Brad Dourif (Dune)
Fiona Dourif (The Master)
Danielle Bisutti (Get Smart)
Summer H. Howell (Garm Wars)
Maitland McConnell (Killer Movie)
Chantal Quesnelle (Odyssey 5)
Alex Vincent (House Guest)
Brennan Elliott (Flight 93)
A Martinez (Santa Barbara)
Jennifer Tilly (Liar, Liar)
Set twenty-five years after Child’s Play, the Chucky doll (voiced by Brad Dourif) mysteriously arrives in the mail of the home of paraplegic Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) and her mother Sarah (Chantal Quesnel). Later that night Sarah is found dead from a stab wound, and her death proclaimed a suicide.
Shortly thereafter, Nica is visited by her older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti), accompanied by Barb’s husband Ian (Brennan Elliott), their six-year-old daughter Alice (Summer H. Howell), live-in nanny Jill (Maitland McConnell) and Father Frank (A Martinez). Alice finds Chucky and, since everyone thinks that he’s just a doll, is allowed to keep him. That evening, while Alice and Nica are making soup, Chucky secretly pours rat poison into one of the dinner bowls. Father Frank eats the poison and, after leaving the house, is decapitated in a car accident.
Later, after everyone else has gone to sleep, Nica investigates the Chucky doll on the internet, and finds news articles of the unsolved Chucky murders and the doll’s link to dead serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Elsewhere, Chucky electrocutes Jill by kicking a bucket of water onto the floor’s power outlets, causing an electrical blackout. Barb gets up to check on Alice, and is attacked by Chucky with a kitchen knife. Nica hears Barb’s cries but has to crawl up the stairs with her hands due to the blackout making the elevator unusable. By the time Nica gets there, Barb is dead with her eye gouged out, and Nica sees for herself that the Chucky doll is alive. When Chucky flees, Nica wakes Ian up in a panic. He takes Nica to the garage before going back into the house to find Alice.
Ian cannot find Alice, so he returns to the garage and disarms Nica, believing her to be responsible for the murders. Nica insists that Chucky is alive, but Chucky acts like a lifeless doll when Ian looks at him. Ian decides to review the footage from a hidden camera that he planted on Chucky earlier (to get evidence of Barb’s affair with Jill) and learns that Alice is locked in a closet and that Chucky truly is alive. Before Ian can act, Chucky kills him with a hatchet. Nica manages to break out of her restraints and tries to kill Chucky, but she fails and Chucky pushes her over the balcony onto the ground floor.
When Nica asks why Chucky is doing this, he explains through flashbacks that he was a friend of her family and in love with Sarah. Chucky killed Nica’s father and kidnapped Sarah while she was pregnant with Nica. When Chucky realized Sarah betrayed him by calling the police, he stabbed her in the stomach (which resulted in Nica being born paraplegic) and escaped. Chucky’s flight from the police lead to his death as a human, setting off the events of the film series, which is why he came back to Sarah for revenge. Before Chucky can kill her, Nica fights back, leading to an extended scuffle. A police officer then arrives at the house, but when he enters he only sees Barb’s body upstairs and Nica holding the bloody knife. Chucky watches, unmoving, from a nearby chair.
Some time later, Nica is sent to a mental hospital for the murders. Chucky has been retained by the police as an exhibit for the trials, and afterward the arresting officer takes Chucky away to be delivered to an unknown person. The officer gets in his car and sees Chucky breathing in the bag. Before the officer can inspect the bag, he is killed by Tiffany, who has been hiding in the back seat before collecting Chucky and asking, “Who’s next?”
Alice, now living with her grandmother, comes home from school to find Chucky waiting for her. Chucky persuades Alice to play “Hide The Soul”, starting a chant to transfer his soul to Alice’s body. The grandmother, who had been tied up and strangled with a bag over her head but is not dead, sits up suddenly, shortly after Chucky begins the chant.
 In a post-credits scene set six months later Chucky is delivered to the now-adult Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent). When Andy turns his back to answer a phone call from his mother, Chucky cuts his way out of the package with a knife. Andy, having anticipated Chucky coming after him again, holds a gun to Chucky’s head and quotes, “Play with this,” before pulling the trigger.
The story does take the series full circle linking it to the original and other sequels, plus we get a few nice cameos towards the end. Overall its really worth checking out if your a fan, its fits in so well with the rest of this amazing horror gem of a franchise


Brad Dourif (Dune)
Jennifer Tilly (Liar, Liar)
Hannah Spearritt (Agent Cody Banks 2)
John Waters (Hairpsray)
Billy Boyd (Lord of The Rings)
Redman (How High)
Jason Flemyng (Snatch)
Six years after the events of Bride of Chucky, Glen, the kind and gentle son of Chucky and Tiffany, has a nightmare in which he brutally murders a little girl’s parents. In reality, he is living a life of embarrassment and abuse as a ventriloquist’s dummy from his own point of view. Desperate to know his parents, Glen tracks Chucky and Tiffany down to Hollywood, where they are first shown killing a man who is dressed as Santa Claus for a movie. Upon tracking down his mom and dad, who are now dummies in one of Jennifer Tilly’s films, Glen uses a voodoo amulet to bring them back to life. When Chucky (voice of Brad Dourif) finds out that Glen is his child, he faints. However, Tiffany (voice of Jennifer Tilly) is delighted and hugs her child. Tiffany and Chucky argue over whether Glen is male or female, due to his lack of genitals (though he is clearly a male). Chucky decides to continue labeling him as a boy, while Tiffany labels him as a girl, calling him “Glenda”.
When a puppeteer Tony Gardner (designer) begins taking Tiffany apart, she and Chucky decapitate him with a piano wire. Jennifer Tilly sees the beheaded body and calls the police. Chucky, Tiffany, and Glen ride with her home in a limousine. Glen, having witnessed his mom and dad kill the puppeteer, asks them why they murder others, as he feels that violence is bad. Tiffany and Chucky make an agreement to quit killing, although Chucky only pretends to agree, crossing his fingers behind his back hoping to get Tiffany to shut up.
Jennifer tries to get a role as the Virgin Mary in Redman’s directorial debut, but after Redman says that Jennifer isn’t right for the part, she invites him over to her house. Chucky and Tiffany make plans to transfer their souls into Redman and Jennifer. Jennifer and Redman start to make love, only for Tiffany to knock them out. While they are unconscious, Tiffany inseminates Jennifer with Chucky’s semen. Chucky leaves and takes Glen with him. After driving Britney Spears’ car off the road, killing her, they proceed to go to a photographer’s darkroom. The photographer, Pete Peters (John Waters), had taken pictures of Tilly kissing Redman, and of Chucky masturbating. Glen tries to warn Peters that Chucky will kill him, only for Peters to bump into a shelf, causing a jar of acid to fall and accidentally kill him. Chucky, overjoyed, believes Glen did this on purpose and takes a picture to celebrate, much to Glen’s and Tiffany’s dismay.
Jennifer awakens the next morning, realizes that she is pregnant and claims that Redman is responsible, though he denies this. Angered, Tiffany kills Redman by gutting him. The next day, Jennifer is horrified to find herself with a fully pregnant belly. The voodoo magic that fuels the killer dolls has also accelerated the pregnancy. Jennifer is captured by Chucky. Her chauffeur Stan, serving as Chucky’s replacement body due to Redman’s death, is also captured. Jennifer’s assistant Joan (Hannah Spearritt) tries to help her, but she is brutally killed by Tiffany when she is sprayed with fire. Chucky later reveals that he killed three people and hid them in a closet like Tiffany did to Redman trying to stop “Tiffany” from “crying” when he believed that she was crying for killing Joan. However, it turns that it was Glenda, Glen’s twin sister whose soul shares Glen’s body. Tiffany finds out about this and smacks Glenda to break Glen out of this.
Jennifer gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and it is then that Chucky has an epiphany. After years of being an infamous killer doll, Chucky finally accepts his circumstances. Disturbed, Tiffany rejects Chucky and resolves to take Glen with her. Chucky throws a knife at Jennifer, but Stan jumps in front and is stabbed in the chest, and he tells Tilly that he loves her before he dies. Before Glen can decide which baby to possess, the police arrive, forcing the dolls to flee. Jennifer is rushed to the hospital by the police, but she claims she wants to see her babies. Tiffany drugs Jennifer and begins to possess her, but Chucky breaks in and kills Tiffany with an axe. Before Tiffany dies, she tells Glen to not make the same mistakes his mom and dad have made. Glen, devastated by his mother’s death, snaps and fights Chucky. Jennifer throws an axe to Glen. When Glen picks up the axe, he impales Chucky in the chest. At that time, Chucky thought he was fighting against Glenda, but Glen reveals that it was he, himself, doing this, as he dismembers him. Glen then asks Chucky if he is proud of him and Chucky congratulates Glen before being decapitated and killed by his son. Realizing what he has done, Glen suffers an emotional breakdown, and Jennifer comforts him.
Five years later, at Glen and Glenda’s birthday party, a nanny quits her job because Jennifer’s daughter Glenda scares her. Jennifer lets her quit, only to kill her when she turns away, and Jennifer’s eyes glow green, revealing that Tiffany was successful in possessing Jennifer’s body. Glen has taken the body of the son, and receives a strange, unnamed present. When he opens the present, he sees that it’s Chucky’s right arm; frightened, he urinates himself and turns around. Chucky’s arm then grabs him and he begins screaming as the screen smash cuts to black; Chucky’s evil laughter is heard.
Full marks to Jennifer Tilly who not only voices Tiffany, but stars as herself and mercilessly sends herself up, portraying herself as an evil human, not an awful lot better than the evil dolls. So, expect more killing and bloodshed, only this time played for laughs rather than scares.


Brad Dourif (Dune)
Jennifer Tilly (Liar, Liar)
Katherine Heigl (27 Dresses)
Nick Stabile (Sunset Beach)
Alexis Arquette (Pulp Fiction)
Gordon Michael Woolvett (Andromeda)
John Ritter (8 Simple Rules)
Lawrence Dane (Rated X)
James Gallanders (Saw II)
Janet Kidder (Arrow)
One month after the events of the previous film, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), a former girlfriend and accomplice of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif), acquires the remains of Chucky from a police compound after bribing and then murdering a police officer who had access to the evidence locker. Believing that Ray’s soul still inhabits the doll, Tiffany takes it back to her place. She crudely stitches Chucky back together and reenacts the voodoo ritual which instilled Ray inside the doll ten years ago.
At first her incantations fail to produce results, but Chucky unexpectedly springs to life and smothers Tiffany’s Goth admirer Damien (Alexis Arquette) to death with a pillow as Tiffany looks on with excitement. Later, Tiffany and Chucky have an argument because Tiffany believed Chucky wanted to marry her. Upon learning he had no intention of doing so, Tiffany locks Chucky in a playpen for a nursery. Later she gives him another doll in a wedding dress with a real diamond ring to make fun of him. While Tiffany is watching TV during a bath, Chucky escapes the play pen (by cutting through the wood with the ring) and pushes the TV into the bath, electrocuting her in the process. Then, using the same voodoo spell, Chucky gains further revenge against Tiffany by transferring her soul into the bride doll so she could feel what he went through as a living doll. Still intent on becoming human again, Chucky concocts a plan with Tiffany to retrieve an amulet that was buried with Ray’s body, and use the bodies of Tiffany’s neighbor Jesse (Nick Stabile) and his girlfriend Jade (Katherine Heigl) as a means to return to their human bodies.
Tiffany changes to look like a miniature version of her human form and then sends Jesse a message asking him to take the two dolls to New Jersey in exchange for cash. Jesse convinces Jade to go with him and helps her pack. Jade’s strict and overprotective uncle police chief Warren (John Ritter), who despises Jesse, breaks into his van and plants a bag of marijuana there to frame him. Fearing this will ruin their plans, Chucky and Tiffany set up a car airbag to launch nails into Warren’s face. Satisfied that they have killed him, the dolls hide Warren in a casket. Jesse and Jade return and begin their trip.
Outside a convenience store, they are pulled over by Officer Norton, who asks to search Jesse’s car. After he finds the marijuana Warren planted, he goes back to his police car to report it to the authorities. During this time, Chucky crawls over and shoves a cloth into the police car gas tank and lights it. Norton is killed when his car explodes and, seeing the explosion, Jesse and Jade flee the scene. Soon, they stop at a wedding chapel/hotel and are married. During that time, Warren, still alive, tries to run away but is stabbed numerous times in the back by Chucky, finally killing him. While in the hotel, Jesse and Jade meet a con artist couple who steal Jesse’s money. As the criminals make love in their room, Tiffany grabs their bottle of champagne and throws it into the mirrored ceiling, sending down shards of glass and killing the two con-artists. Amazed, Chucky reveals his true feelings for Tiffany and then proposes to her.
The next morning, a maid finds the corpses of the couple and Jesse and Jade drive away with their best friend David, who knew about their plan to elope and heard about the recent murders. David reveals that Jesse and Jade have been blamed for all of the deaths. He suddenly finds Warren’s body and demands that Jesse pull over. While he is confronting them, the dolls come alive and hold them hostage with guns, demanding for them to keep driving. David alerts a police officer and accidentally steps into the lane of a moving truck, much to the horror of Jesse and Jade, who drive away with the dolls. They are then chased by a police car, the tires of which Chucky is able to shoot, forcing it off the road. The dolls reveal their plan to Jesse and Jade, and direct Jesse to drive up to a mobile home, which they acquire as a new vehicle in order to evade the police. While preparing Jade for the body-switch, Tiffany begins talking with Jade, who manages to turn Tiffany against Chucky. A fight between Tiffany and Chucky ensues and Jade locks Tiffany into the oven by kicking, meanwhile Jesse pushes Chucky out the window. Chucky shoots at Jesse, causing the mobile home to run off the road and into a ditch. Chucky forces Jade to take him to his grave site, while Jesse takes Tiffany—badly burned but still alive—and follows them. Chucky orders Jade to open the casket and give him the amulet, which she does. Jesse then appears with Tiffany and they trade hostages, but Chucky throws a knife into Jesse’s back, and ties up the couple for the ritual.
Before Chucky begins the incantation, Tiffany distracts Chucky by kissing him. Then she pulls the knife out of Chucky’s pocket, and stabs him in his back. They fight until he stabs her in the heart, and she collapses to the ground. While distracted, Jesse knocks Chucky into his grave. A private investigator arrives to see Jade pointing a gun into the hole, and is shocked to see Chucky. The investigator then watches Jade shoots Chucky to death several times, though Chucky yells that he will return as he always does. Jade fires a final bullet which seemingly pierces Chucky’s heart. The investigator contacts the police, telling them that Jesse and Jade are innocent of the murders and sends the couple on their way. Afterward, the investigator stumbles upon and investigates Tiffany’s doll body, Tiffany suddenly springs to life and gives birth to a bloody baby doll before finally dying. The baby doll then attacks the investigator by biting his nose off, before the scene cuts to black.
The director, Ronny Yu has made a successful job; he’s brought Chucky back to life, and we are grateful to him for bringing back the toy every little boy and girl wants for christmas. The special features are good too, it includes a location diary from the marvellous Jennifer Tilly, cast and crew Biographies, Trailers, History of Chucky, etc. Well worth watching and as Total Film so rightly quotes; ‘A non-stop romp of belly laughs and over-the-top splatter’.


Brad Dourif (Dune)
Alex Vincent (House Guest)
Catherine Hicks (Star Trek 4)
Chris Sarandon (The Princess Bride)
Dinah Manoff (Grease)
Jack Colvin (The Incredible Hulk 70s)
Serial killer Charles Lee Ray, also nicknamed the “Lakeshore Strangler”, is a wanted fugitive on the run from the police in the streets of Chicago on the night of November 8, 1988. After being fatally shot by Detective Mike Norris, Charles transfers his soul into a “Good-Guy” doll via a voodoo ritual which destroys the store in an attempt to cheat death. Mike, who survives the explosion, finds Charles’s body, thinking he killed him.
The next morning, widow Karen Barclay buys the same Good Guy doll at work from a peddler as a birthday gift for Andy, her 6-year-old son. That night, Karen’s friend Maggie Peterson comes to babysit Andy. The doll, now named “Chucky”, kills Maggie by striking her in the back of the head with a hammer, sending her falling to her death out an open window after she stopped him from getting live updates on TV of his former accomplice, Eddie Caputo, who abandoned Chucky the night he got shot. The police soon arrive and Mike thinks Andy had something to do with Maggie’s death, much to the fury of Karen, who orders the police to leave.
The next morning, Andy, on Chucky’s apparent orders, ditches school and takes Chucky to a rough part of Chicago where Eddie lives. Chucky sneaks into Eddie’s home while Andy is urinating and turns off the pilot light and turns up the gas which explodes after Eddie shoots at it destroying the building and killing him. When Andy is again questioned by the police, Andy blames it on Chucky. Andy is then sent to a mental hospital, much to Karen’s dismay.
That night, Karen discovers Andy was telling the truth when she realizes Chucky’s batteries were never placed inside, meaning Chucky has been functioning without batteries. When inspecting Chucky, Chucky comes alive, curses at her in Charles Lee Ray’s voice, bites her and escapes; Detective Norris finally agrees to help after Chucky almost kills him in his car. Chucky goes to John, Charles Lee Ray’s former voodoo teacher. When asked why he bled after being injured, John reveals to Chucky that the longer his soul remains trapped within the doll, the more human he becomes. In order to escape the doll’s body, Chucky must possess the first person to whom he told about his possession, which is Andy. When Dr. John rejects Chucky’s plea for help, Chucky fatally wounds John using his own voodoo doll and stabs him. Chucky escapes just before Karen and Detective Norris arrive on the scene. Before dying, John tells them that although Chucky is a doll, his heart is fully human and vulnerable to fatal injury.
At the mental hospital, Chucky steals the key to Andy’s cell, but discovers Andy has escaped. Dr. Ardmore finds Andy and unsuccessfully tries to sedate him. Chucky violently electrocutes Dr. Ardmore, then follows Andy home and knocks him unconscious with a wooden baseball bat. As Chucky begins possessing Andy, Karen and Detective Norris arrive and stop him. Chucky slashes Mike, then goes after Karen and Andy. The pair trap Chucky in the fireplace and burn him. Thinking Chucky is dead, Karen and Andy leave the room to help Mike, but Chucky follows them and attempts to kill them. Chucky is again thought to be killed when Karen shoots Chucky, severing an arm, a leg, and his head. Jack Santos, Mike’s partner, arrives at the apartment, and disbelieves the trio’s story. Chucky’s body then bursts through a ventilation duct and tries to strangle Jack. Karen tells Mike to aim and shoot for Chucky’s heart. After Mike kills Chucky, they go to the hospital. Karen turns off the bedroom’s lights and Andy looks back at Chucky before closing the door as the screen fades out.
 This is a great film that musn’t be missed. If you do enjoy wacthing this film, then watch the others. You won’t be disappointed.
Brad Dourif (Dune)
Alex Vincent (House Guest)
Jenny Agutter (Logan’s Run)
Gerrit Graham (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose)
Christine Elise (Body Snatchers)
Grace Zabriskie (The Grudge)
Beth Grant (Wonderfalls)
Two years after the previous film, the killer “Good Guys” doll Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) is rebuilt from scratch by the Play Pals doll company to prove there is no fault with the dolls. As a result of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) blaming Chucky for the murders committed, the company has suffered. One of the men working on Chucky is killed via electrocution, resulting the CEO of the company Mr. Sullivan (Peter Haskell) orders his assistant Mattson (Greg Germann) to cover the accident and get rid of Chucky.
Meanwhile, Andy is now in foster care, due to his mother Karen being in a mental hospital for supporting his story about Chucky until she is able to care for him again. Andy is adopted by Phil (Gerrit Graham) and Joanne Simpson (Jenny Agutter). In his new home, Andy meets his new foster sister Kyle (Christine Elise).
After work Mattson stops at a corner store and while he is out of his car, Chucky phones Grace Poole (Grace Zabriskie), the manager of Andy’s foster center. He claims to be a relative of Andy’s in order to get his new address. He then carjacks the car and orders Mattson to drive outside the Simpson household at gun point. Chucky then kills him by suffocating him with a plastic bag. In the house, Chucky accidentally activates “Tommy”, another “Good-Guy” doll (who Andy mistook for Chucky), and destroys him with Joanne’s ornament. Chucky then buries the toy in the garden and takes his place as “Tommy”. Phil punishes the children thinking one of them broke the ornament. After Andy spends the rest of the day with Kyle, Chucky waits for nightfall and ties up Andy and almost possesses him. However, Kyle, who snuck out, arrives. After Andy claimed Chucky tied him up, Phil throws Chucky in the basement.
The next day, Chucky hitches a ride on the bus to Andy’s new school. Andy’s teacher Miss Kettlewell (Beth Grant) discovers obscenity written on his worksheet, forces Andy to stay in the classroom as punishment, and locks Chucky in the closet. Andy escapes, and the doll beats Miss Kettlewell to death with a yard stick. After Andy insisted Chucky got him in trouble, Phil considers taking him back to the foster center.
That night, Andy tries to kill Chucky with an electric knife in the basement, but Chucky attacks him. Phil is killed by Chucky by being tripped and thrown to the floor, snapping his neck. Joanne, convinced that Andy killed him, sends him back to the foster center. Later, Kyle discovers “Tommy” in the garden and realizes Andy was telling the truth, and begins to search for Chucky inside the house. After finding Joanne’s body, Chucky attacks her and orders her to take him to the center. There, during a false fire alarm, he kills Grace by stabbing her in the heart, and orders Andy, who is being held at knifepoint by the doll, to take him to the PlayPals “Good-Guy” factory for the transfer.
Kyle follows the duo to the factory. After knocking Andy unconscious once again, Chucky fails to possess the boy, since he spent too much time within the doll’s body. Enraged, Chucky decides to kill Andy and Kyle instead. Chucky murders a security guard. He then loses one of his hands, which he replaces with his knife, and his legs, but still goes after the two. Kyle and Andy then pour molten wax over him before putting an air hose in his mouth, which causes his head to explode and finally defeating him. The pair leaves the factory for “home”, with Andy asking where “home” is and Kyle responding that, in truth, she doesn’t know.
Child’s Play 2 has never looked this good. Plus the film is Uncut. Still a classic to this day.
Brad Dourif (Dune)
Justin Whalin (Lois & Clark)
Perrey Reeves (Old School)
Jeremy Sylvers (My Wife and Kids)
Travis Fine (Girl, Interrupted)
Dakin Matthews (True Grit)
Andrew Robinson (Star Trek: DS9)
Mark Christopher Lawrence (Chuck)
Eight years after the events of the previous film, The Play Pals (Good Guys) has recovered from bad publicity arising from Chucky’s (voiced by Brad Dourif) murder spree. The company releases a new line of Good Guy dolls and recycles Chucky’s remains. However, the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray still inhabits the remains, and Chucky is soon revived. Chucky is unwittingly given to Play Pals’ CEO Mr. Sullivan, whom Chucky kills. He then uses computer records to relocate Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin). Still troubled by his past encounters with Chucky, sixteen-year-old Andy Barclay has been sent to Kent Military Academy after having failed to cope in several foster homes. Colonel Cochran (Dakin Matthews), the school’s commandant, begrudgingly enrolls Andy, but advises him to forget his “fantasies” about the doll. Andy befriends cadets Harold Aubrey Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson), Ronald Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers), and Kristin DeSilva (Perrey Reeves), for whom he develops romantic feelings. He also meets Brett C. Shelton (Travis Fine), a lieutenant colonel who routinely bullies the cadets.
Shortly after Andy arrives, Tyler is asked to deliver a package to his room. Tyler realizes that the package contains Chucky and, excited, takes the new toy to the cellar. Once freed, Chucky realizes that he can possess the first person who learns his true nature. He tells Tyler his secret, but just as Chucky is about to possess him, they are interrupted by Cochran, who takes the doll away. Cochran throws Chucky into a garbage truck, but Chucky escapes by luring the driver into the truck’s compactor and crushing him. That night, Chucky attacks Andy and tells him his plans for taking over Tyler’s soul. But before Andy can attack Chucky, Shelton comes in and takes the doll from him. Andy tries to get the doll back by sneaking into Shelton’s room, but Shelton catches him in the act. Upon realizing the doll has vanished, Shelton suspects it stolen and forces all the cadets to do exercises in the courtyard as punishment.
Andy unsuccessfully tries to warn Tyler about Chucky. At one point, Chucky lures Tyler into playing hide-and-seek in Cochran’s office, where he attempts to possess the boy again. However, they are interrupted by De Silva and, moments later, Cochran himself. When the cadets leave, Cochran is confronted by a knife-wielding Chucky. The resulting shock causes Cochran to suffer a fatal heart attack.
The next morning after breakfast, Chucky kills the barber with a straight blade and scaring Whitehurst in the process. Despite Cochran’s death, Shelton declares that the school’s annual war games will proceed as planned, with Andy and Shelton on the same team. However, Chucky secretly replaces the paint bullets of one team with live ammunition. When the simulation begins, Chucky accosts Ronald, then threatens the boy when he refuses to take part. Ronald stabs Chucky with a pocket knife and flees, trying to find Andy. Chucky then attacks Kristen and holds her hostage, attempting to lure the teams into fighting each other to save her. Chucky forces Andy to exchange Kristen for Tyler.
Suddenly, the red team descends upon the area and obliviously opens fire with their live rounds. Shelton is killed in the crossfire. Amidst the chaos, Tyler makes a quick getaway, but before giving chase, Chucky tosses a live grenade at the quarreling cadets. Recognizing the danger, Whitehurst bravely leaps on top of the grenade and sacrifices himself to save the others. With no time to mourn his friend, Andy heads off in pursuit of Chucky, with Kristen close behind. Eventually the chase leads the group into a haunted house at a nearby carnival. Ronald tries to get a security guard to help him, but Chucky kills the guard offscreen and kidnaps Ronald. In the ensuing melee, Chucky shoots Kristen in the leg, leaving Andy to fight Chucky alone. When Tyler is inadvertently knocked out, Chucky seizes the opportunity to possess him, but Andy intervenes, shooting him several times. and his face being cut off, Enraged, Chucky attempts to strangle Andy, but Andy uses Tyler’s knife to cut off Chucky’s hand, dropping him into a giant fan which slices him to pieces. Afterwards, Andy is taken away by the police for questioning, while Kristen is rushed to the nearby hospital.
This 3rd Child’s Play film was taken off the shelves and banned after the awful James Bulger murder case back in 1993. Claiming that certain scenes made the little boys killers do the awful crime after watching it a few days before. What were two 10 year olds doing watching an 18 rated film anyway? The film isn’t to bad to be honest. Yes slightly more graphic than the first 2 films but didn’t warrant it being an 18.  Not as good as the first 2, but ok.