Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)

Kyle Broflovski laments how his younger brother Ike’s generation’s preoccupation with trending topics and Let’s Play videos has led him to be seen as an out-of-touch “grandpa” by younger kids. Kyle sends out a Twitter message to help families come together. In response, Bill Cosby appears at Kyle’s home to invite him to participate in a television special to be watched by families together. Kyle agrees, but after Cosby leaves, he is revealed to be a hologram.
Randy and Sharon Marsh go to the police to report about the hologram of Randy created by his ex-manager to replace his stage persona Lorde, but the police are skeptical. Meanwhile, a patrolman brings in the rogue Michael Jackson hologram, but despite the fact that the patrolman says he shot the hologram and used a chokehold on him, the hologram’s light skin and features present a problem for the police, as they can only use such harsh tactics on black people.
The television special will feature various celebrities, holograms of deceased celebrities, and LP commentary by Cartman. The special is the brainchild of Randy’s ex-producer and Cartman. The producer’s staff, however, feel he has given too much power to Cartman, whose growing popularity results in his commentary window appearing not only on computers and other devices, but in thin air throughout the episode. Upon seeing a TV commercial for the special, Kyle is angered that his idea has been turned into a social media project, while his best friend, Stan Marsh, is upset because he thinks his father, Randy, is performing again as Lorde. Randy and the Jackson hologram learn about the television special and its intent, and agree to work together to stop it. When the Tupac Shakur hologram sent to capture the Jackson hologram appears at the police station, Randy and the Jackson hologram flee to the Marsh home. Randy then learns that Stan and Kyle have been taken hostage by his ex-producer, and is confronted by the Shakur hologram in his home.
When Kyle asks the producer why he is doing this, the producer explains that when he became a grandfather, one day he asked his grandson who his favorite celebrity was, and his grandson said it was PewDiePie. Bewildered that his grandson worshiped an insignificant Internet personality, and was unimpressed with anyone to whom he tried to introduce him, the producer says that with the television special, he will assimilate the younger generation’s culture into his own. Stan is astonished that the producer is “such a grandpa”.  The Shakur hologram and the Jackson hologram decide to team up against the producer. When Cartman’s window appears before the producer, he tries to have him shut down, but Cartman is trending so much and has grown so powerful that he has reached “trend-scendence”, “like Johnny Depp, but cool”. As Cartman continues to appear on screens all around the world, he states that he is now “trends-gender” and therefore must be given his own bathroom, which was his motivation for being involved in this plan. The Shakur and Jackson holograms appear at the restaurant where the producer is hiding with the hostages. As Jackson fatally shoots the producer, Kyle, realizing that everyone on the planet can see everyone else on their computers, speaks out to his brother, Ike, apologizing for being a “grandpa”. He accepts that Ike will develop his own generational interests, and admits that he was merely sore that Ike was a fan of Cartman in particular. He says that he just wants to be a family again. Ike and his friends resolve to get the public to “believe” again, and create a new trend which Kyle, breaking the fourth wall, urges the home audience to spread. In response, PewDiePie’s window appears, and his commentary is so powerful that Cartman’s window is eliminated.
In an epilogue, Kyle says he managed to get their family to use the living room again for one hour each night, though Stan is still confused over the events that have just concluded. Kyle suggests that perhaps they are not going to understand it, and further says that at least YouTube celebrities are authentic, and have not been marketed to the public by corporations. PewDiePie’s window then appears, and he thanks South Park for being on his show.hqdefault

A Great festive epiosde, hopefully there will be more christmas episodes to come. A great watch along with the other festive epsiodes for the christmas season.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)


The security management at South Park Mall briefs its guards on the upcoming Black Friday shopping day. The security Captain, a grizzled veteran with a large scar running down his face, tells the guards that this year, the mall is offering an 80% discount to the first 30 people in the mall, which is certain to again incite violence among shoppers. Among the guards is Randy Marsh, who has taken the temporary job not to earn extra holiday money as he says, but to acquire the discounts ahead of the crowds that will camp outside the mall.
Meanwhile, the boys of South Park are dressed in medieval garb while engaging in role playing inspired by Game of Thrones, and are themselves anticipating Black Friday. Cartman informs his classmates of the 80% discount, and says if they work together, they can all purchase one of the new gaming systems so that they can play online games together. The children, however, become split over whether to purchase Xbox Ones or PlayStation 4s. Kyle and Stan find themselves on opposite sides of the schism, with Kyle allied with Cartman’s Xbox One faction, and Stan on the PS4 side. The two factions then begin recruiting other children to increase their ranks. Cartman, strolling through the “Garden of Andros” with Kenny, whose character is “Lady McCormick”, tells him that they are only recruiting Xbox One loyalists to help them get inside the mall so them two can get cheap Xbox Ones. He wants Kenny to use his influence to “take care” of Kyle, should his loyalty to their faction falter. The garden is then revealed to be the elaborately landscaped back yard of an elderly South Park resident, who orders the children to stop trespassing on his property. This gag recurs throughout the three-part storyline, with Cartman playing different participants in the conflict against each other, only for the old man to inform them of this from his window, much to Cartman’s irritation.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375The mall’s security is further daunted by the news that a new Tickle Me Elmo called “Stop Touching Me Elmo” is being released in time for Black Friday, which leads to shoppers camping outside even earlier than anticipated. The head of Sony has also announced a special bundle to help entice customers to side with PS4. To address increasing crowds, the mall’s security tries to hand out wristbands so shoppers can hold places in line, but this leads to a brawl in which the Captain is fatally stabbed. Cradling his dying superior, Randy reveals his true motives for having taken the job. The Captain notes that Randy now knows how serious Black Friday is, and peels off the scar over his left eye, revealing it to be a prosthetic appliance. Before dying, he places it on Randy’s face, telling Randy that regardless of his early motives, he is the Captain now, and must now protect the town. Inspired by the new responsibility, Randy tells his fellow guards that they now have work to do. At the same time, Stan rallies his assembled army, telling them that Lady McCormick has joined them to make sure that the winner of the console war is the PS4.



In continuation from the previous episode, the children of South Park are split into two factions over whether to purchase bargain-priced Xbox Ones or PlayStation 4s at an upcoming Black Friday sale at the South Park Mall. Kenny, role-playing as Lady McCormick, is revealed to have joined Stan’s pro-PlayStation 4 faction because Cartman, who leads the pro-Xbox One faction, would not make him a princess. Meanwhile, as pre-Black Friday violence increases, the South Park Mall, where Randy Marsh has been made the Captain of security, announces a 10% increase to the discount given to the first people in the mall, leading to more shoppers gathering in front of the mall ahead of the sale.
Cartman becomes increasingly agitated with the Xbox people’s training following Kenny’s betrayal, and informs a worried Kyle that he has a plan. Seeking an advantage to counter the PS4 faction’s increasing ranks, Cartman contacts Microsoft, but CEO Steve Ballmer dismisses the importance of the children’s conflict and the commercialization of the console wars. When Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates learns of this, he has Ballmer murdered in order to personally see to it that Xbox wins the console wars. Gates allies himself with Channel 9’s Morning News correspondent Niles Lawson, promising that the Black Friday violence will ensure high ratings. Lawson, playing both sides of the conflict, then informs Sony’s CEO of this during a post-coital discussion, and in response, the CEO gives Kenny a brooch that turns him into a Japanese princess. Cartman also sends Butters and Scott Malkinson to the New Mexico home of A Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin for information on upcoming storylines, but Martin does nothing but regale the two children with plot points that emphasize male characters’ penises. As Butters and Malkinson are about to leave, Martin tells them that he has connections with which he may be able to help their cause.
Lawson then reports that the mall, on Martin’s suggestion, has moved the Black Friday sale one week from November 29 to December 6, and is now offering 96% off purchases to the first 100 people inside the mall, an announcement that leads to a brawl outside the mall.


In the conclusion of a three-part storyline, the children of South Park are split into two factions over whether to purchase bargain-priced Microsoft Xbox Ones or Sony PlayStation 4s at an upcoming Black Friday sale at the South Park Mall, a schism that sees best friends Stan Marsh (PS4) and Kyle Broflovski (Xbox) on opposite sides. As the PS4 faction turn their attention to the Red Robin restaurant, which serves as a side entrance into the mall, the Xbox One faction arrives to announce they wish to join the PS4 ranks. Though Stan does not trust them, Cartman and Kyle say they have a way to monopolize the Red Robin: by renting it out for a wedding party.
4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Cartman and Stan, who are having a private talk in the “Garden of Andros”, are interrupted by the elderly owner, who informs Stan of the true intentions of the Xbox faction: they have merely feigned surrender in order to lock the PS4 faction in the Red Robin while they retrieve their consoles. Stan is further angered to be told that this was Kyle’s idea. To prevent Stan from informing his allies of this, Cartman defecates in the old man’s yard and frames Stan for it, resulting in Stan being grounded. When Kyle learns of this, he tries to explain his actions to Stan but he is promptly sent away. As Randy Marsh’s mall security guards deal with the increasing shopper violence, George R. R. Martin arrives at the mall to cut the ribbon that will open the mall for the Black Friday sale. However, he stalls by regaling the agitated crowd with musings on his penis. An impatient shopper charges forward, slices off Martin’s penis, and cuts the ribbon, allowing the crowd into the mall, leading to mass deaths.
screen-shot-2013-12-04-at-9-52-04-pm-575x317In the Red Robin, Kyle, Kenny and their allies turn on Cartman and his faction, revealing that they are no longer Xbox supporters. The standoff is then interrupted by Bill Gates and the head of Sony. The Sony executive is brutally killed by Gates, who announces that Xbox is victorious. The children journey through the blood-and-corpse-covered mall to purchase their Xbox Ones. While playing with his new console, Cartman realizes that he wishes to play outside, saying that their improvised Game of Thrones role-playing over the past few weeks has been filled with so much the drama, action and romance that they do not need Microsoft or Sony to have fun.


A greatrilogy. I found myself laughing throughout the entire episodes I was also pleasantly surprised to notice growth in some of the characters, especially Randy as he takes up the responsibility of Black Friday. Anyone who is a die hard fan or even somebody that only chuckles once per season should definitely watch this festive trilogy..




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)


This episode, which like many routine Christmas specials has an anapestic rhyming narration and storybook style, begins in the forest, where “the boy in the red poof-ball hat” discovers a group of talking animals building a Christmas tree. They convince a surprised but apathetic Stan to help make a star for their Christmas tree before he goes home. That night, they wake him in his room and explain that one of the animals, a porcupine named Porcupiney, is pregnant with the creatures’ Savior. Drowsy and annoyed, Stan nevertheless agrees to help them build a manger for the baby. However, another problem soon appears: the Critters explain that one of their members conceives their Savior every year, only for the pregnant animal to be killed by a mountain lion. Exasperated, Stan goes to its mountain and manages to kill the beast (by tricking her into jumping off a ledge), but is dismayed to find that the lion was the mother of three now-orphaned cubs. Stan is then horrified to discover that the woodland critters are Satan worshippers, and that their Savior is actually the Antichrist. They celebrate Stan’s victory by sacrificing Rabbitty the Rabbit (much to his delight), devouring his flesh and having an orgy with his blood.

After much coercion from the narrator, Stan tries to stop the animals himself. But they easily rebuff him with their Satanic powers, which will apparently grow stronger as the Antichrist’s birth approaches. Since the Critters claims that only a mountain lion can kill the Antichrist, Stan (heeding the narrator’s instructions) returns to the mountain to enlist the orphaned cubs. Since they’re too small to take on the Critters, however, they can only stop the birth by learning to perform abortions. (Stan refuses to bring them to the town’s abortion clinic, but the narrator simply forces him using a scene cut.) Meanwhile, the evil Critters are searching for a human host for the Antichrist, who must have never been baptized. They discover Kyle, who is Jewish, and kidnap him to serve their purpose.

Stan returns in time to discover that the Antichrist (a hairless, jabbering little creature) has already been born, and that his best friend Kyle is tied to a Satanic altar. Santa Claus arrives and, when he learns what is happening, pulls out a shotgun and slaughters all the Critters. He explains that the Antichrist will die without a human host to inhabit, but Kyle – now free from the altar – suddenly decides to allow the Antichrist to possess him, declaring that he will conqueror the world in the name of the Jews.The scene suddenly cuts to Mr. Garrison’s fourth-grade class, revealing that the entire episode up until now has been a story read by Eric Cartman for a class assignment to write a Christmas story. Kyle objects to its obvious anti-Semitism, and Mr. Garrison, fearing complaints from Kyle’s mother, forces Cartman to stop. However, the rest of the class want to hear the ending and plead with Kyle to let Cartman continue; Kyle objects that the ending is obvious, that Kyle (in the story) will merely be killed by Santa Claus so that Christmas is saved. Cartman says that that is not the ending, and as the other kids persist, Kyle angrily allows Cartman to continue.

Back in the story, Kyle begins to react with horror at how evil the Antichrist feels and begs the others to get it out of him. Santa, however, says that they have no choice but to kill Kyle before the Antichrist can consume his soul and take full control of him. Thinking quickly, Stan has the lion cubs perform an abortion on Kyle’s anus, removing the Antichrist, which Santa unceremoniously smashes with a sledgehammer. Santa gives Stan a special Christmas wish, which Stan uses to resurrect the mountain lion he killed. Everyone then goes home to a happy Christmas. The narrator (i.e., Cartman) concludes, “they all lived happily ever after, except for Kyle, who died of AIDS two weeks later”, as seen with an image of a sickly Kyle in the hospital. The episode ends with a Christmas-themed title card reading, “The End,” and the real Kyle (unseen) shouting, “Goddammit, Cartman!”012-the-blood-orgy

South Park” is one of my favorite cartoons, and “Woodland Critter Christmas” is one of my favorite episode of the whole series. It is easily the best of all the Christmas episodes from South Park, being incredibly twisted and gory, but hilarious at the same time.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)


The Broflovski family is celebrating Hanukkah together when a Canadian couple, who introduce themselves as Harry and Elise Gints, come to their house. Just as Harry begins explain why they have sought out the Broflovskis, Kyle and Ike walk into view to see who is at the door and Elise immediately rushes in to hug Ike, who hides behind Kyle. While talking in the dining area, with Kyle and Ike outside listening in, Harry and Elise reveal they are Ike’s biological parents (and address him as “Peter”, which was his birth name), who gave Ike up during the Cola Wars in Canada. Harry justifies their right to change their mind about putting Ike up for adoption as, due to a new law made by the Prime Minister of Canada, all Canadian-born children living in America must be returned to their biological parents. The Gintses depart, with the Broflovskis vowing to fight them in court. Sadly, the Canadian law cannot be overturned by South Park’s court, so Ike is given to the Gintses. After Ike sadly leaves with his biological parents, Kyle notices his parents steadily getting worse as time without Ike goes on and attempts to get his friends to help him, but they have other things on their minds: Cartman selfishly believes that presents are more important, and Stan is obsessed with the Christmas adventures that he may have this year.
South Park’s citizens decide to act kindly towards the Broflovskis and agree to give them their Christmas gift money to help fund their trip to Canada in order to talk to the Prime Minister. However, they do not take their children into account and their decision leaves the children upset with the thought of Christmas without any presents. Cartman blames it all on Kyle. Kyle has an idea of how to save Christmas: the boys can go to Canada and get Ike back themselves in the few days before Christmas, saving everybody’s money for presents. Everyone else agrees, with Cartman threatening to fight Kyle if they don’t get home in time for Christmas. They fly with City Airlines, run by City Wok owner Tuong Lu Kim. During the flight, the plane suffers from mechanical troubles and runs out of gas. Tuong parachutes from the plane, leaving the four boys inside. It crashes in Canada, but the boys get out relatively unscathed. Recovering, they meet a bunch of Canadians, including Scott, a Canadian who hates his own people and Americans, and is universally considered “a dick”. Traveling to Ottawa on the “only road” in Canada, the boys meet others plagued by the new Prime Minister’s laws, such as a Mountie named Rick, who is forced to ride a sheep instead of a horse; an unnamed French Canadian mime, who can no longer drink wine; and a Newfoundlander named Steve, who can no longer practice sodomy. In Newfoundland, Steve points out that they were heading in the wrong direction. However, they get there in enough time by using Steve’s boat.
In the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings, the boys ask for a guard to let them in, but he insists the Prime Minister sees nobody and slams the door. Steve and the mime turn around to go home, reasoning “We gave it our best, but our best wasn’t good enough, eh?”, but Kyle pleads with the guard, who says the Prime Minister is in China. Disappointed, the four boys sit on the steps and cry until the guard, now feeling sorry for them, admits he was lying and allows them entrance. The boys finally meet with the Prime Minister, a gigantic floating head who is a brutal dictator and refuses to repeal his laws. Scott then arrives with the Gintses, and, along with Kyle, appeal to the Prime Minister to support their separate views. The Prime Minister rejects Kyle’s speech, and to prove his point, vaporizes Kenny. Stan reveals that the gigantic floating head is mechanically controlled by Saddam Hussein in a spider-hole. Upon discovery of the Prime Minister’s true identity, the Canadians arrest Hussein (a reference to Hussein’s actual arrest four days before the episode aired) and declare all of the new laws null and void. The Gintses realize how much Kyle must care for Ike to come all the way to Canada and they give Ike the choice to go back to America, which he accepts as he hugs Kyle. Cartman’s watch goes off, and he is upset about missing Christmas, but Kyle insists that he got his brother back and that’s all that matters; Cartman, however, gets angry and tries to fight Kyle. Kyle at first is reluctant but then hits Cartman only once (barely), causing him to scream and cry for his mother. Rick the Mountie invites the boys to celebrate Christmas Canadian-style, being part of a parade celebrating Hussein’s capture and the boys’ efforts to remove him from power. Oblivious to what just happened, Stan and Cartman are unhappy; Stan sighs and says that maybe they will have a Christmas adventure next year.hqdefaultChristmas In Canada is the Season 7 Christmas episode of South Park.This is a pretty funny and good Christmas episode, not the best and not the worst either.


Image result for THE SIMPSONS LOGO
Dan Castellaneta (Fantastic Four)
Julia Kavner (Dr. Dolittle)
Nancy Cartwright (All Grown Up!)
Yeardley Smith (As Good As It gets)
Harry Shearer (This Is Spinal Tap)
Hank Azaria (The Smurfs)
Pamela Hayden (Hey Arnold!)
Tress MacNeille (Futurama)


The Simpson family is enjoying “Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice” (in an indoor ice rink), starring Elvis Stojko. The main act features a reindeer, a candy cane, and a snowman who are all fretting over a green monster named Grumple, who advances upon the other Christmas characters, threatening to steal their Holiday Cheer (Grumple references the “Grinch” from Dr. Seuss’ book), the characters mistakenly stumble backward over a wooden basketball court setup crew led by The Sarcastic Middle-Aged Clerk. All the Christmas characters are enraged that their show is being cut short and they begin brawling with the Utah Jazz as they try to warm up for a basketball game. Marge and the kids decide to get up and leave, and Homer is spotted down on the ice grappling with the Grumple and demanding back the Holiday Cheer. The Grumple repeatedly returns throughout the episode, wanting to kill Homer.
On Christmas Eve, the Simpsons go to Costington’s department store where a sad Lisa sits on Santa’s lap and explains the one true present she wants is the Malibu Stacy Pony Beach Party Set, which is sold out everywhere. Santa Claus, who is really Gil Gunderson (this episode reveals his last name), pities Lisa and goes back to the stockroom and finds an extra play set he had seen earlier. An overjoyed Lisa thanks Gil as a cashier rings up the sale. As Marge and the kids exit the store, an angry Mr. Costington comes out of his office and scolds at Gil for selling the Malibu Stacy play set that he had set aside for his daughter. Then When Gil refuses to take the present away from Lisa, Mr. Costington fires him. Marge and the kids witness the scene and feeling sorry for Gil, Marge invites him over for Christmas Eve dinner.
After dinner at home, Gil and the rest of the Simpson family gather around the piano and sing songs. Finishing, Gil gets up to leave; however, Marge insists he stay the night, citing how late and cold it is outside. Gil accepts Marge’s offer. On Christmas morning, Gil retrieves items from his bus locker, assuming he had a permanent spot in 742 Evergreen Terrace. Indeed, Gil’s weak demeanor and lack of job allows Marge to let him move in, and Homer is too distracted by the Grumple’s presence outside the home (where it rhymes about putting Homer’s blood in his stew) to pay much notice to Gil.
Gil begins to ruin their every holiday. However, Marge continually allows him to stay out of guilt, due to a childhood memory when Patty and Selma stuffed her in her own dollhouse when she refused to hide their cigarettes. Homer’s patience wears thin after Marge’s inability to say “no” causes Gil to walk in on Homer and Marge’s “snuggling” on Valentine’s Day, and bring his friends to sing and drink on St. Patrick’s Day. After eleven months, Marge finally agrees to say no to Gil and kick him out, only to learn from Bart and Lisa that Gil got a job in Scottsdale, Arizona, packed up his things and left that morning. Gil ends up becoming a very successful Realtor in Scottsdale. Despite the fact the Gil has already left for good, Marge wishes to go there and finally get the pleasure of saying “no” to him. After Marge’s display of anger towards him and Gil’s cowering display of weakness, the other salespeople are amused by Gil’s cowardice and Gil’s boss charges out of his office and fires Gil on the spot. Marge is horrified when she realizes that her pleasure of saying “no” just cost Gil another job.
Cut to a new home in a suburb of Scottsdale at Christmas time, the mailbox reads The Simpsons and a Jackpot Realty sold sign sits out front. Christmas carols can be heard playing inside the house. Inside on the piano, Gil leads the family in song. The episode ends with a family of Grumples arriving at the doorstep. Homer lets them in and Gil, the Simpsons and the Grumples continue happily singing their carols


During winter Duffman’s blimp comes down because of the snow, a squirrel resembling Scrat from the film Ice Age is hit and throw away by groundskeeper Wille and he himself is attacked, Homer wakes up in a pile of snow and does not remember the events of the previous day, commenting that he must have drunk heavily the night before. Homer goes home and finds his family absent. Santa’s Little Helper attacks him. Homer travels to Moe’s, where Moe informs him that he was there the previous night and wanted to forget an unpleasant memory. Moe explains he gave Homer a “Forget-Me-Shot”, which wiped out the last 24 hours of his memory; the ingredients of which include Jägermeister, sloe gin, triple and quadruple sec, gunk from a dog’s eye, Absolut Pickle, the red stripe from Aquafresh toothpaste and the venom of the Louisiana loboto-moth then stirred with a home pregnancy test. Moe also gives a dose of his drink to Krusty who has just triggered a riot at an awards show when a routine went from a “Don Rickles about Arabs” to a “Mel Gibson about Mexicans!” (the Hispanic people of Springfield later decided to use Krusty’s prejudice against himself by beating him while he is packed into a piñata, despite Krusty protesting that this only reinforces stereotypes, one of the Hispanic guys clarifies that he is not Mexican, he is from Costa Rica). Chief Wiggum tells Homer that there was a domestic disturbance at his house last night, which was reported by Ned Flanders. Homer instantly receives a flashback to the night before showing Wiggum questioning Marge about a black eye she had received, to which Marge nervously replies that she walked into a door.
A still confused Homer goes home, where a picture of Marge causes a flashback of her pleading Homer to stop, and then rubbing her eye in pain. Horrified, Homer goes to Grampa Simpson for help. Grampa tells Homer about Professor Frink’s new machine that helps people sort through their memories. With the help of this technology, Homer sees himself walking in on Marge and Duffman in an allegedly compromising position. In the flashback, Marge tells Homer that she did not want him to find out about it, and Homer assumes that Marge was cheating on him and that Homer beat his wife as payback. Homer now considers his life to be worthless and decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. He begins to reconsider, but is pushed off by his “guardian angels,” Patty and Selma. While falling, Homer’s life flashes before his eyes in the form of the YouTube video, “Noah Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day for 6 Years.” He then sees the full memory of the preceding night: Marge was planning a surprise party for Homer finishing his community service, and did not want Homer to find out about it. Duffman, who was hired by Marge to entertain at the party, brings out a bottle of Duff Champagne. Overjoyed, Homer tries to open the bottle, while Marge pleads with Homer to stop, as she wants to save it for the party. The cork flies off and hits Marge in the eye. The flashback ends and, instead of falling to his death, Homer lands on a moonbounce, which is at the surprise party on board a ship.
When Homer asks Marge why she lied to Chief Wiggum, she claims that she did not want him at the party, because he would bring Sarah Wiggum, whom Marge does not like. Lenny and Carl appear and cause a flashback which shows Homer telling his bar buddies that he felt very guilty for finding out about the party that Marge worked so hard on. When Moe offers the Forget-Me-Shot (which Moe spat in), Homer predicts exactly what is going to happen, and tells Lenny to make sure there is a moon bounce at the party. Finally, it is revealed that the dog attacked Homer because he does not take care of him.


Guest Stars
Katy Perry (The Smurfs)
Martha Stewart (2 Broke Girls)
 The structure of the episode is similar to the structure of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, only that it is divided in four stories instead of three.

Bart’s Story

Bart stays up late on Christmas Eve to kill Santa Claus for not bringing him a dirt bike three Christmases ago. He eventually falls asleep and dreams that the Polar Express, driven by Otto Mann, lands in front of the house and flies him to the North Pole. Bart meets Santa (Krusty the Clown) only to find out that he has run out of money, since giving out presents in return for cookies every year is not a sustainable business model. Feeling pity, Bart decides that Santa no longer has to give him a dirt bike and leaves. As soon as Bart has left, Santa’s office suddenly reverts to a much more luxurious appearance, and Santa, revealing that his operation is far more lucrative than he made it seem, chuckles to himself that kids are easy to fool.

Lisa’s Story

 Lisa dreams that it is December 1944 and that Marge is a soldier in World War II. Due to Marge being taken suddenly for overseas deployment while buying a Christmas tree the previous year, Lisa has sworn to never see another Christmas tree until Marge returns home safely. However, during Christmas of 1944, the family gets a telegram saying that Marge is missing in action. After hearing the news, Lisa runs away to the place where she had last seen her mother, the Christmas Tree Farm. The owner of the place says that Marge paid for a tree the previous year but never picked it up. Lisa, believing the tree to be a symbol that Marge is alright, takes it home and decorates it together with Homer and Bart. Marge is then seen assassinating Adolf Hitler with an MP40 in a movie theater in France as he watches a propaganda film. When she walks away from the scene, the theater explodes behind her.

Marge’s Story

Marge dreams that she has sent a letter to Martha Stewart asking for her to help save the family’s Christmas. Martha promptly arrives and fills the house with the Christmas decorations Marge has always dreamed of, but the other family members end up as part of the decorations instead of being able to enjoy the holiday with her. Marge quickly realizes that it is Homer and the children that make Christmas special for her, so Martha gets rid of all the decorations with a magic wand. Marge then wakes up on Christmas Day to find that her family has brought her the ingredients for breakfast in bed. Their attempts to cook it go awry, so they go out for breakfast instead.

Maggie’s Story

Maggie dreams that the entire family has become puppets in a theater. As the Simpsons prepare for a trip to Hawaii and ask Moe to house-sit for them, Homer’s boss Mr. Burns pays a surprise visit. He soon learns that Homer has feigned a neck injury to get time off work for the trip and calls his attack hounds on him. However, only one arrives (represented by a crude sock puppet), since the show has spent its budget on Katy Perry, who appears as herself and Moe’s girlfriend. Noticing that Burns is disappointed by the lack of his attack hounds, Katy gives him a kiss. Touched by this, Burns decides to forgive the Simpsons and allows them to enjoy their trip in Hawaii, and then everyone sings a parody of “Twelve Days of Christmas” which plays during the credits. At the end of the credits, Moe attempts to kiss Katy but is not tall enough to reach her mouth, so he instead opts to kiss her bellybutton through her dress. Katy retorts that he is not kissing her bellybutton, meaning that he is actually kissing her vulva, but also says she does not want Moe to stop.


After stuffing themselves with turkey on Thanksgiving, it is time to take the annual Christmas card family photo, and when Bart and Lisa complain about it, Marge notes that they will grow to appreciate the photos when they become older and have children of their own. Lisa questions why Marge would assume they will even have children in the first place, and the episode jumps thirty years into the future via a series of Simpsons Christmas cards. The photos finally settle on a future where Bart is a jobless, divorced dad with two sons whom he does not see often; Lisa is a successful businesswoman who is married to Milhouse and has a rebellious daughter named Zia; and Maggie is the lead singer of a famous band and in the late stages of pregnancy. In his apartment, Bart is visited by his sons, who inform him that their mother Jenda teleported them to his place because she wants him to act like a proper father by having him spend time with them. However, he plans on dropping them off at his parents’ house instead. Meanwhile, Lisa fears that Zia is spending too much of her time going into the “Ultranet”, a digital world that people enter with their consciousness by plugging themselves into a laptop. Milhouse suggests to Lisa that she spend time with Zia in order for them to have a better connection, so Lisa decides to take Zia to her parents’ house. Meanwhile, Maggie flies home from London to Springfield to celebrate Christmas with her parents.
When Bart and Lisa arrive at their parents’ home, they stay there with their children. Unfortunately for Lisa, she only gets unhelpful advice from Marge on how to be a better parent, while Zia continues to go into the Ultranet. A furious Lisa ignores it and accuses Marge of being a bad parent. She tells her belief that it’s the parents right to butt in their children’s lives regardless. Marge gets mad at Lisa for her accusations and their conflicting styles of parenting causes a rift in their relationship. Meanwhile, Bart is heartbroken to find out that Jenda has remarried while he has not found anyone new. Feeling depressed, he tells Homer to take his grandsons out. The boys become angry with their father for not spending time with them, but the two have a great time with their grandfather. Bart and Lisa then encounter each other in their old treehouse, where they become slightly drunk and talk about how difficult parenting is. Lisa admitted she had an affair with Nelson a couple of times when Milhouse was away. After exchanging inspirational advice, they realize that they need to try harder to connect with their children. Lisa comes into Marge’s room to apologize for her earlier behavior that made both of them get angry with each other. Marge understands how stressed out Lisa’s been with a lack of communication she has with Zia and finally offers her some helpful advice. Meanwhile, upon arriving in Springfield, Maggie starts experiencing contractions and Kearney, now a taxi driver, drives her to the hospital.
Homer takes Bart’s sons to a cryonics facility where Grampa has been frozen alive to prevent a disease from killing him. Although a cure has now been discovered, he is kept frozen by Homer because it is cheaper than paying for a nursing home and because Grampa has constantly been rude to him. Homer says to the boys that they should give their father another chance, since he knows Bart loves them. At that point, Bart arrives and apologizes to his sons, admitting how much he treasures them. Touched, the two boys forgive him for not having included them in his life much, while an inspired Homer decides to unfreeze Grampa and forgive him as well. Meanwhile, Lisa goes into the Ultranet to find Zia and discovers a door leading into Zia’s private world. Entering it, Lisa is overjoyed to find that Zia has hung a poster of her next to a series of posters depicting historical women who have made a difference in the world. When Zia arrives, Lisa thanks her for looking up to her and the two reconcile at last, and secretly hides her life as a party poser. With the conflicts resolved, Bart and Lisa gather their children in preparation for a new Christmas family photo. Marge arrives with Maggie, who has given birth to a baby girl. The Simpsons gather into a group just as the family pets (who have evolved greatly over the past thirty years) take the new photo.


As Marge scolds Homer for hanging up the house’s Christmas decorations before taking down the ones for Halloween, a bored Bart and Lisa watch a television news broadcast in which Kent Brockman announces that all of America will have no snow at Christmas due to global warming. Soon, however, snow does begin to fall in Springfield; Professor Frink explains that due to the combination of radioactive steam from the nuclear power plant and airborne particulates from the city’s tire fire, it is the only location in America with snow. Mayor Quimby declares the town a tourist attraction, and the residents quickly get into the holiday spirit as out-of-town travelers quickly converge on Springfield.
Overwhelmed by the sudden crowds at the Kwik-E-Mart, and seeing the money spent by the tourists, Marge begins to feel like a failure since she cannot afford to spend lavishly on her family. As she returns to the house, a family drives past and offers to pay $300 per night to stay there. She hesitantly accepts the offer; Homer is surprised to find this other family in the house, but Marge explains the situation and persuades him to turn the house into a bed-and-breakfast for the duration of the holiday season. They take in more guests as Christmas approaches, but Marge becomes irritated at their constant requests and complaints over shoddy service and activities. On Christmas Day, Marge finds the guests gathered in the living room and thinks they are going to confront her, but instead they surprise her by singing Christmas carols.
Meanwhile, Lisa buys gifts for the family that are intended to make her feel good about herself – such as a bag of radish seeds for Homer, and a book for Bart – rather than to be something the recipients can use. She is appalled to find Bart burning the book soon afterward, but their argument leads her to see that her gift-giving effort was misguided. She sells the gift Bart gave her and buys him a tablet pre-loaded with books and apps he can enjoy, and he gives her some money to donate to charity.


The episode begins with Comic Book Guy and Kumiko Albertson watching the Cosmic Wars Special, with CBG expressing shock and outrage that the special actually gets worse the more he watches it, and Kumiko stating he has every right to be angry.
Homer plans to fulfill Marge’s wishes by leaving work on time and arriving home to celebrate Christmas with his family. However, he stops on the way home for a drink at Moe’s, and when he says it’s time for him to get home Moe convinces him to stay out all night on Christmas Eve at his bar when Moe admits to being lonely and depressed. Homer loses track of time and when he finally gets home, Marge is enraged at him and kicks him out, saying she does not want him in the house on Christmas. Homer then leaves on an odyssey through a deserted and chilly Springfield, with Moe compounding his sadness by avoiding him when Homer shows up to try and talk to him (and to add insult to injury, Homer’s car gets towed with his cell phone frozen inside it). Meanwhile, Marge becomes depressed without Homer, but tells Bart and Lisa that she is disinclined to forgive him. At that point, Moe climbs down the 742 Evergreen Terrace chimney for some reason and tells Marge the truth about why Homer was out late on Christmas Eve. Marge immediately tries to call Homer, but as he lost his phone, she ends up going out to look for him. Homer ends up at the miserable local movie theatre to watch a depressing Life is Beautiful-type of film about other lost souls like Kirk Van Houten, the Crazy Cat Lady, and of course Gil.
After Marge searches through the city and Homer ends up at a depressing party for mall workers, they each have epiphanies: Homer says that being without his family at Christmas is much worse than being with them, and Marge says that she shouldn’t always assume Homer is doing stupid things for no reasons. The two finally reconcile and look forward to a happy new year.
More seasons of The Simpsons means more Christmas episodes, this batch are all good in there own way, the best being the Fight Before Christmas where you meet to see Katy Perry interacting with puppet versions of the Simpsons. I won’t be Home for Christmas is a heart warming tale. The Simpsons Christmas episodes are always good to watch around Xmas and with so many to watch you can have hours of fun.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)


Cartman has Kyle’s cousin perform a tally of his naughty and nice deeds. He informs Cartman that he has been too naughty to earn his coveted Christmas gift, a Haibo robot dog. In order to reverse his past misdeeds, he sets out to spread Christmas cheer to the people of Iraq. Meanwhile, at a tree lighting ceremony, Jimmy is given the honor of lighting, but first decides to sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Due to his stutter, it takes most of the episode for him to reach the end of the twelve verses. With the use of Mr. Hankey’s Poo-Choo train, Cartman and the other boys travel to the North Pole to convince Santa Claus to bring Christmas to Iraq. With the assistance of the Underpants Gnomes, Santa prepares his sleigh and travels to Iraq, only to be promptly shot down by, brought in, and tortured. The boys realize that Cartman’s little ploy may have ended Christmas for everyone and set out to make things right.
Taking a backup sled, they seek out Jesus. Upon hearing the news, Jesus promptly arms himself with an array of automatic weapons and travels with the boys to Iraq, brutally gunning down everyone who impedes him. The group breaks into the interrogation room and free Santa. As they make their way back to the sleigh, Jesus is shot dead by one Iraqi captor. Outraged, Santa kills the soldier, and proceeds to blast his way out. Back on the sleigh, Santa flies the children back to South Park, but not before covering Iraq in Christmas decorations. Much to the town’s delight, Jimmy finally finishes his song and switches on the Christmas tree, only for the lights them blow a fuse. At that moment though, Santa flies past the tree and magically restores them.
Santa returns the boys home, hoping that people will always remember Jesus on this day. He gives the children all Haibo dogs as thanks, but Cartman is disgusted, as he wanted to be the only kid owning one and have his friends envy him. Kenny then shows up out of nowhere, (his first appearance since “Kenny Dies”), though the three seem unfazed by this.hqdefaultRed Sleigh Down is the season 6 Christmas special of South Park.It’s pretty entertaining and an action-packed episode.The episode spoofs elements of the movie “Three Kings”. This is a fairly good Christmas episode of South Park and it also marks the return of Kenny who was absent from this season.




Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)


After Mr. Hankey fails to show up on Christmas Day, Kyle leads Stan, Cartman and Kenny into the sewers to investigate. When they find him, Kyle questions him, stating that nobody seems to have the Christmas spirit anymore. Mr. Hankey reveals that he has not surfaced due to issues with his family: his dissatisfied alcoholic wife Autumn, and their children (which he calls “nuggets”) Cornwallis, Amber and Simon. Cornwallis wears glasses, scarf, and hat; Amber wears a hair bow and a dress; and Simon has a peanut sticking out from the top of his head.


The boys, along with Mr. Hankey’s kids, attempt to revive the Christmas spirit by singing carols on the sidewalk, but are totally ignored. While they lament not getting any presents, Cornwallis begins to wonder about his significance in the world as a piece of poo. While watching a Peanuts Christmas special, where Snoopy is seen beating a naked Charlie Brown with a board, the boys get the idea to create a short animation to show the townspeople at the local drive-in which they would call The Spirit of Christmas. With backing from Mayor McDaniels, worried about South Park’s economic state, the boys set about using cut-out animation to create their cartoon.


Meanwhile, Cornwallis, who has sunk further into depression, reveals his feelings to his father, who comforts him by singing “The Circle of Poo”, based on the songs “Circle of Life” from The Lion King and “We Are One” from The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. This shows how poo is the lifeblood of the whole planet, and the song even finishes with Mr. Hankey holding up Cornwallis atop a cliff. Rejuvenated, Cornwallis and the others begin preparing the dilapidated drive-in for the screening. Cornwallis’ singing voice is provided by former Temptation Louis Price (whose name was misspelled “Lewis” in the credits). After Cartman accidentally destroys a frame of the cartoon and quits the project, and Kenny is run over by a car, Stan and Kyle proceed with the project themselves, with Stan dubbing Cartman’s voice over (taking extra opportunities to poke fun at his weight in the meantime), Kenny being killed off in the cartoon as well, and sending their cut outs to get made in South Korea.


Finally, the film is ready and the whole town gathers to see it, including Cartman, who joins in getting credit for the movie, and claims he never quit in the first place. Only a few seconds in, though, the film breaks up. As everyone sits at home, forcing the children of South Park to celebrate a Christmas with no presents, Cornwallis and Mr. Hankey fix the projector and the film restarts playing. (The film is made using excerpts of The Spirit of Christmas aka “Jesus vs. Santa”.) Upon seeing the film, the townsfolk finally come to realize that the true spirit of Christmas is commercialism, and rush to the shops for last minute presents. Finally content, the boys head off to open their presents, turning down an offer to make a TV series out of their film.


Before South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone made two animated Christmas short films featuring early versions of the South Park characters. You can find them both on youtube, but this episode gives us some glimpses of the 1995 Spirit of Christmas. This is a funny and good Christmas episode