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Ali G is the leader of Da West Staines Massiv, a fictional gang composed of wannabe gangsters from Staines; their chief rivals are Da East Staines Massiv. Da West Staines Massiv are heartbroken to learn that their beloved local leisure centre will be demolished by the local council, so they decide to protest. After he goes on a hunger strike and is spotted chained to some railings by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Deputy Prime Minister David Carlton, he is drawn into a world of political intrigue, as the Deputy Prime Minister tries to use Ali as a tool to destroy the Prime Minister’s credibility. Ali is put forward as a candidate to be the next MP for Staines and manages to alienate most who cross his path. During a debate with his rival candidate, Ali tries to insult his rival by claiming that he “sucked off a horse,” but the rival did do it and Ali wins.Out of his depth as a Member of Parliament, Ali’s bizarre behaviour and solutions seem to work. He visits a customs checkpoint in Dover, as a delegate compiling a report. Through ideas such as making more relatable education and ensuring the immigration of attractive women into the UK, Ali becomes incredibly popular, meeting the Prime Minister’s intentions and bringing his percentage lead in the polls up twenty two percent. With this the Prime Minister offers to save Ali’s leisure centre. Ali accompanies the Prime Minister to a United Nations peace conference to avert war between the French-speaking African nations of Chad and Burkina Faso. The United States and Russia back opposite countries and both threaten nuclear attacks. Ali sneaks into the catering area and puts a bag of marijuana into the delegates’ tea. A side-effect is that the two opposing presidents become allies. The Prime Minister says that Ali has saved the world. Carlton’s secretary Kate Hedges figures out what Ali has done and retrieves the empty bag, which she mails to the press. Upon his return to the UK, Ali is forced to leave parliament.Before the Leisure Centre can be saved, a video emerges of Ali and his girlfriend having sex in the Prime Minister’s bedroom at Chequers. As Ali was wearing items of the Prime Minister’s hat and coat at the time, the media believe the video details the Prime Minister with a prostitute, forcing his resignation. This results in Carlton being made Prime Minister. Carlton orders the destruction of the leisure centre. He has bought all available real estate in Staines knowing that the town will be destroyed to make way for a new terminal for Heathrow Airport, which will make him wealthy. The West Staines Massiv race to find the master copy of the CCTV tape proving the former Prime Minister’s innocence, extending the olive branch to the gangs of Staines and Berkshire to help them break into the vaults and retrieve the tape. They do this successfully and reinstate the original Prime Minister, save the leisure centre, and live happily ever after when Ali is posted as the British ambassador to Jamaica. Carlton is forced to work under Ali in Jamaica and dance with other people during Ali’s parties. Staines is saved from destruction, with the Prime Minister declaring that Slough is to be destroyed instead.Ali G Indahouse has got to be one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time, and Cohen’s portrayal of a British gangsta is hilarious. This film has cult classic written all over it, and it features some really great lines. Ali G Indahouse is a good-time party movie that will leave the viewer laughing literally from beginning to end.



Sacha Baron Cohen (Grimsby)

Da Ali G Show star Sacha Baron Cohen, a chameleon who, masquerading as a series of absurd alter egos, conducts real interviews in which he volleys ridiculous questions at real-life luminaries who aren’t in on the joke.  Cohen’s remarkable series of guests includes Ralph Nader, Newt Gingrich, C. Everett Koop, Marlin Fitzwater, and James Baker, all of whom qualify as brilliant enough to rise to the top of their respective fields, but not quite savvy enough to see the satirist behind the façade. Da Ali G Show turns American luminaries into stooges, but Cohen disappears so effectively into his characters that it’s easy to see how they get duped.

Cohen also portrays Borat, a Kazakhstani reporter who runs roughshod over American taboos, and Bruno, an effeminate Austrian fashion reporter. Where the humor in Borat and Ali G’s segments draws from the gulf in awareness between the interviewer and the interviewee, the humor in Bruno’s pieces derives largely from the fashion world’s willingness to embrace the ridiculous fashion victim as one of its own. When Bruno refers to a fashion show’s glibly condescending “white trash” theme as being about “rubbish people,” a clueless fashionista burbles in agreement.

Da Ali G Show is both prototypical universal. Plenty of British exports get lost in translation, but the trip overseas has only sharpened the surreal culture clash at the heart of Cohen’s comedy.