After Jii notices that the places that Akumaro attacked prior all form a straight line, Takeru becomes concerned as he and the others go through the Shiba archives for any clues. On the Rokumon Junk, Akumaro gives the Ayakashi Tsubotoguro the means to create the final marker. By then, Shitari realizes Akumaro’s goal and attempts to reason with him as it would destroy them all. However, Akumaro shows no fear as he reveals that Juzo is an important tool in his plan. Unable to help out, Genta decides to make some sushi for the others as he finds DaiGoyou a tree for Christmas. When contacted by a Gedoushu attack, Genta arrives first to watch Tsubotoguro making people suffer with his pain insects and fights him until the others arrive and fight off the Nanashi. Akumaro arrives as Super Shinken Red charges at him.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375After being found out and sending Tsubotoguro to continue the plan, Akumaro fights the male Shinkengers as Super Shinken Red pursues Tsubotoguro with the female Shinkengers. As Super Shinken Red slays Tsubotoguro, an annoyed Juzo arrives to demand his Uramasa from Akumaro. As the enlarged Tsubotoguro’s platoon are vanquished by Shinkenoh’s armaments and the Ayakashi himself is destroyed by Daikai-Shinkenoh with the Ikatenku Buster, Akumaro reveals his plan to open the Gates of Hell by invoking the ancient Urami Gandōgaeshi spell that only a person like Juzo, a Gedounin, can complete. Though Juzo is relucant at first, Akumaro reveals that Uramasa is made from the souls of the Fuwa clan and that only when the sword serves its purpose will their souls be freed. By then, a massive explosion of energy from the ceremony destroys the block that separates Earth and Hell, wounding the Shinkengers and Juzo with Dayu barely escaping as Akumaro makes his way to the slit that opens.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375


Coming to after the six shockwaves, Genta ponders killing Juzo to stop Akumaro and to ensure Takeru’s safety. However, he changes his mind upon learning of the souls of Juzo’s family sealed within Uramasa’s blade. At the Shiba House, after Takeru suggests that slaying Juzo is the only way to keep the Hell Gate from opening, Genta reveals his actions to them before he takes his leave. The next day, the Shinkengers learn that Genta went out to track down Juzo, and Ryunosuke and Chiaki going after him as the others face Akumaro. Confronting Juzo yet not intending to fight him, Genta pleads with him not to take back Uramasa. However, as Juzo tries to kill him, Ryunosuke and Chiaki come to his aid. Chasing after Juzo as he regains Uramasa from Akumaro, the regrouped Shinkengers are unable to stop him with Akumaro in their way. But at the last second, Juzo strikes down Akumaro instead of the final marker.4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Akumaro is shocked as Juzo reveals that he knew the sword’s true nature the entire time, and he thanks Akumaro for repairing it. Realizing his plans are ruined now that Juzo was now a true Gedoshu, Akumaro takes his rage on the Shinkengers as they slay him with the Rekka Daizantou and the Mougyu Bazooka. Akumaro enlarges and battles MouGyuDaiOh and DaiGoyou while ShinkenOh and DaiKaiOh destroy the Kirigami Akumaro summoned. The Shinkengers then form Samurai HaOh to finish off Akumaro, only for the Mojikara Great Shot Circle to have no effect against him. On Shinken Gold’s suggestion, Super Shinken Red summons the Kyoryu Origami, with Samurai HaOh using the Kyoryuto to formed true final combination Super Samurai HaOh and destroy Akumaro with the Twelve Origami Great Samurai Slash. After the battle, Genta now knows the true nature of the Gedoushu. When they all return to the Shiba House to find Jii and the Kuroko in the middle of decorating for Christmas, they help with the finishing touches4x17-a-very-crappy-christmas-south-park-21651796-500-375Shinkenger is  an excellent series that any fans of the genre should check out.These two festive episodes are an example of how brilliant the show was and must see for the holidays.


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