Kevin Smith (Clerks)
Jason Mewes (R.S.V.P)
Scott Mosier (Vulgar)
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (CLerks II)
Harley Quinn Smith (Yogar Hossers)
Grace Smith (Clerks)


If you’re not a Smith fan, I don’t know why you would even be reading this. However, if you somehow are, let me say if you don’t mind a lot of profanity and graphic descriptions of sex acts then you will find this hilarious even if you aren’t familiar with his work, or if you think he sucks. If you don’t like profanity, then again…I don’t know what you’re doing reading reviews about Kevin Smith material.
I’ve read some reviews complain that some of the material he goes over they’ve already heard on his website, or that it just sounds like he’s doing a stand up routine. He is doing a Stand Up routine. Of course he directs the questions towards stories he can tell (and that he’s fine-tuned). That’s how a comedian works. I know he’s not exactly a stand up comedian, but for all intents and purposes here…he is! Comedians will work on material for months or even years before they are completely happy with it. Then, the good ones take the jokes they’ve been cultivating and put it on a DVD. That’s all Smith is doing here, and it works. You may have heard some of this stuff on a Smodcast, but it’s still great to have it all in one DVD to rewatch whenever you want. There’s so much good stuff on here that even if you don’t like a story or two, you’re bound to laugh out loud dozens of times.

I am a big Kevin Smith fan, and these Evening with Kevin Smith dvds are some of my favourite.  They are all  absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend it.




Harley Quinn Smith (Tusk)
Lily-Rose Depp (The Dancer)
Adam Brody (Jennifers Body)
Austin Butler (Arrow)
Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf)
Justin Long (New Girl)
Tony Hale (Chuck)
Natasha Lyonne (American Pie)
Genesis Rodriguez (Hours)
Haley Joel Osment (A.I.)
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (Now You Know)
Vanessa Paradis (Heartbreaker)
Ralph Garman (Ted)
Johnny Depp (Into The Woods)
Kevin Conroy (Batman: TAS)
Kevin Smith (Dogma)
Stan Lee (Avengers Assemble)
Jason Mewes (R.S.V.P.)

Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie are two average 15-year-old girls that spend their days studying yoga with their guru, Yogi Bayer, and working an after-school job at a Manitoba convenience store called Eh-2-Zed. The two are invited to a party by a popular senior, Hunter Calloway, who is the object of Colleen M’s affections.

The next day at school, the girls’ history teacher informs the class that the Nazi Party once had an influence in Winnipeg. Led by the self-proclaimed “Canadian Führer” Adrien Arcand and his right-hand-man, Andronicus Arcane, the Canadian Nazis were once a great force of terror. Arcand was later arrested by Federal authorities, but Andronicus Arcane was never found.

Colleen C’s father Bob, who own the Eh-2-Zed, and his girlfriend Tabitha, the store’s manager, decide to take a spontaneous trip to Niagara Falls, leaving the girls to run the store on the night of Hunter’s party. The Colleens invite Hunter to bring the party to the store so that they won’t miss out. Colleen M escorts Hunter to the back room at his request, only to discover that Hunter and Gordon are actually Satanists who wish to sacrifice and dismember the Colleens. Before this can occur, an army of little monsters called Bratzis (one-foot-tall Nazis made from bratwurst) attack and kill Hunter and Gordon. Using their yoga skills, the Colleens fight and defeat the Bratzis, but are soon arrested for the murder of Hunter and Gordon.
Legendary man-hunter Guy LaPointe, who had an encounter with the Colleens once before, arrives at the police station to interrogate the girls. Having obtained some of his own evidence of the Bratzis, he believes the girls’ testimony and wishes to help them prove their innocence. After sneaking them out of the station and taking them back to the Eh-2-Zed, LaPointe and the Colleens are knocked unconscious by the Bratzis. They are taken to an underground lair beneath the store where they find the Bratzis’ master, Andronicus Arcane.
51n-dzerjqlArcane reveals to LaPointe and the Colleens that he once had dreams of becoming an artist. After having his work ridiculed by various critics, he decided to become a scientist for the Canadian Nazi movement. The Nazis hid him in the underground lair to create a clone army to conquer Canada and the United States. The clones, made from bratwurst and Arcane’s DNA, needed to incubate for 100 years before they were fully grown, so Arcane cryogenically froze himself until a time where he and his clones could rise again. This process was interrupted when a power outage at the Eh-2-Zed 70 years later caused Arcane to thaw and the clones’ incubation to stop, rendering them at just one foot in height.

51n-dzerjqlLearning that the Nazi Party had long since been defeated, Arcane began a new mission to kill all critics as revenge for those that poorly reviewed his early work. He reveals he has constructed a ten-foot-tall goaltender from body parts of the Bratzis’ victims to carry out his murderous deeds. This “Goalie Golem” is controlled by the Bratzis who operate it from its insides. No longer wishing to follow Arcane’s orders, the Golem kills him and then turns on the Colleens. The Colleens once again use their yoga skills to defeat the Golem and soon after, clear their names. After being dubbed “Hero Clerks” by the media, the Colleens return to their normal lives and end the film with a cover of “O, Canada”, accompanied on guitar by Guy LaPointe.thumbnail_24847Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It had much of Kevin Smith’s normal humor and those girls really had great chemistry as best friends.



Grant Gustin (Glee)
Candice Patton (Heroes)
Danielle Panabaker (Sky High)
Carlos Valdes (Arrow)
Tom Cavanagh (Scrubs)
Jesse L. MArtin (Injustice)
Keiynan Lonsdale (Insurgent)


Rick Cosnett (The Vampire Diaries)
Robbie Amell (Scooby Doo 3 & 4)
Dominic Purcell (Ice Soldiers)
Wentworth Miller (Underworld)
Teddy Sears (ugly Betty)
Vito D’Ambrosio (The Flash 90s)
Isabella Hofmann (The Promise)
Patrick Sabongui (Stargate: Atlantis)
Adam Copeland (Highlander: Endgame)
John Wesley Shipp (The Flash 90s)
Victor Garber (Alias)
Kett Turton (Saved)
Shantel VanSanten (The FInal Destination)
Vanessa Williams (Candyman)
Tony Todd (Chuck)
Michael Ironside (Total Recall)
Malese Jow (The Vampire Diaries)
Peyton List (Flashforward)
Amanda Pays (The Flash 90s)
Franz Drameh (Edge of Tomorrow)
Ciara Renee (Legends of Tomorrow)
Violett Beane (The Leftovers)
Stephen Amell (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2)
Willa Holland (Legion)
John Barrowman (Reign)
David Ramsey (Con Air)
Emily Bett Rickards (Brooklyn)
Neal McDonough (Paul Blart Mall Cop 2)
Casper Crump (The Legend of Tarzan)
Falk Hentschel (Knight and Day)
Anna Hopkins (Defiance)
Mark Hamill (Star Wars)
Liam McIntyre (Spartacus)
Michael Rowe (Arrow)
Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica)
Matt Letscher (Her)
Morena Baccarin (Gotham)
Audrey Marie Anderson (Lie To Me)
Michelle Harrison (Tru Calling)
Nicholas Gonzalez (Sleepy Hollow)
Greg Finley (Izombie)
Jason Mewes (Dogma)
Katie Cassidy (Black Xmas)

Image result for the flash FLASH OF TWO WORLDSThe Flash’s first season has become the benchmark by which all other DC Comics-based shows on The CW are judged. It offered a truly winning blend of humor, heart, and romance, and superhero action, culminating in a terrific season finale that showed just how much emotional depth there is to the story of the fastest man alive. The cast and crew faced a real uphill battle in living up to the standard with Season 2. And more often than not, they succeeded. This season met and occasionally even exceeded the heights of its predecessor.Season 2 got off to a solid start as the writers explored the fallout of Season 1’s big cliffhanger. But rather than pick up right where “Fast Enough” left off – with a giant temporal vortex threatening to swallow up Central City – “The Man Who Saved Central City” jumped ahead several months to the somber aftermath. The question wasn’t whether Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) could save his city once again, it was what kind of life Barry would return to when he got back. As we saw, it was a pretty lonely existence. The premiere opened on a surprisingly somber note, but one that offered an effective look at Barry’s fragile emotional state and the current status quo of Team Flash, including Cisco, (Carlos Valdes), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin). That darkness was a way to bring the gang back together while reminding viewers that many challenges awaited Barry even after defeating Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh).Image result for the flash versus zoomEven as those early episodes touched base with some familiar faces from Season 1 (including Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Peyton List’s Golden Glider), they also spent a great deal of time setting the stage for the next major villain in Barry’s life, Zoom. Rather than continue to rely on the familiar Season 1 formula, where Barry and his friends battled various metahuman villains spawned by the particle accelerator accident – this year they confronted foes like Atom-Smasher (Adam Copeland) and Sand Demon (Kett Turton) who crossed over from Earth-2 to Earth-1. The addition of parallel worlds this season wasn’t just the latest example of Greg Berlanti and friends delving into all corners of DC’s mythology, it was a fun shake-up that resulted in a wealth of both comedy and drama. Seeing characters like Cisco, Caitlin and Linda Park (Malese Jow) face off with their alternate universe doppelgangers never got old.No character benefited more from the doppelganger concept than Harrison Wells. Wells might have died at the end of Season 1, but thankfully the writers found a way to bring the character back in a very different role. Earth-2’s Dr. Wells made the trip to Earth-1 and began assisting Team Flash in their ongoing fight against Zoom. Cavanagh excelled in his rejiggered role. He consistently played this new Wells as a much different character than the cold, calculating villain of Season 1. This Wells was all nervous, agitated energy, driven by nothing but a desire to stop Zoom and rescue his daughter, Jesse (Violett Beane). His character arc was among the strongest of the season, as Wells formed close bonds with his new friends and worked to counteract some of the destruction his counterpart wreaked on Barry’s life. Most of the cast benefited from the ongoing Earth-1/Earth-2 status quo this year. Grant Gustin was frequently a highlight of the show as he explored Barry’s lingering guilt and heartache after briefly reuniting with his mother and tried to disprove the parting message from earth-1 Wells – the idea that he’d never allow himself to be truly happy. Wells’ words proved distressingly accurate and on-point over the course of the season. Barry went through a lot of emotional highs and lows this season, including a second tear-jerking, phone call reunion with his mother in “Welcome to Earth-2” and multiple traumatic clashes with Zoom. To their credit, the writers didn’t try to force a happy ending out of Barry’s arc, either. By the end of the finale, Barry was at an even lower point than he was a year before, which fuelled his decision to make another ill-advised trip back in time. He’ll no doubt be dealing with the consequences of that act for some time to come.Image result for the flash welcome to earth-2Both Cisco and Caitlin frequently stood out this year, as well. Cisco always served as a reliable source of comic relief, particularly as his bond with Wells deepened and the two bickered with one another. But on a deeper level, this season allowed Cisco to come into his own as a hero. He grew more familiar with his powers, even finally adopting the name and trademark glasses of Vibe. He caught a glimpse of what he could become when he met his doppelganger, Reverb, and began testing the limits of his courage and his abilities. Similarly, Caitlin was shown a glimpse of the villain she could become when she met Killer Frost. But even after her failed romance with Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) and subsequent ordeal at the hands of Zoom, Caitlin never lost her heroic streak. If the writers ever decide to morph her into Killer Frost for real, that’s going to be one devastating emotional gut punch.The Flash also deserves credit for the way the writers are able to weave romantic drama into the narrative without it coming across as forced. The ongoing romance between Barry and Patty Spivot (Shantel Van Santen) was always entertaining, thanks in large part to the stellar chemistry between Gustin and Van Santen. And if Iris was never the most compelling character in any given episode, she definitely improved this year thanks to her more proactive behaviour and her deepening bond with Barry.Image result for the flash invincibleThen there was the debut of Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) to the Team Flash lineup. Looking back, I’m not entirely convinced Wally needed to be introduced this year. With everything else going on this season it didn’t always feel as though the character received the attention he deserved. But Lonsdale proved to be a solid addition to the cast nonetheless. And despite all the foreshadowing, at least the writers weren’t overzealous in terms of rushing Wally into becoming a speedster. There’s plenty of time for that in a later season.Image result for the flash the race of his lifeThere was a lot to love about Season 2. At its best, this season was easily a rival to its predecessor. “Welcome to Earth-2” stands as probably the best single episode the show has delivered to date, with episodes like “Flash Back,” “Rupture” and “The Runaway Dinosaur” also ranking among the best.Image result for the flash the race of his lifeThe Villain of the year was Zoom. This villain was tricky in that he was simultaneously one of the best  aspects of the season.  Zoom left a pretty strong impression during his first clash with Barry in “Enter Zoom.” Between the demonic costume and the gravely rasp of voice actor Tony Todd, Zoom was by far the scariest and most physically imposing villain Team Flash had yet encountered. That certainly counted for something.  Zoom’s characterization was even more intriguing in the second half of the season unfolded. We learned much more about the villain’s past and motivations, including the big twist that Zoom was actually Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick and that Team Flash’s newest ally was no ally at all. With all the emphasis on doppelgangers this season, it was fitting that Zoom himself was really Barry’s dark mirror. Both men had childhood’s defined by similar tragedies and grew up to become speedsters. But whereas Barry had a close circle of friends and family to help guide him along his way, Hunter had no one. He was utterly alone on his world and all others, and that gave the villain the humanity and pathos he needed. And it was nice to see the writers acknowledge just how crucial characters like Joe, Cisco and Caitlin are to the show. Without them, Barry would be as empty as Zoom.Image result for the flash the race of his lifeThe season finale, “The Race of His Life,” was a great way to wrap up Season  Zoom’s defeat was satisfying and his metamorphosis at the end was intriguing, it will be intresting if we will ever see him come back in season 3. Also in the finale  there was the reveal of the real Jay Garrick, an act which allowed Shipp to don a Flash costume for the first time in decades, then there was the final cliffhanger, with Barry traveling back in time and almost certainly sparking the beginning of a Flashpoint-inspired status quo for the series. That alone is cause to be excited for Season 3.Image result for the flash the race of his lifeThe Flash season 2 was firing on all cylinders and continued through too the end top form an awesome season and leaves you hanging waiting for season 3.




Jason Mewes (Dogma)
David Keith (Lone Star)
Paris Hilton (Wonderland)
Brian Hallisay (Hostel – Part III)
Jon Abrahams (Scary Movie)
Phil Morris (Smallville)
Nicholle Tom (Gotham)
Raymond O’ Connor (Halloween 4)
Desmond Harrington (Wrong Turn)
Kevin Smith (Clerks)
Tim Thomerson (Dollman)
Johnny Messner (Tears of The Sun)

For fans of Jay and Silent Bob, also known as Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, this movie is worth seeing as both actors appear in it.

Owen Peadman is played by Jason Mewes. Owen is a very milder version of Jay but still an intriguing character and his acting was excellent throughout the movie. From his facial expressions to his quick witted responses, Mewes does not disappoint. Throw in the few scenes with the always funny and witty Kevin Smith and you still have a good Jay and Silent Bob connection. Now let’s look at the characters of Uncle Earl Peadman played by  David Keith. David Keith has played many macho roles and seeing him play a gay man was quite different. But he played it well and by the end of the movie, you felt his character.Now let’s take a look at the questionable role for Paris Hilton. First of all the role was perfect for her because she’s lived that lifestyle. I almost perceived her as wishing she was her character instead of playing it. But unfortunately that’s not true. The movie will probably get bad reviews because of her. But as a comedy, I thought the movie was witty, funny and well written with underlying twists. I recommend this movie just because you can sit back and watch it and laugh without thinking too much. A nice view after a hard day at work.



Kevin Smith (Dogma)
Jason Mewes (Bottoms up)

Image result for jay & silent bob get old teabagging in IRELAND

For many years,  I’ve been a huge fan of Kevin Smith especially Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Dogma. In more resent years however, he’s taken to the creation of various Podcasts (or Smodcasts), which led to the Jay & Silent Bob Get Old podcast. A show where Kevin and hetro-life partner Jason Mewes chat, goof around, and are generally be entertaining. This led on to a tour.Image result for Jay & Silent Bob Get Old: Teabagging in Ireland reviewThe majority of the DVD are really what you’d expect from a recording of a podcast show. 2 guys sat behind a desk chatting and being funny. Topics such as Liam Neeson’s (apparently rather large) appendage, Smith explaining to Mewes about Lent, and pancake day, and Kev’s love of proper English bacon butties. However when the subject inevitably turns to sex, Mewes does move from behind the desk to visualize, in somewhat graphic detail, how to have sex in a mini cooper. You should also look out for the ridiculous show finale call “Let us fuck”Image result for Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Teabagging in Ireland reviewIt’s fair to say, Smith and Mewes’s humour is somewhat of an acquired taste, however I suspect you wouldn’t be reading this review or considering buying the DVD if you didn’t know who these 2 guys were already. As the show’s go on, there are some rather more thoughtful moments, as Mewes talks about his struggle with drugs – part of the reason the podcasts were started was as a way for Smith to keep Mewes on the ‘straight and narrow’. If you like Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, the Teabagging in Ireland DVD is a nice way to spend a couple of hours sat listening to them chat, make jokes, and tell anecdotes. There’s such a great friendship between these 2 guys, and a lovely rapport that it’s just entertaining to watch them bounce off each other.



Kevin Smith (Dogma)
Jason Mewes (Bottoms up)

Image result for jay & silent bob get old teabagging in the uk

Those familiar with Kevin Smith films will probably think fondly of the stoner duo Jay and Silent Bob. Although the title of the show refers to the characters, here we see the men themselves rather than two people in character – though Jason Mewes is often surprisingly like his film persona. This live show is effectively a version of their podcast but instead filmed on stage, just because they have a live audience doesn’t mean they hold back though and the pair are incredibly frank in their discussions, there is nothing they won’t talk about. These two disks contain three live performances (London, Manchester, Edinburgh) each one lasting about an hour and fifteen minutes. There are some extras too which add a further few cut scenes.
Image result for jay & silent bob get old teabagging in the ukThe inclusion of an audience gives the show great energy, obviously there is some banter with the audience, but in addition it’s great to see how Smith and Mewes work in front of a British crowd and to hear how they see British culture – Mewes’ Scottish accent is brilliantly crap! The first show (London) begins with an exploration into their first exposure to the British – 30 minutes later they are still answering the question – and that kind of sums up the shows. Those expecting stand up comedy may be disappointed, this is simply two close friends sitting down and meandering through topics and telling anecdotes. For some this will be boring, but for others (including me) it’s a fantastic way of viewing a great relationship and feeling part of it simply by watching and laughing alongside them.
Image result for jay & silent bob get old teabagging in the ukThere’s no formal structure to this other than an audience participation game right at the end of each of the three shows. Kevin Smith does guide things somewhat though and manages to reign in Mewes’ musings and give the show direction. To start with Smith provides most input but by the end Mewes probably has the most to say and needless to say, the contents of the shows are mainly puerile, debased, and full of swearing – but they get away with it because it’s all told from the perspective of two guys in their thirties looking back on life. They are still young, but they aren’t kids anymore and underneath the stories of sexual failures, successes, and witches fighting Nazis, there is a maturity which sometimes shines through and Kevin Smith is clearly a very intelligent guy. The strength of this DVD is the bond between these two guys and if you’re a fan of the View Askewniverse then you’ll laugh along, if not then you might find it all a bit pointless. It’s not all humour though and there are moments of poignancy, I’m not a huge fan of stoner humour and Jay and Silent Bob have been seen as bastions of stoner’ism’, although there are lots of drug references here, the biggest cheer from the audience is when we hear that Jason Mewes has been clean and sober for nearly two years. Those who accuse Smith/Mewes of glamorising drugs should listen to the final part of the Edinburgh show – I won’t give any spoilers as such, but it’s a very sobering look at how drugs have impacted on Mewes’ childhood and his adult life.

This is amusing with genuinely laugh-out-loud moments. This has great re-watch value too because you are laughing with Kevin and Jason rather than laughing at punchlines to jokes. I enjoyed this and by the end of it you feel as though you know them better and have shared a good laugh with a couple of friends who have gone through a lot together and come out of it doing well for themselves.



Glenn Quinn (Angel)
Jason Mewes (Dogma)
Majandra Delfino (Roswell)
Rick Otto (Red Tails)
Lucas Babin (School of Rock)
Reno Wilson (Mike & Molly)
Nora Zehetner (Heroes)
Grace Zabriskie (Child’s Play 2)
Jonathan Banks (The Lizzie Borden Chronicles)

Rick Collier (Rick Otto) has been studying serial killers for a while and thinking he can pull of a great mass murder he has a party in honor of his best friend, Jimmy Franklin (Lucas Babin). He invites all his friends including Jordan McNeil (Brandi Andres), Garret (Reno Wilson), Cricket (Jeanne Chinn), Terry (Jason Mewes), and John Skyles (Daniel Joseph). Before the party Nick invites Jimmy over and kills him. At the party they are convinced he is running late and are joined by his mother (Grace Zabriskie), his father (Jonathan Banks), and Leigh (Nora Zehetner). Prof. Hal Evans (Glenn Quinn) shows up too and later on next door neighbor Callie (Majandra Delfino) joins the party. Slowly Nick begins to pick them off one by one secretly until only Jordan and Hal are left to confront him.Image result for r.s.v.p. (2002)The wonderful actors and actresses are one of the main highlights here. The actors are mainly relatively unknown and surprisingly this works wonders here and hopefully we will see more of them in the future. The film does feature a cleverly ingenious scene when Jimmy’s mom is trying to call him because he hasn’t arrived yet Nick quickly turns on the stereo and turns it up to the highest sound to cover up the fact that Jimmy’s body is in the house and nobody can hear his cell phone ringing. Nick later states he should have taken the phone out to begin with, but he needed to style points. Classic! Nick is another highlight. He has the ability to be handsome, manipulative, and trusting. He often lures the victim into a false sense of security before killing them. A classic example is when he is in the bathroom with Leigh and begins to come onto her sexually and he works his hands up to her neck and out of the blue snaps it. Totally unexpected as you know something is going to happen, but you don’t know what. In most slashers the music becomes real ominous and your speakers blare suspenseful music and you know the kill is going to happen. Almost like a forward, but in this scene the atmosphere and lighting is upbeat like a disco floor and you’re waiting for that ominous music to start to creep in and then Leigh will bite it.untitledThis never happens and breaks a standard horror/slasher rule with the music. In fact the whole musical score is original and the Joice of musical keys in places where you wouldn’t expect them really helps this out. The way Nick names off a few common reasons why killers do what they do so the people can sleep better at night and how the world thinks they can make sense of every sick thing that goes on this world is hilarious, but not funny at the same time because almost every modern day slasher has this formula where the killer explains his motivation and if you look back at Michael Myers or Jason they have no real motive. Sure Michael wants to kill his bloodline, but it’s his choice and yes they did introduce the Cult of Thorn, but as we see in the film they have no power over him and he chooses to kill. Jason may have started off as avenging his mothers death, but as the series progressed he has become a simple killing machine without a motive. My personal opinion is that killers with motives are scarier. The way Nick chooses his victims to be his closest friends is revolting a strange way. The kills are pretty fresh and original and it also breaks three slasher rules. First the music, then that the heroine usually doesn’t participate in the drugs or smoking, and that the pot head usually dies. This could’ve been way worse.Image result for r.s.v.p. (2002)

Thriller, Slasher, and Horror fans will want to check this out as it has enough elements for all three. Recommend