Tessie Santiago (Queen of Swords)
Chris Bruno (The Fosters)
Frank Whaley (Pulp fiction)
Bart Johnson (The Client List)
Michael flynn (Halloween 4)
Amee Walden (Ice Spiders)
Charles Halford (Constantine TV)

Maya Castaneda (Tessie Santiago) is an investigator with psychic abilities — a power which she gained during a yearlong coma, the result of her having been victimized by a notorious serial killer known as the Cusp. Now the killer is back in action, and Maya must summon her psychic talents to delve into the dark mind of this notorious maniac, in the hopes of saving his next victim — before time runs out. From out of the ashes of the wonderfully vivid and visually captivating “The Cell“, comes a brand new follow-up by the simple moniker of “The Cell 2“. Though this time around no Jennifer Lopez, no elaborate renaissance nightmare feeling sets and no Vincent D’Onofrio. So what gives? I anticipated a follow up for quite some time coming off the first film, though this round was simply a disappointment.
The film itself is radically different than “The Cell”, which is a shame as the original film direction was what made the franchise special. To begin, we receive narration that the FBI has started to enlist special individuals who hold extraordinary gifts. This solicitation acts as an aid to hunt down serial killers, psychos and madmen. Kessel, the FBI head is in charge of the justice task force. The focus of recent investigations centers on one individual who calls himself “The Cusp”. Maya Casteneda(Tessie Santiago) is there ace in the hole who is able to psychically concentrate on individuals possessions to get inside there head. Her viewpoint is from the eyes of the individual. This talent was acquired when Maya was killed 6 times and brought back by “The Cusp” as a cruel form of torture. The afterlife visits enabled Maya with this special gift of hers.  “The Cusp” has eluded the police on over 23 victims and has shown no signs of stopping his indulgent serial killer activities. Maya is the only solution to finding him and identifying the killer. The Cusp in essence kidnaps young girls, tortures them, and kills them only to bring them back to do it all again. On the other end he is an intelligent medically knowledged individual who delves into the realms of parapsychology and is strangely afraid of the dark. He keeps his captives tied to a chair with a “Saw” looking wooden box latched around their heads.Clearly a lower budget offering the great set work that we enjoyed previously was replaced by cheesy CGI sets. By cheesy I mean they kind of look like left over video game sets. Clearly green screened and pasted it. The production look just didn’t pop and make ya feel like the the actors were really caught in any nightmare world. In fact even if it was CGI, the environments could of been made to be presented a whole lot creepier and interesting. A pedestal in a big room…., a hallway full of memories…., a room with some wave filter applied over it…., that’s it folks. That’s the nightmare world that exists in the serial killers mind. I felt really cheated if you ask me. The best scene is actually some leftover footage they start the film with from “The Cell”

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