George Russo (London Heist)
Sam Strike (Nightflyers)
Josh Myers (The Fall of The Krays)
Kirk Norcross (The Only Way Is Essex)
Casey Batchelor (Sharknado 5)
Terry Stone (Shank)
Dani Dyer (Vendetta)

Bonded by Blood 2 (2017)In the aftermath of the infamous ‘Essex Boys’ Range Rover killings, a group of younger, flashier criminals emerge to fill the power vacuum.Josh Myers in Bonded by Blood 2 (2017)It’s mostly a gangster movie filled with people with bad temper. There aren’t much substances in it. When there was a sudden opportunity to become the most furious gang, everyone tried to prove that they are the toughest and merciless gang of all. 
The story was okay but the acting was quite mediocre. Some of the actors and actresses hardly knew how to do a convincing acting. Some of these actors and actresses had important role in the movie. But because of their poor performance the scenes were not that effective which affected the overall movie experience.



Tamer Hassan (Freerunner)
Robert Fucilla (Pimp)
Vincent Regan (Vendetta)
Terry Stone (Doghouse)
Adam Deacon (Adulthood)
Neil Maskell(High-Rie)
Dave Legeno (Last Knights)
Lucy Brown (Primeval)
Kierston Wareing (The Double)

Vincent Regan in Bonded by Blood (2010)I’m not too sure what to make of this movie to be honest. Let me just start by saying, I have a bias for low budget and Independent movie making. I want to see them do well as I enjoy a fresh perspective from the usual Hollywood viewpoint. Unlike some other reviewers of this title, i’m not all too concerned about how accurately the picture may or may not have represented true events. In fact, I really couldn’t care less if a script takes massive liberties so long as it delivers a movie that is enjoyable to watch. So what I review here is purely a movie based on its aesthetic qualities and craft.Tamer Hassan in Bonded by Blood (2010)For all its weaknesses, this movie did deliver one or two good points which would make me say it is worth looking up if you enjoy your Brit gangster. Firstly, some of the villains were very well depicted, particularly the brutish characters played by Tamer Hassan and Terry Stone. Secondly, although the movie has a weak start and a poor ending, it really managed to draw me in mid-movie. The build up between the two factions as they prep to go at each other was very engaging and really manages to heighten tension. I enjoyed the fact that the movie centred around just one killing incident. Rather then trivialising gangster life with multiple murders, it highlights what one ‘hit’ can equate to.Bonded by Blood (2010)Where the movie fails for me, is with the character Darren Nicholls (Adam Deacon). I don’t get why they found it necessary to have such a weak character narrate events. I actually felt I could empathise stronger with some of the more brutal characters who were at least honest about who they were, rather then this shaky character who really seems to do nothing but complain for the entire movie. Nor did I get the point of using flash back to drive the movie. I didn’t think it added anything to plot or structure other then it seems to me the director was trying to emanate a ‘Goodfellas’ vibe.A weak script in parts really lets the movie down also, which is a shame because the movie did hold promise. There seemed to be a feeling that characters needed to be portrayed in extremely soft regard when the audience was expected to hold sway with them. Again, this is why I ended up resenting the Nicholls character rather then feeling the intended empathy. It’s also seen with the character Mickey Steele (Vincent Regan) where he is played as a compassionate man who takes in the lover and not really a drug dealer as he is just the ‘delivery man’. In the first half he is overtly portrayed as the ‘honest decent criminal’. Then, his character suddenly flips from being ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ into ‘Mr. Hard Ass’. I can perhaps understand the intent -the deepening into criminal life forces itself upon his personality- but the execution of which was by no means subtle. A more honest portrayal from the beginning -showing aspects of the good and the bad throughout- of each character’s traits, would have engaged the audience better and created whole rounded characters. There were also some really hammy lines thrown into the love scene on the pier and else where throughout the movie.Bonded by Blood (2010)But taking the good with the bad, this movie does still throw up some great scenes. It fails by patronising the audience by forcing empathy instead of allowing the audience make up their own minds, but really engages them with some terrific build up. It manages to capture beautifully the exhilaration of criminal life, because as high and as quick as the criminal may rise, their moment at the top may well just be as brief.