Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop)
Kyla Pratt (One on One)
Raven-Symoné (The View)
Kristen Wilson (walking Tall)
Norm MacDonld (Screwed)
Lil’ Zane (Good Streets)
James Avery (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
Andy Richter (Quintuplets)
Jeffrey Jones (Howard The Duck)
Steve Zahn (Daddy Day Care)
Lisa Kudrow (Bad Neighbours)
Michael Rapaport (The 6th Day)
Isaac Hayes (South Park)
Andy Dick (2 Broke Girls)
Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy)
David Cross (Scary Movie 2)
David Deluise (Stargate SG.1)
John DiMaggio (Futurama)
Jamie Kennedy (Son of The Mask)
Tom Kenny (Spongebob)
Michael McKean (This Is SPinal Tap)
Frankie Muniz (Agent Cody Banks)
Bob Odenkirk (How I Met Your Mother)
Mandy Moore (The Princess Diaries)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator)

Lucky the dog (Norm Macdonald) explains Dr. John Dolittle’s (Eddie Murphy) gift of talking to animals. John comes home from France and gives his wife a present from Paris. He also gives his daughter, Maya (Kyla Pratt), a chameleon, named Pepito. Also, Charisse’s (Raven-Symoné) sixteenth birthday is coming today. She is also not doing well in her classes. As a punishment, John takes her phone away. Later on, Charisse’s boyfriend, Eric (Lil Zane), comes over and decides to join the family at the birthday party. A possum (voice of Isaac Hayes) and a raccoon, Joey (voice of Michael Rapaport), tell the doctor that their boss, the Godbeaver, wants to see him. He meets the God beaver (voice of Richard C. Sarafian) who shows him that the forest is being cut down. John plans to save the forest to get an endangered female Pacific western bear together with a male to save their species.At a circus, John attempts to get Archie, the surviving male member in his species, to go out into the forest to teach him to become a real bear. Reluctantly, he agrees but John knows that Archie doesn’t know what kind of bear he is and never acts as a real animal. Then, after taking his family on a vacation to the forest for the rest of the month, John makes a deal with a female bear named Ava to not make any decisions for the month and promised to turn Archie into someone she will love. While he unsuccessfully trains Archie, John hires the local forest creatures to make an attempt to stop Charisse and Eric from making out. But during the training, he ignores Lisa for the next few days. Then, John tells Archie that he will find a way to win Ava’s heart. Every animal in the forest watches as John dances with Lisa, and as the two attempt to embrace, Lucky accidentally blows it. Archie attempts to get Ava’s attention by singing her a song while imitating John in a smooth voice and on a tree branch, but blows his attempt when he is too heavy for the branch to hold and he falls down.Archie refuses to come out of his new-found cave because of humiliating himself in front of Ava. Archie proclaims that it was hard but John knows how hard it is when his wife grows mad at him. Frustrated with John’s insults, Archie hits John, making him fall on a muddy hole, and he begins to listen to his “inner bear”. Later on, he spends the rest of the day with Ava, whose relationship with another male bear named Sonny isn’t very well. Lucky attempts to win the affection of an attractive female wolf (though throughout the film, Lucky attempts to get her attention two times but both are unsuccessful). This attempt was successful as Lucky urinates around her territory and she is about to go out with him but one of her packmates came and finds Lucky urinating part of the pack’s territory and they leave, much to Lucky’s dismay. On the other hand, Ava is forced to leave Archie by Sonny (voice of Mike Epps).Afterwards, Mr. Potter, the owner of two logging companies, attempts to make a deal with John, and when Archie arrives, he tells John he has his “big finish”, knowing that he will win Ava about John telling him to listen to his “inner bear”. Back at the cabin, Charisse is beginning to hate living in the forest and is annoyed with her family talking to the animals, though John doesn’t know what is bothering her. Meanwhile, Archie goes after a bee hive on a fallen tree at the edge of a tall hill, and despite commands from John and attacking bees, he manages to get the hive.In a game of hide and seek with Ava (who dumps Sonny), Archie is shot by a tranquilizer dart fired by Mr. Potter’s apprentice. John later learns that Archie had somewhat destroyed the back of a restaurant in the woods. After getting information from a weasel (voice of Andy Dick) of what happened, John visits Archie in a jail and tells the bear that he may be too dangerous to be set free and is going to be sold to a Mexican circus. Then, John realizes that Charisse has developed her father’s gift of talking to animals, though it has been in her for two weeks now. Later, John held a meeting for every animal in the forest to not give up without a fight no matter what kind of animal expression they have. Everyone agrees to do it in order to free Archie. The animals, led by Charisse, Eric, and Maya, rebel against the loggers and every animal around the world goes on strikes as an effort to free Archie. Mr. Potter and his apprentice are then attacked by some of the animals at the company, such as a swarm of rats, a fleet of pigeons, a pack of wolves, and Mr. Potter’s apprentice is then attacked by the swarm of bees outside the building, while Mr. Potter is cornered by Ava and Joey. Then, when the animals refuse to have twelve acres in their home, the strike keeps growing (even animal pros, such as racing horses and jumping whales are getting on the act). As a deal is made, the Dolittles and the animals have saved the entire forest outside of San Francisco. At the end, John and Charisse become closer while Archie and Ava mate and have two cubs (a boy and a girl).The movies have lots of funny moments and are great for all ages to enjoy, the digital enhanced animals are brillant and take the show to a higher level.If you enjoyed the first one i highly recommend this one.



CHRISTMAS 2017 REVIEW: DECEPTION (aka The Reindeer Games)


Ben Affleck (Batman V Superman)
Charlize Theron (Prometheus)
Gary Sinise (The Green Mile)
Dennis Farina (Get Shorty)
Donal Logue (Ghost Rider)
James Frain (Gotham)
Danny Trejo (Machete)
Isaac hayes (South Park)
Clarence Williams III (The Butler)
Ashton Kutcher (Dude, Wheres My Car?)

Nick Cassidy and Rudy Duncan are cellmates in prison two days away from release. Nick has been corresponding with a young woman named Ashley Mercer, who is waiting for him on the outside. After Nick takes a shiv in a prison fight and dies, Rudy, who just wants to have a cup of hot chocolate after he reunites with his family, takes his place and lets the beautiful Ashley think he is the one who has been writing her. Gabriel, the leader of a gang who assaults Rudy and Ashley in their cabin, and is Ashley’s brother and tells “Nick” that the gang, with Nick’s help, will rob the casino he used to work at. Rudy reveals he is not Nick, but Ashley continues to confirm he is and that she wrote to him knowing Gabriel was going to kidnap and force Rudy to assist in the robbery. Rudy, while furious with Ashley, is reluctantly forced to go along with his ruse.

Using the information from the real Nick’s prison cell stories, Rudy is able to devise a robbery plan and informs Gabriel that the biggest loot is hidden inside a safe in the manager’s office (the “PowWow” safe). On the night of the robbery, Rudy breaks out of his holding in order to find a way to arm himself as he knows Gabriel will kill him after the robbery. He stumbles upon Gabriel and Ashley and learns that they are lovers and partners in crime.

The group robs the casino, each dressed as Santa Claus. Rudy, forced to take part in the robbery, hides the fact that he knows Ashley’s secret. Shots are fired and security guards and Santas are shot. Ashley drives into the Casino and lets Nick/Rudy know she is in on the heist. All meeting in the manager’s office, Gabriel introduces Rudy to the casino manager as Nick but the manager recognizes that he isn’t Nick and Rudy confesses. Gabriel, furious at Rudy’s deception, spares him for a moment when he demands to know where the “PowWow” safe is. When the manager opens the safe, he grabs guns from inside and kills one of the robbers as the rest flee. Rudy kills another one of the robbers and is then grabbed by Gabriel and Ashley who tie him up in their 18-wheeler truck.

They plan to drive him off the edge of a cliff in a burning vehicle with a little of the money so that officials will guess all had been burned. After accidentally revealing too much information during an argument with Rudy, Ashley shoots and kills the now suspicious Gabriel. Shortly after, Nick appears, having staged his death at the prison. It is revealed that Ashley’s real name is Millie Bobeck and Rudy learns that the two had collaborated to rob the casino using Rudy and Gabriel and his gang. Ashley had known the entire time who Rudy truly was. Nick also informs Rudy that the prison stories were part of a set-up.

After they tie Rudy to the steering wheel to drive off the cliff, he produces a knife he had gotten earlier, cuts his bindings, hot wires the car, sets it to reverse and crushes Nick. With Ashley firing at him, he rams the fiery car into her and dives out as the car and Ashley go over the cliff. Nick tries to convince Rudy that they can share the money but Rudy locks him in the truck and also sends it over the cliff. Rudy picks up the stolen cash and begins distributing it in mailboxes he comes across on the way home to his family, and eats a Christmas dinner with them. The film closes with Rudy smiling.

Though it is a basic Action Thriller, there are many subdivisions, that will leave fans of any genre satisfied. Don’t know why they changed the name for the UK.



Steven Seagal (True Justice)
Isaac Hayes (South Park)
Chris Thomas King (Ray)
Mark Collie (The Punisher)
Holly Elissa (Whistler)
Michael Filipowich (Charlie Jade)
Aliyah O’Brien (Monster Trucks)
Daniella Evangelista (The Mangler 2)
Ali Liebert (Legends of Tomorrow)
Brandi Alexander (Izombie)

Steven Seagal stars as a tough cop, Jacob King, whose brutal methods have gained him a legendary reputation among his colleagues. Seemingly indifferent to the fact his twin brother was murdered in front of him as a child, Seagal investigates a series of brutal killings, most involving young, attractive women. The murderer, Lazerus, played by Michael Filipowich, leaves cryptic, astrological clues at the crime scenes. At the same time, another murderer, Billy Joe Hill (Mark Collie), is killing women. King finds him and kicks him out a window, after which Hill seeks revenge by murdering Celine (Karyn Michelle Baltzer), whom he believes to be King’s girlfriend.King goes on a brutal rampage through the Memphis underworld with the assistance of his partner, Detective Storm Anderson (Chris Thomas King) and the coroner (Isaac Hayes). King meets FBI agent Frankie Miller (Holly Dignard) but dislikes her because she doesn’t approve of his methods. Lazerus attempts to frame King for the murder of a blonde barmaid, and Miller believes the frame and begins to pursue King. Meanwhile, King locates Lazerus and fights him, using a ball-peen hammer to break every bone in his body. He then goes after Billy Joe Hill and kills him after finding Celine dead. King then chooses to exit the scene, leaving Anderson a note explaining he’s quitting because no one likes his style of justice. The final scene shows King returning to what appears to be his Russian wife and family.The action and fight sequences are well done but I found that they ran a bit to long and that they should cut some of it out, they also do this thing where they replay a certain part of it five times over again and it gets really annoying. The acting in this is actually really good and all of the actors do a killer performance but Steven Seagal’s accent in this movie is pathetic I can’t even tell what accent it is suppose to be. I found that were many plot holes in this movie and there were many scenes where nothing was happening and it took a while before anything happened again. So I am going to end off by saying it is not bad, not good, but simply OK and it is a take it or leave it movie.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)
Isaac Hayes (Dr. Dolittle 2)

Image result for south park KORN'S GROOVY PIRATE GHOST MYSTERY


Image result for south park KORN'S GROOVY PIRATE GHOST MYSTERYLocal radio station KOZY 102.1 is sponsoring a “Halloween Haunt” featuring an appearance by real-life nu metal band Korn. Priest Maxi is unhappy about both and conducts a one-man protest campaign, calling Halloween an abomination of God and Korn satanists that play violent music. Stan, Kyle and Kenny are excited about Halloween, but Cartman is already thinking about Christmas because he expects to be showered with presents. They visit various mediocre attractions and get frightened by a gang of 5th graders who play a prank on them involving “pirate ghosts”. Stan decides to retaliate by digging up Kyle’s recently buried grandmother, Cleo Broflovski, and scaring the 5th graders with it. Kyle, while uneasy about the scheme, reluctantly agrees to go along.
Image result for south park KORN'S GROOVY PIRATE GHOST MYSTERYMeanwhile, Korn, driving in a van which resembles the Mystery Machine, crash it after spotting pirate ghosts on the road. After digging up Kyle’s Grandmother’s corpse, the boys leave it barely concealed at the harbor, where it is promptly eaten by a stray dog. During the night, they meet Korn (and a Scooby-Doo like character, Nibblet) after their encounter with the pirate ghosts. The following morning, the graveyard’s watchmen inform Mrs Broflovski about the missing corpse, and describe to her in graphic detail what the culprit, who they assume to be a necrophiliac, might be doing to the corpse.
Cartman intercepts a life-sized blow-up Antonio Banderas sex doll ordered by his mother, which he mistakenly assumes to be a Christmas present for him, and takes it around town to show off. The children return to the docks in their costumes hoping to win the contest for best costume, with Kenny wearing an elaborate ED-209 robot from RoboCop costume. To Kenny’s disappointment, everyone (including Korn) is able to clearly recognize him. At the town square, the grave watchers are explaining the concept of necrophilia very explicitly until the Pirate Ghosts show up and terrorize the town. A few citizens are blown up and one ghost decapitates two others. Priest Maxi shows up and blames Korn for causing all this trouble. The town gets angry and set up a lynch mob to get rid of the “devil worshipers.”

3x10-Korn-s-Groovy-Pirate-Ghost-Mystery-south-park-21144366-500-375Korn and the children go investigate the “Mystery of the Pirate Ghosts and the missing body.” After a few mishaps typical of Scooby-Doo episodes, it is revealed that Priest Maxi was behind the Pirate Ghosts, which he simply conjured up with rather impossible light tricks and sounds (the explanation to some of the citizen’s deaths earlier caused by the Pirate Ghosts is left unsolved and unknown). The mystery of Cleo Broflovski’s missing corpse is solved when the dog regurgitates the body. The Halloween Haunt goes as planned, with Korn playing “Falling Away from Me” which shocks the crowd, as their cheery personality in the episode is a strong contrast to the song. The boys get their revenge against the 5th graders while Korn is playing, scaring them with the corpse and Cartman’s Antonio Banderas doll gets popped by Nibblet. Kenny’s spectacular ED-209 costume does not win him first prize, which goes instead to Wendy Testaburger wearing the same Chewbacca costume as in the previous Season 1 Halloween Special “Pinkeye”. During the closing credits, he ends up getting killed by miniature Snowspeeders as in The Empire Strikes Back while inside his costume and rats arrive to eat his body.Image result for south park KORN'S GROOVY PIRATE GHOST MYSTERYKorn’s appearance in the Halloween show is expertly handled, as is the whole Hanna-Barbera animation send-up.



Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)
Isaac Hayes (Dr. Dolittle 2)

Image result for south park spookyfish


Image result for south park spookyfishCartman has skipped class but shows up at the bus stop to meet the boys when they get off the bus – wearing a goatee and acting strangely agreeable. Cartman explains that he missed school that day because he was taking care of the house for his mother, who has the flu. The boys are shocked and confused at this news coming from the normally obnoxious and uncaring Cartman.
Image result for south park spookyfishLater, Stan arrives home, where his mother Sharon tells him that his Aunt Flo has come to town for her “monthly visit”. Aunt Flo gives Stan’s sister Shelly a huge stereo system and gives Stan a goldfish in a bowl. Stan doesn’t like the fish and finds it spooky because of the way it stares at him, but Sharon insists that he put it in his room.
Image result for south park spookyfishThe next morning at the bus stop, Stan and Kyle expect to meet the new nice version of Cartman, who promised to bring money for them to buy a pumpkin for carving. However, Cartman arrives in his normal obnoxious mood, proclaiming that he would never give money to them.
Image result for south park spookyfish
Later that night, it is stormy, and the nice version of Cartman appears at Kenny’s house and gives Kenny and his family some provisions for the storm. Kenny’s father Stuart is surprised which his son confirms. Meanwhile, Stan is in bed, trying to sleep despite being repeatedly terrorized by the fish. Despite what Stan says, Sharon remains unconvinced that there is any trouble until Stan gets up and finds a dead body on the floor.
Image result for south park spookyfishStan later reflects on all of these happenings when he asks Kyle if he thinks animals can be murderers like people can, to which Kyle replies that he doesn’t know. While talking about this, they again notice a change in Cartman, who is first mean to Kenny for getting a squash for carving because he couldn’t afford a pumpkin, then after leaving the room to get a sharper knife and coming back, has a goatee and is nice to Kenny and shows him how to safely cut with a knife while singing about their all being best friends.  The following morning, Stan, Kyle and Kenny discover that the two personalities of Cartman are in fact two separate people. Chef tells the boys that the kinder version of Cartman is from an “Evil Parallel Universe” and that Stan’s fish must be from the same world. The boys decide to return the fish to the pet store, but not before it kills Kenny too. Stan, Kyle and Evil Cartman track down the Ancient Indian Burial Ground Pet Store, where they find the portal to the alternate universe. The store owner explains that the portal appeared after he built his shop on top of a literal old Indian burial ground. The store is stocked with animals that all, with the exception of Stan’s fish, have glowing red eyes.
Image result for south park spookyfish
After returning the fish to the owner and advising him to move his store off the burial ground, the boys leave just as the Stan and Kyle from the evil world show up, also sporting goatees. Just as “evil” Cartman is the complete opposite of his good world self, “evil” Stan and Kyle are both the opposite of their good world selves and are thus cruel, wanting to bring their nice “friend” Evil Cartman back so they can torment him again. They align with the good world Cartman, who is sick of his “goody two-shoes” clone, and the trio find the good world Stan and Kyle along with Evil Cartman.

Image result for south park spookyfishThe evil Stan and Kyle have a gun that sends things back to the alternate world. Good Stan manages to get it and sends back the two clones. He and Kyle then decide to use it on Cartman – their Cartman – so that they can keep the nice one. Cartman, shocked by this, then attacks Evil Cartman and rips off his goatee. The two wrestle until Stan and Kyle do not know which is which. One Cartman says that Stan should shoot them both “for the good of the world”. Stan immediately shoots the other Cartman, stating that the “good universe” Cartman would never say that. However it is then revealed that the normal Cartman did say it in order to trick the boys into shooting Evil Cartman, and he proceeds to taunt them for being “hella stupid.” (Throughout the episode the normal Cartman uses the slang “hella” to the irritation of the other boys, and this is one of the factors in their decision to send him to the Evil Universe.)Image result for south park spookyfishTheres a great shot in the episode where the two Cartmans meet, and how it looks like a badly pulled off split screen effect – an effect they stick with throughout the episode. It’s little jokes like this, and attention to detail that set South Park apart in the early days. also theres another classic ‘Who is the good one?’ scene when The Cartmans face off. It’s funnyand clever and an early example of South Park greatness.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)
Isaac Hayes (Dr. Dolittle 2)



Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are waiting for the school bus as usual when the Mir Space Station lands and kills Kenny. Kenny’s body is taken to the local morgue. One of the men at the morgue accidentally leaves a bottle of Worcestershire sauce open and its contents mix with the embalming fluid, turning Kenny into a zombie. Kenny bites the two men and leaves in the middle of the night.
Image result for SOUTH PARK PINKEYE
The next day Kenny rejoins his friends, who are dressed up for a Halloween costume contest. Stan is dressed as Raggedy Andy (since Wendy would be going as Raggedy Ann, thus making a pair), Kyle wears a Chewbacca mask, and Cartman is dressed as Hitler, much to the fury of Kyle, who is Jewish. A zombified Kenny joins the boys, but they fail to notice that he is a zombie. At school, Kyle gets more annoyed after discovering that the other students (as well as Mr. Hat) are also dressed as Chewbacca, while Mr. Garrison is dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Worst of all, Wendy is dressed as Chewbacca; she explains that she changed costumes because they would have looked stupid as the Raggedy couple and she figured Stan would realize it too. A stubborn Kyle decides to make a new costume so he can win the prize, two tons of candy. Both Chef (dressed as Evel Knievel) and Principal Victoria are annoyed to see Cartman dressed as Hitler. Victoria makes him a “ghost” costume but he ends up looking more like a Ku Klux Klan member, which annoys Chef even more. At the contest, which is judged by Tina Yothers, Wendy (despite wearing the same costume as the other students) wins the candy, much to the fury of Kyle, who is now dressed as the Solar System. Stan wins the worst costume and everyone laughs at him, leaving him humiliated.
Image result for SOUTH PARK PINKEYEMeanwhile, thanks to Kenny, the two men are mistakenly diagnosed to have “pinkeye”, but they turn into zombies and go around biting other people, turning them into zombies. Back home, Chef, who sees the outbreak on TV, tries to warn both the doctor and Mayor McDaniels (who is having sex with Officer Barbrady), but his pleas are ignored. The boys go trick-or-treating (Kyle now dressed as a vampire), not noticing the outbreak, and abandon Kenny, who continues to eat people. They arrive at Chef’s home, and Chef tells them what is really going on before taking them to the morgue to stop the outbreak. After discovering the hotline number on the Worcestershire sauce bottle, the boys and Chef are attacked by the zombies with Chef becoming the next victim and acting like Michael Jackson in parody of Thriller. Stan and Cartman kill the other zombies with chainsaws and Stan hesitates to kill a zombified Wendy. After Kyle discovers he has to kill the original zombie (after being told complicatedly by the hotline lady), he slices Kenny in half, killing him. The spell is broken and all the zombies turn back to normal. Stan makes up with Wendy and they are about to kiss but he ends up puking on her, leaving her disgusted.
Image result for SOUTH PARK PINKEYE
The episode ends with the boys mourning at Kenny’s grave and deciding to go home to eat candy as well as look at photos of Liane Cartman, who is on the cover of a porn magazine, much to the fury of Cartman claiming she was young and needed the money; Stan says the photos were taken a month ago, infuriating Cartman even more. Kenny returns as a zombie again, but a statue lands on him, followed by an airplane.Image result for SOUTH PARK PINKEYEPinkeye is a great Halloween episode. I primarily love it because the subject – a horror satire – seems ideally suited for the show’s irreverent attitude.



Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)
Isaac Hayes (Dr. Dolittle 2)

Season 7 of South Park has several of my all-time SP favorites: Cancelled, Fat Butt & Pancake Head, Christian Rock Hard, Casa Bonita, and Raisins. The others are pretty good, too, although a few go a little overboard in typical SP style. Trey Parker and Matt Stone continue to demonstrate how up they are with current events. Maybe it’s the style of the animation that allows them to capitalize so quickly on news stories but, as soon as something breaks out in the world, you can be sure there will be a SP episode about it!“Cancelled”: The boys find themselves in a “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe” repeat and believe is has to due with the “hoopajoob” up his arse. A scientist discovers it is a satellite dish that transmits Earth into a universal reality program. When the Fogul Network finds out the earthlings know they are on television, they cancel the show after 100 episodes (a jab at SP, itself, which is approaching its 100th ep.). It is up to the boys to convince the network execs to save their planet from cancellation. Their encounter with the execs is the funniest part. They take them to a restaurant and ogle the females (“Will you look at the hekmars on that joozinek!”), take them to a nudie bar and snort “block,” and an adult hotel where the two execs suck each others’ “jagons” and stick their fingers in each others “threshers”.BZkp6OYCQAAwGBl“Krazy Kripples”: They really pushed the envelope with this one. Jimmy resents Christopher Reeve because he was not born a cripple but is milking his condition for attention. Jimmy and Timmy start a group called the “Crips” for those born crippled. Of course they get involved with the other group by that name and accidentally cause an accident at the “Ribs-N-Gas” (now that’s wrong), resulting in the deaths of several Bloods. Meanwhile, Reeve is obsessed with dead fetuses for his recovery. The boys do the smart thing by staying out of the controversy all together.“Toilet Paper”: The boys TP the art teacher’s house and Officer Barbrady goes on a crusade to find the perpetrators initiating the help of TP mastermind Josh Myers. Meanwhile, Kyle has a guilty conscience and has nightmares about the incident (the art teacher takes on the form of Nancy Kerrigan “Whyyyy”. The last scene is a bit contrived.Image result for south park I'm a Little Bit Country“I’m a Little Bit Country”: The town is divided over the war and Cartman forces himself into a flashback to find out what the Founding Fathers thought about the issue.

“Fat Butt & Pancake Head”: Hilarious! Perhaps the best SP ever! Cartman wins a cultural diversity contest by turning his hand into a Jennifer Lopez puppet. After making a music video at the mall, music execs at BHI records (BHE would have been funnier. it sounds like “bi*chy”) decide to fire the real J-Lo and hire Cartman’s hand. J-Lo wants revenge especially after Ben Affleck falls in love with the hand (um…yeah). The funniest part is that the hand sings only about tacos.

“Lil’ Crime Stoppers”: The boys form a SP crime unit and try to help a girl retrieve her stolen doll. They clash with kids playing FBI but outsmart them. After solving the case, the boys are made junior detectives and get more work than they bargained for.

“Red Man’s Greed”: Kyle’s dad loses his house at an Indian casino: “Their cash flows like diarrhea from the buffalo.” The Native Americans want to build a 12-lane super highway through SP to their casino and, when SP residents refuse to leave, distribute blankets infected with Saars.

“South Park is Gay”: After watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and other such shows, the men and boys of SP become metrosexuals (except Kyle, of course). The SP women soon become fed up with their wussy men and Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave want to take back their identity only to find out something shocking about the Queer Eye cast.

“Christian Rock Hard”: After being kicked out of the boys’ band, Cartman starts a Christian rock band to record a platinum album first. Meanwhile, the boys get busted for downloading free music and decide to boycott playing until people stop the practice that keeps Lars Ulrich from building his gold bar or whatever. Cartman’s insincerity is hilarious as always: “I Wasn’t Born Again Yesterday.”

“Grey Dawn”: Parker and Stone show again how up they are on current events when they put out this episode soon after a 75-year old drove through a farmer’s market. The same thing happens here and, after the “Night of Horrors,” when all old people were driving at once, killing 14 and causing $3 million in damages, the town takes away their licenses. The AARP wants to take over until they find out the Country Kitchen Buffet is closed.

“Casa Bonita”: After finding out Butters is invited to Kyle’s birthday party at Casa Bonita instead of him, Cartman will go to any lengths to take Butters’s place, including faking the end of the world and hiding Butters in a bomb shelter and an abandoned refrigerator.Image result for south park all about mormons“All About Mormons”: There’s a new kid in town and Stan discovers he is very nice with a great Mormon family. When Stan’s father meets them, he converts his family to Mormon, but Stan is skeptical of his new faith when he hears the story of Joseph Smith.

“Butt Out!”: After seeing geeks doing an anti-smoking concert at the school, the boys decide smoking must be where it’s at. When they accidentally burn down the school with cigarette butts, the parents blame the tobacco companies and Rob Reiner, looking as fat as Sally Struthers, arrives to start a media war against Big Tobacco.

“Raisins”: Wendy breaks up with Stan (I didn’t know they were still going out), and Stan is so distraught, his friends take him to “Raisins” (an adolescent “Hooters”). Stan joins a goth group and Butters believes a Raisins waitress is in love with him.“It’s Christmas in Canada”: The new Canadian prime minister passes a decree returning all adopted children to their Canadian birth parents. When Ike is taken from him, Kyle and the boys go on a Wizard of Oz adventure in Canada to get him back: “Follow the only road.”Image result for south park It's Christmas in CanadaSouth Park has managed to mature while still keeping its edge.