Josh Fitter (License to Wed)
Emma Lockhart (Batman Begins)
Ann Cusack (Nightcrawler)
Cullen Douglas (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Art LaFleur (Cobra)
Ralph Waite (Bones)
Audrey Peeples (Jem and The Holograms)

Ventura must follow in his father’s (Ace Ventura Sr.’s) footsteps to save his mother from going to jail. In the beginning, Ace is chasing a rat. He catches it, and walks straight into the alligator habitat. Later in a dream Ace sees a panda (Ting Tang) being captured. Soon his mother is blamed for the theft. She asks if she can make one phone call. She calls Rex Ventura, Ace’s paternal grandfather. Rex tells Ace the history of the Ventura Family and their relationship with animals. Rex Ventura is an elderly man with several animals such as a cat, a turtle and a dog which Ace thinks is dead.a035b884afa29f51846bdab984980787On his mother’s trial, Ace presented evidence that proves that his mother didn’t commit the crime; however, the Ranger, the one that Ace doesn’t like, dismissed the evidence. At school the next day, Ace hears that many of his classmates, including his crush Laura (Emma Lockhart), have lost their pets. Laura has lost her pet emerald green koi fish. Ace goes to school the next day and talks to a boy nicknamed A-Plus. A-Plus has a hidden lab in his locker, which Ace uses as his office. They believe Dr. Sickinger (Cullen Douglas) has stolen the panda because he has created a site called Pandafanatic. Sickinger is a bit insane. It turns out that he used to work for Quenton Pennington Jr. (Reed Alexander), a rich kid whose family motto is, “What a Pennington wants a Pennington gets.” Dr. Sickenger is found to be innocent, so Ace must look for a new culprit. In the end Ace finds that Pennington, Sr. (Brian Patrick Clarke) stole Ting Tang and other famous animals (Tabby the tabby, Princess the lap dog, Freedom the hawk, and Callypso the magic horse), and Pennington Jr. stole Ace’s classmates’ pets. His mother’s name is finally cleared and is rewarded for his heroics.a035b884afa29f51846bdab984980787Ace’s father does not appear in this film. Until Rex comes in to look after Ace, Ace’s mom simply told her son that his dad disappeared on a business trip without going into greater detail. However, just before she’s taken to jail (before Rex comes in), Mrs. Ventura further explains that Ace’s father had rescued a group of endangered animals and was flying them to safety in an airplane, but the plane disappeared somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle. Ace Ventura Sr. was never seen or heard from again after that.a035b884afa29f51846bdab984980787Watching this movie I thought it was going to suck, that its going to be the worst movie out there. But to be completely honest with you, it was funny. It was a cheesy movie, but if you take it for that, just being a cheesy movie, than you’ll like it. Its not a master piece and not nearly as good as the originals.




Jim Carrey (The Number 23)
Ian McNeice (The Black Dahlia)
Simon Callow (Amadeus)
Maynard Eziashi (The Contract)
Bob Gunton (Argo)
Sophie Okonedo (After Earth)
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agaje (Lost)
Bruce Spence (Mad Max 2)

In the Himalayas, after a failed rescue mission results in a raccoon falling to its death (a parody of Cliffhanger), Ace Ventura undergoes an emotional breakdown and joins a Tibetan monastery. Once he has recovered, he is approached by Fulton Greenwall, a British correspondent working for a provincial consulate in the fictional African country of Nibia. Because Ace’s presence is troublesome to the monastery, the Grand Abbot gives Ace excuses to justify his departure, and sends him off with Greenwall. Thereafter, Greenwall takes Ventura to Africa, and warns him about the hostility of gorillas as it is mating season. Greenwald then asks Ventura to find the white bat ‘Shikaka’, a sacred animal of the Wachati tribe, which disappeared shortly after being offered as dowry of the Wachati Princess, who is set to wed the Wachootoo Prince to form armistice and peace between the two people. After arriving in Nibia and meeting with consul Vincent Cadby, Ace begins investigating his case, but must overcome his intense fear of bats in order to succeed.Accompanied by his capuchin monkey, Spike, Ace travels to Africa to search for the missing bat. He eventually befriends the tribe’s princess, who tries to seduce Ace. However, Ace admits his oath to celibacy, but quietly masturbates in a hut afterwards. Ace then befriends the tribal prince, Ouda, who assists Ace throughout the film. Thereafter much of Ace’s activity involves eliminating obvious suspects—animal traders, poachers, and a Safari park owner among others—and enduring the growing escalations of threat between the Wachati and the Wachootoo. After being attacked with drugged arrows, Ace suspects the medicine-man of the Wachootoo of taking the bat, as he strongly disapproves of the wedding. He travels to the Wachootoo tribal village, with Ouda translating the chief’s words, rather poorly. The Wachootoo mistake Ace as the “White Devil”, and have him go through many dangerous and humiliating challenges to gain their trust. He eventually does when his pain makes the chief, entire tribe, and even Ouda laugh for the first time in years. Despite this, if the bat is not returned in time, the Wachootoo will declare war on the Wachati tribe.Confused by the case, Ace consults the Grand Abbot via astral projection. Advised by the Abbot, Ace deduces that Vincent Cadby has taken the bat and hired Ace to divert suspicion from himself, having planned to let the tribes destroy each other so that he can then take possession of the numerous bat caves containing guano to sell as fertilizer worth billions. When Ace confronts Cadby with this knowledge, Ace learns he was hired as Cadby’s alibi, and he is arrested by tribal security chief, Hitu. Shortly after, Ace calls an elephant to escape, and summons herds of jungle animals to destroy Cadby’s house. Cadby then tries to shoot Ace, but is defeated by Greenwall who punches him in the face. Cadby escapes with the bat in a car, but Ace follows him in a monster truck. In pursuit, Ace destroys Cadby’s car, leaving the bat cage lodged in a tree.Ace, despite his chronic fear of bats, bravely yet dramatically returns the bat just as the tribes are about to meet on the battlefield, until they notice the bat and kneel before it. Cadby is watching nearby, but is discovered by Ouda. Ouda then calls him the “White Devil” to give Ace more time, and Cadby is pursued by both tribes. After escaping, he encounters a female gorilla that mistakes him for a mate and is subsequently raped. The Princess is married to the Prince, who is revealed to be the man who humilited Ace during one of the Wachootoo tribal challenges earlier. Moments later, it is discovered that the young bride is no longer a virgin, apparently on Ace’s account. Despite this, peace between the once-separate tribes is achieved, by having everyone joining together and furiously chasing after Ace. Ace runs through the jungle fearfully, concluding the movie.A superb follow up with some truly hysterical moments and lines and even though its not as good as the first film it has some brilliant stars, animals and locations and a lead star at the peak of his career



Jim Carrey (The Number 23)
Courteney Cox (Masters of the Universe)
Sean Young (Blade Runner)
Tone Loc (Heat)
Robbie Willingham (The Last Boy Scout)
Udo Kier (Blade)
David Margulies (Ghostbusters 1 & 2)
Randall Cobb (Liar Liar)

Ace Ventura is a Miami private investigator who specializes in the retrieval of tame or captive animals. He goes undercover as a slightly overweight delivery man. As he makes his way to his target location he carries a package marked “fragile”, which he carelessly tosses around for fun. Once he arrives, he knocks at the door and presents the package to the gruff man who opens the door. While the man signs for the package, Ace asks to pet his dog at the door and then tells the man the rest of the signing can be taken care of and leaves. After exiting the building, Ace races to his car as the man notices his dog is still at the door. After yelling at the dog to move from the door, the man goes to move the mutt himself but discovers that it was a fake plush toy with a note mocking his foolery.Ace had hidden the real dog in his uniform and makes it to his vehicle. Before leaving with the dog, the man manages to damage Ventura’s car with a bat and even climbs it when it takes off. Ventura shakes the man off and heads to the rightful owner to claim a reward. The owner forces herself onto Ace out of gratitude and seduces him. Meanwhile, two weeks before the Miami Dolphins football team is due to play in the Super Bowl, the team mascot, a bottlenose dolphin named Snowflake, is stolen. Despite Ace’s recent success, he struggles to pay rent, repair his battered 1970’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and even receives complaints from his neighbor landlord Mr. Shickadance, who claims Ace keeps dozens of different animals in his apartment. Ace explains to his landlord that he’ll pay rent when he finds a lost, rare albino pigeon worth a $25,000 reward. Ace then invites him inside the apartment to prove there are no animals. Once gone, Ace calls the animals from their hiding spots.Ace’s special connection with animals and his eccentricities make him the laughing stock of the Miami-Dade Police Department, aside from his friend Officer Emilio. Melissa Robinson, the Miami Dolphins’ Chief Publicist, notifies the police. During his hunt for the albino pigeon, Ace gets hired to find Snowflake as well. After searching the tank the dolphin was taken in, he discovers a rare triangular-cut orange amber stone, which he speculates to be part of a 1984 AFC Championship ring.Ace receives help from a friend named Woodstock to hack into the aquatic supply stores to trace any equipment able to house a big aquatic animal. Together they discover a possible suspect, billionaire Ronald Camp. Melissa and Ace intrude as guests at a formal social event thrown at Camp’s house. While Camp is conversing with Melissa, Ace snoops around to find an indoor tank room and assumes it’s Snowflake. When cockiness blinds Ace, he goes to feed the dolphin and, in sheer surprise, learns that the tank holds a shark instead. After surviving an attack from the shark, he returns to the party soaked with clothes shredded, saying it was a plumbing issue. Camp walks Melissa and Ace outside, apologizing for the escapade and extending a handshake; Ace grabs his hand to glance at the very type of ring he had been searching for. Ace explains his plan to Melissa as they head to her place, now excluding Ronald Camp as a suspect. Ace tracks down the players in a team photo and sees their rings, but is dismayed to find every ring intact. Disappointed by his failure, he expresses his anger to Melissa and hears news that Roger Podacter, Miami Dolphins’s Head of Operations, had mysteriously fallen to his death from his apartment. At the crime scene, Miami Police Lieutenant Lois Einhorn concludes the death to be a suicide. However, Ace proves it was a murder, embarrassing the police and infuriating Einhorn.After researching for NFL receipts, Ace comes across a more recent team photo which uncovers a new lead involving a former Dolphins player named Ray Finkle, who also owned a ring but did not appear in the old team photo due to being added during midseason. Finkle missed the field goal kick at the end of Super Bowl XVII, which cost the Dolphins the championship and ruined his career. Enamored by his detective prowess, Melissa finds herself unable to resist Ace and they have sex four times while hiding out at his apartment. The next day, Ace visits Finkle’s parents and discovers that he blames Dan Marino for holding the snap incorrectly, causing him to miss the kick. Finkle became so obsessed with both the loss and Marino that he became insane and was committed to a mental hospital. Despite Ace warning Melissa to send extra protection, Marino is still kidnapped. Ace follows Marino’s kidnappers but crashes, letting them escape with the football player. Ace visits Einhorn and explains his theory: Finkle kidnapped Marino out of revenge due to blaming him for his career having failed. Also, he took offense to the Dolphins giving Snowflake his jersey number and teaching it to kick a field goal, and presumably killed Podactor after he found Finkle snooping around. Einhorn compliments him on his findings with an unexpected kiss; Einhorn is so given to be seductive that she kisses him on top of her desk, making Ace ask her to get off from her gun digging into his hip. Einhorn tells him to allow the police to finish the job; Ace declines, saying it is his job to find Snowflake.Ace and Melissa go to the mental hospital where Finkle was committed. Ace searches Finkle’s belongings and discovers a newspaper article about a missing hiker named Lois Einhorn. Later, Emilio informs Ventura that he found a note from Roger Podacter himself regarding a secret romance between him and Einhorn. Studying this, Ace tries to figure out Einhorn’s connection to his suspect, Ray Finkle. With his dog’s help by lying on the picture of Finkle which it’s fur made it look like a woman’s hair, Ace comes to the realization that Lieutenant Lois Einhorn is, indeed, Ray Finkle in a transgendered disguise. He theorizes that shortly after escaping the mental hospital, Finkle was implied to have stalked the original Einhorn while she was hiking on her day off from work and may have murdered her in secret. Afterwards, he underwent a partial gender reassignment surgery to assume her identity and take advantage of her position in the Miami-Dade police force so Finkle can get revenge on the Dolphins on Super Bowl Sunday. Soon after, Ace aggressively brushes his teeth, and makes himself vomit, feeling disgusted.On Super Bowl Sunday, Ace follows Finkle to an abandoned yacht storage facility, where he finds Snowflake and Marino. Ace subdues Finkle’s henchmen, but before he can rescue Marino, Finkle holds him at gunpoint. Einhorn then radios the police department and implies Ace was the one who kidnapped both Snowflake and Marino and requests for backup. When the police arrive, Einhorn and Ace are tussled from fighting and she commands the department officers to shoot him. Melissa arrives and holds Emilio at gunpoint with threats to shoot him if they refuse to hear Ace out. The department stands down and Ace describes Finkle’s plan. To prove the truth he strips her down and find a normal feminine body and hair. However, with a little help from Marino who noticed the bulge from behind, he is able to expose Einhorn’s true identity as Finkle. Ace mentions that he(Finkle) made two costly mistakes in not perfecting his disguise: Penectomy and Vaginoplasty. He theorizes that Podacter discovered this during an earlier rendezvous with Einhorn and realizing he could go to the police and expose her as Finkle, she murdered him to protect her secret. Ace proves it by turning Einhorn around to reveal the bulge inside the silk panties. After plenty of male officers, Marino and Snowflake react disgust from unknowingly kissing a man they believed to be female, a humiliated Finkle attempts to kill Ace, but Ace subdues him. After taking off his ring, a 1984 AFC Championship ring missing a stone, Ace finalized his theory that Einhorn is the disgraced Ray Finkle and closes the case. Finkle is then arrested for his crimes and charged with kidnapping and murder, among other things.

Marino, Snowflake and the others return at halftime for the Super Bowl between the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles. While receiving a kiss from Melissa, Ventura spots the lost albino pigeon, but Swoop, the Eagles’ mascot, shoos it away before he can catch it. Enraged, Ventura gets in an altercation with Swoop, eventually hilariously beating the mascot while being thanked on the JumboTron for saving Marino and Snowflake. Ventura briefly stops fighting Swoop and smiles as the audience cheers for him.This was the movie, one of Jim Carrey’s first leading roles, which launched him into superstardom shortly before such hits as ‘The Mask’ and ‘Dumber and Dumber’, and ‘Ace Ventura – Pet Detective’ was to spawn two sequels, an animated series, as well as gain a huge cult following. It’s pure cheese, but jolly good fun.