Peter Gallagher, Mary Steenburgen, Lauren Graham, Skylar Astin, Jane Levy, and Alex Newell in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020)


Jane Levy (Evil Dead)
Skylar Astin (21 & Over)
Alex Newell (Glee)
John Clarence Stewart (What/If)
Peter Gallagher (The Gifted)
Mary Steenburgen (Elf)
Lauren Graham (Bad Santa)

Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020)

Recurring / Notable Guest Cast

Michael Thomas Grant (Up North)
Kapil Talwalkar (Prep School)
Andrew Leeds (Bones)
India de Beaufort (One Tree Hill)
Stephanie Styles (Booksmart)
Hiro Kanagawa (Heroes Reborn)
Alice Lee (Take Two)
Bruce Dawson (Flash Gordon)
Ellie Harvie (The New Addams Family)
Justin Kirk (Kidding)
Dohn Norwood (Mindhunter)
Naoko Mori (Everest)
John Ralston (Bitten)
Zak Orth (Loser)
Rebecca Wisocky (Star Trek: Picard)
Sandra Mae Frank (Soul To Keep)
Renée Elise Goldsberry (Sisters)
Bernadette Peters (Anastasia)
Paul Feig (Sabrina: TTW)

A young woman discovers she has the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of people around her as songs and musical numbers. Watching a character experience different stages of grief like anger and denial in response to a family member’s fatal diagnosis resonates with me so much right now.Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020)I’m grateful for shows like Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, in which characters demonstrate how powerfully music can express emotions below the surface. I have personally benefitted from taking the time to express myself creatively with voice, my primary instrument.Stephanie Styles, Skylar Astin, and Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020)If you have not had the chance to watch this show, I highly recommend it. It is a feast for the eyes and ears. It has the palette of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the spontaneity of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and the tear-jerking moments of Touched by an Angel (I could have easily said This Is Us, but I have not been inclined to watch a TV show about adoption for personal reasons. I’m adopted from China and am not ready to see myself in three different characters, let alone one).Skylar Astin and Jane Levy in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020)I also cannot speak more highly about the show’s set design, stellar cast, and perfect song choices. For example, SPRQ Point is a millennial’s paradise, equipped with endless a themed buffet on the daily and isolation pods. Among the cast members I loved before seeing this show, Peter Gallagher, Mary Steenburgen, Lauren Graham, and Skylar Astin are my personal favorites. I love Jane Levy’s adorable awkwardness and raw emotional honesty she brings to the title character. Again, the music speaks to the soul and speaks on behalf of the soul. For example, as soon as I heard Mad World, I wanted to hear The Sound of Silence, and they delivered!