Nathalie Kelly (The Vampire Diaries)
Nick Eversman (Hellraiser 9)
Max Riemelt (The Wave)
Catherine de Léan (Trauma)

Four young urban explorers from the USA, South America, Asia and Europe meet up in Berlin via internet to explore the subterranean relics of Nazi Germany. The destination for the illegal tour, through a labyrinth of tunnels, sewers and catacombs, is a special bunker, the Fahrerbunker (Hitler’s subterranean garage) which is the center of many legends, where they expect to find the debris of forbidden Nazi wall murals. But when tragedy strikes the group’s leader, they soon realize not all things go according to plan.All in all this movie is going into my library once released as a must see for fan of the genre.





Danny Trejo (Machete)
Ethan Suplee (My Name Is Earl)
Mariel Hemingway (Star 80)
LeVar Burton (Star Trek: TNG)
Heather Hemmens (Hellcats)
French Stewart (3rd Rock From The Sun)
Chad Lindberg (The Fast and The Furious)

14444786133A water-borne virus has led to a widespread outbreak of zombies in San Francisco. A group of survivors, including Dr. Lynn Snyder (Mariel Hemingway) and others, create a refuge on Alcatraz Island. Snyder receives communications from Dr. Arnold (French Stewart), a scientist conducting experiments to create a cure for the virus. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan Halpern (LeVar Burton), another of the refugees, is studying parts culled from the bodies of the zombies, but he is unable to make much headway because he only has access to ‘dead’ zombies. His research is further hindered when Caspian (Danny Trejo) and other refugees burn the zombie corpses being stored on the island.zombies27tvf-1-webA horde of zombies are washed onto the island by the tides, causing panic in the camp. While they are defeated, many of the refugees are killed, and two are infected by the virus, one of them being Halpern’s daughter, Julie (Kerisse Hutchinson). The survivors decide to set out for the mainland, while Halpern stays to study the two infected victims. Later in the film, Halpern is forced to kill himself by detonating a grenade when his daughter bites him, before the virus can claim him as well. The group on the mainland splits in two because of conflicting goals. Snyder wishes to find Dr. Arnold, as she believes he has found a cure, while Caspian’s group instead wants to find supplies and ultimately reach what they believe to be an evacuation point. Caspian and several others are soon infected, and the group’s numbers dwindle. It is eventually revealed that the ‘evacuation point’ has already been overrun by the zombies, rendering escape seemingly impossible. As the group siphones gas from a car, Ashley commits suicide on a trolly by rolling it down the street colliding with a bus.maxresdefaultThe last survivors of the group – Snyder, Kyle (Chad Lindberg) and Marshall (Ethan Suplee) – discover Dr. Arnold’s refuge, the water treatment plant where the outbreak began. Arnold reveals that he has indeed discovered a cure, based on his tests on animal subjects. As the five flee for a chopper on the roof of the plant, both Kyle and Marshall are attacked, but Arnold’s vaccine saves them. The group escapes the city, and Arnold requests a laboratory to manufacture his cure, expressing optimism that anything is possible.img_4355Rise of the Zombies is actually a good enough movie to watch for any zombie fans. It is nothing extraordinary or exceptional, but still worth a watch.



Jay Hayden (The House Bunny)
Tori White (Family Jewels)
Scott Lilly (Fading of The Cries)
McKenna Jones (Overnight)
Andy Stahl (The Blind Side)

After a chemical plant explodes, the military quarantines the surrounding area. Jim helplessly watches his girlfriend Emilie die of a wound sustained while trying to find safety, and he retreats to a farmhouse. Sporadic media reports indicate that the chemical plant may have stored biological weapons that are responsible for mutating people into rabid cannibals. He seeks help from the ubiquitous military helicopters that patrol the area, but it is to no avail. However, his efforts are noticed by survivors holed up nearby in a warehouse, and he joins them: Scott, Scott’s wife Julie, and Ix, a quiet and unfriendly survivor that they rescued. Ix initially snaps at Jim for inadvertently taking her candy and rejects his offers of friendship, but she slowly warms to him. Ix reveals that her failure to find a job or any friends in a new city led her to return home to live with her parents. There, she and her parents clashed over her lifestyle, and she stopped talking to them. Before she could apologize for her behavior, her parents died during the quarantine. Jim and Ix bond over their loneliness and feelings of loss, though Ix continues to keep her diabetes a secret from everyone. After she falls into a diabetic coma, Jim leaves the warehouse to find insulin for her.soemer3Jim evades zombies and recovers insulin in emergency supplies airdropped by the military. When he returns to the warehouse, Jim saves Scott from a zombie attack. During the night, zombies break in the warehouse, and the survivors retreat upstairs into the offices. While clearing the warehouse, Jim discovers a squad of Marines, and they tranquilize him. He wakes up in an observation room, shackled to a chair. Through a glass window, a scientist explains to Jim that the chemical plant released a neurotoxin into the air that caused people to go homicidal, but tests reveal that Jim, Scott, Julie, and Ix are clean. The scientist apologizes to Jim and tells him that they’re all free to go. After the group reunites, Jim and Ix embrace.00277e6fIf you’re looking for Dawn of the Dead, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a great character study populated with normal people, then watch this movie.




Stephen Chambers (The Returned)
James Gilbert (Saw VI)
David Patrick Flemming (Reign)
Matthew Amyotte (Outlander)
Glen Matthews (Hobo Wit hA Shot Gun)
Mary-Colin Chisholm (Cloudburst)
Nigel Bennett (The Skulls)

the-corridor-rifleA group of high school friends reunite years later for a weekend of partying and catching up on old times. Isolated deep in the snow-covered forest, they stumble upon a mysterious corridor of light. Like a drug, the corridor’s energy consumes them, driving them to the point of madness. One by one, they turn on each other, taking their evil to the next level. Mayhem leads to murder as they race to outlast each other, and the corridor’s supernatural powers.vlcsnap-2012-01-09-18h49m56s47This movie is more of an acquired taste, It’s A slow burn with an excellent pay off. Highly recommended to those who life a different kind of horror.



Edward Furlong (Terminator 2)
Ethan Phillips (Star Trek Voyager)
Tracey Gold (Growing Pains)
Bug Hall (Subterranea)
Megan Adelle (Straw Dogs)
Gralen Bryant Banks (Kiler Joe)
Tiara Ashleigh (Mesure of Faith)

After years of the oil company fracking, an earthquake ensues in New Orleans, unleashing giant subterranean, fire breathing, carnivorous spiders with an appetite for human eyeballs. 30 year old slacker tour bus driver, Paul, must lead his group to safety into the swamps of Louisiana when the bus (and town) is over run by the deadly arachnids. It is here it is discovered they can run across water as well, and the hive with the queen, as well. As far as SyFy films go, this one isn’t half-bad. I enjoyed it to an extant because of its utter ridiculousness. The acting wasn’t too grating, The CGI is bad but it’s what you come to accept from these movies. If you are looking for a serious movie, then look elsewhere, if you just want to sit back to a cheesy sci-fi monster movie then I would recommend this flick.



Danny Trejo (Machete)
Martin Copping (The Dunes)
Claire Niederpruem (Vamp U)
Jason K. Wixon (The Legacy)
Terry Guthrie (Nowhere Safe)

The film opens with a news report on “Natas”, a strange drug which has been reported to induce zombie-like effects in those who consume it. The film then fast forwards in time, to an Earth mostly inhabited by zombies. The Hunter (Martin Copping) drives along a post-apocalyptic wasteland and meets a hostile “Death Angel”. The zombie is reduced to purplish goo after Hunter rams his car at it. He proceeds to stop at a deserted filling station to fill his car’s empty gas tank. Hunter enters the station’s convenience store to check out any available supplies, but is ambushed by invading zombies. He eliminates them all after a gory battle and downs his sorrows by gulping a bottle of tequila. It is revealed that Hunter’s daughter and wife have both died. Resuming his journey, Hunter unknowingly ventures into the turf of the survivors, who have not been infected by Natas. Thinking Hunter is a zombie, an unknown assailant takes a shot at him. Hunter survives nevertheless and is greeted by survivor Fast Lane Debbie (Jade Regier) upon regaining consciousness.A flirty Debbie attempts to make out with Hunter but fellow survivor Alison (Clare Niederpruem) awkwardly walks into the room to hand him a can of cola, before coercing an annoyed Debbie to leave Hunter alone. Outside, Debbie accuses Alison of being a slut. The latter woman throws back the same insult and they start to quarrel. The audience is then introduced to Father Jesús (Danny Trejo), a pastor-like zombie slayer and leader of the survivor’s colony. As the survivors assemble in a small room to have a meal together, a groggy Hunter joins the crowd and gets to formally know the other survivors. Alison and Hunter start to get romantically passionate with each other. All is well until a wave of normal zombies and a monstrously large zombie somehow make their way into the survivor’s camp. The survivors are able to fend off the normal zombies but the gigantic zombie is seemingly unstoppable to the point that even bullets do not faze it.Jesús rushes in to save them and is able to mutilate the hulking zombie with his axe by slicing off its arm. However, Jesús is unable to defeat him wholly and as a result, the zombie slices off his head. The remaining survivors scramble into a car and drive off to an airport in hopes of being able to find a working aeroplane to fly off with.The zombies, unshakable, still manage to track them down. Consequently, all of the survivors, except for Alison, Hunter, and Alison’s brother Ricky (Jason K. Wixom), are killed. Mustering their courage, they confront the zombies and begin shooting them. At last, only the giant zombie is left. Having run out of bullets, Hunter is impaled by the sharp-clawed zombie. Nonetheless, he miraculously finds the energy to detonate a grenade, wiping out the creature and destroying the rundown airport. Just as the bomb explodes, Alison and Ricky climb into a truck and drive off to safety. Alison vows to always remember Hunter and his courageous deed, echoing that he had finally found what he yearned for — peace. In the aftermath of the explosion, Hunter is shown to be still alive. He explains that he feels cursed as the zombies never seem to be able to kill him and decides to take his own life before the credits roll.If you enjoy the classic “B” Horror Flicks and the cheesy actors and lines then this movie is a Hoot. I personally loved the movie.



Nat Wolff (Paper Towns)
Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers)
Keith Stanfield (The Purge: Anarchy)
Paul Nakauchi (Dark Metropolis)
Shea Whigham (Agent Carter)
Willem Dafoe (American Psycho)
Masi Oka (Heroes)
Michael Shamus Wiles (Breaking Bad)
Paul McGillion (Stargate: Atlantis)

In Seattle, Light Turner, while doing other high school students’ homework in exchange for money, encounters a notebook marked “Death Note” as it falls from the sky next to him, alongside the rain. Placing the book in his bag, he attempts to stop Kenny, an oft-held-back student, from assaulting Mia Sutton, getting knocked out in the process. Upon waking, Light is sent to detention for doing other students’ homework, their papers having been knocked from his bag. In detention, while the supervisor leaves on an errand, Light encounters the death god Ryuk after reading some of the Death Note’s rules, leaving him in a state of terror. Believing himself to be dreaming, Light absentmindedly puts Kenny’s name into the Death Note after Ryuk pressures him to. Requesting he write a cause of death, Light writes “decapitation”. Looking out the window, Light witnesses Kenny’s death, shocking him.At home, Light, after a conversation with his father about justice, and upon learning of the rules of the Death Note from Ryuk, writes the name of the man who ran down his mother in the Death Note, who had gone unprosecuted due to his criminal connections. Elsewhere, the man is killed after falling upon his steak knife at a restaurant. The following morning, Light’s father receives news of this. Despite previous comments regarding the matter, he is glad of the man’s death.The following day, in the gym, Mia approaches Light, asking him what the book (Death Note) he’s holding is. Light brings Mia to the school library and tells her about Ryuk and the Death Note, demonstrating its power on a man holding his family hostage nearby. The two read through the Death Note, noting that previous users had used it for either profit or personal revenge. Mia and Light decide to kill criminals worldwide to improve society under the guise of a “god”, which Light decides to name Kira, being Russian for light, as well as Japanese for “Killer”. Upon having their first victims, the contents of the “Top 10 World’s Most Wanted” list, sign “Kira” in perfect Japanese on their walls, Mia and Light leave the world believing Kira to be Japanese.Kira becomes loved by the public and the majority of law enforcement officials. Mia and Light become lovers. In Japan, the enigmatic detective known only as “L” successfully deduced that Kira is a citizen of Seattle, having leaked information about obscure Japanese criminals to the Seattle Police Department, and having identified the third person killed by Light with the Death Note as having been killed by Kira. L, alongside his assistant/father figure Watari, travel to Seattle.As a fan of the Japanese films this new one is actually good, if u have not seen it yet watch it and judge it for yourselves regardless of what others say. I enjoyed it very much.