Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: TLJ)
Valerie Azlynn (Tropic Thunder)
Alicia Leigh Willis (American Heiress)
Joel David Moore (Bones)
Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible)

God, did I enjoyed this flick. You just have to watch it without thinking and you will have a lot of fun with two hot chicks and a lot of red stuff. It is P.J. Pettiette first attempt to direct a horror but being a producer of a few horrors it shows clearly that the director knew his stuff. It’s a flick with a great twist that you just couldn’t see coming. It all starts off when Julia (Valerie Azlynn) met a stranger (Kevin Sorbo) via internet not knowing that he is a serial killer. From the first minutes the red stuff comes in. Both Julia and the stranger are believable. Of course Julia tries to escape and once she tries it this flick becomes something different and from that point Jessica (Alicia Leigh Willis)comes into the story, the sister of Julia.

This flick is full of red stuff but it never becomes gory. Still, if you take it seriously then you will hate this but just watch it as a no-brainer. The only thing it is missing is of course some nudity. There is a bath scene with Julia but nothing is shown.

Towards the end you will have a laugh on your face and the end scene is so predictable and funny, yes, I liked it a lot. And I liked Kevin although a lot hate him.

Kevin Sorbo is the male component; known only as “The Stranger,” he’s a notorious serial killer who lures girls onto dates, murders them, then brands them with a letter of the alphabet. Julia (Valerie Azlynn) is unlucky letter “X,” and the night is going well for The Stranger until she reveals that she, too, is a predator. Along with her sister, Jessica, she also targets men to take out the aggression that stems from an abusive childhood. The tables are turned, the hunter becomes the hunted.