Sophie Nélisse (The Rest of Us)
Corinne Foxx (Safety)
Brianne Tju (Scream: The Series)
Sistine Stallone (Love Advent)
Brec Bassinger (Stargirl)
John Corbett (The Messengers)
Davi Santos (Power Rangers Dinocharge)
Nia Long (The Best Man)

Brianne Tju in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)Teenager Mia (Sophie Nélisse) and stepsister Sasha (Corinne Foxx) have just moved to a new school. Catherine (Brec Bassinger), the school bully pushes Mia into the pool and Sasha stands by and do nothing. Mia’s father Grant (John Corbett) learns about the incident plans a boat ride for the sisters to see great white sharks. Grant gives Mia a tooth of a great white shark and asks her to go scuba diving with him next week.Corinne Foxx, Sistine Rose Stallone, Brianne Tju, and Sophie Nélisse in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)On the day of the boat ride, Sasha’s friends Alexa (Brianne Tju) and Nicole (Sistine Stallone) tempt her to go to a secret lagoon with them. The lagoon has an entrance to a submerged Mayan city where Mia’s father Grant (John Corbett), his assistants Ben (Davi Santos) and Carl (Khylin Rhambo) are working in to prepare for a visit from a group of archaeologists the following week. After finding scuba gears, Nicole persuades the girls to dive through the city, eventually reaching an ancient sacrificial chamber. They encounter a cave fish and Nicole accidentally knocks over a stone column causing a chain reaction, the girls get separated in the silt. Mia and Alexa found Ben, who is suddenly devoured by a shark drops a guideline. The girls found one another and is chased by a shark into a tunnel causing a cave in to the lagoon’s entrance. The girls decide to go back for the guideline but encounter a shark forcing the girls to swim deeper into the city till they reach an air pocket. Mia leaves the girls behind in an attempt to find her father but finds Carl’s body instead. Grant saves her from the shark, and reunite with the other girls who came looking for her. They realized the shark is blind; having evolved within the caves thus distracts the shark with sounds and make their escape. The group surfaces at a clearing where a pulley system ascender is set in place. However, two sharks come to the surface, and Nicole panics. She attempts to climb up the rope as Alexa is going up, inadvertently causing the rope, and both of them to fall back into the water, where Nicole is eaten by the sharks.Corinne Foxx, Sistine Rose Stallone, and Brianne Tju in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)The remaining survivors realize they’ll have to swim even deeper to find another exit, but Grant is killed by a shark moments later. Mia, Sasha and Alexa swim into the caves alone, eventually coming upon a strong current which separates Sasha from the others. Alexa makes it to the other entrance but is attacked by one of the sharks and Mia gets sucked into the current. Alexa escapes by taking off her oxygen tank, and drowns. Mia reunites with Sasha at the lower current and swim into a newly discovered cave. At the end of the cave they find a crevice that leads to the surface but is attacked by a shark. Climbing the narrow crevice they abandon their oxygen tanks to make the escape. At the surface, they see a boat that is chumming the water to attract sharks as part of a tour. Mia and Sasha get the tourists’ attention as they are attacked by the sharks. While Mia makes it onto the boat Sasha is grabbed by a shark. Mia jumps back into the water with a flare gun, and shoots the shark, freeing Sasha. Sasha reaches the boat, but Mia is grabbed by another shark, which she escapes from by stabbing it in the eye using the shark tooth given by her father. Mia swims to the boat, and reunites with Sasha as the boat’s staff tend to their wounds.John Corbett, Brianne Tju, and Brec Bassinger in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)I truly had no interest in seeing this film, with little marketing and a first film that by no means was deserving a sequel. However, with a fresh new cast and not much else to watch, I thought I might as well give it a shot. Following in the footsteps of many other blockbuster style films this summer, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is a harmlessly thrilling sequel that cares much more about its scares than it does in developing characters, but that’s not really what you go to these movies looking for. Paced out well with tension that never seems to end, I couldn’t help but be entertained by this sequel.


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Brennan Mejia (Kaboom)
Camille Hyde (Killer Kids)
YoshI Sudarso (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Someone to Carry Me)
Claire Blackwelder (101 Ways To Get Rejected)
Davi Santos (Don’t Trust The B— In Apartment 23)

Eve Gordon (The Almighty Johnsons)
Jarred Blakiston (The Hobbit)
Estevez Gillespie (Power Rangers Megaforce)
Reuben Turner (Rush)
Andrew laing (Shortland Street)
John Sumner (District 9) episode surprised me when it takes place after the finale, I thought it would take place before it. Chase, Riley and Shelby get early Christmas presents and open them. They get hypnotized and leave. Tyler arrives and gets two presents, one for him and one for Kendall. He goes to the base and before he and Kendall can open it, Keeper arrives with Koda and Ivan from a portal. Tyler opens the present and becomes an evil elf, Koda reminds him of his real self with memories. returns to normal. Santa contacts them telling them someone stole his coal. They then find Viviks and a left over monster Heximas are making presents. Heximas escaped Sledge’s ship and making his own Viviks to apply his spell on Santa’s coal. They see Riley, Chase and Shelby as elves and manage to get Chase and Riley. Ivan reminds Chase who he is saying he was on a quest for love. He is brought back to normal. Kendall tries to remind Riley who is by telling him he has grown up. The Rangers morph and fight Heximas. Tyler manage to get Shelby and reminds her who she is. Heximas becomes big and is defeated by the zords. The Rangers later celebrate Christmas together. They get pies in their faces, some things don’t ever change.Image result for here comes heximas This is a great Christmas epiosde and the fact that it is set after the finale of Dino Supercharge is brillaint as that is a first for Power Rangers. With these holiday specials becoming a yearly tradition I always look forward to the next one.


Brennan Mejia (American Horror Story)
Camille Hyde (Killer Kids)
Yoshua Sudarso (Easy A)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Someone to Carry Me)
Claire Blackwelder (101 Ways to get Rejected)
Davi Santos (Dont Trust The B__ in Apartment 23)
Adam Gardiner (Spartacus)
Estevez Gillespie (Shortland Street)
Jackie Clarke (Showcase)
Eve Gordon (King Kong)
John Sumner (District 9)
Santa is visited by children in an outside gazebo until Poisandra and Curio make them run away. Poisandra wants presents, Santa looks at footage of her attacking the Rangers so calls her naughty in his computer. He calls her naughty and she steals the computer. Santa bemoans this. The Rangers reminisce over the year at a Christmas dinner. Chase comes in late, he is off to the Airport to go back to New Zealand and gives them all presents. Santa calls them on their Dino Coms. He tells them of his dilemma. Back with the baddies, Wrench sees how naughty he was with a bomb in the computer. He wants to destroy it but Poisandra stops him, she wants to find the base so they start with the Green Ranger. They see footage of him fighting Fury and Puzzler.
The computer calls Riley nice for saving his fiends. They then check Pink Ranger, she found Tyler’s bracelet and gives it back and fighting Bones. Then footage of her helping a friend with sketches getting famous. The computer calls her nice. We see Chase’s mom and sister find out news about Santa. Chloe says Chase returning matters to her more than presents. The baddies watch Koda save his brother and a little boy, he is labeled nice. Chase is next, he saved a baby. Also Chase mastering the Dino Armor X to save the others. The baddies are mad they still don’t know their base location. The Rangers track down Curio. The Rangers morph and fight Viviks.
 They then see SIr Ivan fight Fury in the past and helping the Rangers fight Bones. Then Kendall asking Ivan about his wish and he helping a girl falling off step ladder. The Rangers continue fighting. Poisandra asks about the Red Ranger, we see footage of Tyler and Shelby meeting Riley and Tyler fighting Fury. Poisandra tries tracking down where the base is with the computer. The Rangers run in the warehouse. They see footage of them entering the dinosaur head.
 The Rangers run in and the others run off, so they don’t see the footage. Tyler spots himself in the footage in the computer. Shelby figures out their plan. They run off and fight the bad guys and a Blue Head. It grows big and they call Dino Charge Megazord with Ankylozord. Pterazord helps. Koda calls Stegazord and it forms while PteraCharge Megazord takes the Ankylozord. They do hammer punch on the foe. Chase says its too late for him to go home. Later we see Chase’s mom telling Chloe that Chase missed his flight. Chloe is upset. Back at the base, Kendall shows them news that Santa has been spotted sending presents. Chase comes in sad, saying he is the worst brother. Keeper says he is the best brother in the world. Santa comes in the base and thanks them and offers to take Chase home. Everyone says Merry Christmas. Chase’s gift is a puzzle with their pictures. Chase and Chloe hug at home.
Although yet again it’s a clipshow, this Christmas special is brilliant, the story had a decent meaning to it, plus its nice to the see villains given more todo.


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Brennan Mejia (Kaboom)
Camille Hyde (Killer Kids)
Yoshi Sudarso (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Someone to Carry Me)
Claire Blackwelder (101 Ways To Get Rejected)
Davi Santos (Don’t Trust The B— In APartment 23)


Eve Gordon (The Almighty Johnsons)
Jackie Clarke (The Semisis)
Gerald Urquhart (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)
Estevez Gillespie (Power Rangers Megaforce)
Stephen Butterworth (Evil Dead 2013)
Peter Daube (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
Reuben Turner (Rush)
Jarred Blakiston (The Hobbit)
Jay Simon (Filthy Rich)
Richard Simpson (Power Rangers Jungle Fury), a lawyer, sees his commercial on TV and Fury makes fun of Poisandra and she lets go Scumlaw to get the Rangers. Ivan and Kendall are dressed as a scarecrow and a musketeer. Ivan and Kendall watch as Scumlaw and his mummy police teleport the main five Rangers away. Riley is Sherlock, Koda is a samurai, Chase is a vampire, Tyler is either a matador or a mariachi and Shelby is a pirate. The Rangers are on trial with monsters for destroying monsters and they get a strike for every monster destroyed. When they reach ten marks, they will be destroyed. Pumpkins are the judges, cloaked monsters are the jury and a witch summons the witnesses, old monsters.Ninja and Hunter are called and they lie. Tyler clarifies that they put a virus that turned him into a T-Red. Meanwhile, Keeper finds a document about the trail, that Scumlaw never lost a case. Kendall remembers he controls the jury. Keeper says the only way in is with getting captured. and Golddigger are called out. Spellbinder says he was giving a hypno lesson, we see Chase be hypnotized and snap out of it and breaking Spellbinder’s plate. Spellbinder and Golddigger talk about when he was Spelldigger giving coins to people . Chase clarifies the coins made people greedy. The monsters talk about how they were destroyed, interestingly enough no zord footage. they get three strikes. Kendall and Ivan pretend when the mummies come. The mummies are taken away by two mysterious people. Ice Age, Stingrage, and Meteor are called. Ice Age talk about two times he encountered them. This time the zords are shown. Riley tells them that they were frozen in blocks of ice. Stingrage lies and Kods and Chase clarify about Koda being poisoned and turned against the Rangers. is shown too. Tyler talks about how Stingrage poisoned water to make people forget.  Meteor talk about New Zealand and Albert. Shelby talks about the truth about the Plesio Zord. Meteor claims the Plesiozord attacked him. We don’t see Albert in the footage. They get all ten strikes. The guards come in with Kendall and Ivan. The judge pumpkins say they are to be vaporized too. The mummies unmask the jury and reveal they are Poisandra and Viviks. The pumpkin sentence Scumlaw. The mummies are revealed to be Phillip and James. The Rangers are teleported back and fight Scumlaw and Viviks after they morph. The Ranger spot out puns. Viviks form the Vivizords. The Rangers summon the zords. Red, Black and Blue fight Scumlaw. Ankylo, T-Rex, Para and Raptorzord fight the Vivizords. All the Rngers gather and do a final strike on Scumlaw. Curio and Poisandra dont want to see the judges again and bump into pumpkins in the ship. Fury makes a scary jack-o-lantern that looks like him. Back at the Dino Cafe, the Rangers are about to go to a party when they encounter mummy judges who turn out to be James and Phillip once again. expected the episode is somewhat of a clipshow, where the episode places within the storyline of the season is to be determined, but most likely around the besties4eva episode. The episode is a fun episode and is cool seeing all 9 rangers together at the battling Scumlaw. Maybe a clipshow but it does have some good new footage and is a fun episode to watch for Halloween.




Brennan Mejia (Pretty Dudes)
Camille Hyde (American Vandal)
Yoshi Sudarso (Buffalo Boys)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Legened of The Seeker)
Davi Santos (The Cure)
Claire Blackwelder (Her Worst Nightmare)



Adam Gardiner (Agent Anna)
Estevez Gillespie (End of Daze)
Paolo Rotondo (The Ugly)
Lori Dungey (Young Hercules)
Campbell Cooley (Vertical Limit)

hqdefaultThis episode opens up on Sledge’s ship, where Wrench has just completed his resurrection platform. With it, he can bring back any monster the rangers have destroyed. His first target, is Duplicon, who Sledge wants to send to the proper authorities, to collect his bounty. However Duplicon escapes, and makes his way to the prison cells where Curio is, wishing all of the captives a Happy Halloween, and expresses his excitement for going Trick or Treating. Duplicon crashes into Curio, right in front of Memorella’s cell. As Sledge aproches, Memorella uses her powers and reads Sledge’s mind. It’s here, she pitches Sledge an idea he can’t turn down: Memorella will capture a ranger and read its mind, then Duplicon will turn Memorella into that ranger, allowing her to walk into the base, and take the energems. This is a much simpler task as today is also the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum’s Halloween Party, allowing Memorella to walk right in through the front door without a problem.maxresdefault (1)Back at the base, Kendall is finishing the touches on the Dino Cupid Charge, dressed as Cupid. The six rangers show up, all in the same bed sheet ghost costumes created by Chase. As the rangers go enjoy the party, Memorella makes her move and captures one of the rangers, and Duplicon transforms her. Kendall calls the rangers back to the base, after detecting alien DNA, and seeing the security footage.Realizing one of the rangers is a fake, Kendall starts interrogating the rangers with a lie detector, by asking them about their experiences. However as Shelby is being asked why she decided to dress up as a princess to fool Fury, Kendall realizes that Memorella is disguised as Koda. Simply because Koda always calls her Kendall, and not Ms. Morgan, as the others do. This theory is proven true as the real Koda slides through the base, having escaped. Koda takes back his energem and Memorella escapes.power-rangers-operation-overdrive-episode-24-ronny-on-empty-part-iiThe rangers track her down and the battle begins. Using the Cupid Charger, Shelby makes the Vivix fall in love with Memorella who hold her down, while Ivan deals the finishing blow. Sledge infuriated orders the magna beam be fired, and Memorella is supersized. Ivan volunteers to fight Memorella with the Ptera Charge Megazord. However, at Ivan’s request, Tyler joins the fight, using the Pachy Zord, and creates the Ptera Charge Megazord: Pachy formation. Using the wrecking ball, the rangers are victorious.megahal-1002Back on his ship, Sledge is furious with Duplicon, not only with his failure, but the fact he and Curio went trick or treating as Memorella did all the work. Duplicon tries to explain he didn’t, but Curio comes in with a transport pod full of candy.Infuriated even further, Sledge locks Duplicon up in his stinkiest cell. Back at the Dino Bite Cafe kitchen, Shelby is trying to get the jammed Cupid Charger out of her morpher, when Tyler asks why Shelby did the princess routine. As she tries to explain, Shelby accidentally shoots Chase, where he falls in love with his own reflection.PRDChal-1004Dino Charge has just been plain awesome from episode 1 and this Halloween episode is no different, t’s part clipshow but the clips are useful to the story. Kendall looked amazing as always. Great episode and although it only aired a we ago it’s become one my of favorite episodes





Brennan Mejia (Kaboom)
Camille Hyde (Killer Kids)
Yoshua Sudarso (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)
Michael Taber (The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
James Davies (Someone to Carry Me)
Claire Blackwelder (101 Ways To Get Rejected)
Davi Santos (Don’t Trust The B— In Apartment 23)
Ryan Carter (Curious-City)


Eve Gordon (The Almighty Johnsons)
Jarred Blakiston (The Hobbit)
James Gaylyn (Ash vs Evil Dead)
Ross Girven (Ngati)
Estevez Gillespie (Power Rangers Megaforce)
Jackie Clarke (The Semisis)
Paul Harrop (Power Rangers Samurai)
Simon Mead (Golden Boy)
Gerald Urquhart (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)
Campbell Cooley (Vertical Limit)
Stig Eldred (Hercules In The Underworld)
Reuben Turner (Rush)
Peter Daube (Hercules: TLJ)
Elizabeth Dowden (Step Dave)
Jay Simon (Filthy Rich)
Mark Mitchinson (The Hobbit)
Paul Gittins (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
Shara Connolly (Go Girls)
Adam Gardiner (Legend of The Seeker)
Alex Walker (When We Go To War)
Mark Wright (Nothing Trivial)
Sophia Huybens (The Last Saint)
Ilona Rodgers (Sons and Daughters)
Andrew Grainger (Spy Game)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Cleopatra 2525)
Alistair Browning (Rain)
Jeff Szusterman (Power Rangers Samurai)

I have been an immense fan of the Power Rangers ever since the first show aired and I have also been following and critiquing the show since I have had access to a computer. With that being said, I am the first to say that my hopes for Power Rangers Dino Superchargee were very high. Upon watching the first few episodes of Supercharge, I’m satisfied to say that my expectations were met and in some ways exceeded.

The Characters: Lets start out with the Rangers themselves. These characters are amongst the best I’ve seen since RPM, which to me, was the last truly great season and in many ways, they break all the molds that have plagued the series. As an African-American woman myself, I was most impressed to see the first Pink Ranger of African-American descent who brings a rare non-stereotypical portrayal that seems to be so common to African-American characters these days. She’s a rebellious tomboy whose intellect and knowledge of dinosaurs sometimes puts her at odds with the rest of the Rangers and especially Kendall Morgan, the resident Team Mom. There’s Tyler, the Red Ranger who brings a subtle comical portrayal to the traditional no-nonsense attitude Red Rangers have. Following nearly in the Red Ranger’s place is Chase, the Black Ranger and a cocky, ladies man whose native New Zealand accent makes the character a sleeker, more refined and lovable version of Zander from Power Rangers Mystic Force.

There’s Koda, the Blue Ranger, a caveman who has survived into the modern era due to the effects of the Energem he was bonded to. I cannot find Koda comical nor can I take him seriously, more on that later in my critique section of this review. Riley is the logic minded Green Ranger who brings a quiet intellectual approach that seems to make him stand out in contrast to the other Rangers who are very upfront and in your face in terms of personality. Rounding out the Rangers is Kendall, the resident Team Mom and technological expert who reminds me of a younger Mrs. Fairweather from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue whose constant squabbling with Shelby in the first few episodes gives her a rare depth that is rarely found in television nowadays. Lastly, there is Keeper who functions as the Zordon equivalent but who has not seen much character development as of yet, something I hope will be expanded on later in the series.
42As for the villains we have the mysterious Heckyl/Snide who showed up last season, with sledge MIA, Heckyl takes over, he is a cold calculating villain and having half of him be human is brilliant similiar in ways to Jarred from Jungle Fury, as the season goes on he becomes a more complex villain. The overall storyline and premise of Supercharge is rather simple but played pretty much straight in that Heckyl/Snide wants the Energems, which are the most powerful objects in the universe and the source of the Ranger’s powers when Keeper bonded them to dinosaurs. In addition to this main storyline, there are smaller story lines scattered throughout such as Tyler’s missing father and his quest to find him, and there eventual reunion early on in the season. With a great Finale this season and Dinocharge have brought forward a great storyline that ran through these two season, a great team, great villains and a great ending. All I can say is bring on season 24 (Power Rangers Ninja Steel)

REVIEW: Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones)
Dreama Walker (Compliance)
Michael Blaiklock (Fired Up!)
Eric Andre (2 Broke Girls)
James Van Der Beek (CSI: Cyber)
Ray Ford (Grey’s Anatomy)
Liza Lapira (Dollhouse)
Eve Gordon (Miss Congeniality 2)
Michael Landes (Final Destination 2)
Marin Hinkle (Two and A Half Men)
Nora Dunn (Bones)
Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
Rosalind Chao (Star Trek: DS9)
David Krumholtz (Mom)
Kiernan Shipa (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
Busy Philipps (The Smokers)
Frankie Muniz (Big Fat Liar)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Speciman)
Ben Lawson (No Strings Attached)
Bruce Davison (X-Men)
Missi Pyle (Dogeball)
Dean Cain (Lois & Clark)
Davi Santos (Power Rangers Dino Charge)
Angelique Cabral (Friends with Benefits)
Charo (That 70s Show)
Richard Dean Anderson (Stargate SG.1)
Hartley Sawyer (The Flash)
Shanti Lowry (Louis)
Kaliko Kauahi (Superstore)
Lee Meriwether (Batman: The Movie)
Thomas Lennon (Santa Clarita Diet)
Olivia Taylor Dudley (Transcendence)
Tom Amandes (Arrow)
Nicholas D’Agosto (Gotham)
Jennie Pierson (Powerless)
Sarah Wright (American Made)
Meagen Fay (That’s My Boy)
Ian Reed Kesler (The Finder)
Tate Ellington (Remember Me)

After watching the Pilot of Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23, I was hooked. This show is funny, sassy, and extremely entertaining. In addition, it received mostly positive reviews from critics. This show is honest, raw, and hilarious. The casting is great and there’s a fun group of characters.
 Chloe is the B in Apartment 23. The actress that plays her, Krysten Ritter, has excellent comedic timing and seems to know her character inside and out. Chloe is a con artist that puts advertisements asking for roommates on the web, but once they move in, she leaves them paying for the rent and makes sure they leave within a month by being the worst roommate ever.
And then there’s June. June Colburn, played by Dreama Walker, is the smart, small-town girl that comes to NYC after being hired to work for a major mortgage company that comes with a huge apartment. But when the company is shut down by the government, June loses her apartment and ends up moving in with Chloe. At first, Chloe tries to get June to move out, but June proves to be too clever to be out-smarted by the B in Apartment 23, and ends up living there as the two girls become good friends.
363213The cast is complete with Chloe’s best friend, an actor playing a fictional version of himself (James Van Der Beek), a neighbor obsessed with Chloe (Liza Lapira as Robin), and June’s boss (until she can get a new job), the manager of a coffee shop (Eric Andre as Mark Reynolds).
Another thing unique to this show is the amount of twists and turns, a plot element typically reserved for mysteries and dramas.  Lastly, the set is great and the vibe of the city is perfectly matched with the spunky and quirky cast. it lasted 2 short season because of the writers strike but it is still a worth while watch.