Liam Neeson (Taken)
Julianne Moore (Carrie)
Scoot McNairy (Argo)
Michelle Dockery (Selg/Less)
Nate Parker (Eden)
Corey Stoll (Ant-Man)
Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther)
Omar Metwally (The Affair)
Jason Butler Harner (Net)
Linus Roache (Batman Begins)
Shea Whigham (Agent Carter)
Anson Mount (Inhumans)
Bar Paly (Pain & Gain)

Liam Neeson in Non-Stop (2014)Alcoholic U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks boards a British Aqualantic Airlines Boeing 767 from New York City to London. He sits next to Jen Summers, who has switched seats so she can be by the window. After takeoff, Marks receives a text message on his secure phone stating that someone will die every 20 minutes unless $150 million is transferred to a specified bank account. Marks breaks protocol and consults Jack Hammond, the other air marshal, who dismisses the threat. Marks, however, has Summers and flight attendant Nancy monitor the security cameras while texting the mysterious person to try to identify him.Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson in Non-Stop (2014)When Hammond is seen using his phone and suddenly goes to the rear toilet, Marks confronts him. Hammond first offers him some of the money. When Marks turns him down, Hammond attacks. During the ensuing fight, when Hammond reaches for Marks’ dropped gun, Marks has to break his neck, killing him. This happens exactly at the 20-minute mark. When Marks checks Hammond’s phone, it reveals that someone texted that he knows what is in Hammond’s briefcase. Marks finds cocaine in it. Marks alerts the TSA, but TSA agent Marenick informs him that the bank account is registered in his name and accuses Marks of being the perpetrator. At this point, the pilot dies, apparently poisoned, at the 40-minute mark. Kyle, the co-pilot, convinces Marks that he’s innocent.Liam Neeson and Michelle Dockery in Non-Stop (2014)Marks searches the resentful passengers. One of them uploads a video in which Marks accuses and manhandles schoolteacher Tom Bowen, convincing the rest of the world that Marks is the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Kyle is instructed by the TSA to divert to Iceland. Marks persuades a programmer named Zack White to write a computer virus to make the hijacker’s phone ring. The phone rings in passenger Charles Wheeler’s suit pocket, but he denies it is his. As Marks roughly questions him, he suddenly dies, foaming at the mouth, at the 60-minute mark.While smoking in the first class lavatory, Marks discovers a hole drilled into the wall which offers a clear shot to the pilot’s seat. He then inspects Wheeler’s body and discovers a dart. He asks a passenger who used the toilet recently if anybody used it after her; she replies that Summers did. Marks accuses Summers of being the hijacker. Summers gets upset, as she had stood by him. She manages to convince Marks of her innocence.Liam Neeson in Non-Stop (2014)In the meantime, two Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets meet the plane, to escort it to a military base in Iceland. The passengers watch a television news report claiming that Marks is hijacking their flight. The hijacker then texts that a bomb will explode in 30 minutes. Marks realizes that the bomb bypassed the security checks, and finds it in Hammond’s cocaine briefcase. When some passengers attack Marks, Bowen stops them, believing that the bomb is the first priority. Marks convinces the others of his innocence, and has them move the bomb beside a rear door and surround it with luggage to direct the blast outward, while everybody moves to the front of the airplane. Marks tells Kyle to descend to 8,000 feet, as the current pressure differential would rip the airplane apart if the bomb exploded. However, the pilot of one of the escorting jets refuses to let Kyle deviate from his course.Liam Neeson and Michelle Dockery in Non-Stop (2014)Marks, watching a passenger’s phone video (the news video), notices Bowen making contact with Wheeler, planting the secure phone. Unmasked, Bowen runs to the rear. Marks chases after him, but loses his gun to Bowen in a fight. White reveals he is Bowen’s accomplice. Their goal was to frame Marks, thus ruining the reputation of the Air Marshals Service. Bowen wants revenge for the service not preventing the death of his father on September 11 and, as a result, believes that “security is the country’s biggest lie” and its exposure is necessary to get it addressed. Marks persuades White, who is more in it for the money, to try to disarm the bomb, saying that he could not survive parachuting out at this altitude. However, Bowen shoots White. Just then, Kyle suddenly descends steeply against orders. That distraction enables Marks, with Nancy’s help, to kill Bowen. White recovers and attacks Marks, still wanting to jump out of the aircraft. Marks subdues him, then runs from the rear of the airplane just as the bomb goes off, killing White and blowing out the door. Despite the damage, Kyle manages to land the plane safely. Marks is praised as a hero. He and Summers make plans for the start of a possible future together.Liam Neeson in Non-Stop (2014)There definitely is a lot that went into this movie, and even though it’ll have you thinking more deeply about the security of airlines, most of all it’s just a really, really fun ride.




Henry Cavill (Man of Steel)
Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger)
Alicia Vikander (Jason Bourne)
Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby)
Jared Harris (The Quiet Ones)
Hugh Grant (Love Actually)
Luca Calvani (When In Rome)

In 1963, professional thief-turned CIA agent Napoleon Solo extracts Gaby Teller, daughter of Dr. Udo Teller, an alleged Nazi scientist-turned United States collaborator at the end of World War II, from East Berlin, evading KGB operative Illya Kuryakin. He later reports to his superior, Sanders, who reveals that Gaby’s maternal uncle Rudi works in a shipping company owned by Alexander and Victoria Vinciguerra, a wealthy Nazi sympathizing couple who intend to use Teller to build their own private nuclear weapon and give it to lingering Nazi elements. Due to the potentially world-ending nature of this crisis, the CIA and KGB have reluctantly teamed up, and Solo and Kuryakin are ordered to stop the Vinciguerras from succeeding, with both men secretly assigned to steal Udo Teller’s research for their respective governments.

The trio travels to Rome, where Gaby and Kuryakin reluctantly pose as an engaged couple, and Solo pretends to be an antiquities dealer. Solo deduces they are being monitored and instructs Kuryakin not to defend himself from muggers so as to preserve this cover. Despite their hostilities towards each other, Kuryakin heeds his advice and does not react when his father’s prized watch is stolen. Later, at an auto racing event promoted by the Vinciguerras, Solo and Gaby flirt with Victoria and Alexander, respectively, in order to lure out information about Teller. Meanwhile Kuryakin acquires evidence the Vinciguerras were recently exposed to radiation, indicating that their weapon is near completion.

Solo and Kuryakin begrudgingly join forces to break into a Vinciguerra shipping yard, in which they find traces of uranium. After accidentally setting off the alarm, they escape into the water only to find their way blocked. During the ensuing scuffle with the guards, Kuryakin nearly drowns in the waters but Solo escapes, only to surprise himself by returning to save Kuryakin. Although a suspicious Victoria pursues them with her henchmen, Solo and Kuryakin manage to slip past into their own rooms undetected, and Victoria and Solo spend the night together. The following day, Gaby meets with Rudi and Alexander to discuss a job, but unexpectedly betrays Kuryakin and Solo to them, forcing Kuryakin to escape, while Solo is drugged and captured by Victoria and taken to a nearby warehouse to be tortured in an electric chair by Rudi, who is revealed as an infamous Nazi torturer. Henry Cavill and Alicia Vikander in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)Solo is saved by Kuryakin, who straps Rudi into the electric chair, in order to intimidate him into talking. Rudi reveals that the weapon is hidden in an island fortress, where Gaby has been reunited with her father, which is where Solo and Kuryakin head off to, with Rudi unintentionally being burnt alive due to the electric chair malfunctioning. To protect Gaby, Dr. Teller pretends to resume work on the weapon, which has a tracking system left over from when the warhead was non-nuclear, so that a second missile can home in on it for added impact, but although Gaby attempts to help her father escape and sabotage the warhead. Victoria quickly sees through this deception, and has Alexander imprison Gaby, as an extra incentive for Dr. Teller. Teller quickly adds the finishing touches to the bomb, but is then shot in the head by Victoria as soon as he does.

Meanwhile, Solo and Kuryakin are approached by Alexander Waverly, a high-ranking MI6 operative who flies them on a Westland Wessex to HMS Ark Royal (R09) and reveals that Gaby is an undercover agent under his employment. He and his Special Boat Service commandos help Solo and Kuryakin infiltrate the Vinciguerras’ compound. Alexander Vinciguerra attempts to escape with Gaby and the warhead, but is intercepted and Alexander is killed by the duo. Solo secretly retrieves the disc with Teller’s research, but the warhead Vinciguerra was taking with him was the non-nuclear secondary missile, allowing Victoria to leave undetected on another boat with the real warhead. By Gaby’s suggestion, having heard the weapon system explained, Solo is able to contact Victoria via radio and keep her on the line long enough for Waverly to locate her and launch the homing missile, simultaneously destroying the nuclear weapon and the boat, apparently taking Victoria with it.

Afterwards, Kuryakin confronts Solo in his hotel room, intending to kill him and steal the disc for the Soviet Union, but changes his mind when Solo produces Kuryakin’s father’s stolen watch, which he had retrieved. The two instead choose to share a drink on the terrace and burn the contents of the disk, so as to not give either of their countries the upper hand in the arms race. They then reunite with Gaby and Waverly, who reveals that the trio has been reassigned to a new international organization under his command. He then announces a new mission to Istanbul under their new codename: U.N.C.L.E..Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it for anyone who enjoys spy movies, or action/comedies.



Idris Elba (Thor)
Richard Madden (Game of Thrones)
Charlotte Le Bon (The Walk)
Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes)
José Garcia (Fonzy)

Idris Elba in Bastille Day (2016)On the eve of Bastille Day in Paris, American drifter and pickpocket Michael Mason steals a woman’s handbag, not knowing that it contains explosives. After he drops the bag off, it detonates and kills four people. Upon being captured by CIA agent Sean Briar, who is being reprimanded for irresponsible conduct on the job, Mason protests that he is not a terrorist, and tells Briar that the bag contained a cell-phone owned by a woman named Zoe. The bomb was set up by a group of corrupt policemen led by Rafi Bernard, all of them members in the French special force RAPID who intend to pull a robbery at the French National Bank. Zoe was told to plant the bomb at the office of the French Nationalist Party (as part of a diversion for the heist), but after seeing the night cleaning crew arrive, she was unwilling to kill innocents and so abandoned the plan. Zoe’s boyfriend Jean, one of the conspirators, allows her to escape, realizing that his compatriots will kill her.Idris Elba and Richard Madden in Bastille Day (2016)The group tracks Zoe’s phone to Briar’s and Mason’s location. Briar engages the conspirators, who subdue him, while Mason escapes. Rafi’s team proceeds to plant fake evidence at a mosque and stir up a nationwide uproar among its Islamic population, using agitating hashtags on the Internet. Chased by the French authorities and Rafi’s forces, Mason is picked up by Briar, who has come to believe his story and intends to clear the case with his help, even against the orders of his superiors. They track Zoe to the hideout of her friend Paul and his motorcycle gang, but the gang fires their car to cover their escape. Appropriating another car, they track Paul down to the bar where he works, and Mason instigates a brawl, during which he steals Paul’s ID card.Richard Madden in Bastille Day (2016)Mason and Briar use the card to find out Paul’s address, where Zoe is hiding, and manage to gain her cooperation. Zoe leads them to Jean’s apartment, where they find his body and an ID and badge identifying him as a police officer. Briar informs his colleague, Karen Dacre, who confers with her French contact, DGSI Director Victor Gamieux, about taking Mason and Zoe into protective custody. However, Gamieux, actually the mastermind of the heist conspiracy, kills Dacre after obtaining the information he needs and sends a pickup team consisting of his henchmen. Briar, Mason and Zoe manage to pick up clues about the men’s true allegiance and fight their way out of the deathtrap. Now realizing Gamieux’s hand in the game, the three head toward the French National Bank.Idris Elba in Bastille Day (2016)When a crowd of protestors masses at the front of the bank—as the conspirators have intended—Gamieux assigns Rafi’s RAPID team to the building to provide interior security, thus facilitating the digital robbery of its entire monetary reserves (half a billion euros). Upon arriving at the bank, Briar disguises himself as a RAPID officer and manages to gain access to the building before he is found out. Hearing of his predicament over their stolen police van’s radio, Zoe and Mason start a riot among the protestors, who storm the bank and overpower the RAPID troopers closing in on Briar. Briar subsequently infiltrates the vault and engages Rafi and his remaining henchman. Rafi escapes with the USB flash drive on which the money has been downloaded, but Briar contacts Mason, who steals the flash drive from Rafi. Upon noticing the theft, Rafi takes Zoe hostage. Gamieux, trying to salvage his plan, commands a squad of policemen to shoot and kill Rafi, and Mason escapes with the flash drive. Some time later, Mason, working with Briar and French law enforcement, meets with Gamieux on the pretense of trading the flash drive for a passport and a ride out of the country, leading to the latter’s arrest. The charges against Mason are dropped, and he is offered a job with the CIA.Of course you shouldn’t expect a masterpiece. The characters are all shallow, and the story is predictable. It doesn’t even try to be clever, it just gives you everything at face value.



Jack O’Connell (300: Rise of an Empire)
Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones)
Charlie Murphy (PEaky Blinders)
David Wilmot (King Arthur)
Sean Harris (Prometheus)
Killian Scott (The Commuter)
Sam Reid (Prime Suspect 1973)
Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk)
Paul Anderson (Robin Hood)
Jack Lowden (Denial)
Martin McCann (The Pacific)
Babou Ceesay (Rogue One)
Paul Popplewell (Fairytale: A True Story)

Jack O'Connell in '71 (2014)Gary Hook, a new recruit to the British Army, takes leave of his much younger brother Darren. Hook’s platoon is sent to Belfast in 1971 in the early years of the Troubles. Under the leadership of the inexperienced Second Lieutenant Armitage, his platoon is deployed to a volatile area where Catholic Republicans and Protestant Loyalists live side by side. The unit provides support for the Royal Ulster Constabulary as it inspects homes for firearms, shocking Hook with their rough treatment of women and children. A crowd gathers to protest and provoke the British troops who, though heavily armed, can only respond by trying to hold the crowd back.Jack O'Connell and Aaron Lynch in '71 (2014)One soldier is hit by a rock and drops his rifle to the ground. In the confusion, a young boy seizes it and runs off through the mob. Hook and another soldier, Thompson, pursue him. As the crowd’s protest violently escalates, the soldiers and police pull out, leaving the two soldiers behind. Hook and Thompson are severely beaten by a mob, until a sympathetic woman manages to calm things down. However, Thompson is suddenly shot dead at point-blank range by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) gunman Paul Haggerty. With the crowd physically attacking him, Hook flees through streets and back alleys, eludes his pursuers, and hides in an outhouse until dark.Jack O'Connell in '71 (2014)A Protestant youngster brings Hook to a local pub that serves as a front for Loyalists. There, Hook glimpses a Loyalist group in a back room, constructing a bomb under the guidance of a member of the Military Reaction Force (MRF), the British Army’s covert counter-insurgency unit. Hook steps outside the pub just before an enormous explosion destroys the building, killing or injuring many of those inside, including the young boy who brought him there. Hook flees once more into the dark streets. Unaware that the Loyalist bombers have blown themselves up accidentally, the PIRA and Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA) factions accuse each other of being responsible for the bombing. Two Catholics, Eamon and his daughter Brigid, discover Hook as he lies in a street unconscious and injured by shrapnel. They take him to their home in the Divis Flats area before discovering he is a British soldier. Eamon, a former army medic, stitches Hook’s wounds.Jack O'Connell in '71 (2014)Despite the PIRA’s having recently taken control of the area from the OIRA, Eamon contacts senior OIRA official Boyle for help, expecting a more humane solution than the PIRA faction would allow. Boyle, less radical and violent than the younger PIRA members, has a working relationship with the MRF and tells MRF Captain Browning, leader of the local MRF section, of Hook’s whereabouts and asks in return that Browning kill James Quinn, a key leader of the PIRA faction, who wanted Boyle dead after clashing with him over responsibility for the pub explosion. Quinn and his PIRA squad have been tailing Boyle since the pub explosion and saw him visit Eamon’s flat without knowing why he was there. Sensing danger, Hook flees the flat, taking an assault knife he finds in a bag. He eludes the PIRA men but, unable to evade Haggerty, Hook stabs and kills him.9-71Quinn’s group captures Hook and takes him to a hideout. Quinn orders Sean, a young inexperienced teenager who in the early neighborhood persecution had hesitated killing Hook, to murder him. When Sean hesitates, Quinn prepares to execute Hook, only to leave when Browning’s group arrives. Sergeant Lewis of Browning’s group shoots Sean, to Hook’s horror. Lewis then attempts to strangle Hook to prevent him from informing others about the bomb. As Lieutenant Armitage and his men enter in support of Browning, Armitage sees Lewis’ attempt to kill Hook. Sean raises himself and shoots Lewis dead before being shot again, this time by Armitage. Browning finds Quinn, and rather than arresting him, tells him Boyle wants him dead, then lets him go. As Quinn leaves, Browning tells him he will be in touch soon, and he expects him to be helpful. Hook is returned to his barracks. Later, despite a formal complaint by Armitage, the commanding officer dismisses the incident involving Hook, Lewis, and Sean as a confused situation that merits no further inquiry. Hook returns to England and reunites with Darren.'71-2014-003-private-hook-on-back-of-army-truck-with-rifle’71 is on point. Everything is there for a reason, and it shows on screen. Struck with luck, but unlucky to have been there in the first place, Jack O’Connell prospers and carries the film even when it is unneeded and secures it as one of this year’s best thrillers.




Steven Seagal (True Justice)
Morris Chestnut (V)
Ja Rule (The Fast and The Furious)
Nia Peeples (Citizen Jane)
Tony Plana (Ugly Betty)
Kurupt (Hollywood Homicide)
Michael Taliferro (Bad Boys)
Claudia Christian (Babylon 5)
Linda Thorson (Joey)
Bruce Weitz (Velocity Trap)
Matt Battaglia (Thor)
Mo’Nique (Precious)

Morris Chestnut in Half Past Dead (2002)In San Francisco, Sasha Petrosevitch (Steven Seagal) is a Russian car thief who’s brought in by criminal Nick Frazier (Ja Rule) to work for crime boss Sonny Eckvall (Richard Bremmer), who apparently shot and killed Sasha’s wife. After some time, FBI Special Agent Ellen “E. Z.” Williams (Claudia Christian) and her team show up to nail Nick, but things go bad, and Sasha gets shot. After eight months of recovery following his brief bout of being clinically dead from the shooting, Sasha is incarcerated along with Nick in the newly reopened Alcatraz prison. Run by the charismatic warden, Juan Ruiz “El Fuego” Escarzaga (Tony Plana), the place is known for its new state of the art death chamber where the condemned can choose from five different ways to die: lethal injection, gas chamber, hanging, firing squad, or electric chair.Steven Seagal and Ja Rule in Half Past Dead (2002)Lester McKenna (Bruce Weitz), is the first death row prisoner brought to the new Alcatraz and also the first prisoner scheduled to be executed. An older man, he stole $200,000,000 worth of gold bricks in a heist that resulted in five deaths, and hid the loot at an unknown location. Federal Bureau of Prisons head Frank Hubbard (Stephen J. Cannell) and Supreme Court Justice Jane McPherson (Linda Thorson) have arrived to witness the execution, which is a result of June sentencing Lester. But she’s not the only one interested in Lester. A small but well equipped team of terrorists who call themselves the “49ers” have parachuted onto the Alcatraz island, and gained control of it. Led by 49er One, a.k.a. Hubbard’s assistant Donny Johnson (Morris Chestnut), and 49er Six (Nia Peeples), the team finds Lester, and they want him to give up the location of his hidden stash of gold. When Lester will not tell them, Donny shoots a nearby priest (Eva-Maria Schönecker), and threatens to kill others if the information is not delivered.Morris Chestnut in Half Past Dead (2002)Donny’s plan is disrupted, however, when Sascha decides to step in and fight back. It turns out that Sasha is actually an undercover FBI agent who has been trying to use Nick to get to Sonny Eckvall. When Sasha rescues Lester, the 49ers strap Jane to the electric chair and threaten to kill her, all while Ellen and her team prepare a rescue plan from the mainland. With the help of Nick and some of the other inmates such as Twitch (Kurupt) and Little Joe (Michael “Bear” Taliferro), Sasha sets out to rescue Jane and bring Donny down, before Alcatraz becomes everyone’s final resting place.Morris Chestnut and Nia PeeplesOverall, I think the movie was a good movie. The action was a tad predictable, however, there was always something else happening that stimulated one’s brain.




Ethan Hawke (The Purge)
Selena Gomez (Hotel Transylvania)
Jon Voight (Transformers)
Rebecca Budig (Bad Parents)
Paul Freeman (MMPR: THe Movie)
Bruce Payne (Highlander: Endgame)

Getaway (2013)Washed up former race driver Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) arrives home to find his house ransacked and his wife, Leanne, missing. He then receives a phone call from a mysterious man known only as The Voice (Jon Voight), who reveals himself as the kidnapper of Magna’s wife. The man tells Magna that he must follow a set of instructions precisely in order to be reunited with his wife. The Voice orders Magna to steal a specially customized Shelby Mustang from a parking garage. The Voice warns Magna that if he does not follow the instructions or is caught, Leanne will die.Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in Getaway (2013)Magna sees two police officers chasing him and speeds off. Being a skilled driver, he is able to evade them with ease, eventually setting a trap to cause one to crash into the other. Despite more police cars joining the pursuit, Magna is able to out maneuver them. Magna is again contacted by The Voice, who directs him towards his next task. He tells Magna to speed up and take some perilous turns, eventually being forced to crash through a park, ice rink, and shopping center, nearly killing numerous civilians in the process. The Voice calls to congratulate him and tells him to keep moving. Magna is ordered to crash into a water truck and run through a red lighted intersection, causing accidents in his wake. Magna is then ordered to park in a construction zone and await further instructions. While Magna is waiting, a young woman, who is armed with a gun, known only as The Kid (Selena Gomez) attempts to steal Magna’s car, but Magna overpowers her and takes her gun, and then takes her with him on The Voice’s orders. The Voice then orders Magna to kill The Kid. Magna refuses, and The Voice says that keeping her alive was the right choice, as he will need her help. As Magna and The Kid drive off, with more police in pursuit, she reveals that the Mustang is, in fact, her car, and that she was told, by a police officer, it was stolen. Magna realizes that their meeting was orchestrated by The Voice.Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in Getaway (2013)After the Voice assigns Magna another destructive task, The Kid reveals herself as a skilled computer hacker and the daughter of the C.E.O of a large bank. The Voice contacts Magna again and orders him to upload the contents of a USB flash drive into a computer before 11:30 pm. Upon reaching the designated area, a power plant, The Kid attempts to hack the computer in order to contact the police. She appears to succeed, only for The Voice to reveal that he set up the computer as a trap for her, framing her as the person who destroyed the plant. The plant suddenly overloads and explodes, blacking out a large portion of the city.Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in Getaway (2013)The Voice gives Magna his final task: to rob the bank owned by The Kid’s father. The Kid points out that there is no actual money at her father’s bank; it is an investment firm which holds all of its assets on computers. Gradually, the duo realizes that they are not actually committing a heist, but are merely providing a distraction for the police while The Voice executes the real robbery and subsequently frames them for it. As The Voice’s men attempt to commandeer an armored car carrying sensitive hard drives, Magna surprises and overpowers them, succeeding in taking the drives. Now fleeing from the police and The Voice’s men, Magna calls The Voice and offers to release the hard drives in exchange for his wife. The Voice accepts and directs him to an airplane hangar. While it appears that Leanne is about to be returned, The Kid deduces that The Voice is planning to have them all killed when the deal is done. As Magna, Leanne, and The Kid attempt to escape, the police arrive, and in the ensuing chaos, a man Magna assumes to be The Voice grabs The Kid and drives off with her. Magna leaves Leanne with the police and pursues.Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in Getaway (2013)Following a high speed chase, both cars are destroyed, Magna rescues The Kid, and the police arrest the mysterious man. Leanne and Magna are reunited. However, Magna receives a phone call from The Voice, revealing that the man who was busted was no more than a decoy. The Voice thanks Magna for his help and hangs up. It is revealed that The Voice was in fact controlling the entire operation from a bar in the United States. He checks his balance, revealing that almost 3 billion dollars have been transferred to his account, and walks out of the bar.Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in Getaway (2013)Overall, I enjoyed Getaway, but that may be in part because I went in with low expectations due to its opening weekend box office and some negative reviews. With stiff competition this summer there are certainly better choices for your entertainment dollar. I don’t know if I’d even consider this in the top ten or twenty films this year. But It’s an entertaining diversion.



Ansel Elgort (Carrie)
Kevin Spacey (Superman Returns)
Lily James (Cinderella)
Jon Bernthal (The Punisher)
Eiza González (Jem & The Holograms)
Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained)
Flea (Boy Erased)
Lanny Joon (Takers)
CJ Jones (Lincoln Heights)
Sky Ferreira (The Trust)
Paul Willimas (The Princess Diaries 2)

 Kevin Spacey and Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver (2017)Baby is a getaway driver in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was a child, a car accident killed his parents and left him with tinnitus, which he blocks out by listening to music on his iPod. He ferries crews of robbers assembled by Doc, a criminal mastermind, to pay off a debt he incurred after stealing one of Doc’s cars. Between jobs, he creates remixes from snippets of conversations he records and cares for his deaf foster father Joseph. At a diner, he meets a waitress, Debora, and they start dating.Lily James and Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver (2017)Baby’s next robbery goes awry after an armed bystander chases them down, but Baby evades him and the police. Having paid his debt, Baby quits his life of crime and starts delivering pizzas. While Baby is on a date with Debora, Doc insists he join a heist at a post office, threatening to hurt Debora and Joseph if he refuses. The crew consists of easy-going Buddy, his sharpshooter wife Darling, and trigger-happy Bats, who takes an immediate dislike to Baby. While the crew attempts to purchase illegal arms for the job, Bats recognizes one of the dealers as a policeman and opens fire. They kill all of the dealers. Afterward, Bats makes Baby stop at Debora’s diner, unaware of Baby and Debora’s romance. Baby, aware of Bats’ homicidal habit, stops him from killing her to avoid paying.Doc is furious, revealing that the dealers were dirty cops on his payroll. He decides to cancel the heist, but Bats, Buddy and Darling disagree. Doc lets Baby decide; he chooses to go through with it. Baby attempts to slip away late that night, hoping to take Debora and leave Atlanta. He is stopped by Buddy and Bats, who have discovered his recordings and believe he is an informant; when they and Doc hear his mixtapes, they are convinced of his innocence. During the heist, Bats kills a security guard. Disgusted, Baby refuses to drive away, causing Bats to hit him. Baby then rams the car into a rebar which impales Bats, killing him. The three flee on foot. After the police kill Darling in a shootout, Buddy blames Baby for her death and vows to kill him. Baby steals a car and flees to his apartment. After leaving Joseph at an assisted living home, Baby drives to Debora’s diner to pick her up, where an armed Buddy is waiting. Baby shoots Buddy and flees with Debora as the police close in.Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver (2017)Baby seeks help from Doc, who initially refuses to help. After seeing he truly loves Debora, Doc supplies them with cash and directions to get out of the country, stating that he was in love once. The police confront the three in the parking garage, but Doc kills them all. Buddy then ambushes them with a stolen police car and hits and kills Doc. A cat-and-mouse game ensues until Buddy has Baby at his mercy. He shoots next to both Baby’s ears, deafening him. Debora disarms Buddy with a crowbar and Baby shoots him in the leg, causing him to fall to his death.Lily James and Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver (2017)Fleeing Atlanta, Baby and Debora run into a police roadblock. Baby surrenders, telling Debora she does not belong in the world of crime. At Baby’s trial, Joseph, Debora, and several people Baby saved/helped during the robberies testify for him. Baby is sentenced to 25 years in prison, with a parole hearing after five. He receives postcards from Debora, who promises to wait for him. When Baby is eventually released, he finds Debora waiting for him.Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Eiza González, and Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver (2017)What makes Baby Driver great is that it is a unique experience and is visually stunning. Edgar Wright does a great job of blending action, suspense, romance and comedy making it one of the most enjoyable films of 2017.