Michael Bell (Transformers)
Arthur Burghardt (Conan The Adventurer)
Christopher Collins (The Simpsons)
Pat Fraley (I Am Legend)
Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs)
Neil Ross (An American Tail)
Frank Welker (Transformers)

1618625b-2b9d-42d0-97c1-1736ab5f8c94We begin with some Joes bringing a bunch of toys collected for orphans back to their headquarters. I found this way too confusing at first because I’m dumb. It’s like they picked up the Toys for Tots donation box so they could distribute it later. Anyway, a COBRA plane attacks which is meant to be a distraction so that Firefly can sneak some items into the donation box. Note that this plan involves a jet and a fake rock outcropping with a secret door, and it hinges on the Joes hiding near that secret door. And yet, presumably their donation box was in a public place so, you know, people could donate. Firefly could have just dropped it off on his way home.Dt03tNbXgAEzSzhThere’s a big Christmas dinner at Joe headquarters, though most of the team members are on holiday leave. In what I think is a nice touch, most of the Joes featured on this episode weren’t major characters. I could be misremembering, but I don’t feel like Blowtorch and Tripwire got a lot of screen time ordinarily. Anyway, while they’re eating their turkey, the COBRA army, shrunk to a tiny size, busts out of the rocking horse Firefly left behind and shut down the security grid so Firefly can break in to headquarters and use the enlarging ray on them. So, maybe they could have just shrunk one guy and had him shut off the defenses and then have the whole army come in. This plan has so many extra steps. COBRA quickly overpowers the Joes and hangs them in a meat locker. Cobra Commander decides it would be funny to leave the handcuff key, with a bow around it, hanging just out of reach. Obviously one of them gets free and unlocks the cuffs.he-man-and-she-ra-christmas-special-kids-snout-spout-christmas-tree-star1While this is happening, Cobra Commander prepares an attack on a nearby city using G.I. Joe vehicles thus causing people to think…. the army had turned on them? Are these guys the army or are they just something army-like? This part of the plan involved both bringing team leader Duke along as a captive and having Zartan (the master of disguise) impersonate Duke. If you have an impersonator, you don’t need to bring the real guy along! Why is this plan so complicated? The Joes defeat the last of their captors and there’s a whole bit with Shipwreck’s parrot getting shrunk and then return to regular size. The Joes head out to stop the attack using COBRA vehicles. While they’re away, Polly grows to a hundred feet tall and flies out to turn the tide of battle. Think about how terrifying a hundred foot parrot would be. You’d never be able to enjoy life again. When the episode ends, with COBRA defeated but maybe escaping(?), that parrot is still giant. Also, Shipwreck seems to hate his parrot even though he’s an army guy who brings a parrot with him everywhere. You picked this affectation, dude. Deal with it.gijoe5You may be wondering, if Cobra Commander has a shrink ray, why is he using it for a PR victory rather than, you know, world domination? Well, you are better at being an evil genius than he is, frankly. It’s dumb as all get out, but I like how committed it is to being dumb. The COBRA plan is ridiculously complicated and has way too many extra steps but there’s a consistency to it that I admire. No part of it makes sense, which is somehow better than if there had only been one misstep. That would be a plothole. But if nothing makes sense, then it’s the work of a madman who doesn’t know how to plan.42044748_1955607737831422_8438610404397023232_nDespite terrible animation, shoddy scripting, and mostly subpar voice work (though Chris Latta’s Cobra Commander is kind of amazing), it was fun to watch. Worth a watch for nostalgia round the holidays.



Peter Cullen (Dungeons and Dragons)
Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek)
Orson Welles (Citizen Kane)
Eric Idle (Monty Python)
Judd Nelson (New Jack City)
Robert Stack (Caddyshack II)
Roger C. Carmel (Star Trek)
Neil Ross (G.I. Joe)
Susan Blu (Jem)
Lionel Stander (Hart To Hart)
Frank Welker (The Simpsons)
John Moschitta Jr. (Dick Tracy)
Buster Jones (Super Friends)
Paul Eiding (Ben 10)
Gregg Berger (The Jetsons)
Michael Bell (Rugrats)
Chris Latta (G.I. Joe)
Casey Kasem (Battle of The Planets)
Scatman Crothers (The Shining)
Dan Gilvezan (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends)
Corey Burton (Aladdin)
Stan Jones (Challenge of The Super Friends)
Arthur Burghardt (Star Kid)
Don Messick (The Last Unicorn)
Jack Angel (A.I.)
Ed Gilbert (The little Mermaid)
Clive Revill (Return To Neverland)
Hal Yale (Ewok Adventures)
Norman Alden (Super Friends)

In 2005, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons has culminated in the Decepticons conquering their home planet Cybertron, while the Autobots operate from its two moons preparing a counter-offensive. Optimus Prime sends an Autobot shuttle to Earth’s Autobot City for Energon supplies, but the Decepticons, led by Megatron, commandeer the ship and kill the crew, consisting of Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl and Brawn. Travelling to Earth, the Decepticons attack Autobot City, slaughtering many Autobots and leaving only a small group alive including Hot Rod, Kup, Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Springer, Blurr, Perceptor, Blaster, and the human Daniel Witwicky. The next day, Optimus and the Dinobots arrive as reinforcements. Optimus single-handedly defeats the Decepticons and engages Megatron in a climactic battle that leaves both of them mortally wounded. On his death bed, Optimus passes the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus, informing him that its power will light the Autobots’ darkest hour, and dies.Elsewhere, the Decepticons jettison their wounded from Astrotrain, including Megatron at the hands of his treacherous second-in-command Starscream. The wounded are found by Unicron, a gigantic sentient cyber-planet who consumes other planets. Unicron offers Megatron a new body in exchange for destroying the Matrix, which has the ability to destroy him. Megatron agrees and is converted into Galvatron, gaining new troops from the other Decepticons present. Going to Cybertron, Galvatron crashes Starscream’s coronation as Decepticon commander and destroys him, before travelling to Autobot City to eliminate Ultra Magnus. The surviving Autobots escape in separate shuttles which are damaged by the Decepticons and crash land on different planets.transformers-movie-bluray-screenshot-2Hot Rod and Kup are taken prisoner by the Quintessons, multi-faced tyrants who hold kangaroo courts and execute prisoners by feeding them to the Sharkticons. Hot Rod and Kup learn of Unicron from Kranix, a survivor of Lithone – a planet devoured by Unicron. After Kranix is executed, Hot Rod and Kup escape their own trial, aided by the arrival of the Dinobots and the small Autobot Wheelie, who helps them find a ship to leave the planet. The other Autobots land on the Junk Planet, where Galvatron kills Ultra Magnus and seizes the Matrix, intending on using it to control Unicron. The Autobots reunite and befriend the local Junkions, led by Wreck-Gar, who then rebuild Magnus. Learning Galvatron has the Matrix, the Autobots and Junkions fly to Cybertron, which Unicron, discovered to be a gigantic Transformer also now in robot form, begins to destroy.14041_1The Autobots crash their spaceship through Unicron’s eye, but they end up separated. Daniel rescues his father Spike and Jazz, Bumblebee, and Cliffjumper from being devoured. Hot Rod confronts Galvatron, who tries to form an alliance, but is forced into attacking Hot Rod by Unicron. Hot Rod obtains the Matrix, which converts him into Rodimus Prime, the Autobot that Optimus said would light their darkest hour. Rodimus tosses Galvatron into space and uses the Matrix’s power to destroy Unicron from the inside. The Autobots celebrate the end of the war and the retaking of Cybertron, while Unicron’s severed head continues to orbit the planet.vlcsnap-2011-12-12-17h24m21s199_758_426_81_s_c1Transformers the movie is a retro 80’s cult classic that not only took the original series forward in the animation department but also took the story forward in to the future with the next generation of Transformers. All the fan favourites are here with new ones to be cherishing, and the soundtrack to this movie is probably one of the best sounding albums to come out of the 80’s. This movie still holds up as one of the best TV to Movie translations of all time, and it still kicks major league butt as well. The only drawback that it has that they did not make a sequel to this classic in animation.



Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park)
Richard Gilliland (Vampire Clan)
Corinne Bohrer (Veronica Mars)
Alex Daniels (Cyborg)
Arthur Burghardt (Transformers)
Ashlee Levitch (The Simple Life)
Joey Simmrin (Nine Months)
Danny Masterson (That 70s Show)
Alissa Ann Smego (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Jack McGee (Ganster Squad)

1680078_hybaw8wdkt_sbo5nu3b2t69nydpippykafvankfzj0mnyqutuc3pcnsxcinetlqa2v7igzso9he3qrk0gluuaSpencer Griffith (Joseph Mazzello) is a shy seventh grader and 12-year-old boy. He has a crush on a school girl named Michelle (Lauren Eckstrom). Spencer’s life changes when a mysterious meteorite crashes into a nearby junkyard. Investigating the site, he finds that the “meteorite” is actually a small rocket carrying a “Cyborsuit.”, a prototype exoskeletal-suit with AI (short for Artificial Intelligence) from another galaxy. Spencer then decides to try the suit on and melds with the suit AI, who Spencer calls “Cy”. After testing most of the functions and abilities of the suit, he then goes around town doing whatever he wants, such as getting back at a school bully Turbo (Joey Simmrin), rescuing Michelle and her friends from a damaged ferris wheel, and ordering food from a fast-food restaurant drive-thru, along with a few hilarious antics such as trashing his house while getting his head stuck in a refrigerator, figuring out how to eat a hamburger through the suit and wanting to get out of the suit to pee when Cy wouldn’t let him.10386826_3During this time, Earth gets visited by a Broodwarrior (Brian Simpson), a member of an alien race of insectoids waging a war against the creator of the Cyborsuit, Tenris De’Thar and his fellow Trelkins. The Broodwarrior’s mission is to capture the Cyborsuit so that his race can analyze it. After his first encounter with the Broodwarrior, Spencer escapes, forces Cy to eject him out of the suit and then abandons Cy telling him that he’s afraid that he might not live to see his next birthday if he “engages” the Broodwarrior. Back at home, after Spencer looks over his comic book titled MidKnight Warrior and thinking about what kind of person he wants to be, he goes back out to find Cy only to find out that Cy was captured by the Broodwarrior. Spencer begins searching for Cy accompanied by Turbo, now becoming his friend. As they head to the junkyard, where Cy is about to be taken off-world by the Broodwarrior, they create a plan to distract the Broodwarrior long enough for Spencer to rescue Cy. Spencer gets Cy back and begins battling with the Broodwarrior.hqdefault

During the battle, the Broodwarrior gets the upper hand and defeats Cy and Spencer. After getting bashed multiple times by the Broodwarrior’s mace and severely damaging the suit, Cy is forced to eject Spencer out before going completely offline. Spencer covers the suit with scrap metal to hide it from the Broodwarrior, takes a piece of the suit and continues to fight the Broodwarrior, who was later trying to chase down Turbo. Spencer confronts the Broodwarrior before getting chased himself and is suddenly cornered in a junked RV. Just when the Broodwarrior is about to dispose of Spencer, Turbo finds a control panel and activates the car crusher the RV is sitting in, revealing the whole thing to be a trap. Spencer escapes while the Broodwarrior is compressed along with the RV into a solid metal cube, killing the Broodwarrior. With the Broodwarrior now destroyed, they return to Cy but it appears they were too late to save him. Just when Spencer begins to lose hope, Cy’s creator Tenris De’Thar and Trelkin soldiers appear from a giant UFO and quickly repair him, bringing him back to life. After Cy and Spencer say goodbye to one another, one of the aliens gives Spencer a badge for his bravery and courage before their departure back to their home-world. The next day at school, a now confident Spencer, with encouragement from his new friend Turbo, starts up a conversation with Michelle.zvezdnyij-bojskaut

This is a good childrens sci-fi film,that the whole family can enjoy.



Ralf Moeller (The Scorpion King)
Danny Woodburn (Watchmen)
Robert McRay (Legend of The Phantom)
Jeremy Kemp (A Bridge To Far)
T.J. Storm (VR Troopers)
Andrew Craig (The Toxic Avenger)



Ally Dunne (V.I.P.)
Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster)
Edward Albert (Power Rangers Time Force)
Arthur Burghardt (Transformers)
Mickey Rooney (Nationel Velvet)
Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2)
Brad Greenquist (Alias)
Andrew Bryniarski (Batman Returns)
Paul Le Mat (Puppet Master)
Matthias Hues (Star Trek VI)
Ali Landry (Eve)
Brooke Burns (Baywatch)
Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk)
Eric Steinberg (Stargate SG.1)
Anthony De Longis (Masters of The Universe)
Angelica Bridges (Mystery Men)
Scott MacDonald (Jack Frost)
Sandra Ellis Lafferty (Containment)
Claudette Mink (Children of The Corn 7)
Justina Vail (Seven Days)

xb3aghiq2wii23iaSyndicated television is often called the last bastion of poor writers in this modern age, much like the pulp fiction writers of years gone by were back in their day. This is not to say that syndicated television is always bad, just that the odds greatly favor such a global statement. The first example that comes to mind would be Black Scorpion but I’m sure you’re familiar with other shows like Sinbad, Robin Hood, and Lost World (an admittedly guilty pleasure). The 1990’s were the best years for fantasy shows in syndication due in large part to the success of Hercules and Xena; both of which proved profitable beyond the imagination of their creators. Is it any wonder that other producers sought to cash in as well? Such was the case with a single season show by the name of Conan The Adventurer, based on the writings of famed 1930’s pulp fiction writer, Robert E. Howard, a young man from the desolate plains of Texas.

Image result for conan 1997
Mr. Howard created the mythic hero Conan as a character that could help free him from the shackles of poverty.His character of Conan evolved from another, King Kull, set in the same age of Atlantis era of 10,000 years ago, in epoch known as the Hyborian Age. Conan was a thief, a liar, and a barbarian in every sense of the word. His code of conduct was generally considered less than chivalrous with a “me first” attitude befitting the wild imagination of his writer, a man caught in the trappings of his time. Howard’s own description of the character was: “Some mechanism in my subconsciousness took the dominant characteristics of various prizefighters, gunmen, bootleggers, oil field bullies, gamblers, and honest workmen I had come in contact with, and combining them all, produced the amalgamation I call Conan the Cimmerian.” The world-view of such a man can only be placed in the proper context by understanding the effects of where he lived and the conditions the entire country were in, making more understandable the type of anti-hero that later was popularized in the Marvel comic books and art of Frank Frazetta. I think the rise of the anti-hero in the 1960’s attributed much to reviving such characters as Conan, a being thought up in 1931 by Howard, who only wrote 22 short stories in his later years (before he killed himself). With this in mind, let me turn to the television series this review is about:

Keeping in mind that the original character was a thief, cutthroat, mercenary that did anything asked of him for a price and ignored all social conventions that didn’t suit him (similar to the original Hercules being a power mad rapist drunkard), the show started off on the wrong foot with me by suggesting his “destiny was to free the oppressed” in the opening monologue since there’s nothing further from the truth in the original stories or in the previous movies starring famed bodybuilder-turned-Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Given that a kinder and gentler version of the character would probably be the only way to get the series made, I started off watching the episodes a bit disgruntled but content that a watered down Conan might be better than no Conan at all, I figured how bad could it be considering all the other shows I enjoyed (even as guilty pleasures).
Conan (1997)
The show focused on Conan’s quest to find, and kill, a wizard, Hissah Zul (that was responsible for the death of his sweetheart and the guy responsible for all the ills in the world. Each week would find Conan and a mish mash of odd companions  fighting the minions of evil and cheap CGI effects as they continued on a path to dethrone the wizard. I watched the generic exploits of the cast as they went through the motions and about midway through the series; I actually started enjoying it way too much.
Conan (1997)
So, after watching the episodes as presented in the set (which were out of order from the air dates) and then as they were originally shown, I found the plot to make at least a little more sense in the DVD order they were aired in syndication. Keeping in mind that most, if not all, of the episodes borrowed heavily from the Marvel Comics versions as opposed to the pulp works of Howard. The show tried to be in line with a modern sensibility imposed on the age old character, an uneasy fit at times. While the humor was often as dry as Dilbert in its own way, I think this was what was lacking compared to the movies. Regardless, it was nice to see a show long lost into the archives of some vault given new life for fans of the genre, if not the actual character himself, and I doubt Robert E. Howard would’ve lost any sleep over the way his characters were evolved.



Adam West (Batman)
Jack Angel (A.I.)
Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek:DS9)
Michael Bell (Star Trek: TNG)
Gregg Berger (Transformers)
Arthur Burghardt (Conan)
Stan Jones (Tranformers)
William Callaway (Darkwing Duck)
Casey Kasem (Transformes)
Mark Taylor (Melrose Place)
Danny Dark (Melvin and Howard)
Buster Jones (Transformers)
Frank Welker (The Simpsons)
Stanley Ralph Ross (Babe)
Olan Soule (Batman 60s)

Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show! as announced in the opening main title by veteran voice artist Dick Tufeld was the second-to-last incarnation of the long-running Super Friends series. Based on the Super Powers Collection toy line of the time featuring select DC Comics heroes including hero Firestorm , Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984) is most revered as the Super Friends series that first introduced Firestorm the Nuclear Man in animated form, along with evil Apokolips lord Darkseid. Not to mention Adam West reprising his caped crusader role as the voice of this show’s animated Batman.SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984)Firestorm’s transformation scene looks cool . Plus the tone of the show is *slightly* more intense (for Super Friends) than the previous versions thanks to the presence of Darkseid. Comprised of 16 episodes totaling almost 8 half hours, this “Super Powers” collection also may seem limited, especially to SF fans who were hoping that the follow-up series The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians episodes would be included on the set. However, unlike the previous collections, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show – The Complete Series is properly titled and contains exactly what the title says.SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984)Episodes:
1. The Bride of Darkseid (Part 1)
2. The Bride of Darkseid (Part 2)
3. The Wrath of Brainiac
4. Reflections in Crime
5. No Honor Among Super Thieves
6. Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp
7. Case of the Shrinking Super Friends
8. The Mask of Mystery
9. Darkseid’s Golden Trap (Part 1)
10. Darkseid’s Golden Trap (Part 2)
11. Island of the Dinosoids
12. Uncle Mxyzptlk (Super Brat)
13. The Case of the Dreadful Dolls
14. The Royal Ruse
15. The Village of Lost Souls

Sílvio Navas in SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984)Hearing Adam Wests voice once more as batman was awesome and Darkseid seeking Wonder Woman as his bride was just brilliant. With these stories seeming to me a little more mature it was a nice change, though sadly being the second to last season you know the end is coming.