Ted Jan Roberts (Magic Kid 1 & 2)
Rheannon Slover (The Stooge)
Ashton McArn (VR Troopers)
Paul Pistore (Power Rangers Turbo)
Candace Kita (Ugly Betty)
David Stenstrom (Power Rnagers Zeo)
Ken Merckx (Power Rangers Time Force)
Jennifer Tung (Angel)
Steve Kramer (End of Days)
Julie Maddalena (Children of the Corn)
Michael McConnohie (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2)
Robert von Fliss (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Ralph Votrian  (Chaplin)

downloadThe Stewart family prepares for the holidays and Dex is homesick. While Dex helps decorate the tree, Nefaria has an evil plan. Now, our hero must stop this evil plan. Can he save Santa Claus?This is one of all time favorite Christmas themed specials, there’s not much plot to it, but it’s just a simple good Christmas episode. Masked Rider maybe a show that’s hated among Kamen Rider fans but I think it had it’s only uniqueness to it, and this episode it shows. Ferbus encounter with Santa is funny, and thou the villains are dealt with so easy in the episode it still enjoyable. and the reunion of Dex and his grandfather is a heartwarming way to end the episode.


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