Alycia Debnam-Carey (The 100)
William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl)
Brit Morgan (Supergirl)
Brooke Markham (Foursome)
Sean Marquette (13 Going on 30)

Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is one of the most popular students at her college and enjoys an active social life with many friends and family members. She is active on social networks and has over 800 friends on Facebook.

One day, Laura receives a friend request from Marina (Liesl Ahlers), a girl she barely knows. She nevertheless accepts the request and begins a friendship with the lonely girl. Laura is Marina’s first Facebook friend and her profile is plastered in bizarre and disturbing images. Marina’s possessive behavior begins to make Laura feel uncomfortable. However, when Laura shares a picture of herself at her birthday dinner– to which Marina was not invited– Marina publicly and angrily confronts Laura at her college campus. Before she is taken away by security she vows revenge on Laura. Laura unfriends Marina on Facebook.

That night, Marina records her suicide with her webcam, which automatically uploads the footage to social media. Soon after, Laura finds that she is being stalked by Marina’s vengeful spirit, who promises to make her “lonely”. The spirit begins killing Laura’s friends one by one, posting videos of each friend’s death on Laura’s Facebook page. Unable to delete the videos or deactivate her account, Laura’s Facebook friend count drops.

Eventually, in order to stop the haunting, Laura hunts down the place where Marina committed suicide in order to destroy the black mirror that turned Marina into an evil spirit.I’m a little bit critical when it comes to horror movies linked with social media, but this one turned out to be a really good film. If you Liked Unfriended you will love this.