Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel)
Patrick Wilson (Watchmen)
Madison Wolfe (The Campaign)
Frances O’ Connor (Bedazzled)
Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity)
Simon McBurney (The Last King of Scotland)
Maria Doyle Kennedy (Sing Street)
Robin Atkins Downes (Suicide Squad)
Bonnie Aarons (The Princess Diaries)
In 1976, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren document the Amityville murders at the Amityville house, to determine if a demonic presence was truly responsible for Ronald DeFeo Jr. mass murdering his family on November 13, 1974 and the subsequent haunting incident involving the Lutz family. During a seance, Lorraine is drawn into a vision where she relives the murders and discovers a demonic nun figure, before seeing Ed being fatally impaled. After a struggle, Lorraine is able to break out of the vision.
One year later, in 1977, the Hodgson family begins to discover strange occurrences within their home in London. Janet, the second oldest of four children, is seen sleepwalking and conversing in her dreams with an entity who insists that the house is his. Eventually, all siblings of the house and their mother Peggy witness paranormal events occurring right before their eyes, forcing them to seek refuge with their neighbors. When the media attempts to interview the Hodgsons, Janet is possessed by the spirit of Bill Wilkins, an older man who previously lived and died in the house, and who wants to claim his territory. As Janet begins to show more signs of demonic possession, the story eventually reaches the Warrens, who are requested to assist the local church in the investigation. Lorraine, in fear of her vision of Ed’s death becoming reality, warns him not to get too involved in the case, and reluctantly agrees to travel to London. She has yet another vision of the demonic nun in the collection room wherein the demon says its name, which Lorraine scribbles in her Bible.
While staying at the Hodgson residence, Ed and Lorraine consult with other paranormal investigators, including Maurice Grosse and Anita Gregory, on the legitimacy of the case. They also attempt to communicate with Wilkins’ spirit, hoping to talk him out of harassing the family. One night, after the Hodgsons witness Janet being possessed, Gregory presents video evidence of Janet purposely wrecking the kitchen as if for a prank. Ed and Lorraine are then convinced to leave the family on their own, but soon they discover that the spirit of Wilkins is only a pawn, being manipulated to haunt Janet, while the true mastermind is the demonic spirit that has been haunting Lorraine in her visions.
Ed and Lorraine return to the Hodgson residence, only to find Janet being possessed once more and the rest of the Hodgsons locked outside the house. A lightning strike hits a tree near the house, leaving a jagged stump resembling the object that impaled Ed in Lorraine’s vision. Ed ventures inside the house alone, and finds Janet standing near the window, ready to leap onto the stump and commit suicide. He manages to grab Janet in time, but finds himself holding onto a curtain that is being torn from its rings by his and Janet’s weight. Lorraine remembers that she wrote the demon’s name – Valak – in her Bible. She enters the house and confronts Valak, addressing it by name and successfully condemning it back to Hell. Janet is freed of her possession, and Lorraine pulls her and Ed to safety.
A text epilogue reveals that Peggy lived the rest of her life in that house and died in 2003, sitting in the same spot in which Wilkins had died 40 years earlier. Upon returning home, Ed adds an item to his and Lorraine’s collection – “The Crooked Man” zoetrope toy owned by Peggy’s youngest child – placing it near April’s music box and the Annabelle doll. The couple then dance to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley.
The Conjuring 2 is as strong as the first. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first, or indeed likes haunting films.



Bella Thorne (The Babysitter)
Cameron Monaghan (Gotham)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful eight)
Mckenna Grace (I, Tonya)
Thomas Mann (Kong: Skull Island)
Taylor Spreitler (Melissa & Joey)
Jennifer Morrison (How I Met Your Mother)
Kurtwood Smith (Agent Carter)
Cleopatra Coleman (The Last Man on Earth)

A single mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) moves into a new home with her three children, but the miraculous recovery of her previously comatose teenage son (Cameron Monaghan) leads to a series of sinister events that leave the frightened family fighting for their lives. Bella Thorne and Kurtwood Smith co-star.Amityville: The Awakening is notable for a variety of reasons, and many of them have nothing to do with the quality of the film. For starters, it was completed back in 2012 and has been re-scheduled half a dozen time; it was most recently pulled last June mere weeks before it was set to hit theaters. So, for those of us who have been watching and waiting for Amityville: Awakening, following the film along every bump in the road, the fact that it finally came to fruition is kind of a big deal. But while the release is long overdue, it also coincides with an unprecedented Hollywood scandal: The revelations of sexual misconduct by The Weinstein Company co-founder Harvey Weinstein. Since Weinstein was fired by the company he created, Amityville: The Awakening is the first of his productions to be released. Tellingly, the fallen mogul’s name was removed from the film’s opening credits. Whether there is a resulting Weinstein backlash that will hurt the film’s performance remains to be seen, as fans mull turning their backs on anything that might end up putting money in his pocket.Amityville: The Awakening arrived for a limited time on Google Play today; this will be followed by a limited theatrical release beginning on October 28th. The fact that Amityville: The Awakening was pulled from release so many time indicates that the studio had no faith in the film; it feels like it’s only reluctantly being released at all, and giving it away for free on Google Play suggests Dimension Films already considered it a complete loss. But even with tempered expectations, Amityville: The Awakening is genuinely, objectively fantastic. I don’t know if all the fine-tuning paid off, or if the Weinsteins simply misjudged a winner, but the movie is one of the best PG-13 horror movies of the 21st Century. Had it pursued a hard R, it could have rivaled The Conjuring.As for its ranking within the loosely connected Amityville franchise (a rag-tag assemblage of mostly low-quality knock-offs capitalizing on the infamous address’s legacy), it’s easily number 3; right behind 1979’s classic and 1982’s Amityville II: The Possession. While it can’t touch the original, it’s a treat for those fascinated by the happenings at f 112 Ocean Ave. in Long Island. The film opens with historical documents from the actual DeFeo Family murders that occurred in 1974. From there, and combines several past approaches to the cinematic property; while firmly rooted in the haunted house subgenre, there’s also an emphasis on possession motifs. Like the prequel, there’s a brother/sister dynamic and family dysfunction at the core of Amityville: The Awakening—one that provokes the audiences on several levels.Most surprisingly, and impressively, Amityville: The Awakening is a meta-film. Not only does it retain the “based on a true story” status touted by the original, it exists in a universe where all of the Amityville movies actually exist; essential, it’s a work of fiction that takes place in real life. So, imagine being a fan of the franchise and the chilling paranormal history of 112 Ocean Avenue, and then being given an opportunity to roam the property. That’s essentially what you get: A virtual tour of the iconic Amityville house, complete with windows that look like creepy eyes and a sinister red room hidden behind a wall in the basement. Imagine watching 1979’s Amityville Horror in the actually Amityville house! It would be an opportunity horror and supernatural geeks would pay an arm and a leg for. So, it’s will no small amount of vicarious satisfaction that we see a fictional film nerd do just that.Divorced from the Amityville franchise, Amityville: The Awakening is still a powerful haunted house movie, so one needn’t have seen the original (or the 2005 remake) to dig it. Though there are Easter Eggs and nods to the original aplenty, it fits all the motifs associated with angsty teens in peril. There are some incredible jump-scares, and they’re pulled early; this sets the audience on edge from the get-go and the proceeding suspense works perfectly. There are also elements of medical and body horror; Cameron Monaghan plays James, a teen who’s been in a coma for years and, as a result, his body has atrophied into a waxy, twisted abomination (think Zelda from 1989’s Pet Sematary)—complete with bedsores. It’s got one serious gross-out moment, and could have only benefitted from more; I have no doubt that upping the ante and making The Awakening R-Rated would have only strengthened the end result.While the audience associates the lead protagonist Belle (played by Bella Thorne), James is the personification of paralyzing fear. The claustrophobia of a haunted house is magnified exponentially when one loses the ability to run, react, or even scream. It’s a portrayal of helplessness that most teens, with their lives ahead of them and feelings of invincibility, would consider Hell. Amityville: The Awakening succeeds by rooting itself in the established franchise mythology, then compounding the inherent horror with extreme family dysfunction.I liked Amityville: The Awakening way more than I expected to, and I had higher than average expectations. In many ways, it’s a movie made for Amityville Horror fans, but you needn’t be familiar with the past films or a true-crime buff to get a lot out of this tense and thrill-ride. The film stars strong and maintains its intensity. While not without flaws, this Amityville fan loved it; I’d recommend it to any fan of supernatural horror for an effective & surprisingly nuanced shocker.




Marie DeLorenzo  (Empire of The Apes)
Jeff Kirkendall  (Sharkenstein)
James Carolus (Jurassic Prey)
Austin Dragovich (Land Shark)

amityvillelegacy2A contractor who worked on the original ‘Amityville Horror’ home repurposed lumber from that renovation for other projects.  The carpenter ended up possessed and murdered his family.  Now it’s up to a priest whose brother died exorcising the infamous Amityville house to save another family whose home reused the cursed wood.amityvillelegacy1Amityville Exorcism was made on a shoestring budget and clearly is not the work of professional filmmakers. That’s totally fine and there’s some good stuff out there, but this was a damn hard sit through. Almost every scene is filled with bad slow motion sequences, distorted images flashing by and screeching, overly noisy sound effects. I guess that’s supposed to create jump scares or some kind of atmosphere but fails horribly. There’s not a lick of tension in this. Having the evil entity standing around in broad daylight, wearing a cheap red monk costume and a shiny red plastic mask unsurprisingly isn’t exactly terrifying



Nicole Tompkins (Opening Night)
Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau (Minutes to Midnight)
Kim Nielsen (Eascape From The Zoo)
Amanda Barton (Dracula’s Curse)
Trevor Stines (A Tragic Love Stpry)
Christy St. John (I Ship it)
Tonya Kay (The Other Wife)

amityvillelegacy3When a new family moves to an old house in Amityville, they are tormented and tortured by an evil spirit living in the home while trapped by the malicious townspeople who want to keep them there.amityvillelegacy1The Amityville Terror seems hell bent from the start to check of every box on the cliché’ horror movie list. That being said, it did manage to check them off in good fashion. For the most part it’s well acted. The story, while checking its boxes, does a good job of ramping up the tension as the story progresses. As the answers and the truth of what is happening unfolds it does manage to depart from its predictable ways, a bit, and there is a rather nice payoff in the end.



Schuylar Craig  (Camp Blood 4)
Julia Farrell (Endor)
Jennii Caroline (Die Sister, Die)
Jason Bracht  (Meathook Massacre II)
Jade Michael LaFont (Torment)
Cheyenne King  (Hate)

amityvillelegacy1Amityville Legacy pays incredible homage to the older Amityville films. In particular It’s About Time, A New Generation, and Dollhouse, which were all released in the early to mid-nineties. This film definitely has the same feel as those films, but with a bit more spunk. Like those films Legacy doesn’t take place in the Amityville house, however, we do get to see the Amityville house in the opening scene. The opening scene is fantastic, we get to see a retelling of the DeFeo shooting. Even though it’s only 2 minutes I feel that it’s crucial to the film and it’s very atmospheric. Incredible exterior shots of the Amityville house and I really like the red tinted lighting used in the interior scene because it flows smoothly into the opening credit sequence.
The legacy’s story focuses on the Janssen family 4 girls and 1 boy. Mark is turning 50 and his kids have come home to visit him. His daughter Julia gives him an antique toy monkey because he had one as a child. However, this toy monkey is the same one the little girl in the Defoe house had under her bed when hiding from her brother before he killed her in the opening sequence. Somehow that evil transferred to the antique toy monkey. Once Mark receives his birthday gift he starts having blackouts and seeing his father who is now pushing him to kill has family.
Not a lot of gore in this film, but there really wasn’t any need for it. Most of the murders happened at the end of the film. However the build-up is just right and really delivers in the end. All that character development and story before the final massacre really made you care for what was happening to the characters in the end.  Interesting enough, this story takes place around Christmas time and in the final scene it starts to snow. I really liked that touch of snow in that final scene.
The final shot in the film really stays with you. It’s very intriguing because you don’t really know what happened since it cuts to the credits. I feel like the film left me wanting more, but I was satisfied with what I got. In the end, I really feel that less is more and Legacy really delivered just the right combination to make it one of the best Amityville films.




Selena Mars (Price Check)
Amanda Flowers (Wakers)
Mickala McFarlane  (DarkPrism)
Lloyd Kaufman (The Last Apartment)

_mg_8849The Amityville legend lives on when a resident of a local boarding house dies under mysterious circumstances. Her two best friends, Brigitta and Bermuda, Bermuda’s sister Sentinel, and the owner of the boarding house, Ms. Ernie, are absolutely devastated. This is not helped by the arrival of an eccentric and crude detective who never takes off his cowboy outfit, Hank Denton. Tensions run high as the girls begin to suspect their friend Margaret may still be alive; and as the detective’s behavior becomes more out of control, the house itself may very well be turning on it’s residents
Being Dylan Greenberg’s first film it showed just how not to make a movie, the film has a tired caste, drags on in spots, no scares and the scenes leading up to Margret’s death are told through in no particular order making it very confusing. At this point the possession angle has been rubbed thin without offering anything we haven’t seen before. It tries to be a deep psychological horror, but instead comes off as phony and without any real conviction. The house again looks nothing like the original even though it seems it was always looked refurbished.145458_5409_feat-770x433
The only praise worth giving is the spooky soundtrack which felt wasted on a cheap money grab. Only worth watching if your a fan of Amityville and need to see all the films.




Monèle LeStrat
Fawn Harriman
Linden Baker
Kennie Benoit
Hollie Anne Kornik
Wendy Shardlow
Eva Kwok
Logan Russell


high school girl inherits an abandoned theater that hasn’t been in operation for five years after her parents die. Her friends come with her to take a look at the place. Once inside, some type of supernatural force traps them in by sealing the doors, and apparitions emerge to freak them out. The lead’s geography teacher takes a look at the history behind the theater. The only tie to the Amityville brand is in the name. That is used for eyes to catch it and rent the movie. It is no great shakes. An uneventful script, suspect acting, a lack of real scares or atmosphere, and too much dialogue (and not even good dialogue which makes it even worse) damage a film that needed something of note in order to make the purpose of watching it worthwhile. It isn’t *the worst movie ever made* even though I must admit that the acting is rather amateurish and/or uninspired. Either the performances are zombie-like or over-the-top; there’s no middle ground.

Download The Amityville Playhouse 2015 DVDRip x264 AC3-FooKaS

Fawn (Monèle LeStrat) has a jerk boyfriend with an odious, antagonist attitude, Kyle (Linden Baker) tagging along. Kyle has an estranged brother, Jevan (Logan Russell) who brings along a pal, Matt (Kennie Benoit). Fawn’s friend, Indy (Eva Kwok), also joins the group. Wendy (Hollie Kornick) is soon discovered by Jevan; she left home and has used the theater as a place to stay. They don’t anticipate *something* inside the theater…

While nothing cool surfaces in the theater, teach (John Walker) investigates the history of the theater while encountering oddball locals (hotel proprietor, librarian). It is rare that an entire cast (well, Walker might be the exception) stinks, but this film has a lot of subpar performances that reek. Even the theater which should be a character in itself fails to creep us out…it is just a building, and it doesn’t even look aged. The pub scenes with Walker and his adult friends (which include a paleontologist, vicar, and vicar’s wife) serve as filler (Walker is leaving town for “the States”). But these scenes are no more pointless than the majority of the film inside the theater.