Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass 1 & 2)
Julianne Moore (Hannibal)
Gabriella Wilde (Endless Love)
Portia Doubleday (Youth In Revolt)
Judy Greer (Ant-Man)
Zoe Belkin (Perfect Sisters)
Samantha Weinstein (Haunter)
Karissa Strain (Amelia)
Katie Strain (Reign)
Ansel Elgort (Divergent)
Barry Shabaka Henley (Heroes)
Cynthia Preston (Andromeda)
Hart Bochner (Supergirl)

Alone in her home, Margaret White (Julianne Moore), a religious fanatic, gives birth to a baby girl. She at first intends to kill the infant, believing it to be born of sin, but changes her mind and raises the child in a strict environment. As a teenager, her daughter Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz), is a shy and isolated student at Ewen High School in the town of Chamberlain, Maine.
While showering after gym class at school, Carrie abnormally experiences her first menstrual period. She naively thinks she is bleeding to death. A sadistic group of teenage girls humiliate her by throwing tampons and pads on her. The ringleader, Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) records the events on her smartphone and uploads the video onto YouTube. Gym teacher Ms. Desjardin (Judy Greer) comforts Carrie and sends her home with Margaret, who believes menstruation is a sin. Carrie refuses to stop showering with the other girls, prompting an enraged Margaret to hit her with a Bible and lock her in her “prayer closet”. As Carrie screams to be let out, a crack appears on the door and the crucifix in the closet begins to bleed.

The next day, Ms. Desjardin informs the girls who teased Carrie that they will endure boot-camp style detention for their behavior. When Chris refuses, she is suspended from school and banned from the prom. She storms out, vowing revenge. Meanwhile, Carrie learns that she has telekinesis. She researches her abilities and learns to harness them, without Margaret’s knowledge. One of the girls who led Carrie’s locker-room humiliation, Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde), feels guilty and attempts to make amends with Carrie by asking her boyfriend, Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort), to take Carrie to the prom. Carrie initially refuses, thinking it is just a trick. She confides in Ms. Desjardin, who warns Tommy and Sue about tricking Carrie. Eventually, she hesitantly accepts Tommy’s invitation. When she tells her mother, Margaret forbids Carrie to attend. Asking her mother to relent, Carrie manifests her telekinesis. Margaret believes this power comes from the devil, but Carrie explains her advanced telekinesis and how she isn’t the only one, and that it was passed down from her grandmother, but skipped Margaret and maybe Carrie’s father had the same ability. Carrie tells her she is going to the prom, with or without her blessing. She begins preparing for her senior prom, sewing her own dress and buying makeup.

That night, Chris, her boyfriend Billy Nolan (Alex Russell), and his friends plan revenge on Carrie. They go to a local farm and kill a pig so that they could collect its blood into a bucket. They sneak into the school gym and attach the bucket with a rope and place it on the rafters. Margaret tries to prevent Carrie from going to the prom, believing they will all laugh at her, but Carrie uses her powers to lock her mother in the closet. At the prom, Carrie is nervous and shy, but Tommy kindly puts her at ease. As part of Chris and Billy’s plan, Chris’s friend, Tina Blake (Zoë Belkin), slips fake ballots into the voting box, which name Carrie and Tommy as Queen and King of the prom. At home, Sue receives a text from Chris taunting her about her revenge on Carrie. Sue drives to the prom, arriving just as Carrie and Tommy are about to be crowned. Sue sees the bucket dangling above Carrie but, before she can warn anyone, Ms. Desjardin hustles her out, suspecting that Sue is planning to humiliate Carrie.
Chris pulls the rope, causing the bucket to tip over and spill the pig’s blood onto Carrie, leaving the entire crowd in shock and Tommy angry. Tina plays the humiliating video of the gym shower incident on the projection screen, causing most of the crowd to laugh. Suddenly, the emptied bucket falls off the rafters and hits Tommy in the head, killing him instantly, to shock of Carrie and everyone else, as Chris and Billy leave the commotion. Carrie sobs over his dead body and, in a fit of rage, sends a shock wave of her powers onto the crowd, which kills Heather (Samantha Weinstein), one of the girls who bullied Carrie. Locking the doors and setting the gym on fire, Carrie uses her powers to kill everyone who wronged her, including Chris’ friends. She turns on the sprinklers and pushes Nicki and Lizzy Watson (Karissa and Katie Strain) to the floor, who are trampled to death by a stampede. Carrie then targets Tina by attacking her with electric wires before she stumbles into a fire, setting herself in flames and killing her, while Ms. Desjardin and George (Demetrius Joyette), Tommy’s friend, look on in horror. Carrie levitates Ms. Desjardin and pushes her to safety, before sending the wires to the floor, electrocuting almost everyone in the room. Carrie levitates over the carnage and leaves the burning school. Ms. Desjardin, along with George and other students, escape the fire.

When Chris and Billy attempt to flee in Billy’s car, Carrie causes the road in front of them to cave in, forcing them to turn around. Seeing Carrie before them, Chris urges Billy to run Carrie over, but Carrie smashes his grill, causing Billy to smash his face on the wheel, killing him. As Chris attempts to flee, Carrie locks the door. Chris moves into the front seat and tries to start the car, but Carrie levitates it into mid air. Chris stubbornly continues to try and run Carrie over, but Carrie drops the car and sends it crashing into a gasoline pump, smashing Chris’ face through the windshield. Carrie walks over to witness Chris suffer, before she finally dies. As Carrie walks away from the scene, the car finally explodes with Chris and Billy’s corpses still in it.Meanwhile, the few survivors of the prom come out of the school, while Ms. Desjardin silently tells Sue her boyfriend is dead. Carrie arrives home and she and Margaret embrace. Margaret tells Carrie about the night of Carrie’s conception: after having shared a bed with Carrie’s father for some time, they felt temptation one night, and after praying for strength, Carrie’s father “took” Margaret, who found that she enjoyed the experience. Whilst praying, Margaret grabs a knife and suddenly stabs Carrie in the back. Carrie uses her powers to separate them, sending Carrie tumbling downstairs. Margaret continues to attack her to “kill the demon inside of her” After Margaret slashes her several more times, Carrie uses her telekinetic powers to stop the knife and levitates a large number of kitchen utensils, impaling Margaret repeatedly, and pinning her against a wall. Overcome with guilt and remorse, Carrie becomes hysterical and summons stones to fall from the sky and crash into her house. When Sue arrives, a furious Carrie attacks her with her powers, while Sue tries to apologizes. She notices that Sue is pregnant, and tells her that her baby is a girl. Carrie pushes a stunned Sue out of the house to safety as the house collapses from the raining stones, killing Carrie in the process.

At the White Commission, Sue testifies on Carrie’s behalf and gives her opinion regarding the prom incident. She visits Carrie’s grave and places a single white rose by the headstone which is vandalized with the words “CARRIE WHITE BURNS IN HELL”. As she leaves, the gravestone’s surface begins to crack, and Carrie’s scream is heard.MV5BMjA0MDIyNDM5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTUwOTIxMDE@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1503,1000_AL_The special effects have been beefed up in the 2013 remake and they work well, plus some scenes have been ‘fleshed-out’ to give them a more modern spin, but, apart from that, there’s nothing new brought to the table. If you haven’t seen the original and don’t want to watch a horror film where people sport big seventies haircuts then go straight to the new version. Plus fans of Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz should get more out of it than most.



Angela Bettis (May)
Patricia Clarkson (Lars and the Real Girl)
Rena Sofer (Traffic)
Kandyse McClure (Sanctuary)
Emilie de Ravin (Lost)
Tobias Mehler (Disturbing Behavior)
Meghan Black (Elf)
Jesse Cadotte (Elektra)
Chelan Simmons (Final Destination 3)
Katherine Isabelle (Hannibal)
David Keith (Daredevil)
Jodelle Ferland (The Cabin In The Woods)
Erin Karpluk (Dark Angel)
Michael Kopsa (Fantastic Four)
Steve Byers (Immortals)
Bill Dow (Stargate: Atlantis)

MV5BMTc0MzY1ODc2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTkxMzY2._V1_Several people are being interviewed in a police station, including a high school student, Sue Snell (Kandyse McClure) and gym teacher Miss Desjarden (Rena Sofer). Detective John Mulcahey (David Keith) is investigating the disappearance of high school student Carrie White (Angela Bettis). These interviews are interspersed with flashbacks to previous events. The film then features a flashback to two weeks before the prom at Ewen High School. Carrie is a shy and withdrawn girl tormented by the popular girls; Christine “Chris” Hargensen (Emilie De Ravin) and Tina Blake (Katharine Isabelle) are especially vicious. After gym class, Carrie has her first period in the shower, and she panics. The other girls swarm the shower and taunt her. Hearing the commotion, Ms. Desjarden comes into the shower, and comforts Carrie as a light bulb shatters above them. Later, Principal Morton (Laurie Murdoch) decides to send Carrie home, but calls Carrie the wrong name. Carrie corrects him repeatedly, finally yelling as his desk suddenly moves several inches. As Carrie gathers her belongings to leave, she is the victim of a practical joke at her locker. On her way home, Carrie is accosted by a boy on a bicycle, whose joke goes wrong when he seemingly flies off his bike and crashes into a tree. When she reaches home, Carrie has a flashback to her own childhood before entering the house. Carrie’s fanatically religious mother, Margaret White (Patricia Clarkson), who considers menstruation a sign of sexual sin, locks Carrie in her “prayer closet” as punishment. The next day, Ms. Desjarden gives the girls a week’s detention for their bullying. If they skip the detention, they face suspension and refusal of their prom tickets. Chris storms out in protest. After Chris’ father John Hargensen, a lawyer, unsuccessfully attempts to get her prom ban rescinded, Chris enlists her boyfriend Billy Nolan to get revenge on Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie discovers she has telekinesis, the ability to move or control objects with her mind. Carrie has a telekinetic episode in class and, when she goes home, practices her rediscovered talent. Sue, trying to atone for tormenting Carrie, asks her boyfriend, Tommy Ross (Tobias Mehler), to take Carrie to the prom. After some hesitation, Carrie agrees. When Carrie tells her mother about the prom invitation, Margaret forbids her to go; Carrie uses her powers to finally confront her mother, and Margaret seemingly gives in.

As prom night approaches, Chris and Billy prepare their revenge on Carrie when they find out that Carrie is on the Prom Queen ballot. On the day of the prom, Tina switches the ballots, and Carrie and Tommy are declared the Prom King and Queen winners. As Tommy and Carrie take their place onstage, Chris, who has been hiding with Billy in the rafters, pulls a rope to tip a bucket, sending a wave of blood onto Carrie. Chris and Billy run; when Chris releases the rope, the bucket falls on Tommy’s head, killing him. Carrie goes into a shock-induced trance and telekinetic mayhem ensues. She locks everyone inside the gym and sets fire to it. She kills Tina by crushing her, and then electrocutes most of the remaining students, including Roy and Helen, killing everyone except for a few students, including Norma, who escape through a vent with Ms. Desjarden. Carrie then leaves the burning gym, unleashing a wave of destruction in town. Chris and Billy see her walking in the road. Billy tries to run her down but Carrie tosses their truck into a pole, thus killing them.

When Carrie arrives home, she gets into a bathtub, where she finally snaps back to herself but cannot remember what happened. Margaret comes into the bathroom and drowns Carrie in the tub. With her last ounce of strength Carrie stops her mother’s heart. Sue finds Carrie near death and manages to revive Carrie with artificial respiration. At Sue’s suggestion, Carrie fakes her death and Sue sneaks Carrie out of town to Florida. As the two drive off, Carrie has a nightmarish vision of her mother. When Carrie wakes, she looks at Sue and hallucinates Chris lunging at her. Noticing this, Sue asks her if she wants to stop for a moment. Carrie sighs and Sue keeps driving.

Its a little too long in places, and it could have easily been trimmed to the 100 minute mark, but its watchable, and Bettis is wonderful.



Emily Bergl (Blue Jasmine)
Jason London (Untold)
Dylan Bruno (The One)
Amy Irving (Alias)
J. Smith-Cameron (Man on a Ledge)
Zachary Ty Bryan (Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)
John Doe (Roswell)
Rachel Blanchard (Snakes on A Plane)
Charlotte Ayanna (Training Day)
Justin Ulrich (How High)
Mena Suvari (The Losers)
Eli Craig (Zombieland TV)
Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Dad)

Barbara Lang paints a barrier around her living room to protect her telekinetic daughter, Rachel, from the devil. Barbara is soon institutionalized for schizophrenia. Years later Rachel, living with foster parents, talks with her best friend Lisa, who has lost her virginity to Eric, a football player. The football players have a game where they sleep with girls and receive points, revealing Eric never cared for Lisa. After Eric rejects her, Lisa commits suicide.

Rachel discovers a photo of Lisa and Eric. She tells school counselor Sue Snell and Sheriff Kelton that Lisa and Eric slept together. Kelton looks into charging Eric with statutory rape. Walter, Rachel’s dog, is struck by a car, but Rachel flags down Jesse as he drives past. After taking Walter to an animal hospital, they get coffee. Learning that Rachel gave Kelton the photograph, Eric, Mark, and several other football players attempt to intimidate her into not talking. They become victims of her powers and flee when her foster parents arrive. Sue meets with Rachel. When Sue asks about moving objects with her mind, Rachel screams, and a snow globe on Sue’s desk shatters; Sue realizes Rachel is telekinetic. Sue brings Rachel to the original high school where the disaster took place years before and tells Rachel that Barbara revealed to her that Rachel and Carrie White had the same father; to protect her, she did not tell Rachel. Rachel does not believe her. Jesse pursues Rachel, angering popular cheerleader Tracy. Jesse convinces Rachel he was unaware of her attack, and Rachel agrees to date him.disenchantment-part-2-netflixThe Senior D.A covers up the statutory rape because of the political influence of the families of the players. Encouraged, Mark plots to humiliate Rachel for what she did to Eric. He apologizes to Jesse and offers his parents’ cabin so Jesse can spend the night with Rachel. The two share a romantic evening, and Rachel loses her virginity, both unaware that a hidden video camera is filming them. After a football game, one of the players, Brad, and his girlfriend Monica invite Rachel to a party at Mark’s. She leaves with Monica, while Jesse is sidetracked by Tracy, who attempts to seduce him. Rachel is with Jesse’s friends when the football players reveal their sex game and claim that Rachel was added to Jesse’s list, making Rachel believe Jesse never cared for her. They also play the videotape and abuse her. As it triggers Rachel’s telekinesis, she closes the doors and kills most of the party-goers. Sue takes Barbara from the mental hospital and goes to Mark’s house. As Sue peers in the door, Rachel kills both Sue and Brad.

Rachel later kills Monica and Eric. While distracted by her mother’s voice, Marks shoots Rachel with a flare gun as she falls into a pool, causing a sensor to extend the cover. Rachel pulls Mark into the pool, and, with the cover fully extended, uses his spear gun to free herself while he drowns. When Barbara sees Rachel’s current state, she believes Rachel is possessed and flees. Rachel prays for help to die.

Jesse and Tracy find the house in flames and their friends dead. When Rachel sees Tracy, she kills her. The videotape of Rachel and Jesse is still playing; when he sees it Jesse tells her he did not know they were taped. Rachel calls him a liar as a notebook hits him, opening to the score page. Jesse says he loves her, but she does not believe him until she hears him say it on the videotape, realizing he told the truth. When the ceiling collapses over Jesse’s head, Rachel pushes him out of the way and is pinned. She tells him she loves him, and they kiss. Rachel pushes him out of the house before allowing herself to be consumed by the flames.
A year later, Jesse is at King’s University, sharing his room with Rachel’s dog, Walter, which he kept as a memory of Rachel. He is haunted by what has happened.MV5BMTUwNjI3OTY4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzQ1MzU1MzI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1484,1000_AL_This is a very underrated horror sequel I feel, its actually very good movie with a good story that’s similar to the original but with a few more added twists, the character in the movie is related to the original Carrie in a way which links it up with the original movie, the young cast is pretty good and its fun to watch unfold up to the bloody finale which this time is at a party, the budget is pretty decent too with some cool kills at the end as she unleashes her powers, some good gore scenes in places, overall its worth picking up if your a fan of the series, most of the movie has a cool rock soundtrack too, there are certainly worse sequels out here.