Judith Shekoni
Ian Duncan
Joanne Collins begins a recording, most likely to Renautas. She is speaking about her new target, Damen Peak. Damen is seen having a meeting with Jim and others. He claims that he has enjoyed getting to know Jim and is glad that Jim trusts him with his dreams and fears. Damen persuades Jim to agree with him. They all get up and leave the meeting. Damen leaves the building in his Cadillac CTS as Joanne begins to follow him.
Joanne Collins continues on her pursuit of Damen Peak. He notices that she is following her, so he quickly maneuvers around the streets. Damen parks his car hoping that Joanne would not know where he went. However, his wife calls him over the car phone. As he tries to talk quietly, she insists on talking to him. Joanne realizes where Damen is hiding and so he drives away.
Joanne catches up with him on foot and begins to shoot at Damen is his car. Damen escapes and heads home. He attempts to call Lilly, but she does not answer. When he arrives home, he runs inside freaking Lilly out. He uses his ability to make her stop what she is doing, come down the stairs, and go to the car with him. She asks if he is joking. He replies that he is not and asks her to just do as he says. He explains that someone with a gun is trying to kill him. They leave the house as Joanne shows up. She points a gun at them and Damen asks her to stop. Joanne does not put the gun down and approaches them.
As Damen and Lilly leave the house, he tells her that someone is attempting to kill him. She asks him why as Joanne Collins shows up and claims that it is because he is an evo. She points a gun at them and Damen asks her to stop. He uses his ability of persuasion to try and get her to stop. Damen claims that he is just a human being with a modest talent. He asks Joanne if she has a talent and she replies that she is a good shot. Damen persuades Joanne with his mind to just walk away. Joanne walks away, leaving them unharmed.
This New Web series  what Joanne’s been upto, hunting down Evo’s. Its not very long the last two parts are just over 30 seconds, it well made and bridges the gap during the winter hiatus nicely.


Aislinn Paul (Reign)
Henry Zebrowski (Dirty Grampa)
Greta Onieogou (Heartland)
Nesta Cooper (Diablo)
Cle Bennett (Flashpoint)
Noah GRay-Cabey (Lady In The Water)
Jasck Coleman (Spawn)

Five years after the public became aware of the existence of evolved humans – or “EVOs.” Said public is not entirely supportive of these EVOs. In fact, few people fall into the middle ground. Online, a community forms around the rallying cry of the anonymous Hero_Truther, who seeks to humanize EVOs in the wake of lies, slander and fear mongering. Among those posting their personal stories is Phoebe Frady, who is encouraged to document her origin story by her brother, Quentin. But as Phoebe struggles to control her power, she attracts unwanted attention from a mysterious new company


These are the events leading up to, and shortly after, the attack in Odessa, Texas, 2014. Claire Bennet made it OK to come out. Countless Evos have revealed themselves since. Not everyone takes it well. Gradually, the tensions increase and spread. Through this, the audience are shown how things got as bad as they are in the main show.

This is not an ensemble piece. That helps it focus. In general, this is all tight, with fast storytelling, and engaging. It’s about three people… the two siblings, and her college room-mate. Quentin is seeing her off, and starts to worry as she becomes an increasingly open activist. Phoebe  starts to see some discrimination as the world’s perspective worsens gradually. She can create and control darkness, although the first time we’re shown this, it just looks like her shadow is faster than her, making her an opposite Lucky Luke. We see her ability, and hers and our understanding of it, grow. And Aly( is there for her as much as she can be, on and off campus alike.

Every found footage fiction has to justify certain things, and this fares well, and is a great mini. This comes to 43 minutes without commercials. The varying length of the 6 episodes helps them pace the plot, and convey it in the size of chunks that best fits. The concept of filler material doesn’t even enter into it. Why is all of this being filmed, and by whom? The three of them, to catalog the personal development – they didn’t expect things to get as big as they do, at which point, it’s documenting those world-changing events. Who is editing it, and how are we seeing it? You’ll find out by the end of this. Does it break the format? Almost never, and it’s forgivable when it does. And are the necessarily off-screen events too plentiful, involved, ill-explained or overly exposited about? No, they’re summarized well or easily deduced.

Ultimately, I implore you, watch either this before Heroes Reborn as it sets up the series and shows the events leading up to the first episode. I recommend this to any fan of drama and sci-fi.S REBORN


John Rhys-Davies (Lord of The Rings)
Joleen Lutz (Gacy)
Linda Slade (Masterles)
Mia Takada (Click)
 Chapter 1: The Battle of 12 Swords
Despite Japan’s isolationist stance, Whitebeard ravaged the country from within. Culminating in an attack on Otsu, the overconfident Whitebeard marched into the town with only a handful of men. He was met by Kensei, who singlehandedly defeated the entire company. The battle was to become known as The Battle of 12 Swords. Determined to defeat the rest of Whitebeard’s army, Kensei set out on a journey to find Whitebeard’s Hidden Fortress. These adventures became known as The Trials of Takezo Kensei.
Chapter 2: The Trial of the Fire Scroll
After defeating Whitebeard, Kensei set out to find Whitebeard’s Fire Scroll, which was said to contain many secrets, including the location of the Hidden Fortress. Whitebeard, who is said to have conspired with oni, or devils, to set the scroll in a circle of fire, would burn the families and villages of those who attempted to seek to the scroll. As legend has it, Whitebeard chose ninety angry ronin to protect the scroll, even possibly resorting to cannibalism if necessary. Kensei defeated these men, acquired the scroll, and set off on his next two trials: climbing the frozen waterfall and finding the single crimson peony.
Chapter 3: The Trial of the Hidden Fortress
After completing the last two challenges, Kensei defeats the Black Bear, from whom he gains a map to Whitebeard’s fortress. Before arriving, however, he is ambushed by the Snake Women, two female assassins said to be half-snake. They escape with their lives, and Kensei reaches the Hidden Fortress. There, he defeats every one of Whitebeard’s men in a battle lasting 11 days. Finally, he duels Whitebeard himself, and after an epic battle, Kensei emerges as the victor, saving all of Japan from tyrannical rule.
Chapter 4, Part 1: Kensei and the Dragon
Before his trials, Kensei fell in love with a beautiful princess who made him swear to defend Japan from Whitebeard. To prepare, Kensei sought the Dragon of Kiso Mountain, who taught exceptional sword skills to those who truly needed to be taught. The Dragon taught Kensei and made him a “sword saint”, but demanded that Kensei give what he loved most. After Kensei’s trials, he and the princess decided to marry, but the celebrations were short-lived–the enormous Dragon interrupted their marriage ceremony and demanded the princess. To protect his love, Kensei plunged his sword into his heart, then offered his heart to the Dragon.
Chapter 4, Part 2: Kensei and the Dragon
 Though Kensei died in the arms of his love, exactly what happened next to him remains a mystery. Legend says that the Dragon, moved by Kensei’s love and honor, replaced Kensei’s heart and brought him back to life. Likewise, the identity of the princess is uncertain. One unpopular theory is that she is Yaeko, daughter of the sword maker, resident of Otsu, and the creator of the Kensei scrolls.
Chapter 5: The Mystery of Kensei
 Some believe that before his trials, Kensei was a savage and undisciplined figure, feared for his rage and temper. It is believed that it was Kensei’s sword which focused his great talent. Little is known of the weapon’s origin, though popular belief dictates that Kensei drew the sword from a field of solid ice, similar to the story of King Arthur. However, the actual existence of the sword and of Kensei himself were doubted for centuries, until 1977 when Daniel Linderman, of the Linderman Corporation, claimed to own the actual sword. Mystery once again shrouded the tale of Kensei when the sword was stolen from Linderman’s archives, and Linderman was found dead in his office shortly thereafter. The sword was believed to be cursed, never meant to be owned or kept in one place.
Do you remember back to when we last saw Hiro on the Heroess season 1 finale? He accidentally landed in 17th-century Japan? Well, in the final minutes of that  finale, Hiro met samurai, Takezo Kensei. And for all the hard-core Heroes fanatics like myself we were treated to  a fake documentary. This mockumentary is fun as if you pay attention they drop titbits of information about the character that would show up during the second season of the show.


Dawn Olivieri (The Vampire Diaries)
Robert Knepper (Cult)
Sasha Pieterse (Good Luck Chuck)
Ray Park (Star Wars – Episode I)
Part 1
Edgar takes a big risk for Lydia as she reveals a big secret.
Part 2
Lydia reaches out to her daughter who reveals she too has a secret. Samuel becomes suspicious.
Part 3
Lydia’s daughter is in trouble – and so is Edgar.
Part 4
Samuel discovers Lydia has a daughter. Lydia receives an unexpected visitor.
Part 5
Lydia talks with her daughter Amanda about her arrival. Amanda shows Caleb her ability.
Part 6
Amanda seeks out Samuel with Caleb’s help while Lydia seeks out Amanda with Edgar’s help.
Part 7
As Samuel and Amanda spend some time together, Lydia and Edgar plot to get her back.
Part 8
Samuel Introduces Amanda to the rest of the carnival crew and welcomes her into the family.
Part 9
Sent by Samuel to take Amanda from her mother, Caleb pays a terrible price.
Part 10
Samuel’s plans to separate Amanda from her mother fails, but Amanda chooses to stay anyway.
Showing the story of Lydia and Amanda is an interesting companion to the fourth season. Lydia, the Painted Lady was a great addition to the series, so this web series is a welcome to fans of the show and worth watching along with season 4.


David H.Lawrence XVII (Lost)
Brian Kimmet (24)
Amy Sloan (The Heartbreak Kid)
Eric Doyle(H. Lawrence XVII, creepy as ever, here trying to be a good person). The Puppetmaster. He’s doing what he can to no longer abuse his ability: controlling anyone else’s tiniest movement, including leaving them locked in place when he walks away. He has moved and is trying desperately to start over. But his obnoxious new boss at the office is making that incredibly difficult. Add to the mix a young woman who’s working there as well, and seems sympathetic to our protagonist. Jason, as he is now known as, is genuinely interesting. Conflicted. Will he snap? Cross the line?
Ever since his first appearance on Heroes, the Eric Doyle quickly became a fan favorite so it was by no surprise to see him get his own web series. It’s nice to see his character try to do good and watching him struggle to do so makes for another excellent addition to th Heroes Mythos.


Jamie Hector (Max Payne)
Jim Titus (Finding Forrester)
Luke Massy (Thor)
Greg Grunberg (Alias)
18 months ago. Cop Matt Parkman(Grunberg, well-meaning, not too self-assured. See, he *can* get a big role without being picked out of J.J.’s much-referenced rolodex) tries to talk some sense into a young guy he’s picked up a number of times. So he won’t keep knocking over houses. …is…is that why they call him…? Or is it because he is the one who… Knox(Hector, intimidating)? Yes, this is about the dull, bland “scary” villain. …well, the one who, inexplicably, got a lot of screen-time, of them. At least Flint connected to… anyway. His power is to become physically stronger via the fear of other people, and this is of course where he realizes this. This has some pretty decent tension.
This  aired as webisodes before the show itself went off the air, and has since been put on the season 3 set of it. This one was placed as deleted scenes, since if there’s one thing the show did, it was take footage and bits and cut and/or move them around, vastly changing the character dynamics. This comes to 8 minutes, and 4 parts. Adds more background to the Knox character and shows where he came from in connection within the series.


Cristine Rose (How I Met Your Mother)
Taylor Cole (The Glades)
Cole Williams (8 Simple Rules)
Brian Skala (Flashforward)
Ronald William Lawrence (The Ring)
In a Primatech facility in Tappen, NJ, Angela Petrelli interrogates Rachel Mills about what happened to the serum that was at Pinehearst. When Rachel claims not to know, Angela says she doesn’t believe her and explains that the serum was not part of the program that recruited her and is a dangerous inferior formula. Angela continues she is sorry about Rachel’s injury and that she does not know just how much worse things will be if she does not get back that serum. While Angela touches Rachel’s injury, Rachel relives applying a bandage to it. Angela then places both hands on Rachel’s head, and while again asking where it is, Rachel begins reliving what happened at Pinehearst.
Twelve hours earlier, Rachel was talking with Ryan Hanover and David Sullivan at Pinehearst Headquarters. Ryan gathers up three samples of the formula and argues with Rachel Mills about girls being in the military. David comes to Rachel’s defense, saying that Rachel has done just as much as any of them. Ryan then begins to leave, telling Rachel she should be the first one to be injected and Rachel begins to reply when, suddenly, an unknown explosion goes off. David is pinned underneath a large concrete beam and neither David and Rachel know where Ryan has gone. Rachel tries to help David move the beam, but is unable to do so. She then walks over to search for something to pry the beam off David and winds up teleporting back to him when an air duct begins to fall on top of her. David asks what happened and Rachel replies it was nothing and pleads with David to ignore it
Rachel Mills is still seated at the table where earlier she was being interrogated by Angela Petrelli. Now, she is being questioned by a large black man named Carlos, who has a distinguished tattoo on his arm, still pressing her for the whereabouts of the serum. She struggles with the straps binding her to the chair, and Carlos mentions that she is being given something through the IV to suppress here ability. She denies to him, that she is special. She then has a flashback to when the building collapsed, and she teleported across the room as the ceiling fell above her. In this flashback, she is helping David Sullivan splint his broken leg, as fellow marine Ryan re-appears, holding two of the three vials of serum. He admits to taking one, but has yet to manifest an ability. Rachel grabs one from his hand to use to help David, and Ryan shoots at her, giving her the shoulder wound that was seen earlier in her encounter with Angela. At that same time, she injects David, who immediately drops to the ground in convulsive reaction to the serum. Still in the unknown Tappen facility, Angela tells Rachel that she wants to help her, but only if she stops lying to her. When Rachel insists she is telling the truth, Angela asks Rachel why she killed David if she promised to help him escape the Pinehearst lab.
Rachel then flashes back to what happened after she injected David with the serum. In Rachel’s recollection, David keels over and leans on both hands while growling. Meanwhile, Rachel sits against the wall bracing her shoulder wound and Ryan continues to point his gun at them. While still on all fours and growling, David looks over at Rachel and Ryan fires a round towards David. Still growling, David takes off super fast with his ability and hides nearby. Rachel says for Ryan put the gun down, and when Ryan says he won’t, Rachel uses a small piece of metal debris to knock Ryan to the ground. Ryan gets up and prepares to shoot Rachel again; but, before he can, David grabs him, drags him out of view and drops him on the ground. Rachel grabs her flashlight, stands up and spots David watching her. David then races at Rachel super fast, but she teleports out of his path to the other side of the room. David turns and spots Rachel and again charges at her super fast, but Rachel has grabbed a pair of scissors and uses them to stab David in the chest.
In present time, Rachel tells Angela that she didn’t have any choice but to kill David, and Angela says she understands but will not let her go till she tells Angela where the rest of the serum is. Rachel then tells Angela that seeing what it did, she destroyed it and flashes back to finding a remaining syringe on the ground the cracking it in half. Angela replies that Rachel gave the wrong answer and leaves the room, and Rachel recalls that after destroying the syringe, she still had the vial of serum in her hands that had been inside the syringe. In the Tappen facility, Carlos stands guard while Angela continues to interrogate Rachel. She mentions her sons and then questions if Rachel is close to her mother. Rachel tells Angela that her mother committed suicide. Angela asks her if she’s wondered why, and tells her that she must know already. Angela then tells Rachel that she and Leona were friends as young girls and that she was there the day Leona discovered her ability. She tells Rachel that Leona was scared and didn’t want to be different, so she killed herself instead of using her ability to save the world. Angela tells Rachel that it is hard to see the ones we love in the cold hard light of day. Angela tells Rachel she is stronger than her mother, and that she knows her. Rachel begins to cry when Angela tells her that she went into the service to make her grandfather proud, and that she can stop fighting and claim her power. Rachel cries out that she is not special, but Angela disagrees.
Rachel then has a flashback from the lab; she bangs on a locked door as Angela narrates. Angela presses her to admit how she escaped as Rachel teleports through the door, out into the hall.
Back in the interrogation room, Rachel denies her ability and destiny, saying that is not who she is, but Angela says she does not believe her.
Angela re-enters the room where Rachel is being held, and gives Carlos a messaging device, saying that a man is on board and that they will continue as planned. Carlos and Angela then approach Rachel, who is still tied down to a chair next to a conference table. Angela tells Rachel that she underestimated her and is letting her go; and Carlos removes her IV, saying that the effects should wear off in a few hours. Angela then commends Rachel for being a fighter like her, but Rachel replies that she’s nothing like her and just wants to leave. Angela says that there’s a car waiting for her outside.
Later, Rachel parks next to a gas station restroom and heads inside. While staring at the mirror, Rachel recalls how at Pinehearst, she had taken the vial of serum out of the syringe she broke and hid it inside her shoulder wound. Back in the present, Rachel removes the serum from her wound and redresses the bandage using her shirt to tie it up. Rachel then leaves the restroom and finds Angela and Carlos waiting for her on opposite sides of her car, blocking her escape. Rachel asks why Angela let her go if she knew Rachel had it all along, and Angela replies she wanted to give Rachel the opportunity to face herself and learn if she could be trusted. Rachel then says that she just wanted to find a cure, but Angela says that her ability is an integral part of her, like the loss of her mother. Rachel says that she hopes to see her again one day, and Angela says that will be up to God.
After giving Angela the serum, Rachel asks them what else they want and she says that they want to help her and Carlos places a covering over her head and drags her around the corner into the gas station’s garage. Angela then pulls out her phone and makes a video call to Leona, saying “it’s been a long time”.
A Great companion to the series and giving Cristine Rose more screen is always good. This series links up with the third season episode “Our Father” and gives a few tidbits of exstra information, certainly worth checking out.