Patrick Swayze (Ghost)
Piper Laurie (Carrie)
Lee Richardson (Network)
Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica)

hqdefaultThis was a surprising role for Patrick Swayze after the run away success of Dirty Dancing, but perhaps he wanted to secure himself as a character actor rather than simply a dancing, smouldering romantic lead. And this he does. Whilst this film doesn’t garner much attention, it is nevertheless a piece of drama of high calibre. Overall, it is uplifting and a story of triumph and love, but it gets there via the medium of a rather dreary, grey film full of clever direction that takes advantage of the mill-town backwater working class experience and turns it into something stylised and arty.

168687-42394-clp-950This film has at it’s heart a family crisis and the longterm effects, guilt, regret, fear, heartache, self-loathing and misunderstanding that can poison a family, and a community, and how reconciliation can be achieved and the painful process it can be. It is clear what the crux of the crisis was, it is shown through increasingly revealing flashbacks and through dialogue, and with the spectre of drug and alcohol abuse it is plausible and relatable. I had not seen this film for a long time, and forgotten how lovely it is, but whilst I enjoy it, I am well aware that it’s not a great film.


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