Dylan Minnette (Don’t Breathe)
Alisha Boe (Paranormal Activity 4)
Ross Butler (Shazam)
Devin Druid (Louder Than Bombs)
Brandon Flynn (BrainDead)
Amy Hargreaves (Wonderstruck)
Miles Heizer (Rails & Ties)
Christian Navarro (Bushwick)
Grace Saif (Doctors)


Inde Navarrette (Superman and Lois)
Jan Luis Castellanos (Runaways)
Jackie Dallas (Stranger Things)
Gary Sinise (Ransom)
Juliana Destefano (Porn Soup)
Mason Guccione (Capone)
Deaken Bluman (Fall Into Me)
Keon Motakhaveri (Urban Country)
Renny Madlena (Gold Mountain)
Steven Weber (Izombie)
Moises Chavez (Mayans M.C)
YaYa Gosselin (FBI: Most Wanted)
Justin Prentice (Izombie)
Timothy Granaderos (Runaways)
Katherine Langford (Knives Out)
Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural)
Brenda Strong (Supergirl)
Reed Diamond (Dollhouse)
Benito Martinez (American Crime)
RJ Brown (The Carrie Diaries)
Josh Hamilton (Ray Donovan)
Yadira Guevara-Prip (See)
Brandon Butler (Trinkets)
Anne Winters (The Orville)
Brandon Scott (Dead To Me)
Michele Selene Ang (Elementary)
Parminder Nagra (God Friended Me)
Tommy Dorfman (Fluidity)
Andrea Roth (Ringer)

cebbe4c0-a9f7-468c-9932-75ae0e40a96b-13rw_408_unit_05036rClay and gang’s final year at Liberty High, the final season of 13 Reasons Why, and finally the shit is over. With slow storyline, not much to show, the makers have narrowed down the final season with 10 episodes, unlike the previous seasons which had 13 episodes each. So what do we have in box for the final season? Let us say we have, a certainly  slow storyline.13-reasons-why-season-4The final season of Netflix’s controversial teen drama ’13 Reasons Why’ answers the questions from the previous seasons which certainly didn’t require any answers. The series that started with the story of Hannah Baker, had no references for the ‘dead’ character until the last 10 minutes of the series finale. The tapes are back, for like 5 minutes, a character who had just cleaned himself up is forced to die, and Winston who wanted to take revenge does nothing apart from flirting with Tyler and Alex throughout the show.13-reasons-why-688eea9Though the final season has a loose storyline there were a couple of moments that stabbed the fans right in their hearts. Alex kisses Zach but falls in love with Charlie, Justin goes and returns from Rehab but breaks up with Jessica, he then after some time realizes he loves Jessica and dies as soon as he starts dancing with her. Clay on the other hand has developed into a person who in ordinary terms is referred to get some mental therapy or even a checkup. Clay’s annoying habit of seeing dead has not gone, he still sees Monty, but this time Jessica has also got the powers to see Bryce, who is also dead.159165Is it worth watching The answer to the question is pretty clear, investing 10 hours in 13 Reasons Why Season 4 is something that only fans would be interested in, if only tosee how the show comes to climax.