Bruce Payne (Dungeons and Dragons)
Matt Stasi (Most High)
Tracy Scoggins (Demonic Toys)
Julia Lee (Angel)
Tom Lister, Jr. (The Dark Knight)

hellbornA young psychology student is recruited by St. Andrews Mental Hospital and given the chance to care for mentally ill patients. His enthusiasm for his new job soon changes into concern when some of the patients die mysteriously and the behavior of his colleagues becomes odd. He soon realizes that a Devil has taken over the minds of the patients and that his colleagues are allowing it to harvest them.

Image result for asylum of the damnedThis movie has a good start but turns out to be a cheap production, probably low budget (especially the effects). The actors are certainly not the best and the “horror scenes” are truly not revolutionary. instead of scaring you, this movie makes you ask why this is labeled as a “horror” movie. The ending is totally messed up,  But all in all, and when you really love the genre, it’s worth looking through it, when you’re bored. As i said the beginning is quite good.