Gina Philips (The Anarchist Cookbook)
Justin Long (New Girl)
Jonathan Breck (Dreamland)
Patricia Belcher (Bones)
Eileen Brennan (Miss Congeniality 2)
Trish Jenner and her brother Darry are traveling home from college for spring break. As they drive through the Florida countryside, an old, rusty truck tries to run them off the road. The vehicle eventually passes them, and they later see the same truck parked next to an abandoned church with a man sliding what appears to be a body wrapped in bloodstained sheets into a large pipe sticking out of the ground. The man notices Trish and Darry watching him and attempts to run them off the road a second time. After barely escaping, Darry convinces Trish to go back to the church and investigate. At the church, Darry hears noises coming from within the pipe and crawls inside with Trish holding on to his feet, but ends up falling in after being startled by a swarm of rats. At the bottom, he finds a dying man with stitches running down his stomach, and hundreds of other bodies sewn to the walls and ceiling. After Darry escapes, the two flee the scene and attempt to contact the police from a diner. They are phoned by a strange woman who warns them that they are in terrible danger. Confused and frightened, they ignore her warning. Trish and Darry leave, with two police officers providing a security escort. As they travel, the police learn that the old church has caught fire; and any evidence of bodies has been destroyed. The police are then attacked and killed by the mysterious driver, who loads their bodies into his truck.
Fleeing once again, Trish and Darry stop at a reclusive old woman’s house, begging her to call the police. The woman complies until she notices the driver hiding in her yard, disguised as a scarecrow. She attempts to kill him with a shotgun, but the driver kills her and reveals his inhuman face to Trish and Darry, before pursuing them once again. Trish hits the mysterious driver with her car and runs him over several times, seemingly killing him. However, they are horrified to see a giant wing tear through his trench coat and flap frantically in the air. They drive to the local police station, where they are approached by psychic Jezelle Gay Hartman. She reveals herself as the woman who called them at the diner and tells them the true nature of their pursuer: it is an ancient creature, known as “The Creeper”, which hunts every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days to feast on human body parts and organs, which then become a part of its own body. She also tells them that it seeks out its victims through fear, and, by smelling the fear from Trish and Darry, it has found something it likes, but she does not know what.
The wounded Creeper arrives and attacks the police station, cutting off the power and gaining entrance to the cells. After feasting on prisoners to heal, the Creeper is swarmed by police but kills a number of them and evades capture. Jezelle, Trish, and Darry attempt to escape but find themselves trapped. Jezelle warns them that one of them will die a horrible death. Darry demands to know who, and Jezelle looks at Trish. The Creeper finds them, and they are separated. The Creeper sniffs Jezelle intently, but since she doesn’t have anything it wants, it lets her go and heads off to find Trish and Darry. The monster corners them in an upstairs interrogation room. After sniffing and tasting them, the Creeper throws Trish aside and chooses Darry. The police burst in and take aim, and Trish offers her life for her brother’s, but the Creeper escapes out of the window and flies away with Darry. The next day, Trish is picked up by her parents, and Jezelle returns home in regret. The final scene shows the Creeper in its new hideout, an abandoned factory, where it is revealed that the Creeper has removed the back of Darry’s head and taken his eyes.
It’s got a slight sense of dark humour but also has a few shocking and scary moments! Well worth a watch!
Nicki Aycox (Roadkill 2)
Justin Long (Waiting)
Jonathan Breck (Dreamland)
Garikayi Mutambirwa (Clockstoppers)
Ray Wise (Robocop)
Diane Delano (The Wicker Man)
Bob Papenbrook (Power Rangers)
Three days after the events of the first film, a young boy named Billy Taggart assists his father in erecting scarecrows throughout a corn field, when one of the scarecrows suddenly comes to life and attacks him. As his father, Jack Taggart Sr., and his older brother, Jack Jr., rush to his aid, the scarecrow drags Billy through the field before sprouting wings and flying off, leaving the Taggart family horrified.
The following day (Day 23), a school bus carrying a high school basketball team and cheerleaders suffers a blowout. The chaperones inspect the tire, which they discover has been torn apart by a hand-crafted shuriken made of bone fragments. Back on the Taggart farm, Jack Jr. finds a dagger left by the Creeper. When his father inspects it, it inexplicably flies out of his hand on its own accord.
With the bus back on the road, Minxie has a vision of Darry Jenner, the Creeper’s victim from the first film, and Billy Taggart, who attempt to warn her about the Creeper. She then witnesses the Creeper blow out another tire with another shuriken, leaving them stranded on the road. They flag down a passing car, whose occupants promise to notify the authorities. After The Creeper kills the chaperones, Scott argues with Deaundre Davis about whether or not they should leave the bus. After the Creeper returns and jams the doors, Minxie has another vision in which Darry explains that every 23rd spring for 23 days the Creeper eats people before going back into hibernation. Minxie informs the others that its last visit was purely to pick out who it wanted.
After hearing police reports, the Taggarts investigate. On the way, they find the car from the passers-by, which has crashed, and the occupants missing. Taggart Sr. radios the students, who are ecstatic about imminent rescue. Shortly after, the Creeper punches through the roof of the bus and grabs Andy “Bucky” Buck by the head. Rhonda impales the Creeper through the eye with a metal pipe, and it lands on the roof of the bus after attempting to fly away. The teens assume it is dead, but it decapitates Dante with its wing and replaces his head with Dante’s. Scotty pries open the bus’ doors and another argument ensues when he suggests surrendering the Creeper’s targets. The students leave the bus, and the Creeper chases them across a field, striking Jake in the head with a shuriken, and pinning Scotty to a tree with a dagger. Double D, Rhonda, and Izzy attempt to help Scotty, but the Creeper grabs him and flies off.
Bucky, Chelsea, and Johnny return to the bus, where the Creeper grabs Bucky again. Taggart, Jack Jr., and Minxie arrive, and Taggart attacks the Creeper with a homemade harpoon-like weapon he equipped his truck with. The Creeper rips out the harpoon and throws it back, nearly impaling Jack Jr. Taggart tries again, but the Creeper destroys the bus and Taggart’s truck. Double D, Rhonda, and Izzy find an empty vehicle, which they use to flee. As the Creeper pursues them, Double D attempts to shoot it with a flare gun. As a last resort, Izzy intentionally crashes the truck after throwing out Rhonda, wounding the Creeper and Double D. Before the Creeper can attack Double D, Taggart, his son, and the other students arrive and shoot it in the head with the harpoon. Taggart repeatedly stabs it, and the Creeper stares up at him in anger as its face closes. Minxie explains that it is not dead, it has only gone into hibernation for another twenty-three years.
Twenty-three years later, a group of teenagers drive to Taggart’s farm, where the Creeper is a sideshow attraction. When they notice the elderly Taggart, watching the crucified corpse with a harpoon gun at his side, they ask him if he is waiting for something. Taggart looks up at the Creeper and says, “About three more days, give or take a day or two.”
After the success of the first Jeepers Creepers film it was inevitable that a sequel would follow. This sequel captures the strengths that made the first film a refreshing horror and lives up to the first.