REVIEW: Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider


The film begins with Sento having a dream of the moment when Kamen Rider Build extracted Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s essence, an event he barely remembers, while Misora creates the Doctor and Gamer FullBottles from it. Soon after, Misora informs Sento and Ryūga of some Smash activity and they confront the enemies, who are in fact Bugsters, who are immune to their attacks, until Sento uses the new bottles to transform into Ex-Aid himself. However, a mysterious attacker called Left Kaiser appears and steals the bottles. Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-48-35Ryūga chases after him, just to be thrown into a machine that sends him to a parallel world where the Skywall does not exist, while Sento retrieves the bottles, but Left Kaiser flees without telling him what happened to his friend. Suddenly, Sento’s world shifts between dimensions and appears next to the other world, spreading hordes of Bugsters in both. With Emu unable to transform into Ex-Aid, his fellow Riders take the initiative against the Bugsters, until another enemy similar with the one who appeared in Sento’s world, called Right Kaiser appears to stop them, revealing that the Bugsters he is spreading are fuel for his machine, Enigma, which is similar to the one Left Kaiser has. When both Enigmas activate, their energy seals the powers of the Gamer Drivers and Gashats. Right Kaiser then attempts to kill Emu and co., but Kamen Rider Ghost appears and protects them, and he leaves after revealing that the world will be destroyed in 24 hours.Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-51-31Meanwhile, Sento is attacked by Parad, who affirms that he spent the last two years looking for Build in his world to get back Ex-Aid’s essence. Their fight is stopped by Sōichi, who reveals that the culprit must be Kaisei Mogami, a researcher who once published a paper about the development of Enigma, a machine for contacting parallel worlds. Using the Gamer FullBottle, Parad manages to contact Emu and inform him about the situation as well. Sōichi then gives the Phoenix and Robot FullBottles to Sento before leaving. Kuroto, having developed a new Gashat with data from his previous fight against Build to briefly regain his powers, is convinced by Onari to create more for the other Gamer Riders, while Sento and Sawa discover that Kaisei once worked under Takumi Katsuragi on the development of Enigma, and created a biological weapon called the “Kaiser System” using the Bugster Virus and the Nebula Gas to create “Nebula Bugsters”, as well as the Left and Right Kaisers. In the occasion, Sento concludes that it was Takumi who used the Build Driver to travel to Ex-Aid’s world and steal his essence, although he can’t figure why he has memories of it.Screenshot_2018-05-25-11-17-28As Sento and Parad fight the Nebula Bugsters to protect the population, Left Kaiser appears to stop them, but Sento drives him away with the Phoenix and Robo FullBottles. The two then track down his hideout with Misora’s help and Sento concludes that Takumi stole Ex-Aid’s powers to prevent them from being sealed as well, as a countermeasure against Enigma. With the new Kamen Rider Build Gashat created by Kuroto, Taiga, Hiiro and Kiriya join Takeru against the Nebula Bugsters, while a cliff suddenly opens and Ryūga is about to fall on it, when Eiji Hino appears and assists Emu in rescuing him. Eiji then reveals that the Foundation X is working with the Kaisei Mogami’s incarnation in their world to develop their side’s Enigma and the three set out to confront him at his base, while Sento confronts the other Mogami, who reveals that he suffered an accident that transformed parts of his body after Takumi attempted to stop him from completing Enigma. He and his counterpart then reveal that their true objective is to use Enigma to combine both worlds, while fusing their bodies into a single, immortal entity, called Bi-Kaiser.Screenshot_2018-05-25-11-16-44To fight Eiji and the others, the Mogami from their side uses some Core Medals developed by Foundation X to create copies of several Greed, including Ankh, to fight them. However, Eiji takes the opportunity to fuse the original Ankh’s broken medal into the fake Ankh’s body to revive him, also regaining the power to transform into Kamen Rider OOO, while Kamen Rider Fourze appears to save Emu and Ryūga, and Kamen Rider Gaim appears to assist Sento and Parad. With help from Fourze and Gaim, Sento and Emu reach the Enigma machines on their respective worlds and Sento concludes that the best way to solve the situation is by activating them before they reach their full potential, which they do, causing the two Mogamis to fuse into Bi-Kaiser as expected, but with his powers incomplete, thus not becoming invincible. Taking advantage of this, Sento returns Emu’s powers and while the other Riders face Bi-Kaiser’s forces, Build and Ex-Aid confront and destroy him along with the Enigma machines, stopping the fusing of the worlds. Sento and Ryūga then bid farewell to Emu, Parad and the other Riders, who return to their world before the worlds get separated again. After the battle, Onari is welcomed back in the Tenkuji temple, while Ankh’s temporary body fades away, with Eiji promising that they will meet again.Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-49-39In the post credits, Sento and Ryūga confront several Guardians from Faust when a mysterious Rider appears and steals the Phoenix and Robot Bottles from Sento, as he flees, he claims that the Bottles belonged to Hokuto in the first place, and affirms that he will soon return.Screenshot_2018-05-25-11-25-49Overall, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final – Build, Ex-Aid and Legend Riders is a fitting send off for this series of crossover films, and does its best to tie missing elements of the Build mythos together on the way. Seeing previous riders return and combining elements of those series with Build and Ex-Aid makes for a fun ride, and I highly recommend that any longtime Kamen Rider fans check out this film, if for no other reason than to see how the different main series Riders interact.


REVIEW: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Genm vs Lazer

First Kamen Riders Brave and Snipe had to face the revival of Lovelica and Saki. Then Para-DX and Poppy fought back against a mysterious Parado clone and the revenge of Dr Pacman’s daughter Saiko Yaotome. Now the grand finale of the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid V-Cinema trilogy arrives with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Genm vs Lazer. Not only have the previous two films been building up to this confrontation, but Genm vs Lazer (for the time being anyway) also acts as the final chapter in the Ex-Aid story. As well as sharing a long and chequered rivalry, both Riders have also previously held the title role in their own spin-off specials. The Kamen Rider Genm special showcased the Legend Rider Gashats whilst also acting as a prequel to Heisei Generations, while the Kamen Rider Lazer Hyper Battle DVD saw the Bakusou Bike Rider return once more prior to his permanent resurrection by Kamen Rider Cronus.With the powers of genius gamer M now in his possession, Kuroto Dan’s master plan now enters its final stage. Unleashing an army of Zombie Gamer clones upon the city, he invites the people to take part in ‘Zombie Chronicle’, his latest game where players are tasked with surviving the undead invasion. Defeat a zombie and someone previously lost to the Bugster virus will be revived, but lose and it’s game over. As Kamen Rider Snipe heads out to help defeat the zombies, Kiriya Kujo heads off for a final showdown with the man that killed him all that time ago. But how can Kamen Rider Lazer stand up to the new powers of Kamen Rider Genm God Maximum Gamer Level 1,000,000,000? And there’s also the matter of the revived Masamune Dan – who becomes Kamen Rider Cronus once again in an attempt to stop his son once and for all.After one film dedicated to two characters whose stories were relatively done and another whose had plenty of untapped potential, there’s a reassuring feeling going into Genm vs Lazer knowing that these two particular Riders already have fantastic chemistry together. Ever since the two faced off that fateful Christmas Eve way back in episode 12, the “enemies turned unlikely allies turned enemies again” relationship between Kuroto and Kiriya has been one of Ex-Aid’s strongest character dynamics.As if the previous two films hadn’t proved it already, the Another Ending trilogy is by far and large Kuroto’s story and it’s only in this last part that we finally get to see him centerstage. While the film doesn’t have anything quite as visually off the wall as him standing naked atop a waterfall, as far as dialogue and personality go somehow the only way still manages to be up. Iwanaga dials the mannerisms up to eleven as Kuroto schemes, sneers and proves his superiority at every turn – reminding everyone why the character is so popular and Genm is getting an S.H. Figuart of his Maximum Mighty X before the Ex-Aid’s standard version has even been released. Between his plans, his costumes and his general demeanour, Kuroto is as always an absolute pleasure to watch onscreen at every turn and his move back into the role of antagonist was long overdue.But while Kuroto will almost always overshadow any Rider he’s paired up with, there’s no denying that the usually straight-faced Kiriya is the perfect foil to the self-proclaimed games master. While Kamen Rider Snipe always seems to be the go-to guy for the no-nonsense “I work alone to protect everyone else” archetype, that same approach works equally well (if not better) for Kiriya too. The only difference being that Kiriya’s shady personality combined with that trademark snark make him a much more dynamic lead to follow. Though his eventual resurrection may have undermined the impact of his death the character has gone from strength to strength since then, both in his post-humous appearances and when he finally came back to life in episode 34. Another Ending marks a brilliant end for the characters, and undoubtedly one of his strongest appearances in the entire series.Although the focus is definitely on Kuroto and Kiriya it certainly isn’t all about them, as all the key Riders make an appearance to ensure the film acts as a fitting conclusion. However more important than these is the return of Masamune, who like in the previous film gives off a much stronger and more interesting character than he ever did in the series itself. While the animosity between Masamune and his son are never fully explained, the conflict feels so much more personal here and far more engaging than the tiresome “heartless CEO” routine. Masamune comes off so strongly here that you actually feel some shred of sympathy for him when Genm utterly destroys him in battle, whereas before the prospect of such a thing happening sounds like the most satisfying scene Ex-Aid could ever do.After the previous two films stayed relatively light on the “new suits with new transformation trinkets to sell toys from” side of things, with Genm vs Lazer its business as usual as the film introduces brand new forms for both its lead Riders. But while they might be fairly basic repaints, both work really well within the context of the narrative itself and have enough individual personality to separate them from the suits they were originally derived from. Of course Genm would want to assert his superiority with something as frankly ridiculous as God Maximum Gamer Level One Billion, and the Gashat proclaiming Kuroto’s superiority as he transforms is just the icing on the cake. The only thing that could possibly be considered more over the top are the fight scenes, which goes as far to include Genm beating up Cronus using the actual moon as a weapon. Meanwhile Lazer’s Level X form may immediately seem like a garish recolour of one of bthe show’s most divisive forms, but it works surprisingly well both in motion and in the context of how the suit comes to be. The new suits work so well in the film that’s bizarre to say that if anything it doesn’t go far enough in coming up with more, as Kamen Rider Snipe could have really done with a new form to go with the “Bang Bang Tank” Gashat debuted here. There’s no denying it would have been better placed in the Brave/Snipe movie rather than here, but you can’t help but feel sorry for poor old Taiga when everyone keeps getting stronger forms than him.Concluding the series on a stronger note than is usually expected from these V-cinema instalments, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Genm vs Lazer builds on the momentum set by the previous two parts to quickly establish itself as the highlight of the trilogy.

REVIEW: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy

After casting the spotlight on Kamen Riders Brave and Snipe in its first instalment, the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid V-Cinema trilogy now turns its attention to CR’s benevolent Bugsters in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy. While this is the first time Poppy Pipopapo has received her own title story in the series, Parado more recently featured as the star of the show’s second Televi-kun Hyper Battle DVD. The DVD also acted as a lead in to the Another Ending trilogy – not only being referenced in the films but also concluding with Kuroto’s escape from his digital prison.While the CR team slowly continue their search for the escaped Kuroto, Emu is approached by regenerative doctor Saiko Yaotome as a test subject for a game she’s produced alongside the Genm Corporation. “Let’s Make A Bugster” is a game where the aim is to raise your Bugster partner to become human, and its success could finally lead to the recovery of those lost by the game illness. Emu is tasked with raising Parado, while Saiko pairs off with Poppy. However it quickly emerges that there’s something different about this Parado, as Emu faces a near-fatal encounter with this mysterious imposter. Meanwhile Poppy has her own problems, as Saiko reveals her alliance to the ever-scheming Kuroto. Can the two Bugsters team up to overcome this new threat? And just what is Kuroto planning? Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy has the luxury of featuring the two characters with perhaps the most left to tell. Parado as the hero still feels like a relatively new concept, and Poppy is the one Rider in the show that could always do with more focus. The Bugster Raising plot is definitely a fun one, tying into the video game theme perfectly as well as providing the opportunity to show off some of the other games from Ex-Aid’s extensive library. It’s also nice to see Para-DX with Poppy continue the long-standing tradition of bloody violence against Emu, this time in the form of getting shot. As usual is hilariously graphic, but does a good job of keeping him out of action so these films can be all about the rest of the Riders.Facing off against Parado in this film is his new doppelganger “Black Parado”, who has the ability to transform into the rather appropriately (if lazily) named Kamen Rider Another Para-DX. An evil clone is hardly the most original trope to call on, but there’s certainly no denying that the Perfect Knockout suit really rocks a black and silver colour scheme. Parado is also the one character this storyline can work really well with too, as even though Black Parado doesn’t have an ounce of the original’s personality the juxtaposition of the two does a good job of showing just how far the once evil Bugster has come. The once chaotic gamer has now fully become a force for good that truly values life.Poppy’s storyline on the other hand could have perhaps done with a little more development, but certainly wasn’t short on the surprises. Naturally the film had a certain quota to meet when it comes to getting Ruka Matsuda into as many different costumes as possible, but surprisingly it doesn’t play on this fact for as long as you might expect. Instead the film actually refers back to the fact that Poppy was born from Kuroto’s mother Sakurako – something that felt so understated for such a big development in the series that it was genuinely quite surprising to see it brought up again here even if it’s the b-plot that isn’t fully realised.The use of Saiko, who appeared briefly in the Brave/Snipe movie before being used to full effect here, also makes a surprise reference to another bit of Ex-Aid history – namely the Heisei Generations movie. While Dr Pac Man is certainly a big part of how the events of the series came to be, that part of Ex-Aid’s story felt pretty much closed at this point, so to see it brought up again without feeling too shoehorned in definitely says a great deal about how well-structured the film is. Whereas new characters introduced this late into the game are usually forgettable, Saiko fits into the cast rather nicely. With Another Ending having already botched Nico’s conclusion, it’s nice to another female character in the mix even if she isn’t a Rider. Of course once again the real star of the show here is Kuroto Dan. Given that Kuroto’s apparent defection underpins the entire trilogy it doesn’t take much to see that really these films are all about him, but Tetsuya Iwanaga sells it in such a way that he’s always the character you’re most interested in. Of course this could mostly be due to the fact these films are hamming the character up to the extreme, whether it be through the scenes themselves or the sliding scale of madness Iwanaga has branded his mannerisms with. If the sight of Kuroto standing buck-naked atop a waterfall creating a brand new Gashat whilst proclaiming how amazing he is sounds too much for you, then you’ve clearly come to the wrong movie.What’s particularly good here are the scenes he shares with the resurrected Masamune, which really highlight the differences between the two of them. On face value both are utterly deplorable villains, but Kuroto’s story has been told in such a way that even when he’s clearly in the wrong his arrogance and personality are enough to instantly make you want to root for him. Even though the full of extent of his plans are still a mystery, Another Ending is definitely benefitting from having the main man back in the villain role once again. Not just for Kuroto either, as with the roles reversed Masamune comes across as a far more interesting character – the once confident CEO who’s now a powerless pawn in his own son’s machinations. It’s a pity none of this personality came through during his stint on the series, because a father who’s clearly quite fearful of his son’s “divine” talents adds so much more potential to the very basic dynamic they were otherwise thought to have.Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy is where things definitely start to get interesting. As well as focusing on two characters who benefitted far more from this epilogue setting, Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy is full of satisfying twists that call back to some of the final details of the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid series. As far as post-series V-cinema releases go this is definitely a film that stands comfortably among the best of them, leading into what will hopefully be an every bit as thrilling finale. The game certainly isn’t over yet.

REVIEW: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe

When Toei said that “the game is forever”, they sure weren’t joking around. Not content with just ending Kamen Rider Ex-Aid through the series itself and the True Ending movie, the 2016-2017 Kamen Rider series has returned once again for a trilogy of V-Cinema releases – rather appropriately titled Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending. Like previous post-series V-cinema entries these movies each focus on a pair of Riders from the show’s expanded cast rather than Ex-Aid himself, however unlike the others these three films also tie together into an overall plotline. Kicking off the trilogy is Kamen Rider Ex Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe, featuring arguably the two most prominent of the show’s other Riders. This isn’t the first time either Rider has had the spotlight either, with Brave previously taking centre stage in the Let’s Survive! Revival of the Beast Rider Squad! special and Snipe’s back story being uncovered in the Episode ZERO prequel miniseries.Two years after the events of the series, the Kamen Riders have gone their separate ways – with Hiiro working towards restoring those lost to the Bugster virus and Taiga continuing to work at his own hospital alongside Nico. Meanwhile Kuroto Dan has escaped from his prison, setting his own mysterious plans into motion. Hiiro’s girlfriend Saki appears before him once more, controlled by the revived Tokimeki Crisis Bugster Lovelica. Elsewhere, Nico’s relationship with Taiga becomes strained as an old rival from her gaming days appears at Taiga’s hospital. Though both Riders are determined to save Saki, neither are prepared to work together to do so. As Brave and Snipe face off against each other and Lovelica, Kamen Rider Cronus returns once more. However neither Rider is aware they’re playing right into Kuroto’s hands.Whereas previous Kamen Rider V-cinema sequels focusing on two Riders have tended to be broken down into two separate parts, Brave & Snipe (along with the other two Another Ending instalments) is immediately different in that it is a single film with one intertwining plot. The result is a longer running time that greatly benefits the flow and development of the film, as well as allowing for interaction between the chosen characters rather than segregating them off. The pairs for each of these Another Ending films have been perfectly chosen, as each of them build upon established relationships and/or common ground rather than being assigned together at random. As the two characters with the most history in Ex-Aid as well as one of the rockiest relationships, putting Hiiro and Taiga together was pretty much a no-brainer.While Kuroto Dan’s revival and subsequent defection to CR was largely met positively by fans (mostly thanks to Tetsuya Iwanaga’s larger than life acting), it was never quite the same as his stint as an unpredictably villainous madman. Though the specifics of his plan are still a mystery the sinister undercurrent his scenes have are enough to bring back some of that early Kuroto magic, and a constant reminder as to who the real star of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the sheer arrogance and confidence the self-proclaimed god exudes that you just revel in the overcomplicated nature of his plans, making the fact there were clearly much more straightforward ways he could have got what he wanted all the more hilarious. Also making a welcome return here is Ren Amagasaki/Lovelica, especially as at this point Ex-Aid’s fun genre-based Bugster foes seem like almost a distant memory. While perhaps not quite as over the top as he previously was, Lovelica compliments Kuroto perfectly in that they both manage to strike the right balance of comedy and villainy. Also proving an interesting addition to the cast is restorative doctor Saiko Yaotome, who plays a limited role in this part of Another Ending but should prove interesting going forwards if the ending is anything to go by.Another thing Brave & Snipe does deserve to be commended for though is not cracking to the pressure of introducing some sort of new Rider or suit variant as a shoehorned villain and/or power-up. While these may help ensure the longevity of the show through merchandise sales and add a little more excitement to the story, there is something refreshing about seeing a film stick to the assets it already has. We get to see Brave in both level 50 and 100 forms, while Taiga pulls double duty as both Snipe and Kamen Rider Cronus. Though it might have felt a bit undeserved in the series itself, Taiga’s use of the Chronicle Gashat here is a nice reminder of his insistence of attaining a greater power so that others don’t need to fight – even if that usually comes at his detriment.Kamen Rider Ex Aid: Another Ending – Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe is an enjoyable opener to the latest chapter in the Ex-Aid story,



Following the reveal of Genm’s identity as Kuroto Dan, Emu catches up to Kiriya and gets the full story of his friend who died on Zero Day: after hearing of his Bugster infection, he was so shaken up he got caught in a traffic accident, which is why Kiriya is investigating the Bugsters.[Excitesubs]_Kamen_Rider_Ex-Aid_12_Christmas_Special_Targeting_the_Silver_X-mas!(5)At CR, Kuroto’s deception is discussed, Hinata confirming that only Kuroto was involved in all of Genm Corp., and that the Ministry of Health will handle the matter. Emu talks with Shuhei’s mother and learns that she and her husband are patissiers (cake makers) whose business around Christmas bothers Shuhei and that he broke his leg climbing a tree in a park; Emu finds and climbs the same tree, finding something on a branch. Meanwhile, Kiriya visits a prison and meets with an inmate, former Genm Corp. CEO Masamune Dan. Emu talks with Shuhei about always being alone as a kid and playing video games to occupy himself (a flashback showing a crayon sketch of a 2-player game he envisioned), and that Shuhei instead climbs trees to cope; however, Shuhei’s infection flares as the Level 3 Salty attacks his parents’ patisserie, Le Couple.exaid12-1006Arriving with Poppy and Shuhei, Emu transforms into Ex-Aid Sports Action Gamer Level 3 using his newly acquired Shakariki Sports Gashat, Salty summoning a group of his same Bugster Virus chefs as before and Brave Beat Quest Gamer Level 3 joining the fight. Salty is knocked into a Mighty Action X block, releasing a Christmas Energy Item that turns Ex-Aid into a Santa Claus-dressed Level 1 form and decorated Sports Gamer bike as it starts snowing. Shuhei’s mother comes over to Shuhei and says Emu told her he’d climbed the tree to get at holly berries for a wreath he was making for her but fell, giving him a cake decorated with their family. As Salty attacks again, Poppy breaks open two more blocks and sends Christmas Energy Items to herself and Brave, dressing them as Santa, too; Poppy uses Brave’s DoReMiFa Beat armaments to trigger a remix of “Jingle Bells” and starts singing along. KYUKUYKBrave and Ex-Aid keep fighting Salty as the Bugster Viruses are entranced into dancing along with Poppy; they hit Salty with a Gashacon Weapon dual B-Button attack, all of them striking a pose for the camera before the Bugsters explode into the message “Merry Christmas” for the audience. A cloud of cell Viruses are pulled into the Gashacon Bugvisor by a nearby Parado. Poppy’s singing, however, is stressing out Shuhei all over again; Poppy admits that she’s actually a Bugster herself from DoReMiFa Beat, but Emu and Hiiro respond that anyone could have figured that out. Back at their hideout, Kuroto and Parado look at their new project, the “ultimate game”: Kamen Rider Chronicle. After a Christmas party at CR, Emu mentions to Director Kagami how Salty separated from Shuhei on his own, Hiiro explaining that viruses survive vaccines by mutating, leading to Emu realizing the Bugster virus is evolving. Just then, Kiriya calls for the Riders to gather so he can tell them something, but before leaving, Taiga is stopped by a girl wearing Genm Corp. game merchandise; she introduces herself as Nico Saiba and asks him to defeat the Genius Gamer M.BNNBNNHKuroto arrives to meet Kiriya, revealing the prisoner Kiriya had visited to be his father; Kiriya says that Masamune told him Kuroto had met Emu 16 years ago, revealing that he knows how Emu can transform without a compatibility surgery. Kuroto offers Kiriya a new Gashat beyond the first 10 as a trade for keeping silent; Kiriya takes the Gashat but says he wants Kuroto to pay for Zero Day, transforming into Lazer Bike Gamer Level 1 and triggering the new Gashat, Dangerous Zombie, but upon putting it in the Gamer Driver, it zaps away most of his Rider Gauge health. Kuroto says Kiriya knows too much, taking back the Gashat and using the Gashacon Bugvisor with a new belt to form the Buggle Driver, transforming into Genm Zombie Gamer Level X (Level 10), summoning a swarm of Bugster Viruses dressed in torn civilian clothes and stumbling about like zombies to intercept the other Riders as they arrive outside; Lazer desperately transforms into Chambara Bike Gamer Level 3. The Riders transform to Level 2 and destroy the Bugster Viruses, but Lazer is easily overpowered by the new Genm, even Sickle Mode Giri Giri Critical Finish seeming to do nothing, before Genm steals the Gashacon Sparrow and Giri Giri Chambara Gashat, using his own Critical End finisher and depleting the last of Lazer’s Rider Gauge. Kiriya claws at him, but is pushed aside as it begins to rain. The other Riders arrive as Genm leaves, running over as Kiriya’s body begins to digitize and fade. Kiriya gives his Driver and Bakusou Bike Gashat to Emu, telling him to take his fate in his own hands. The Driver announces: “Game Over” after Kiriya dies and his body completely fades away into nothing. Emu cries holding the Gamer Driver over the place where Kiriya’s body was as the others look on in shock.JFNFGNFGNFGNKamen Rider Ex-Aid is an absolute joy. Rarely does a Kamen Rider series so brilliantly combine its differing themes into such a perfect package, with one of the most loveable casts in recent years. This Christmas episode along with Episode 11 are great offerings from an awsome show.



Emu is now only one week away from finishing his 3-month internship at the Seito University Hospital, and goes to see off his latest patient of a broken leg, Shuhei Yamanaka, and his mother just in time for Christmas, but Shuhei glumly says he hates Christmas. Meanwhile at Genm Corp., Kuroto Dan is working with a new blank white Gashat with Parado, but to complete it, he needs “the data of death”; Parado comments on temporary in-game deaths vs. humans’ permanent deaths. At the hospital, as Shuhei walks away and his mother says she’ll need to go back to work, he drops his crutches and runs, laughing in an altered voice. Emu and Asuna follow him outside, where he collapses in pain before globs of orange virus material jump off of him and form the Salty Bugster. Emu is surprised the Bugster already separated from the patient, recognizing Salty from their first battle, but noticing he’s slightly different; Salty confirms he has leveled up, to Level 3. Emu transforms into Ex-Aid Robot Action Gamer Level 3, overwhelming Salty, but Genm Sports Action Gamer Level 3 arrives. Ex-Aid changes to Hunter Action Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon, overpowering Genm but flying out of control and crashing into a nearby building, letting Genm and Salty escape.GaimChristmasDanceShuhei’s downer attitude continues in CR; remembering Hinata cheering him up with a gamepad after his own operation, Emu asks Shuhei’s mother to find out what would do the same for Shuhei: cake, but before he can get some, he is called to Kuroto’s office. Kiriya is already there threatening to find Kuroto’s secrets before Emu, Hiiro, and Taiga arrive; Kuroto assigns them to clear the tenth and final Gashat, Shakariki Sports, and say that the black Ex-Aid is working to spread the Bugster virus. Emu is still opposed to the idea of Hinata’s surgery on him being suspicious, rejecting Kiriya’s claim that he needs a reason to trust Hinata is a good person.9_1At a hospital, Kiriya continues investigating Emu’s surgery, a nurse saying nothing was suspicious during the procedure, and that the entire team trusted Hinata. Emu meanwhile is fighting a large crowd to get a cake; finally bringing one to Shuhei, the boy replies that he hates cake. Emu is saddened by not being able to cheer his patient like Hinata had done for him, but is called by Kuroto: Emu needs to transport Shuhei elsewhere, as the Ministry of Health appears to be behind the Bugster virus, the revelation and Kiriya’s speech shaking Emu’s trust of Hinata. After the call, Kuroto takes the 10 Proto Gashats and says goodbye to his office. Walking along, Emu’s speech gives Kiriya a revelation about trust.UntitledArriving with Shuhei to an empty skate park, Emu and Poppy are attacked by Genm Sports Action Gamer Level 3, stating himself to be after the data of death from killing Shuhei. Emu transforms to Ex-Aid Hunter Action Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon and fights, Genm claiming to work for Hinata and mocking Emu’s lack of Hinata’s doctor skills; something inside Ex-Aid snaps, and he goes out of control, but Kiriya tackles him down, reminding him not to let his trust of Hinata slip so easily, and bringing him back to normal. Kiriya says he’ll believe in Emu as Hiiro and Taiga arrive, the four Riders taking their partial-dragon Level 5 forms. They attack Genm, knocking him out of Sports Action Gamer Level 3 down to Action Gamer Level 2 and almost depleting his Rider Gauge.

UntitledHowever, Genm puts the white Gashat into the Gashacon Bugvisor and attacks Shuhei and Poppy with a Shakariki Critical Strike, but Ex-Aid jumps over and swats Genm away with his dragon tail, emptying Genm’s Rider Gauge and clearing Shakariki Sports; Ex-Aid catches the Gashat. Before dying, Genm stabs the Gashacon Bugvisor onto his Rider Gauge, absorbing away the data of death from his own body and saving himself. No longer needing the charade, he announces his name to the other Riders for the first time, “Kamen Rider Genm”, untransforming to reveal himself to them as Kuroto Dan; Hiiro admits Kiriya had been telling the truth before. Questioned on his actions, Kuroto tells them they were test subjects so he could collect data for the ultimate game. He reprises his metaphor of Emu keeping the crystal of his heart from breaking and tells them the Bugster virus has already spread across the city before shooting with the Bugvisor to cover his escape. Staggering back to his new hideout with Parado waiting, he removes the white Gashat from the Bugvisor, and its image appears from the death data: Dangerous Zombie. A new game is starting.Ex-Aid 11Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is an absolute joy. Rarely does a Kamen Rider series so brilliantly combine its differing themes into such a perfect package, with one of the most loveable casts in recent years. This Christmas episode along with Episode 12 are great offerings from an awsome show.


kamen_rider_ghost_wallpaper_by_malecoc-d93k28lSpecter turns out to be Makoto, Takeru’s childhood friend that had gone missing 10 years ago. What “hell” is Makoto talking about? What was his father researching? Takeru cannot hide his uneasiness as Sennin, as usual, doesn’t provide any answers.1449357850692Reports surface about strange events ocurring in the laboratory of Professor Igarashi, an authority in physics who also went missing 10 years ago. Igarashi was an acquaintance of Ryu, Takeru’s father. There may be some information about Makoto… Among the things, he finds a photograph of them with Saionji. A new character appears before Alain and Saionji takes the next step in his plan. 1449357685945Kamen Rider Ghost is underrated series, but I liked it, that being said this is not much of a Christmas episode, we only it’s set at Christmas because of the Christmas cards shown in the episodes, other than that it’s just a normal episode, still a good episode thou with some decent character development.