointing aspect about the set is that the series was never given a proper conclusion of any sort. The Troopers would never defeat Grimlord for good, nor would they even find out what his true identity is. As I understand it, the show’s cancellation was on account of Saban having run out of Japanese footage for the show, and instead of either creating more American footage or using more Japanese footage from other shows, they canceled it in favor of Big Bad Beetleborgs. I know I’d give anything to see the show wrap up in a proper manner, but alas, the chances of that happening in this or any other lifetime are likely slim to none.

With that said, this is a solid set and a great way for fans to finish their collection. Having the entire series, or even just a handful of episodes, on DVD was a pipe dream for me not too long ago, but Shout Factory has gone above and beyond to release all 92 episodes on DVD, and for this, I am very happy. Those of you who have been wanting this set, run, don’t walk, to Shout’s website and order it today. Aside from the lack of a proper series conclusion, you most certainly won’t be disappointed!