Josh Radnor (The Hunt)
Jason Segel (Sex Tape)
Cobie Smulders (Avengers: Endgame)
Neil Patrick Harris (Gone Girl)
Alyson Hannigan (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer)
Bob Saget (Full House)

Neil Patrick Harris, Mandy Moore, Josh Radnor, and Amanda Loncar in How I Met Your Mother (2005)


Lyndsy Fonseca (Kick-Ass)
David Henrie (Paul BLart Mall Cop 2)
Mandy Moore (This Is Us)
Enrique Iglesias (Two and a Half Men)
Danica McKellar (The WOnder Years)
Busy Philipps (The Smokers)
Christine Woods (Flashforward)
Neil Jackson (BLade: The Series)
Melissa Ordway (Ted)
Brad Rowe (Perception)
Janet Varney (You’re The Worst)
Abigail Spencer (Cowboys & Aliens)
Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine)
John Cho (Star Trek)
Charlene Amoia (American Pie: Reunion)
Jim Jansen (A.I.)
Phill Lewis (Heathers)
April Bowlby (Doom Patrol)
Orson Bean (Innerspace)
Wayne Brady (Colony)
Stephanie Faracy (Sideways)
Hayes MacArthur (The Babymakers)
Kristen Schaal (Gravity Falls)
Britney Spears (Crossroads)
Sarah Chalke (Scrubs)
Marshall Manesh (Will & Grace)
Dawn Olivieri (Bright)
Bryan Callen (The Hangover)
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
Taran Killam (12 Years a Slave)
James Van Der Beek (Varsity Blues)
Alan Thicke (Growing Pains)
Ian Abercrombie (Army of Darkness)
Will Forte (The Lego Movie)
Darcy Rose Byrnes (Desperate Housewives)
Floriana Lima (Supergirl)

Alyson Hannigan, Enrique Iglesias, and Cobie Smulders in How I Met Your Mother (2005)After a successful first two seasons, How I Met Your Mother dives into new (and old) territory by continuing the story of five New York friends. Season three has a similar tone to past seasons with a great mixture of comedy and drama. The main characters continue to go through the ups and downs of life. Notably, there are stories about the aftermath of the Ted-Robin breakup, Marshall and Lily experience life as newlyweds, Marshall passes the bar and goes to work, Barney learns something about his past and sleeps with a lot of women, and more. It is a very fun season with Neil Patrick Harris continuing to steal the spotlight.Danica McKellar, Busy Philipps, and Josh Radnor in How I Met Your Mother (2005)The season opens with “Wait For It…”, which addresses a couple storylines. Towards the end of season two, there were a couple shifts in the romances. Ted and Robin called it splitsville, but remained friends. Robin went on vacation to South America. In season three, Robin comes back with boyfriend Gael (Enrique Iglesias). The introduction of Gael causes complications for Ted, Robin, and the rest of the gang. As the season continues, Ted slowly gets his life back together and the idea of Robin not being an important part of his life. The other key development from the season premiere dealt with Marshall and Lily. They got married at the end of season two and are now a happy couple that still shares an apartment with Ted. As the season progresses, they consider new living situations, which include a crooked house. Included in this development, Marshall passes the New York bar and gets a job as a real life lawyer. His dream job is complicated by the decision of saving the environment or providing for his family. Lily has a surprise in store for him that makes the decision easy. John Cho guest stars as one of Marshall’s boss.Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, and Cobie Smulders in How I Met Your Mother (2005)The season has many other big developments. Barney gets a case of “The Yips”, where he loses his confidence with women. Barney learns that his first time with cougar Rhonda was not as good as he was led to believe. Afterwards, he doubts his ability to please women. Ted joins him on a few escapades, which include acting as tourists, a wild St. Patrick’s Day, and more. Ted also embarks on a relationship with Stella (Sarah Chalke), which gets pretty serious. Robin dates an old flame played by an overweight James Van Der Beek.Alyson Hannigan in How I Met Your Mother (2005)Overall, season three is exciting, hilarious, and just all around fun. There are a lot of dramatic developments that are supplemented with lots of great laughs. Fans of the show will not be disappointed.




Aimee Carrero (The Last Witch Hunter)
Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad)
AJ Michalka (Super 8)
Marcus Scribner (The Good Dinosaur)
Reshma Shetty (Blindspot)
Lorraine Toussaint (The Night Before)
Keston John (The Good Place)
Lauren Ash (The Disaster Artist)
Christine Woods (Flashforward)
Genesis Rodriguez (Tusk)
Jordan Fisher (Teen Wolf)
Vella Lovell (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Sandra Oh (Sideways)
Krystal Joy Brown (Castle)
Grey DeLisle (Paradise PD)
Merit Leighton (Alexa & Katie)
Antony Del Rio (Avengers Assemble)
Geena Davis (The Fly)

juijujijooShe-Ra is making a return for its third outing on August 2, but we had the chance to watch all six episodes ahead of its premiere. And boy, is it a doozy. Getting into She-Ra was something of a slow burn for me. It took the more sedate pace of the second season, coupled with the fleshing out of several character ties and relationships, for it to really find its footing, but notching the action back somewhat paid dividends as the series heads into its third outing. The foundations upon which She-Ra has been built don’t just crumble away over the six episodes that showrunner Noelle Stevenson and her exceptionally talented and dedicated team have delivered to us. They’re obliterated.she-ra-huntara-adora-glimmer-bow-season-3And I certainly don’t mean that in a bad way. In fact, it’s a huge reinvigoration and looks set to take the entire show in a direction I can’t say anyone will have been expecting. It is complex, layered, and genuinely has me anticipating where it might go next — especially after the bomb-drop of a cliffhanger that the third season leaves you on. A cliffhanger that creeps up, slowly, over the course of the six episodes, and has been embedded into the DNA of the show since day one. It was just that the pieces never really come together until the third season plays out in all of its nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat glory.she-ra-season-3-images-3But the foundation that is rocked, more than any other, is the one upon which She-Ra built the bulk of its storytelling. Its true core: The relationship between Catra and Adora. It was always going to reach a tipping point, and if you thought season 2 took them right to the precipice, the third pushes them beyond the point of no return. Because, when it comes down to it, the actions of both characters, their choices, and the consequences of them irrevocably changes who and what they are to each other.  Where Adora searches for the truth — and, in some cases, finds it — about her origins and the power of She-Ra, Catra seeks to undermine her at every turn. Going back to who they were, together and apart, prior to Adora leaving the Fright Zone is never going to be possible, and both characters come to terms with what that means — with disastrous results.4201e13e-bb2c-4b04-8c4d-08e8707127b5-she-raBreadcrumbs of resentment have been littered between Catra and Adora over the course of many, many episodes. And that finally comes home to roost. The biggest catalyst being the wild-card of Shadow Weaver. The relationship that both Catra and Adora have with their pseudo-mother-figure is complex, steeped in years of emotional abuse and manipulation, but also a twisted sense of love and loyalty. Catra craves acceptance, validation, and yes, to an extent, an unconditional sense of love, but is always passed over in favor of Adora. The favorite child. In Catra’s eyes, at least. It introduces a pressure point that is something of a hot-button. People choosing Adora over her. More than anything, the need to beat Adora in all ways, shapes and forms drives and motivates Catra — when she falls, fails, and repeats the cycle, Catra gradually has nothing left to lose. And there is nothing more dangerous than a character who has nothing to lose.she-ra-animation-4And, in She-Ra’s case, that danger is more than just the degradation of a relationship — or, in some cases, several. It is universe-altering. Because when Catra is given the opportunity to go full-tilt into her darkest urges, she grasps at it with both hands, despite several characters attempting to pull her back from the edge. And once Catra commits, it is like dominoes: thing spiral at speed. There is no going back as the show enters new, uncharted territory. Not only in Catra’s choices to move further away from Adora’s reach, and her friendship with Adora, but also for how we — and in turn, the characters — understand Etheria, and the universe in which it exists. For those of us who have been waiting for the mythology and lore of the show to expand, season 3 is a veritable treasure trove.Screen-Shot-Hordak-a4erd-1024x552The truth about Hordak and where he came from, as well as the origins of the Horde and what Etheria could look like if they win, are all present and accounted for in season 3. And it is, in some ways, a villain origin story that is steeped in well-walked tropes and expectations — but there is also more to it than just that. Hordak and Entrapta’s fledgling friendship pushes them both, and provides Hordak with a side that we — as audiences — have not always been privy to. Certainly, there is more to uncover and dig into — and future seasons will undoubtedly do so — but what we learn here is rich with expanding upon the characters and their pasts. The previous She-Ra, Mara, is included in that. The clues were woven into the fabric of the second season for when Adora needed to find out more about who she is and where she came from, and Adora follows them through to their conclusion — even when it means leaving parts of her former life behind, for good. Glimmer and Bow, through it all, stand strong by her side, and the three of them will need each other more than ever when the dust settles on the third season, and the dawn of the fourth arrives — because certain catastrophic events transpire that will alter the course of their individual trajectories forever.UntitledOh, and the introduction of Huntara and the Crimson Waste is undoubtedly one of the true delights of season 3. I was disappointed not to learn more about Huntara — and eagle-eyed fans will not miss some subtle interactions between her and another character during the trio’s time in a Crimson Waste tavern — but there will be time for that. Especially, and hopefully, if she plays a bigger role moving forward. And I really, really would love for her character to be expanded upon. The hints at Huntara’s past give her a connection to Adora that is difficult for Adora’s other friends in the Princess Alliance to understand or fathom, and it is something that Adora might need moving forward. Huntara is, without a doubt, the best source to tap into for that potential — especially with Catra moving even further outside of Adora’s orbit. There was something of a safety-net hanging securely underneath She-Ra prior to season 3. These six episodes remove that net, and the show plunges deep into something unknown. Stevenson and her team are testing the boundaries of what, and who, She-Ra is, and both the character and the show are all the better for it. It’s not entirely clear where they might take She-Ra beyond this point, but that is certainly part of what makes it so exciting.





Aimee Carrero (The Last Witch Hunter)
Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad)
AJ Michalka (Super 8)
Marcus Scribner (The Good Dinosaur)
Reshma Shetty (Blindspot)
Lorraine Toussaint (The Night Before)
Keston John (The Good Place)
Lauren Ash (The Disaster Artist)
Christine Woods (Flashforward)
Genesis Rodriguez (Tusk)
Jordan Fisher (Teen Wolf)
Vella Lovell (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Sandra Oh (Sideways)
Krystal Joy Brown (Castle)
Grey DeLisle (Paradise PD)
Merit Leighton (Alexa & Katie)
Antony Del Rio (Avengers Assemble)

68ae2eef4f422e18267a21afcb648472ad672c0cThe DreamWorks Animation reboot of the 1985 cartoon burst onto the scene last fall when the first 13-episode run arrived on Netflix. Noelle Stevenson‘s contemporary take on the character pays homage to the original hero Adora and her title alter ego but also puts her own spin on things, not least of which includes giving both heroes and villains multi-dimensional storylines and plenty of time to shine. That trend continues in Season 2, but it’s overall positive effect a bit hampered by the shorter run of episodes.she-ra-netflix-adora-catraSeason 2 finds Adora firmly at the lead of the Princess Alliance, embarking on a quest of self-discovery to learn more about her past and her future as She-Ra. With Catra rising the ranks of the Horde, the Rebellion must fight to thwart her next attack. If that synopsis of the second season of She-Ra sounds rather generic, well, it is. This run of 7 episodes doesn’t have a strong thematic arc for our hero at all since the adventures are more like stepping stones along her ultimate path. However, some supporting characters get a chance to step up in big ways, either by pitching in to help their leader achieve their ends or by revealing more personal details about their own lives. The fun part here is that we get wonderfully developed characters on both sides of the battle.glimmer-she-ra-frosta-bow-perfuma-mermistaI honestly can’t think of many cartoons that give an equal share of screen time to both the heroes and the villains, but She-Ra and the Princesses of Power does this admirably well. This approach not only keeps the title team’s camaraderie and variety of adventures feeling fresh, it keeps the villains from being reduced to “evil for evil’s sake.” In fact, fans of the show might find they prefer the time spent with Catra, Scorpia, and Entrapta to that of Adora, Glimmer, and Bow. And that’s perfectly fine! It’s a testament to the strength of the writing, the attention to Character over Plot, and powerful performances from the cast that viewers can be equally invested in both sides of the divide.x1080Now, obviously, most people will want the Princesses to succeed in their quest to heal the land, prevent the spread of the Horde, and to discover the true depths of Adora’s powers as She-Ra. That core story is fun to behold because the Princesses, despite their differences, are learning how to get along and fight beside one another. Ice Princess Frosta is much more open and active than she was in the previous season, though she’s learning how to make friends; “Sea-Ra” Mermista is still playing some power games, but she’s a team player at heart; and Swift Wind is … doing his best, insufferably so. But the real meat of the side story goes to Bow this season in a surprising reveal that complicates his relationships with the Princesses; you’ll have to see it to believe it.She-ra-season-2-netflix-meowOn the villainous side of things, Catra’s in her own power struggle, having just usurped Shadow Weaver to become Hordak’s most trusted soldier … but another is threatening to take her place. Meanwhile, Scorpia tries to navigate her duties in the Horde with her own personal feelings, giving us a great supporting character turn. The best side story, however, likely goes to Shadow Weaver, who has a big part to play in the main story, past and present. And while there’s some really substantial character work going on here, we do get some more mythology and straight-up villainy from the leader himself, Hordak. There’s just enough teased here and there to make us want to know more about the world(s) and what’s waiting for us to discover in the future.sheBut it wouldn’t be She-Ra and the Princesses of Power without She-Ra herself. Though her main struggle throughout the series is to come to grips with her incredible powers and the responsibilities they’ve placed upon her, this short season sees her grappling with concern over the safety of her allies. She-Ra can fight for herself without fear, but it’s the thought of losing one of her friends and fellow warriors that often cripples her into indecision. (There’s a D&D-like episode that illuminates this inner struggle wonderfully well.) And while Adora’s story takes a bit of a backseat to some powerful moments between Catra, Shadow Weaver, and others, the final moment of the final episode of the season suggest that there’s much more to her tale than meets the eye.she-ra-season-2-New-1024x523She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is back in a big way in Season 2, with plenty of action, humor, vibrant animation, and a colorful array of characters of all sorts. It’s only shortcoming is in Netflix’s decision to cut the season down to a too-short 7 episodes.


She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)


Aimee Carrero (The Last Witch Hunter)
Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad)
AJ Michalka (Super 8)
Marcus Scribner (The Good Dinosaur)
Reshma Shetty (Blindspot)
Lorraine Toussaint (The Night Before)
Keston John (The Good Place)
Lauren Ash (The Disaster Artist)
Christine Woods (Flashforward)
Genesis Rodriguez (Tusk)
Jordan Fisher (Teen Wolf)
Vella Lovell (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Sandra Oh (Sideways)
Krystal Joy Brown (Castle)
Grey DeLisle (Paradise PD)
Merit Leighton (Alexa & Katie)
Antony Del Rio (Avengers Assemble)

65e75070b848312396faa28b8863a06424bed9a8I am both happy She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power exists and deeply jealous I didn’t have it as a kid.  What struck me most in watching the series is just how different it is from anything else on TV. The sheer amount of women on screen and how different they all are shouldn’t feel so unique but it is. It’s a breath of fresh air, especially watching so many action adventure series that might only have one or two women in a cast of mostly guys. Here though it’s switched, with the guys being the side characters and all the women taking charge.Catra_She_Ra.0It gives the series a fresh perspective and a different feel. It’s not that nothing like this has been done before (Sailor Moon and the original She-Ra before it set the standard for women being amazing in action animation) but it’s the way it’s done. You can feel the excitement of every person working on this show that they’re doing something special. That they’re getting the chance to create something that’s been all too rare in television.
1047659-dreamworks-showcase-she-ra-and-princesses-power-new-york-comic-conRight from the jump She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power sheds anything that held the original series back. It’s serialised. Its characters have a tonne of depth. The animation is gorgeous. It’s incredibly inclusive. It ditches any connection to He-Man and stands on its own (though there are enough easter eggs to send hardcore fans into a frenzy). She-Ra is a character that doesn’t need to be the twin sister of He-Man, she’s powerful in her own right. It’s the strength of Adora, the characters around her, and their relationships that make this series shine. The most important of these being the slowly fracturing friendship between Adora and Catra. The two start as best friends working for the Horde but when Adora discovers the horrors they’ve caused, she decides to join the rebellion.SHE_PD102_01010418_RGB_FIN.0This angers Catra and much of the arc of the first season is devoted to the back and forth between these two. Adora desperately tries to get Catra to come to her senses while Catra can’t understand why her best friend would leave her. It’s gripping stuff and forms the backbone of the season’s best episodes. The series puts an incredible emphasis on the powerful emotions that come with deep friendship. Where other series might default to love stories to mine these depths of feelings, She-Ra And The Princesses of Power is keenly aware the pain of losing your best friend can hurt even more than a breakup. It also celebrates friendship as well, with the main trio of Adora, Glimmer, and Bow a main focus of the season. How these three come together and learn to love each other is what gives them more power than any magic sword.She-Ra-header (1)The season’s main plot arc is our trio trying to rebuild the Princess Alliance, a once great group of magical women who kept Etheria safe. These journeys not only gives the series a chance to do some excellent world building but also introduce its colorful extended cast. Each of the characters you’ll meet throughout these episodes is incredibly diverse both in appearance and personality. You’ll love them all, I promise. The series does take a little time to get going and a few character introductions are done quicker than I would have liked, but by the second half of the season the story really starts to get gripping. The world of Etheria comes into sharp focus and you see just how wide and open the universe of She-Ra can be.she-ra-and-the-princesses-of-power-reviewShe-Ra And The Princesses of Power easily steps out of the pop culture shadow of not only the original She-Ra but He-Man as well. This isn’t a series that’s stuck in the past, trying to recapture that franchise’s old glory. It’s taking the building blocks of OG She-Ra and making it something fresh and new for the audiences of today. It’s an empowering and affirming series not just for girls but anyone who watches, young or old. It shows girls and women they can be and look like whatever they want and still be strong. It shows boys and men the amazing things women can be and that they can be along for the ride. It shows everyone you don’t have to fit into societal norms. You can dress how you want, act how you want, and be with whomever you want. For that alone, She-Ra And The Princesses of Power is going to change a lot of lives for the better.



Kathryn Morris (Mindhunters)
Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy)
Danny Pino (Law & Order:SVU)
John Finn (True Crme)
Jeremy Ratchford (Angel Eyes)
Thom Barry (Texas Chainsaw)
Tracie Thoms (Looper)


Recurring Notable Guest Cast

Sherman Howard (Superboy)
Kate Mara (Fantastic Four)
Becki Newton (Ugly Betty)
Brett Cullen (Lost)
Christopher Shea (Star Trek: DS9)
Bree Turner (Grimm)
Isabella Hofmann (Legends of Tomorrow)
Jimmi Simpson (Westworld)
Douglas Smith (Big Little Lies)
Daisy McCrackin (Halloween 8)
Aimee Teegarden (Rings)
Cory Hardrict (Warm Bodies)
Barbara Eve Harris (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Aldis Hodge (Hidden Figures)
Vincent Ventresca (Dollhouse)
Josh Hopkins (G.I. Jane)
Lacey Beeman (Dexter)
Tim DeZarn (Cabin In The Woods)
Summer Glau (Firefly)
James DuMont (Jurassic World)
Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)
Barbara Tarbuck (Walking Tall)
Laura Regan (Mad Men)
Kathleen Gati (Arrow)
Silas Weir Mitchell (My Name Is Earl)
Christina Cox (The Chronicles of Riddick)
Fredric Lehne (Lost)
Jeffrey Nordling (I’m Dying Up Here)
Kaitlin Doubleday (Waiting…)
Blake Shields (Heroes)
Robert LaSardo (Nip/Tuck)
Chelsea Field (Masters of The Universe)
Marc McClure (Superman)
Ray Campbell (Breaking Bad)
Geoffrey Lewis (Deep Impact)
Leslie Silva (Odyssey 5)
Ryan Francis (Hook)
Garrett M. Brown (Roswell)
Molly Cheek (American Pie)
Autumn Reeser (Sully)
Amanda Wyss (Highlander: The Series)
Robin Riker (General Hospital)
Nichole Hiltz (Bones)
Marisol Nichols (Riverdale)
Karen Austin (Bitch Slap)
Amber Benson (Buffy: TVS)
Maggie Grace (Taken)
Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica)
Mehcad Brooks (Supergirl)
Cameron Dye (Smallville)
Lee Garlington (Cobra)
Laura Allen (The 4400)
Michael Paré (Gone)
T.J. Thyne (Bones)
W. Earl Brown (Bates Motel)
Tracy Middendorf (Scream: The Series)
Michael Nouri (The Proposal)
Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars)
Noel Fisher (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
John Mahon (Armageddon)
Sam Witwer (Supergirl)
Indigo (Weeds)
Aloma Wright (Scrubs)
Shirley Knight (As Good As It Gets)
Ian Bohen (Young Hercules)
Joseph Campanella (Mannix)
Jenna Fischer (Slither)
Rance Howard (Far and Away)
Chad Morgan (The Purge: Anarchy)
Stacey Scowley (Date Night)
Nicholas D’Agosto (Gotham)
Roxanne Hart (Highlander)
Chad Lindberg (The Fast and The Furious)
Bruce A. Young (Jurassic Park 3)
Joel McKinnon Miller (Big Love)
Nicholas Guest (Trading Places)
Frederick Koehler (Death Race)
Emma Bates (South Dakota)
Daveigh Chase (S.Darko)
Virginia Williams (Fuller House)
Chad Donella (Final Destination)
Nicki Aycox (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Josh Randall (Ed)
Patrick J. Adams (Legends of Tomorrow)
Bob Papenbrook (Power Rangers Zeo)
Orson Bean (Two and a Half men)
John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Phil LaMarr (Futurama)
Johnny Whitworth (Limitless)
Paul Gleason (Van Wilder)
Robert Baker (The Originals)
Danielle Harris (Halloween 4)
Jordana Spiro (Ozark)
Michael O’Neill (Transformers)
James MacDonald (Roadkill)
Amy Sloan (Timeline)
Scout Taylor-Compton (Return to Sender)
Brigid Brannagh (runaways)
Brent Sexton (God Friended Me)
Audrey Wasilewski (Red)
Michael Shamus Wiles (Breaking Bad)
Andrea Savage (Izombie)
Meredith Salenger (Village of The Damned)
Clare Carey (Maid to Order)
Michael B. Silver (Jason Goes To Hell)
Dee Wallace (E.T.)
Jay Acovone (Stargate SG.1)
Daniel Roebuck (Lost)
Bradley Stryker (Smallville)
Barry Bostwick (Spy Hard)
Claire Coffee (Grimm)
William Morgan Sheppard (Transformers)
Piper Laurie (Carrie)
Tom Bower (Die Hard 2)
Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok)
Susan Chuang (Miss Congeniality 2)
Karina Logue (Bates Motel)
Brooke Anne Smith (Too Close To Home)
Sarah Brown (VR Troopers)
Kristin Richardson (Rock Star)
Cheryl White (Major Crimes)
Lindsay Hollister (Get Smart)
Pat Skipper (Halloween)
Nick Wechsler (Roswell)
Mimi Kennedy (Mom)
Hillary Tuck (Life as a House)
Christina Hendricks (Bad Santa 2)
Diane Ladd (Joy)
Natasha Gregson Wagner (Urban Legend)
April Grace (A.I.)
Edwin Hodge (The Purge)
Jon Huertas (Sabrina: TTW)
Phillip Jeanmarie (Power Rangers Wild Force)
Michael Grant Terry (Bones)
Dabier (Black Lightning)
Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Streets of Fire)
Lori Lively (Free Enterprise)
Robin Weigert (Deadwood)
James Handy (Alias)
Christopher Cousins (Breaking Bad)
Michael Mantell (Angel)
Michael Welch (All The Boys Love Mandy Lane)
Skyler Gisondo (Santa Clarita Diet)
William R. Moses (JAG)
Meredith Monroe (Minority Report)
Megan Follows (Reign)
Zachery Ty Bryan (Home Improvement)
Christine Elise (Cult of Chucky)
Laura Johnson (Four Christmases)
Alona Tal (Cult)
Meagen Fay (The Big Bang Theory)
Shannon Woodward (Westworld)
Priscilla Pointer (Carrie)
Tina Holmes (Shelter)
Veronica Cartwright (Alien)
Jeremy Davidson (Roswell)
Brennan Elliott (Cedar Cove)
Benjamín Benítez (Tru Calling)
Zeljko Ivanek (Heroes)
Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead)
Bre Blair (Narcos)
George Coe (The Stepford Wives)
Thomas F. Wilson (Legendsd of Tomorrow)
Laura Bell Bundy (Anger Management)
Eric Lange (Lost)
John Rubinstein (Angel)
Meredith Baxter (Family Ties)
Dean Norris (Breaking Bad)
K Callan (Lois & Clark)
Peter Graves (Airplane)
Michelle Harrison (The Flash)
Stacy Haiduk (Superboy)
Tonya Pinkins (Gotham)
Dale Dickey (Iron Man 3)
Sam Anderson (Lost)
Steven Grayhm (White Chicks)
Mageina Tovah (Spider-Man 2)
Susan Walters (The Vampire Diaries)
Kenny Johnson (Bates Motel)
Jeanette Brox (Still Life)
Kyle Gallner (Veronica Mars)
Will Rothhaar (Grimm)
Michael Trevino (Roswell, New Mexico)
Nestor Carbonell (Ringer)
Lesley Fera (24)
Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood)
Brian Gross (2 Broke Girls)
L. Scott Caldwell (Lost)
Jack McGee (Gangster Squad)
Neil Jackson (Push)
Enuka Okuma (Impulse)
Ryan Cutrona (Sliver)
Brian Bloom (The A-Team)
Mark Famiglietti (Terminator 3)
Jake Abel (The Host)
Greg Cipes (Teen Titans)
Julie Adams (Crooked River)
Rutanya Alda (The Dark Half)
Eric Jungmann (Not Another Teen Movie)
Robert F. Lyons (Roswell)
George Newbern (Justice Leage Vs The Fatal Five)
Robert Pine (Red Eye)
Matthew Glave (Stargate SG.1)
Annie Wersching (Runaways)
John Aylward (Alias)
David Henrie (How I Met Your Mother)
Bobby Hosea (Xena)
Bruno Campos (Nip/Tuck)
Mary-Pat Green (Mom)
Brian Hallisay (Hostel – Part III)
Shane Johnson (Power)
Charles Mesure (V)
Conor O’Farrell (Lie To Me)
Sonja Sohn (Shaft)
Dorie Barton (Down With Love)
Polly Shannon (Lie With Me)
Jake McDorman (Limitless TV)
Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager)
Ernie Hudson (Ghostbustes)
Lucinda Jenney (Rain Man)
Sam McMurray (Raising Arizona)
Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica)
Kelly Overton (Van Hesling)
Sam Trammell (The Order)
Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5)
Sterling Beaumon (Lost)
Obba Babatundé (How High)
John Diehl (Stargate)
Greg Finley (Izombie)
Vanessa Williams (Candyman)
Don Swayze (Passenger)
Paula Malcomson (Caprica)
Holmes Osborne (Donnie Darko)
Faran Tahir (Iron Man)
Darcy Rose Byrnes (Desperate Housewives)
Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)
Tom McCleister (Twins)
Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files)
Sean Whalen (Superstore)
Whitney Able (Monsters)
AnnaLynne McCord (Excision)
Drew Powell (Gotham)
Charlyne Yi (This Is 40)
Erin Cahill (Power Rangers Time Force)
Ellen Albertini Dow (Wedding Crashers)
Carolyn McCormick (Enemy Mine)
Michael Massee (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Brad William Henke (Lost)
Helena Mattsson (Seven Psychopaths)
Vyto Ruginis (Moneyball)
Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl)
Anthony Starke (Nowhere To Run)
Lynda Boyd (Sanctuary)
Justina Machado (Final Destination 2)
Cynthia Ettinger (Frailty)
Terry Rhoads (Hitchcock)
Kirk Acevedo (Arrow)
Jack Conley (Angel)
Melissa Leo (The Fighter)
Mark Rolston (Aliens)
Raphael Sbarge (Risky Business)
Randall Park (Aquaman)
Robyn Lively (Teen Witch)
Shailene Woodley (Divergent)
Danielle Bisutti (Curse of Chucky)
Monet Mazur (Torque)
Justin Bruening (Ringer)
Daphne Ashbrook (The O.C.)
Rodney Rowland (Legacies)
Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther)
Jonathan Scarfe (Van Helsing)
Lawrence Pressman (Dark Angel)
Ralph Waite (Bones)
Aisha Hinds (Cult)
Wings Hauser (The Insider)
Jonathan Keltz (Reign)
Justin Hartley (Smallville)
Diane Delano (Jeepers Creepers 2)
Nikki Deloach (Longshot)
Michele Greene (LA Law)
Deirdre Lovejoy (Bones)
Ian Anthony Dale (The Event)
Patti Yasutake (Star Trek: Generations)
Kim Coates (Goon)
Ryan Kelley (Teen Wolf)
Timothy Omundson (Xena)
Jeffrey Combs (Gotham)
Johnny Lewis (Sons of Anarchy)
Brianne Davis (Six)
Lilli Birdsell (Doom Patrol)
Kevin Cooney (Roswell)
Kathleen Munroe (Patriot)
John Pyper-Ferguson (Caprica)
Joe Nieves (How I Met Your Mother)
Gigi Rice (CSI)
Maury Sterling (Coherence)
Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries)
Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man)
June Squibb (The Big Bang Theory)
Brea Grant (Heroes)
Nicholle Tom (Superman:TAS)
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M.C. Gainey (Lost)
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Justice Leak (Supergirl)
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Adetokumboh M’Cormack (Lost)
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Kim Director (Blair Witch 2)
Ajay Mehta (Anger Management)
Joel Murray (Two and a Half Men)
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Patrick Fischler (Happy!)
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Keith Szarabajka (The Dark Knight)
Christine Woods (Flashforward)
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Lauren Cohan (Chuck)
Roddy Piper (The Live)
Glenn Morshower (Transformers)
Patrick Gallagher (Glee)
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Thomas Ian Girffiths (XXX)
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James Black (Anger Management)
Keone Young (Crank)
Jonathan Banks (The Lizzie Borden Chronciles)
Ryan Wynott (The Cape)
Susanna Thompson (Arrow)
Dawn Olivieri (The Vampire Diaries)
Steven Williams (The X-Files)
Loretta Devine (Crash)
Nelson Lee (Blade: The Series)
Chandra West (White Noise)
Justina Vail (Highlander: The Series)
John D’Aquino (Seaquest)

51751707I’m glad I got the opportunity to catch this show. It’s no doubt one of the best shows on TV, between 2003-2010. it was a very well written show. The episodes always has their twist even though the cases, at first sight, might seem pretty much alike. This show captures the individuality of each crime, the persons involved and the surroundings in a very good way.cold caseThe fact that the crimes have been committed years ago and that everything involved has changed over the time, gives this show something different then every other cop show. It also captures the humanity of both the victims the suspects and the investigators. There are a lot of feeling in it and it often gets rather touching. Some episodes might contain elements from the characters personal life. It just gives the characters a life beyond the job and this is good as it never takes over the episode or is used to cover a bad plot. The show involves several investigators and you get to know them as well. They got lives and personalities too, yet they don’t steal the show from Rush, witch in the end is the star of the show.
cold_cast_mainThe cast is great. Kathryn Morris does a great job portraying Rush. The cinematography and lightning of this show is just beautiful. It all looks great. Both scenes from past and present. They have given the show a unique look. A kind of white or blue, cold look. They also manage to capture the unique eras in witch the crime was committed. You know just by looking witch decade we’re in. It’s the colors, the way they shoot, the quality and the overall look that make this. The art director, production designer, costume etc. deserves credit for this too. Making the sets and such fit the era.cc4cc1221The original music of this show it catching and good. In addition there is a lot of none original music from the year the crimes are committed. This really gives the right feel and easy gives you the idea of witch year we’re in. The only downside to the use of music of the era means that copyright laws prohibit them being used on DVD and this is why the show has yet come to disc.



Joseph Fiennes (Hercules)
John Cho (Sleepy Hollow)
Courtney B. Vance (Final Destination 5)
Sonya Walger (Lost)
Christine Woods (The Walking Dead)
Jack Davenport (Pirates of The Caribbean)
Zachary Knighton (Cherry Falls)
Peyton List (The Flash)
Dominic Monaghan (Lost)
Brían F. O’Byrne (Million Dollar Baby)



Ryan Wynott (The Cape)
Lennon Wynn (Jennifers Body)
Barry Shabaka Henley (Heroes)
Genevieve Cortese (Supernatural)
Michael Ealy (Almost Human)
Gabrielle Union (10 Things I Hate About You)
Michael Masse (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Lee Thompson Young (Smallville)
Neil Jackson (Blade: The Series)
Rachel Roberts (Simone)
Yūko Takeuchi (Ring)
James Callis (Battlestar Galacitca)
Shohreh Aghdashloo (The Exorcism of Emily Rose)
Gil Bellows (Sanctuary)
Mark Famiglietti (Terminator 3)
Annabeth Gish (Mystic Pizza)
Alex Kingston (Arrow)
Ricky Jay (Lie To Me)
Loren Lester (Batman: TAS)
Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Arrow)
Alan Ruck (Speed)
Kim Dickens (Lost)
Gina Torres (Firefly)
Keir O’ Donnell (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)
Navi Rawat (Thoughtcrimes)
Lindsay Crouse (Buffy)
Carmen Argenziano (Stargate SG.1)
Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy)
Lee Garlington (A Lot Like Love)
Callum Rennie (Legends of Tomorrow)
Peter Coyote (Sphere)
Jake Johnson (New Girl)
Thomas Kretschmann (Dracula)
Adam Tsekhman (Legends of Tomorrow)
Michael O’Neill (Transformers)
Patti Yasutake (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Jessica Tuck (True Blood)
John Prosky (Bowfinger)
Anthony Azizi (Priest)
James Frain (Star Trek: Discovery)
Ivar Brogger (Andromeda)
Paula Newsome (Guess Who)
James Cosmo (Game of Thrones)
Rodney Rowland (Legacies)
James Remar (Black Lightning)
Yûko Takeuchi (Midnight Eagle)
Ravi Kapoor (Flight)

In the summer of 2009 ABC realized that their ratting juggernaut, Lost, was coming to an end. When it started, Lost was the first real hit they’d had in half a decade and the network wanted to replace it with another show that would keep viewers coming back week after week for years. Their answer: Flashforward. Reportedly planned to last five seasons, the show starts out with a deep mystery that gets more complex and intricate as the show progresses. Unfortunately the show wasn’t renewed for a second season.

On October 6th, 2009 at precisely 11:00:00 PST on the dot, without warning, every person in the world blacked. This caused mayhem as planes fell out of the sky, cars plowed into crowds, and helicopters crashed into skyscrapers. Two minutes and seventeen seconds later everyone woke up, having all experienced the same thing: they saw what they would be doing on April 29, 2010, six month in the future.

People started calling this event a flashforward and it naturally affected people in different ways. To many the glimpse of what was to come was life altering, both good and bad. One man sees his daughter, who he thought was killed in Afghanistan, alive but wounded. A happily married woman sees a strange man in her bed. An alcoholic sees himself drinking. A few people don’t see anything. Does that mean that they’ll be dead in half a year?An FBI agent, Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), sees himself investigating who or what triggered the flashforward as armed gunmen break into the LA branch of the FBI with the purpose of killing him. Armed with what he can remember from the bulletin board covered with leads, Benford and his partner, Demetri Noh (John Cho), head up the investigation of the event. They start a web site, Mosaic, where people can publically post what they saw in their future and use the data to come up with a picture of what the world will look like in 6 months. They also discover some very interesting things that are hard to explain. Like the fact that not everyone was knocked out. Examining camera footage from a baseball stadium they discover images of a person calmly walking through the thousands of unconscious people towards an exit. He  is labeled ‘Suspect Zero’ and finding this person is the agency’s top priority. Second only to the person he was talking to on his cell phone.

When it originally aired, the program ran ten episodes and then took a three-and-a-half month break, then came back for another 12 installments. The show really hits its stride in that later half .  it was cancelled at the end of the first season. The show was conceived to run for 5 years and when this set ends, there are still a lot of plot lines that are unresolved. That’s going to be really disappointing to a lot of people who get hooked on this show