Rorrie D. Travis (The Coroner)
Jasmeet Baduwalia (Werewolf World)
Jacqueline Scislowski (Man of Steel)
Abraham Rodriguez (The Auction)
Recurring / Notable Guest Cast
Teuila Blakely (Funny Girls)

Zoey is looking or something, they are dressed up. Steel is the Frankenstein monster, Nate is Dr. Frankenstein, Zoey is a Viking and Ravi is Sherlock Holmes. They use a streaming service that hypnotizes them into being their characters by Scorzzle. Devon arrives and sees them believing they are their characters. The others run off but Devon stops Sherlock Holmes. Ravi wants him to be a cop. Devon goes to Zoey’s costume trunk and pits on a British cop costume. Devon uses a bad accent and tells “Sherlock” he is looking for Ravi. He tells him that Ravi was scared of the dentist. Clips are shown. He also tells him about the boy Joey learning martial arts, from last week. The spell comes off Ravi and he is back to normal. Devon and Ravi change into costumes. Devon changes into a Viking and tells Ravi to get the Frankenstein characters. Ravi tells the Commander to shut down a floor to find Nate and Steel. Zoey is taking down a snack machine when Devon arrives as a Viking.power-rangers-beast-morphers-episode-21-hypnotic-halloweenZoey throws an axe at him and the theme starts. After the commercial, The axe is thrown on Devon but it is rubber. Devon wraps her with a cable from his Morpher. Devon tells her about Zoey, a fearless warrior. He tells her about when she becomes a Ranger. Zoey or Ingrid the Viking flinches. Devon tells her about when Zoey said she’d be better without Jax the Beast Bot. The clip runs about her apologizing to Jax about taking him for granted. The spell wears off and Zoey returns to normal. Meanwhile, Steel scares Nate. Ravi wraps cables around the two. He is dressed as a doctor. All three main Rangers are dressed as doctors (with the white lab coats). They talk to the tied up Nate and Steel. The trio tells them about Nate and Steel. Clips run about Nate creating Steel in front of the villains. Nate morphs into the Gold Ranger. Steel then becomes the Silver Ranger in the clip. Devon and the others narrate.download (7).jpeThe spell wears off the two. They are untied. Commander asks how thye are, she says a Robotron is trying to break in to a Morph X Tower. The Robotron scares a Morph X truck driver. Scrozzle is happy. The Rangers arrive and morph. Gigadrone arrives and Zoey and Devon leave on their zords. Zoey blasts the Gigadrone which makes itself another come out of its back. It is a Delta model. The Megazords fight. Gold and Silver fight the Robotron. Smash brings the Wheeler Zord to Ravi. Gold and Silver destroy the Robotron with Striker Saber attack. Sytems are down for Red and Ravi goe sto Gorilla mode and protects the others. Gold and Silver call their zords. They save Ravi. Steel attacks the gigadrones with his zord. Nate gets his crane and picks up a Gigadrone and spins him around. The two zords combine into a Megazord and destroy the Delta Model. Later, the Rangers have a movie night again. Devon comes out as a skeleton ninja and makes them drop the popcorn. Now he likes wearing costumes, he likes ‘being’ the character. The Rangers play fight.Power-Rangers-Beast-Morphers-Halloween-Special-Preview-Clip-880x440Yes Hasbro still; does the Halloween/Christmas clip shows, but this one is still fun and there is more new footage than clips so its still a fun ride.



Taking Care of Business (2019)

Rorrie D. Travis (The Coroner)
Jasmeet Baduwalia (Werewolf World)
Jacqueline Scislowski (Man of Steel)
Abraham Rodriguez (The Auction)
Recurring / Notable Guest Cast
Colby Strong (Andi Mack)
Liana Ramirez (Be Somebody)
Cosme Flores (Pledge)
Kristina Ho (The Unhallowed)
Teuila Blakely (Funny Girls)
Kevin Copeland (Gabriel)
Sia Trokenheim (Step Dave)
J.J. Fong (Friday Night Bites)
Kelson Henderson (Ash Vs Evil Dead)
John Leigh (800 Words)
Reid McGowan (AFK)

.The first Power Rangers episode of the Hasbro era kicked off today with Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and to say it set a high bar for the rest of the series would be an understatement.power-rangers-beast-morphersThere are several differences between this and the last outing at Saban, Super Ninja Steel, but one of the biggest involves attention to detail. In the first episode of the season, we already have references to the greater Power Rangers universe, with Mayor Daniels (Kevin Copeland) referring to previous villains, Power Ranger teams, and other dimensions. That’s a big deal, especially so early on in the series, and what’s more impressive is it was done with a relatively small amount of time and felt organic to the character and the plot, as opposed to some ham-fisted reference just to appease fans.x720One thing Beast Morphers shares in common with Ninja Steel is a supremely likable cast. By the end of the episode, you have a firm grasp on not only their personalities but also their motivations, giving them clear jumping off points to further develop their characters. It’s refreshing to see that, as previous series struggled to give the cast meaningful narratives consistently. Hopefully, this keeps up throughout the series, but so far we can’t help but love Devon (Rorrie D. Travis), Zoey (Jacqueline Scislowski), and Ravi (Jasmeet Baduwalia). Also shoutout to Ben (Cosme Flores) and Betty (Kristina Ho), who made me laugh every time they were on screen. Their immediate charm helped balance out the slapstick, and it was a welcome mix.Power-Rangers-Beast-MorpheBeast Morphers excels from a style perspective as well. From the fights to all the slick looking tech lying around the lab, the aesthetic of the series is top notch. It retains that Power Rangers vibe but gives it a modern flair, and those Grid Battleforce jackets are swaggy…okay, not sure I can pull that word off…well, they’re cool alright! Overall this was a wonderful introduction to the Hasbro era of Power Rangers, and I personally can’t wait to enjoy the season-long ride that’s in store. So far 8 episodes have aired and it shows that Hasbro has breathed new life in this awesome franchise



Henry Cavill (The Immortals)
Amy Adams (American Hustle)
Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire)
Diane Lane (Unfaithful)
Russell Crowe (Gladiator)
Antje Traue (Seventh Son)
Harry Lennix (Dollhouse)
Richard Schiff (Seven)
Christopher Meloni (Underground)
Kevin Costner (Waterworld)
Ayelet Zurer (Daredevil TV)
Laurence Fishburne (Hannibal)
Mackenzie Gray (Smallville)
Ian Tracey (Bates Motel)
Carla Gugino (Watchmen)
Julian Richings (Doom Patrol)
Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse)
David Lewis (Unspeakable)
David Paetkau (Flashpoint)
Mike Dopud (Arrow)
Chad Krowchuk (RV)
Aaron Pearl (Stargate SG.1)
Jacqueline Scislowski (Power Rangers Beast Morphers)
Alessandro Juliani (Smallville)
Rebecca Buller (Sirens)

film_supermanreturns_featureimage_desktop_1600x900The planet Krypton, unstable from years of industrial mining, faces impending destruction. Jor-El, chief advisor to Krypton’s supreme council, recommends a full-scale evacuation of the planet’s inhabitants. Before any action can be taken, soldiers led by General Zod, an old friend of Jor-El’s, launch an uprising and arrest the councilors. Realizing that Krypton is doomed, Jor-El steals genetic codes sought by Zod and infuses them into the DNA of his infant son, Kal-El – the first naturally born Kryptonian child in centuries. Donning his old armor, Jor-El sacrifices his life to allow his son to escape on a preprogrammed spacecraft. Zod orders the rocket’s destruction, only to learn that forces loyal to the council have suppressed the rebellion. In a brief trial, Zod and several of the surviving rebels are convicted of treason and sentenced to the Phantom Zone seconds before Krypton explodes.
8610986058_9dfa00c53c_bFollowing Jor-El’s coordinates, the ship crash lands on Earth in Smallville, Kansas. A childless couple, Jonathan and Martha Kent, find Kal-El and raise him as their own, naming him Clark. As he grows up, Clark becomes an isolated young man as a result of developing superhuman powers. He then learns his true origins from Jonathan, who urges him to keep his powers hidden. Several years later, Jonathan dies in a tornado while refusing to let Clark save him. Burdened by guilt, Clark leaves to travel the world under several aliases, seeking a new purpose.
man-of-steel-was-pretty-boringLois Lane, a reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, receives an assignment to investigate the discovery of a Kryptonian scout ship in the Canadian Arctic. Disguised as a worker, Clark enters the ship and activates its central computer using a key left by Jor-El, allowing him to communicate with an artificial intelligence modeled after his father. The AI explains that Clark was sent to Earth to guide its people, and presents him with a Kryptonian uniform bearing his family’s symbol. While following Clark, Lois inadvertently triggers the ship’s security system. Clark uses his powers to rescue Lois before donning the uniform and testing his ability to fly. Lois attempts to have her supervisor Perry White publish an article on the incident, but he refuses to do so without proof. After tracking down Clark, Lois eventually agrees to keep his secret safe.
MAN OF STEELEscaping the Phantom Zone, Zod and his crew travel to Earth after intercepting a transmission from the scout vessel. Deducing that Kal-El is nearby, they broadcast a global address demanding that he surrender or risk war. Clark meets with the U.S. Army and agrees to comply, with Lois joining him as a hostage. Zod reveals that he possesses advanced terraforming equipment salvaged from Kryptonian outposts, which he intends to use to transform Earth into a new Krypton. His science officer, Jax-Ur, extracts Clark’s genes to create Kryptonian colonists who will exterminate humanity and build a society based on Zod’s ideals of genetic purity. With help from Jor-El, Clark and Lois escape and warn the Army, just as Zod orders an invasion.
superman_man_of_steelGiven the codename “Superman”, Clark destroys the terraforming platform, while his human allies launch a suicide attack, killing Zod’s troops. Vowing to eradicate humanity himself, Zod battles with Superman, and the two eventually crash into a train station. Zod turns his own heat vision on a group of passengers, but Superman kills him. Now the last surviving Kryptonian, Superman persuades the Army to let him act independently, so long as he does not turn against humanity. To allow access to dangerous situations without attracting attention, Superman is hired as a freelance reporter for the Daily Planet.man_of_steel_hero1The most striking thing about Man of Steel is how grim it is compared to the previous Superman entries. Christopher Reeve’s Superman was confident and heroic, but here Henry Cavill’s rendition doesn’t seem so sure of himself. He can take off flying much faster though, and isn’t afraid to throw a few punches. The tights that Christopher Reeve wore have been replaced here by a more menacing chain-mail suit. The movie’s general atmosphere is pretty dark, with a blue tint given to the entire movie and a score by Hans Zimmer that is quite a contrast to that of John Williams in the earlier movies. However, it seems like the Superman comic books have recently taken a dark turn as well.  Keeping an open mind while watching Man of Steel, I accepted most of the liberties being taken and enjoyed it for what it was.