REVIEW: Toei TV Hero Encyclopedia: Choujin Sentai Jetman

Jetman_TTHEJetman was so popular, no doubt despite its rather bad way of killing Gai Yuki. Okay now where do we begin? The special itself contradicts the Manga written by Saboru Yatsude while still verifying the fact that Gai Yuki left us so soon. Now the special starts where Ryu and Kaori are seen as a married couple, some vegetables from Raita arrived who has written he would soon be a father. This timeline happened five years after the defeat of Vyram. Now the whole special has Ryu and Kaori looking at their fondest memories of Jetmen which include:GaiDeath

Explanation of the Jetmen’s special weapons a mecha.
Details of the Jetmen on how they got recruited.
Significant events in Jetman like the group conflict because of a complicated love polygon between Ryu, Kaori, Gai and Rie. This also highlights the Ryu/Rie moments that added so much conflict into the life of the main hero.
Of course the villains… boo… hiss… and the monsters involved.


I love how every part of this special had done some elaboration especially when it called Radiguet as a real evil bastard (he’s still my top one favorite villain in Super Sentai) though I wonder how they did later learn Tranza survived and went to the mental institute. But other than that, it also remembered the love polygon that was Kaori loved Ryu but Gai also likes her and Ryu was yearning for Rie. Of course to Ryu, Rie was his greatest love and that during those three years, Kaori helped Ryu cope up with his loss of Rie. The special didn’t directly state that Gai Yuki died but it did confirm he died. At the end of the film, we see Ryu and Kaori have their son who they named after their late friend, Gai Yuki which was nice considering he really played a big part in the lives of Jetman fans. Now only if Gai Ikari gets to meet Gai Tendo soon.

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