Following the reveal of Genm’s identity as Kuroto Dan, Emu catches up to Kiriya and gets the full story of his friend who died on Zero Day: after hearing of his Bugster infection, he was so shaken up he got caught in a traffic accident, which is why Kiriya is investigating the Bugsters.[Excitesubs]_Kamen_Rider_Ex-Aid_12_Christmas_Special_Targeting_the_Silver_X-mas!(5)At CR, Kuroto’s deception is discussed, Hinata confirming that only Kuroto was involved in all of Genm Corp., and that the Ministry of Health will handle the matter. Emu talks with Shuhei’s mother and learns that she and her husband are patissiers (cake makers) whose business around Christmas bothers Shuhei and that he broke his leg climbing a tree in a park; Emu finds and climbs the same tree, finding something on a branch. Meanwhile, Kiriya visits a prison and meets with an inmate, former Genm Corp. CEO Masamune Dan. Emu talks with Shuhei about always being alone as a kid and playing video games to occupy himself (a flashback showing a crayon sketch of a 2-player game he envisioned), and that Shuhei instead climbs trees to cope; however, Shuhei’s infection flares as the Level 3 Salty attacks his parents’ patisserie, Le Couple.exaid12-1006Arriving with Poppy and Shuhei, Emu transforms into Ex-Aid Sports Action Gamer Level 3 using his newly acquired Shakariki Sports Gashat, Salty summoning a group of his same Bugster Virus chefs as before and Brave Beat Quest Gamer Level 3 joining the fight. Salty is knocked into a Mighty Action X block, releasing a Christmas Energy Item that turns Ex-Aid into a Santa Claus-dressed Level 1 form and decorated Sports Gamer bike as it starts snowing. Shuhei’s mother comes over to Shuhei and says Emu told her he’d climbed the tree to get at holly berries for a wreath he was making for her but fell, giving him a cake decorated with their family. As Salty attacks again, Poppy breaks open two more blocks and sends Christmas Energy Items to herself and Brave, dressing them as Santa, too; Poppy uses Brave’s DoReMiFa Beat armaments to trigger a remix of “Jingle Bells” and starts singing along. KYUKUYKBrave and Ex-Aid keep fighting Salty as the Bugster Viruses are entranced into dancing along with Poppy; they hit Salty with a Gashacon Weapon dual B-Button attack, all of them striking a pose for the camera before the Bugsters explode into the message “Merry Christmas” for the audience. A cloud of cell Viruses are pulled into the Gashacon Bugvisor by a nearby Parado. Poppy’s singing, however, is stressing out Shuhei all over again; Poppy admits that she’s actually a Bugster herself from DoReMiFa Beat, but Emu and Hiiro respond that anyone could have figured that out. Back at their hideout, Kuroto and Parado look at their new project, the “ultimate game”: Kamen Rider Chronicle. After a Christmas party at CR, Emu mentions to Director Kagami how Salty separated from Shuhei on his own, Hiiro explaining that viruses survive vaccines by mutating, leading to Emu realizing the Bugster virus is evolving. Just then, Kiriya calls for the Riders to gather so he can tell them something, but before leaving, Taiga is stopped by a girl wearing Genm Corp. game merchandise; she introduces herself as Nico Saiba and asks him to defeat the Genius Gamer M.BNNBNNHKuroto arrives to meet Kiriya, revealing the prisoner Kiriya had visited to be his father; Kiriya says that Masamune told him Kuroto had met Emu 16 years ago, revealing that he knows how Emu can transform without a compatibility surgery. Kuroto offers Kiriya a new Gashat beyond the first 10 as a trade for keeping silent; Kiriya takes the Gashat but says he wants Kuroto to pay for Zero Day, transforming into Lazer Bike Gamer Level 1 and triggering the new Gashat, Dangerous Zombie, but upon putting it in the Gamer Driver, it zaps away most of his Rider Gauge health. Kuroto says Kiriya knows too much, taking back the Gashat and using the Gashacon Bugvisor with a new belt to form the Buggle Driver, transforming into Genm Zombie Gamer Level X (Level 10), summoning a swarm of Bugster Viruses dressed in torn civilian clothes and stumbling about like zombies to intercept the other Riders as they arrive outside; Lazer desperately transforms into Chambara Bike Gamer Level 3. The Riders transform to Level 2 and destroy the Bugster Viruses, but Lazer is easily overpowered by the new Genm, even Sickle Mode Giri Giri Critical Finish seeming to do nothing, before Genm steals the Gashacon Sparrow and Giri Giri Chambara Gashat, using his own Critical End finisher and depleting the last of Lazer’s Rider Gauge. Kiriya claws at him, but is pushed aside as it begins to rain. The other Riders arrive as Genm leaves, running over as Kiriya’s body begins to digitize and fade. Kiriya gives his Driver and Bakusou Bike Gashat to Emu, telling him to take his fate in his own hands. The Driver announces: “Game Over” after Kiriya dies and his body completely fades away into nothing. Emu cries holding the Gamer Driver over the place where Kiriya’s body was as the others look on in shock.JFNFGNFGNFGNKamen Rider Ex-Aid is an absolute joy. Rarely does a Kamen Rider series so brilliantly combine its differing themes into such a perfect package, with one of the most loveable casts in recent years. This Christmas episode along with Episode 11 are great offerings from an awsome show.




Emu is now only one week away from finishing his 3-month internship at the Seito University Hospital, and goes to see off his latest patient of a broken leg, Shuhei Yamanaka, and his mother just in time for Christmas, but Shuhei glumly says he hates Christmas. Meanwhile at Genm Corp., Kuroto Dan is working with a new blank white Gashat with Parado, but to complete it, he needs “the data of death”; Parado comments on temporary in-game deaths vs. humans’ permanent deaths. At the hospital, as Shuhei walks away and his mother says she’ll need to go back to work, he drops his crutches and runs, laughing in an altered voice. Emu and Asuna follow him outside, where he collapses in pain before globs of orange virus material jump off of him and form the Salty Bugster. Emu is surprised the Bugster already separated from the patient, recognizing Salty from their first battle, but noticing he’s slightly different; Salty confirms he has leveled up, to Level 3. Emu transforms into Ex-Aid Robot Action Gamer Level 3, overwhelming Salty, but Genm Sports Action Gamer Level 3 arrives. Ex-Aid changes to Hunter Action Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon, overpowering Genm but flying out of control and crashing into a nearby building, letting Genm and Salty escape.GaimChristmasDanceShuhei’s downer attitude continues in CR; remembering Hinata cheering him up with a gamepad after his own operation, Emu asks Shuhei’s mother to find out what would do the same for Shuhei: cake, but before he can get some, he is called to Kuroto’s office. Kiriya is already there threatening to find Kuroto’s secrets before Emu, Hiiro, and Taiga arrive; Kuroto assigns them to clear the tenth and final Gashat, Shakariki Sports, and say that the black Ex-Aid is working to spread the Bugster virus. Emu is still opposed to the idea of Hinata’s surgery on him being suspicious, rejecting Kiriya’s claim that he needs a reason to trust Hinata is a good person.9_1At a hospital, Kiriya continues investigating Emu’s surgery, a nurse saying nothing was suspicious during the procedure, and that the entire team trusted Hinata. Emu meanwhile is fighting a large crowd to get a cake; finally bringing one to Shuhei, the boy replies that he hates cake. Emu is saddened by not being able to cheer his patient like Hinata had done for him, but is called by Kuroto: Emu needs to transport Shuhei elsewhere, as the Ministry of Health appears to be behind the Bugster virus, the revelation and Kiriya’s speech shaking Emu’s trust of Hinata. After the call, Kuroto takes the 10 Proto Gashats and says goodbye to his office. Walking along, Emu’s speech gives Kiriya a revelation about trust.UntitledArriving with Shuhei to an empty skate park, Emu and Poppy are attacked by Genm Sports Action Gamer Level 3, stating himself to be after the data of death from killing Shuhei. Emu transforms to Ex-Aid Hunter Action Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon and fights, Genm claiming to work for Hinata and mocking Emu’s lack of Hinata’s doctor skills; something inside Ex-Aid snaps, and he goes out of control, but Kiriya tackles him down, reminding him not to let his trust of Hinata slip so easily, and bringing him back to normal. Kiriya says he’ll believe in Emu as Hiiro and Taiga arrive, the four Riders taking their partial-dragon Level 5 forms. They attack Genm, knocking him out of Sports Action Gamer Level 3 down to Action Gamer Level 2 and almost depleting his Rider Gauge.

UntitledHowever, Genm puts the white Gashat into the Gashacon Bugvisor and attacks Shuhei and Poppy with a Shakariki Critical Strike, but Ex-Aid jumps over and swats Genm away with his dragon tail, emptying Genm’s Rider Gauge and clearing Shakariki Sports; Ex-Aid catches the Gashat. Before dying, Genm stabs the Gashacon Bugvisor onto his Rider Gauge, absorbing away the data of death from his own body and saving himself. No longer needing the charade, he announces his name to the other Riders for the first time, “Kamen Rider Genm”, untransforming to reveal himself to them as Kuroto Dan; Hiiro admits Kiriya had been telling the truth before. Questioned on his actions, Kuroto tells them they were test subjects so he could collect data for the ultimate game. He reprises his metaphor of Emu keeping the crystal of his heart from breaking and tells them the Bugster virus has already spread across the city before shooting with the Bugvisor to cover his escape. Staggering back to his new hideout with Parado waiting, he removes the white Gashat from the Bugvisor, and its image appears from the death data: Dangerous Zombie. A new game is starting.Ex-Aid 11Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is an absolute joy. Rarely does a Kamen Rider series so brilliantly combine its differing themes into such a perfect package, with one of the most loveable casts in recent years. This Christmas episode along with Episode 12 are great offerings from an awsome show.


kamen_rider_ghost_wallpaper_by_malecoc-d93k28lSpecter turns out to be Makoto, Takeru’s childhood friend that had gone missing 10 years ago. What “hell” is Makoto talking about? What was his father researching? Takeru cannot hide his uneasiness as Sennin, as usual, doesn’t provide any answers.1449357850692Reports surface about strange events ocurring in the laboratory of Professor Igarashi, an authority in physics who also went missing 10 years ago. Igarashi was an acquaintance of Ryu, Takeru’s father. There may be some information about Makoto… Among the things, he finds a photograph of them with Saionji. A new character appears before Alain and Saionji takes the next step in his plan. 1449357685945Kamen Rider Ghost is underrated series, but I liked it, that being said this is not much of a Christmas episode, we only it’s set at Christmas because of the Christmas cards shown in the episodes, other than that it’s just a normal episode, still a good episode thou with some decent character development.



Drive Type Technic continuously pumped electricity into Heart, trying to sacrifice himself to destroy the Roidmude before Chase used Execution Spider and separated them. Heart was saved in the nick of time while Drive was seemingly killed from the explosion. Members of the Special Investigation Unit figured out Volt’s plan is to create a mass blackout. With the police forces refuse to believe Genpachiro, the team decided to seek out the Volt Roidmude while in his civilian form.rtytryIn the Drive Pit, Shinnosuke was revealed to have survived the explosion while being spirited away by three Shift Cars; Deco Traveller, Road Winter and Colorful Commercial (this Shift Car also creates a decoy to cover up their operation). Shinnosuke realised that Volt’s blackout plan was based on one of the late author Goro Minami’s works and search for clues which lead him to one of the writer’s acquaintances, Koya Nishihori, the same criminal that Shinnosuke encountered back in the day before Global Freeze happened. With the help of Jun Honganji, he managed to gain access to Koya’s prison cell and get the story’s ending. Shinnosuke picked up Kiriko and explained that Volt’s plan would be staged on the Electro Mall.kamen_rider_drive__episode_10_raw_by_kamen_riders-d89r5yuOnce they arrived, they witnessed Volt and tried to stop him. However, the Roidmude revealed himself not to be the real Volt, but instead a recreation of the original template. Before Shinnosuke as Drive would face Volt, Brain and Chase interfere, leaving Kiriko to deal with Volt. After setting up his plan, Volt consumed two Spider Viral Cores and morphed into a giant Spider to battle Tridoron. 4545Touched by Drive’s plea to step aside for the good of many, Chase releases him but in return having himself attacked by a mad Brain. As Kiriko is about to be killed by Volt, an unknown figure saved her before Drive Type Technic appeared. Drive used Tridoron to reduce Volt back to his original state and destroy him while Kiriko destroys his device. With the two celebrated their victory, Chase discovers his Roidmude form and number, 000 after receiving damage from Brain’s attack. Nonetheless from their defeat, the Roidmudes’ main goal was accomplished: to revive one of their comrades, Medic.over-time-kamen-rider-drive-11-d21285fd-mkv_snapshot_20-58_2015-01-15_00-21-07When Shinnosuke arrived at a dinner that Kiriko reserved in a restaurant, he realized that his birthday party, Christmas party and the Special Investigation Unit’s year end party were all combined into one celebration much to his distraught though he accepted it much later. While Mr. Belt and all of the Shift Cars watched the party from afar, Chase/Roidmude Proto-Zero witnessed his own number designation in disbelief. untitled

Absolutely loved the episode a nice story for Christmas and some great acting from all involved. It’s an episode you can watch every Christmas and will certainly be on the highlights of my Christmas viewing.



Special Investigation Unit discovered that Shinnosuke’s birthday is around the Christmas Eve, December 24 but he didn’t excited about it due to receiving only one gift that represent both birthday and Christmas gift each year. While debating for Shinnosuke’s gift, suddenly a strange blackout occur within the city which even affected several cars and even backup electricity supplies. Mr. Belt and Tridoron seemed unaffected due to their Core Driviarskamen_rider_drive__episode_10_raw_by_kamen_riders-d89r5yuSomewhere in the location of Volt Roidmude’s demise, Volt was revived again when several lightning bolts struck his device. Back at the Unit’s base, they realised that Volt was seen again by several citizens in his human form, Goro Minami. According to Genpachiro, the real Goro Minami died three months earlier and Volt also supposedly met his demise after Drive killed him. Searching for clues regarding the late author in a library, they found his final works, The Dark Eve which was about a mad revolutionist creating a city-wide blackout, hinting Volt’s plan but the story remained unfinished since he had died sometime later. Chase appeared in the library and challenged Shinnosuke to a fight. When Heart tried to join the fray, Mr. Belt orders them to retreat. At the Drive Pit, he revealed to Shinnosuke that Heart was his murderer during his final days as a human named Krim Steinbelt. Bringing Shinnosuke to his mansion’s ruin, he revealed his history: Fifteen years ago, his friend Dr. Banno made three advanced androids called Roidmudes. However, when his development had hit the dead end, he pleaded Krim’s help as he gave the prototype of Core Driviars but soon it made the first three Roidmudes rebel and kill Dr. Banno as well as Krim Steinbelt. Fortunately, he uploaded consciousness into the Drive Driver. Before the Global Freeze, he managed to call forth Protodrive and beginning the operation to destroy all Roidmudes.maxresdefault56Revisiting Volt Ridmude’s hideout, Kiriko stumbled upon Goro Minami’s magazine when suddenly a Heavy Acceleration wave released. Volt communicated with Kiriko via a phone, telling her that he “no longer existed” in this world but his creation would exist to relaunch the Dark Eve and cancelled the Heavy Acceleration wave. She passed the information to Shinnosuke but as he went out, Heart stopped him and revealed that he was the first Roidmude to evolve and “killed” Protodrive. Refusing Mr. Belt’s orders, Shinnosuke as Drive fights Heart even with the help of Shift Cars and Tridoron but he resisted and became stronger compared to his earlier days when killing Protodrive. Heart lifts Drive and prepared to initiate Dead Zone but Drive as Type Technic pumped electricity to accelerate the process, willing to sacrifice his own life in order to kill Heart as he ordered Belt to leave. maxresdefault

Kamen Rider Drive was the season that got me hooked on the Kamen Rider show, and this and the following Episode are excellent examples of great episodes, great to watch over the Christmas season.



Rider Great Assembly! Revealing the Mystery of the Forest!

kamen-rider-gaim-ep-10Christmas is fast approaching and while doing a part time job, Kouta finds two Inves attacking a woman and rescue her before finishing them. With the increasing incidents involving the Inves, Kouta and Mitsuzane decide to investigate the Helheim Forest to look for clues, but they must beware of the white Armored Rider. Mitch then comes up with an idea, by inviting Kaito, Ryoji and Hideyasu for a game in the forest, with the team catching the most Lockseeds declared as the winner. As Team Gaim is the only team with two Riders, Kouta agrees to sit out of the game, as his true intention is to have the other Riders distracting the white Rider and his minions while he looks for clues about the Inves and Yuya’s whereabouts. To give Ryoji and Hideyasu access to the forest, the Riders convince Sid to provide them some Lock Vehicles but he claims that he will have them ready by Christmas. UntitledMai gets angry at Kouta and Mitch for proposing such game just when Team Gaim is on top of the rankings but they calm her down, claiming that it is necessary for them to learn the truth about the Inves and they promise to will return in time for their Christmas party. On the day of the game, the Riders are about to start when Oren appears, convincing them to join after he reveals that he also possesses a Lock Vehicle. However, once several Inves appear before them, Kamen Rider Baron runs ahead of the others to the forest to have an advantage, with Bravo following soon after. To delay Ryugen further, Kurokage and Gridon feed a Himawari Lockseed to an Inves to strengthen it and rush to the forest as well. With all other Riders away, Gaim appears to assist Ryugen who fights the Inves as the new Armored Rider Ryugen Kiwi Arms and instructs him to run after the others. Before leaving, Ryugen lends Gaim the Suika Lockseed to help him dispose of the enemies. Upon knowing of the Riders appearing at the Helheim Forest, Takatora transforms into Armored Rider Zangetsu as he is about to depart there as well. Untitled

The Truth Behind the Christmas Game

aesirkamen_rider_gaim_-_11hd2c2833d3-mkv_snapshot_09-45_2013-12-27_23-24-15Having transformed into the white Armored Rider, Armored Rider Zangetsu, Takatora is given the task to drive out the Armored Riders. As the Lockseed gathering “game” begins, Baron and Bravo fight between themselves, while Ryugen decides to look for the white Armored Rider. Having arrived, Kouta finds Zangetsu defeating Gridon and follows the white Armored Rider’s supporters to a camp site surrounding a dimensional portal that is referred to as a crack. Posing as a researcher, watching the white Armored Rider defeating Baron and an awe inspired Bravo, Kouta learns of Helheim Forest’s name and that Yggdrasill have been using the Inves Game and the Armored Riders for testing. Furious at learning this, Kouta sees Ryugen facing Zangetsu before he transforms to hold off the horde of Inves that are attacking the camp. UntitledAt a same time when he is about to defeat Ryugen, Zangetsu receives a call of the Inves attack and finds himself forced to destroy Kurokage’s Sengoku Driver when the Armored Rider bars his way. It was at that time that Ryugen learns that Zangetsu is his brother. Being alerted to the chain of events, Ryoma orders the building’s hologram system to be activated as the Inves begin to surge into the world. Luckily, finding a Suika Lockseed, Gaim dons the Suika Arms and takes out invading Inves with Ryoma’s help. While Takatora is disgusted by the turn of events, Ryugen found a box of Lockseeds in the camp ruins that makes Team Gaim the winners of the Lockseed hunting game. Later, him and Mitsuzane arriving to Drupers to give Sid the Lockseeds, Kouta tells the Lockseed Dealer that they are not anyone’s pawns. During a Christmas performance by Team Gaim a voice-over by Kouta tells the viewers that although he didn’t realize it at the time that’s when things started locking into place and they had all already sealed their own fates. Although they’d desired power to help them grow up, it was the coming war that would end up doing that for them. GaimChristmasDanceKamen Rider Gaim is a brilliant show and great entry point for new fans to the Kamen Rider franchise. These 2 Christmas episodes are very important to the storyline of the show and pushes mthe show foward into what was to become one the best rider series ever.


fw2The film begins with Haruto confronting a mysterious Golden Magician atop a building who is using an abducted Koyomi to perform a ritual. Kamen Rider Wizard confronts the magician, but fails to stop him from completing the ritual as he uses the Create Ring, causing a rainbow tornado to appear and engulf everything around them. When Haruto and Koyomi wake up in the next day, they find themselves in a different world instead, where all citizens use magic in their daily life and are surprised when they find Shunpei using magic as well and learn that he does not recognize them at all.Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land Kamen Rider SorcererWhile buying at the Donut Shop Hungry, Haruto is informed that in this world, the citizens’ mana is used as currency instead of regular money, when an army of Ghouls led by a Phantom named Kherpi appears and attack the citizens in order to bring them into despair. Rinko appears to fight the monsters and Haruto and Koyomi are once again surprised by finding that all citizens have the power to transform into Kamen Rider Mages, including their friends, and defeat them without their help at all. Haruto and Koyomi explain their situation to Rinko, who also does not recognize them, but are suspicious of their behavior and arrest them, bringing them to their leader, Emperor Maya, whose real appearance is concealed behind a curtain. Haruto confronts Maya in order to learn if he was responsible for transforming the world in its current state, but is struck by a lightning spell instead and Maya lets them go after learning that Koyomi is unable to perform magic at all. While looking for the Golden Magician, Haruto and Koyomi are brought to Kosuke Nitoh instead, who takes an interest in their story and reveals that unlike the other citizens, he uses a handmade Beast Driver he created by studying ancient texts, that does not need to consume Phantoms to sustain itself.wizard-magic15While taking a walk, they stumble across a Magic Ring Shop (the world’s counterpart of Okagedomo Antique Shop). When a customer wants to know the function of the Flexible Magic Ring, Wajima appears, transforms into Mage and demonstrate the power much to the customers’ disgust as they walk away from the shop save Koyomi and Haruto. Wajima introduces them to his worker, Shiina whom he also gave a shelter after his parents died. Temporarily, Wajima offers the duo a shelter too as Haruto reveals how did he and Koyomi get into their world to Shiina only for making him run away from the shop. Wajima reveals that Shiina’s mother and almost everyone were taken away by a giant rainbow tornado with the victims are nowhere to be found. He also had met Emperor Maya and requested that he bring the victims back, to which he agrees and will try his best.rx-088While Haruto and Koyomi are trying to find Shiina, the Golden Magician appears and uses his Tornado Ring to cast away a group of female street dancers into a rainbow Tornado. He walks away, unknowingly watched by Shiina who suspected him to be the culprit. Koyomi meets a guy, who reveals to be the emperor as he desires to talk to her for a while. While Shiina chases the Golden Magician, this eventually leads him to a group of Phantom, which revealed to be the alternate counterparts of Phantom Generals. Shiina transforms and begins to fight. When Haruto was chasing for Shiina, he encounters Kosuke, who tries to fishing for mayonnaise, much to Haruto’s shock. Haruto asks whether he sees Shiina or not but later interrupted when they realize that Shiina is under attack. As they arrive, Shiina is already under despair with the duo transforms and easily kill the Phantoms. They dive into Shiina’s Underworld and finally found his inner Phantom, Ouroboros. As the inner Phantom get tied, Wizard and Beast use this chance to perform Kick Strike, with both of their Phantoms transform into their Strike Phase and strike Ouroboros.[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Wizard - 45 [5562FB46]_mkv_snapshot_23_12_[2013_08_04_08_34_56]Shiina awakens, revealing he saw the Golden Magician too retreated to Maya’s castle, believing Maya is the culprit. Haruto calms the boy and prepares to investigate the castle again. As he manages to sneak into the castle with Kosuke, they then enter a chamber that shown a machine. Kosuke then reveals to Haruto that the emperor is using a forbidden machine that has the citizens mana, which made Haruto thinking about the Magic Scanners in the city (also knowing where the missing people were taken to). Among the skeletons which stacked at the machine, he saw one of it possessing Shiina’s Flower Ring, hinting the bearer to be the corpse of Shiina’s mother. As they hear footsteps, they hide as the emperor was having a meeting with the Prime Minister about the machine. After the meeting, the emperor then reveals the purpose of using the machine by draining the citizens’ magic. Kosuke accidentally got their cover blown as they escape from the emperor. While running, Kosuke tells Haruto that the emperor would die alone as it is impossible to gather all the mana into a machine. Sorcerer appears and attacks them as they transform, Beast let Wizard escape to tell the citizens of the emperor’s plan as he continues to fight Sorcerer alone. Sorcerer overpowers Beast as he uses the Vanish Strike Ring to finish off Beast. Back in the shop, Shiina tries to use magic but he notices that he can’t use it as Koyomi reveals to him that Haruto enters his Underworld in order to save him from despair, however, Shiina doesn’t believe what she said. Haruto tries telling his friends about the emperor’s plan as no one believed him as the emperor made an announcement of capturing Haruto and telling the citizens a lie about Haruto’s plan.Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land Kamen Rider MageAfter the announcement, guards appears to capture Haruto as he rides his Machine Winger to escape from the guards. While being chased by the Mages, Haruto transform and outsmart them. Wizard then shoots the Magic Scanners until the Captain of the guards stops him. The captain transforms and fight Wizard as he still trying to tell them the truth. The citizens started to hate Wizard after hearing what the emperor said as they throw stuff at him, until Koyomi stops them. She then defends Haruto along with his friends as Koyomi tells him that the emperor is suffering alone. Haruto decides to ride to the castle as Rinko and Shunpei transform to fight the guards. Overpowered by the guards, Kosuke arrives and reveal to the captain that he survive Sorcerer’s attack as he transform and overpowers the guards. As Haruto arrives to the chamber, he is too late to stop Maya from activating the machine as the citizens suffer from losing mana (less Koyomi and Shiina). Maya then reveals to Haruto that he is not a magician as no one would accept him. Sorcerer enters the chamber as he reveal himself to be the Drake Phantom and telling Maya the true purpose of the machine: getting all the citizens falling into despair. maxresdefaultMaya was shocked after hearing that as Haruto save himself from despair. He then tells Maya that he will destroy Magic Land as Haruto remove the Common Ring from the emperor and shatters it. Both magicians transform and fight each other, but Sorcerer overpowers Wizard. Before Sorcerer could finish off Wizard, he uses the Flower Ring to distract the golden magician before assuming into Infinity Style. As they are about to finish each other, Sorcerer uses to Final Strike Ring as Wizard uses Finish Strike Ring to perform their finisher. As their kicks collide, Wizard ultimately defeated Sorcerer as Magic Land started to vanish. Before return to his world, Wizard tell Maya that they will meet again in their world and Wizard grasp onto Koyomi’s hand. As they woke up, Haruto was checking if their friends had the WizarDriver belt, which they don’t – assuming that they had returned to their world. While Haruto and Koyomi went to a park, they witnessed a real-life Maya with his family and Shiina with his mother.UntitledExcellent visuals for a summer movie, a must see for wizard fans and Kamen Rider fans in general.